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RP [Ulyshi] Dream Come True


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Dahbi 19, 942
20:00 Commonwealth Standard Time

The sun was cresting the horizon as Ulysses stirred. The Werner home had finally been completed, and the couple had went out and purchased all the furnishings. It was their dream home. He cracked an eye to find that Aashi was still sleeping soundly, his arm wrapped her holding her close while she slept.

He sighed contentedly as Aashi familar, A, began to stir as well. Ulysses smiled and very carefully untangled himself from Aashi, making sure to not wake her. Once he was clear, he stood and gave his wife a kiss on the forehead, and covered her back up.

He walked down stairs into the living room and walked over to kitchen to start making breakfast and to let A play in her tank. Ulysses made sure that Aashi's familar would have a large tank that she could play in. The tank made up the divider between the living room and kitchen. He truned on the lights in the tank and dropped one of her toys in. "There you go my girl, go play." he said petting the manta's body as it glided by.

He began making coffee, when he recieved a call. He rolled his eyes as he picked it up. "Kovac you have the worst timing you know that right?" He said as he moved to the living room, the display popping to life to show Kovacs in full uniform, while Ulysses only had a shirt and his underwear. "What is it?" He asked sitting on the couch.

"I'm sorry sir, but we have new intel and we thought it best to bring it to your attention." Kovac repiled. The screen split to show a star map on the right side and Kovac on the left. "We finished analysing the data core from the ship we captured. It gave us the location of an the NVR base in the southern Astral cluster." He said with a smile.

"Shit... That is good news." Ulysses replied, looking a tad more intrested now. "Foward me the data. We will be up soon."

"Roger sir." Kovac disappeared, and the star map took up the whole display, now showing the locations of the NVR base.

Aashi slowly awoke to the small sounds coming from the kitchen of the house and her eyes fluttered open, revealing glinting sapphire irises. Her dark black eyelashes closed on her eyes as she rolled in the bed and stretched her arms, then legs before curling in on herself. She stayed like that a moment while she listened to her familiar's thoughts downstairs and beckoned for the familiar to come to her.

A few moments later, the Matai Skyfish was floating through the doors of the room and she put a hand on its back and used the leverage to help herself get up. There was a small bump underneath her breasts, a telling sign of the early stages of her pregnancy. She pressed her feet into the wood flooring and was up and out of bed, not quite ready for the day, but at least awake enough to appreciate the warm, soft sun and smells of the forest around them coming through the windows.

"Ulysses?" she called out as she made her way to the stairs and padded down the first few steps before pausing to let her familiar go ahead of her. The Matai Skyfish flew forward and into Ulysses' arms just as Aashi made out his form.

Ulysses was caught off guard slightly by A's affection and was knocked back into the couch. "Hey... what was that for?" He said in mock anger, laughing slightly and holding the familar in his arms. He looked up to the stairs and smiled. "Morning sweetheart." He said letting go of A and standing, moving to greet her. "Hold on, you need coffee." He said, stopping and moving to the kitchen, where the pot had just finished brewing. He poured the both of them a cup and walked back in passing a mug to her and planting a kiss on her cheek.

Accepting his kiss on her cheek with a slight movement of her head towards him, Aashi muttered, "Morning, my love." She touched his arm and then cocked her head which made her blue and black hair fall to the side and she asked, "What new information did you get today?" They had been working on the house and sitting on their hands as far as the New Veyrin Republic threat went. They needed intel and they needed it fast. The way Ulysses felt through their empathic link made her realize that there was something he had found out. What it was, she didn't know. All she knew was how Ulysses felt about it.

Ulysses smiled, feeling the empathic link between them. "Kovac just gave us some good news. They recovered the data from..." He stopped, feeling something in Aashi. "What's wrong..." He could feel, nervousness? Why was she nervous?

"Nothing is wrong," Aashi said, eyes wide as she looked at him. It was true, nothing was wrong but there was something making her nervous.

He set his mug down and placed his other hand on her cheek, his eyes searching hers. He held her hand and led her to the couch and sat down with her. "Well why are you so nervous then?" He asked.

She sipped her coffee and smiled at the taste, then cast her eyes down, away from Ulysses.

"I don't want to keep anything from you, so I'm telling you before I'm sure..." she said, then trailed off before setting her mug down.

He grabbed both of her hands in his and smiled reassuringly. "What is it Aashi?"

"I think... And I don't know but I think that I am pregnant, Ulysses," Aashi said to her husband.

Ulysses smile dropped, and so did his jaw... "You... you think..." Then another thought dawned on him. "I'm gonna be a..." The emotions coming off the man were staggering: shock, happyness, nervousness, but the one that stood out before all other was love.

He threw his arms around her and kissed her. "We're gonna be parents?!?!"

"That we are!" Aashi said ecsatically before kissing him back on his lips. "We are, Ulysses. Ulysses," Aashi's tone got serious, "are we ready?"

Ulysses looked Aashi in the eyes, his grey eyes staring into her deep blue ones. Finally he smiled softly. "I think we will be the best damn parents ever." He said holding her close, a tear forming in his eyes from sheer happiness. "We will be the best parents..." He said again, holding his wife close to him.

"That's what I hope," Aashi said as she began to cry tears of joy into his shoulder. "I hope so." She sniffed and lifted her head and looked into his grey eyes and said, "I love you so much, Ulysses. There is no one I would rather be a parent with than you."

Ulysses struggled to keep his own emotions in check, a hand moving to her stomach. "You will be an amazing mother." He said holding her tight. "I love you to, my love." His hands cupped her cheeks. "Let's head to base. We can have the docs look at you." He said jumping up and running upstairs to grab their things.

"Thank you..." Aashi said quietly as he got up and left to get them ready. She gulped her coffee as she stood up from their couch and pet her familiar after she was up. She padded to the kitchen and took a bite of the toast that Ulysses had toasted before turning to see him coming back downstairs with both of their bags, his comm device pressed to his ear.

"Have the doc on base ready when we arrive. No, it's not an emergency... I will tell you when we get there... Just do it!"

Aashi looked with her black eyebrows lifted on her sienna-skinned forehead and a subtle smile spread on her lips.

"Excited?" Aashi asked.

Ulysses looked back to Aashi. "Ecstatic..." He replied, his own smile spreading.


The Gunman
An hour later:
Anurakti Station

The pair walked out of the doctors office, a smile on Ulysses face. The doctors had run blood work and a pregancy test on Aashi. It was confirmed, Aashi was pregnant and the baby was healthy.

"Will you tell me what Kovac told you this morning now?" Aahsi asked.

"Oh yeah!" Ulysses has completly forgotten about their talk this morning once Aashi broke the news. "The teams cracked the data core on that ship we captured, and it revealed the locations of an NVR base in the southern sector of the Astral Cluster." He replied. "I was revewing the data this morning."

Aashi's right hand balled into a fist and she raised it. "This will be fun. Let's brief with Kovac and get on out there!"

They made their way to the CIC of the base while Aashi nearly skipped next to Ulysses.

He smiled and led her to the CIC, where Kovac stood waiting. "Where have you guys been? You told you'd be here like an hour ago." Kovac said to the couple.

"Sorry, we needed to see the doc before we came up." Ulysses replied. "Now the base?"

Kovac pulled up the base on the star map. "From what we can tell, it's a refueling base. And it was the last base that our new ship came into contact with before terroizing the shipping lanes." He replied

"Our new ship..." Aashi said, "Can we call it Goya. That means a beautifully told story in Saalsari. A beautiful name for a beautiful ship..."

Ulysses turned to her and nodded. "A fine name." He tapped the console and changed the designation of the captured NVR ship to Goya.

"Alright, so a refueling station. Any intel?" Ulysses asked Kovac.

"From what we can tell the base is mostly automated. It is a prime target for a raid." He said a smirk forming. "I believe we should use the Goya's IFF device to trick the defenders into letting one of your ships through to the base. Once there our Ragnarok soldiers will storm the facility and take control. While that goes on, you two will hold off the enemy reinforcements while we drain their fuel source dry."

"A good a plan as any." Ulysses replied. "What do you think dear?"

"I think they won't know what hit them," Aashi said. "Unless they look out their windows, so to speak."

"This is correct... However, as long as we can get inside the perimiter before they know something is wrong we should be fine." He said looking to Aashi. "I think we should put the device onboard the Devata. Your ship is faster, plus it will probably interface better with an Iroma ship. Wouldn't you agree honey?" He asked.

"That will be the plan of action we take," Aashi said to her husband and Kovac. "Let's go as soon as possible, yes?"

Kovac's nodded. "Yes Ma'am. I will have the crews rig up the IFF onboard the Devata right now."

Werner nodded and led his wife from the CIC and towards the boarding ramps to their respective ships. Before he let her go on to her own ship, he pulled her close and kissed her. "Be careful my love. It's not just you anymore..." He placed a hand on the small bump of her stomach. He smiled. "You have a little passenger as well."

"That I will do," Aashi said. "The same to you, though, my dear." She whispered just loud enough for the both of them to hear, "I love you."

"I love you too." He said resting his forehead against hers. "Let's give them hell."


The Gunman

The Fenrir sat powered down, just out of range of the NVR's sensors, while the Devata slowly manueverd past the base's threshold. "Sir!" The Comms operator called.

"Go Comm." Werner replied.

"The Devata has made contact with the Automated base. It is scanning the ship's IFF now."

Werner sat in his comand chair and tapped his foot quickly. Right now all he could do was watch. Aashi had to get past the defenses and disgorge the Ragnarok soldiers onto the base. He couldn't move until then. He said a silent prayer in his head as he watched the Devata through his screens...

Onboard the Devata, the Ragnarok Sergant stood in the cargohold, waiting to get the green light to deploy. "Captain Werner, how's it going?" He asked Aashi through their comms.

"It's going, I'll tell you that. Would help if they would stop scanning the IFF and let us get a link up," Aashi said. "Are you ready for when that happens?"

"Roger that Boss. We will be ready." The Sergant replied.

After several more tense moments the base acknowledged the IFF. It then transmited a data packet consisting of new orders, and which refuling arm to dock with.

"We're in," Aashi said to Ulysses and the rest of Ragnarok listening over laser comms. "It'll take half a minute to get to the refueling arm and dock with it. Standby."

She pivoted the Devata so that the lavender ship swung slowly and thrusted forward towards the arm of the base and maneuvered it onto the refueling arm. She breathed in before calling out over mics.

"Ragnarok, it's time! Unload into the base..." She manually worked the controls with her sienna fingertips and said to them as she opened the airlocks in the cargohold, "Now!"

"Go go go!" The Sergant called. The Ragnarok soldiers ran and jumped off the ramp and fired their manuvering thrusters one by one and flew towards the base. As soon as they made contact with the sides of the base, their magnetic boots held them in place. "Move move! Get to the mantenance hatch!"

Ulysses stood. "Power up!"

The Fenrir came to life and fired her main engines.

Aashi moved the Devata into a defensive position, ready for the New Veyrin ships to prepare themselves to fight her, and soon Ulysses, for their prized base.

"We won't let them win, will we dear?" Aashi asked the Fenrir as she powered up her searing wave laser array.

"Hell no, my love." He said with a smirk. "CAG! Deploy all fighters! Get the cargo shuttles in their hangar so we can start transferiing fuel." He ordered.

"Roger that sir!" The CAG reported. "Slephnir flight, lauch!"

The deck of the Fenrir busy with activity as fighter after fighter was transported the flightdeck and postioned onto the catapults.

"We have incoming contacts! That didn't take them long..." The Sensors operator reported.

"They're coming, dear. Get ready..." Werner said, watching as his fighters began moving towards the enemy.

Aashi replied to Ulysses, "Let's make sure they don't survive long enough to impose themselves on our little plan!" She then moved her ship to have its back towadrs where the Fenrir would soon be coming from and began launch sequences for the PWAC-A missiles, ready and waiting for the New Veyrin Ships to come.

And come they did. In mere seconds their ships shimmered and were exiting FTL with their MASC drives as they entered the area just around the fueling station.

Aashi fired her first salvo of missiles just as Slephnir flight rocketed past her, the fighters moving into range and firing their own antiship missiles.

Ulysses's carrier manuevered into position, and its missile tubes all popped open. "Sir I have 5 ships on sensors! 4 frigates and 1 cruiser. Transfering tracks to tactical." The sensors operator reported.

"We will handle the Cruiser. The fighters and the Devata will take the frigates!" Ulysses ordered over the fleet comms. He then looked to his new tactical officer. "Snapshot all tubes. Fire the cruise missiles as well, half yield. Fire at will"

"Aye aye! Firing all missile tubes and cruise missles, half yield on the cruise missiles. Firing!" The Fenrir was lit up by the glow of multiple missiles flying away from the ship and towards the Cruiser.

Aashi set her sights on the frigate closest to her and the base and launched a salvo of missiles now that it had been ten seconds since the last one had launched. She forced the Devata forward. Since the frigate, too was hurtling towards her, the two of them became increasingly close to one another. The torpedoes that the frigate had launched at Aashi's position were now futile as she had changed position so quickly and she loosed both of her laser arrays, one on her intended target of the earlier missiles and one on the next nearest frigate.

During this, her Matai Skyfish familiar zipped around the bridge excitedly, flying around Aashi in an amsuing display of ecstasy, mirroring the Captain's own feelings.

The frigates had no chance. As they flew past the Devata, their shields were torn up by her laser fire. However the other two were turning to join their comrades. They turned and added their own torpedoes into the mix. To bad for them, Slephnir flight began harrasing them, firing their antiship missiles at the enemy frigates. Two of the fighters broke off and began trying to take down the torpedos, and managed to take down some of them.

The Fenrir's missiles streaked by them first the the cluster missiles, then the heavier duty cruise missiles. The cluster missiles broke apart and split into the smaller mini missiles, overwelming the ships point defenses.

"Watch out! Incoming!!!" Werner yelled as the cruise missiles made contact with the Cruiser's shields. Massive fire balls ravaged the enemy's shield, causing it to shimmer and crackle against the onslaught, but it didn't break through.

"Keep up the fire, launch the next salvo!" He ordered while Aashi was readying and firing her own salvo of missiles on her own target.

Aashi smiled delightedly as she looked on at the carnage that Ulysses was creating with the Fenrir and that the Slephnir flight was accomplishing.

"You're knocking them down a peg, Ulysses!" Aashi spoke out over comms. "Keep up the good work!"

As she was saying this, she noticed a frigate begin to approach with their own lasers on full blast at the Devata. She, again, pushed the Devata forward towards the enemy and locked in on their batteries with her own lasers, firing fully while pivoting the ship to swing around and face the Fenrir while buddying up with the frigate. She was too close to the frigate to fire her missiles, but they couldn't fire on her, either. She was ready with her secondary laser arrays to pump them out onto any torpedoes or missiles that the frigate would try to loose on the Fenrir, though.

Aashi was always prepared.

Ulysses smiled. "Roger that my love." His missiles streaked by again, however they were ready for it this time. The Cruiser began firing at the cruise missiles instead of the cluster missiles.

"Sir, all cruise missiles are down." The Tactical officer reported.

"Damn... Load all cluster missiles and keep hammering away at that sheild."

At that moment the Sensors operator yelled. "Incoming missiles, bearing 180!" The crusier had decided to return fire and began maneuvering upwards to fire down on the Fenrir.

"Shit! Helm, evasive manuevers! Systems, all power to sheilds! Tactical, activate CIWS." Ulysses ordered.

"Aye aye!" came the reply.

The Slephnir fighters began their own attack runs on the frigates, launching salvo after salvo of antiship missiles.

The frigate's laser arrays that were still intact began to down the Devata's shields and Aashi engaged MASC drive and, in an instant, was away from the frigate and furthest away from the Fenrir than she had been thus far in the battle. She launched a salvo at the still-standing frigates and waited, watching.

The Fenrir began turning to starboard, alowing the maximum amount of CIWS to fire on the enemy missiles. As the Devata warped away, Ulysses tapped his comms. "You all right sweet heart?" He asked as the warning klaxons blared. He turned and yelled, "Fire intectept missiles already!"

"Just getting a better angle!" Aashi said with a grin while she waited for missile launchers to regenerate, then fired them on the hostile frigate.

Her torpedos were at the perfect angle. The enemy couldn't turn fast enought to get their lasers around. Her torpedoes slammed into the sheilds, causing cascading failures across both of their shields. Slephnir flight didn't let such an opportunity pass them by. The fighters moved in close and fired on the enemy's engines, causing them all to burst into flames. "We are out of ammo! Returning for refit Devata. Finish'em off!"

The incoming missiles began to blink out existence one by one, but not quickly enough. "One made it through!" The sensor operator yelled.

"I've got you!" Aashi called out as she moved the Devata so that her HEMB laser array would be able to shoot down the missile. She aimed for it and made sure it would get shot down.

The missile blinked out of exisitene in a flash oh light. Ulysses let out of a sigh of relief. "Thank you dear." He called over the comms. "Now let's kill that damned crusier."

A moment later a hail came from the station. "This is the insertion team! We have taken over the staions defensive batteries. Incoming support fire!"

The station's weapon systems came to life, firing their heavy railguns at the smaller frigates, tearing them apart with the heavy weaponry. "That crusier is out of range, its up to you Sirs. We will start offloading the fuel!"

"Roger that away team, good work. Fenrir Actual out." Ulysses said closing the link. "Let's tear that thing apart Aashi." He said, before looking to the tactical officer. "All batteries open fire!"

"Can do!" Aashi replied, tearing into it with her own weapons systems. She lived for the thrill of the fight and couldn't shake the feeling of excitement and the adrenaline coursing through her veins even if she wanted to.

Ulysses smiled, as the hull of his ship was once again alight with the afterglow of missiles leaving their racks. "Slephnir flight engage!" He ordered. All the fighters ended their guard stance and took off towards the cruiser, following the missles. As they entered weapons range, they launched missiles of their own. "Now Aashi!"

Aashi grinned wide as she prepared a barrage of missiles from the Devata onto the cruiser.

"Launch Barrage!" As Ulysses ordered, the missiles broke apart into a multitude of mini missiles, completely and utterly overwhelming the enemy ships defenses. This was Aashi's cue. To blow that ship to hell...

She launched her Star Wyrm missiles at the ship while accelerating hard towards it and ended up making the ship explode into millions upon millions of pieces in a silvery red explosion of epic magnitude.

"I'd say we got them," Aashi said over comms. "Want to clean this mess up?" Aashi asked as she looked out towards the station.

The Raganrok Sergeant smirked. "In a few minutes, there will be little to clean up. Last of the fuel is loaded onto the shuttles and were are headed back. I would suggest moving to a safe distance to watch the firewoks Ma'am."

Ulysses nodded. "Fenrir, pull alongside the refueling arm and prepare to recieve the cargo." He then looked out to the Devata. "Move to rendezvous point. We can watch the fireworks." He said with a smile.

"But of course," Aashi said to them both and quickly began moving the Devata to a safe distance.