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Nepleslian Orders Ultimatum to the Independent Worlds League


Inactive Member
Let it be known, that throughout the records and beyond, that the Democratic Imperium Nepleslia carries with it the shield to defend those that cannot defend themselves, and the sword to destroy those that prey upon the defenseless.

We invite members of the Independent Worlds League to empower themselves by choosing either of the two. Should any lawful individual seek refuge, we will grant it. Should any unlawful individual seek pardon, we will grant it to the most practical extent.

However, should anyone seek to deal violence to our people, we shall offer to them nothing but unyielding fire and blood. Our people were born in war, and found peace through bloodshed.

For our peace is a concept that is forged in violence. And let it be known that our enemies are those that seek to destroy a hard fought peace. These enemies shall witness our time honored strength on their planets, and our growing power and confidence in space. We will defend our holdings to the very end, and we will continue to march on and on, until the only concept that remains is everlasting peace.

The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia draws upon hardship to temper our people to become a terrifying foe, or a great protector and ally. This is absolute, and there are only two sides of us that can be seen.

Which shall you choose?
Dear Sir. Or Madam. Or Sentient.

Your offer would be more tempting if it were not for the seeming contradiction that Yamatai provides. According to your Yamataian counterpart, our lives are now forfeit and you will be aiding them as our executioners. Yamatai says you will aid in our demise, you offer us amnesty. Who am I to believe? Who are the Free Spacers to believe?

And should we lay down our arms, what proof have we that any grievances we hold will ever be addressed? I have yet to see any Yamataian murderers in court.

Your wonderful DATASS treaty is certainly a step in the right direction but it fails to define the status of the Free Spacers. It does not call on either of them to formally recognize the protectorate status of all Free State members nor does it say that an attack on any of us is an attack on Nepleslia. DATASS secures Nepleslia and checks Yamatai but it fails to secure the Free State.

Until the Free State is secure from Yamatai and we know the murderers will be punished, we cannot stop the fight that no one else will fight.

We are open to negotiations but we will not capitulate

Prince Hassan
Make no mistake, the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and the Star Army of Yamatai are in a current military alliance.

As such, we are honor bound to assist our new allies in their endeavors against unlawful behavior.

However, this does not mean that the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia is lock-step with our allies as to how to conduct ourselves in this endeavor. Our independence is absolute within our borders, and those that will lay down their arms to our forces will be met with fair justice.

Currently, lawful citizens of the Free State are under the protection of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. This is an indisputable fact, and our role as its protector means that a direct attack upon the Free State is considered an attack upon the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia itself.

Do not misunderstand our position, we are well aware of the acts of violence committed against the Freespacers. However, it is our policy that the Free State should move onward and rebuild itself, leaving the wreckage and flames of violence in the past. We are here to safeguard the ability of the Free State to do so. While this is in fact us dictating the future of the Free State, we do so only to ensure its survival and growth.

We are merely willing to offer amnesty to provide shelter to as many individuals from the violence brought on by conflict, should they choose it.

We are well aware of your position and reputation, Prince Hassam, and know that there will not be full capitulation.

With that said, should our forces meet in conflict, we are hopeful that it will be a war without hate.

Charlie Coast, Premier of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.
And what of those who are citizens of foreign countries? Gartagens? Abwehrans? Iromakuanhe? What guarantees do they have if they lay down their arms, they will not be prosecuted separately by Yamatai or their own nations? What guarantee do we have that Yamatai will honor any amnesty you offer?

Or are we allowed to keep our weapons and ships so long as we return home and never trouble Yamatai?

And the Wired Rovers? Are they considered part of this despite formally remaining a separate group? Or the Guild of Cyberempathy, who are Freespacers in an entirely separate conflict with Yamatai?

It is well and good that you seek a peaceful solution but neither my comrades nor I can accept anything so vague. Your war fleets are powerful and large but so are Yamatai's. If we were to surrender our warships and weapons, we would be leaving ourselves vulnerable to attack. Allow the Freespacers to retain their ships and weapons and you would have a better defense force than whatever the Cult of War is trying to build.

Even if Yamatai does not honor your amnesty, we would still be able to return home with our heads high and the means to defend ourselves. I agree with the Cult of War in that regard. Never again must the Spacers be defenseless but never must they rely on the promises of others to guard their own homes.

What say you to these words, O Premier?
You, and all other hostile elements, are implored to cease all hostile actions directed at members of the treaty.

You are also required to lay down your arms in this endeavor.

After which, you are to return peacefully to your people and join them in rebuilding from what remains.

Our word is unfaltering, in that we will defend to the end a people whom the Imperium has always enjoyed a special relationship with.

If you are unwilling to accept these terms, there is only one other option.
That is a non-answer. You fail to define specifically vague terms and ignore the question of the Guild of Cyberempathy. How am I supposed to trust that? How are the Free Spacers supposed to trust you when you show the same unbending ignorance as Yamatai? I see why the Cult of War wants its own warships. You are hardly more trustworthy than the Monster Yui.

Consider this. We are welcome in Free Spacer territory. If you attack us there, you will have declared war against the Free State. Or perhaps, if Yamatai attacks us there and Free Spacers are killed, who will you side with then? You show all the diplomacy of a Nekovalkyrja and possess the ignorance of one.

But I have an even better idea. One that I am sure the Cult of War and the Polysentience will accept. One which you pea-brained fools never even considered might happen.

Good day, sir. Maybe you will learn to treat Free Spacers like equals rather than pawns the next time we converse.