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RP [Ulyshi] Groping Time™


The Gunman
Nekos and Ninjitsu Theme Park:

Akemi had walked through the foyer of the traditional Yamataian amusement park already wearing a kataginu with red and purple flower print along the main body and a black sleeved undershirt.

Aashi was waiting there with Ulysses and she turned her head when she saw the man.

"Come, let's skip the intro and just go in." Since being here last she and Ulysses had bought traditional Yamataian clothing for themselves at Aashi's urging. She had always avoided Yamataian space as a pirate but now she was hoping to explore more of the culture that was so odd to her.

Akemi nodded happily and began chatting with Aashi while Ulysses was close by Aashi's side. They walked around the amusement park catching up and having fun with the Nekos and ninjutsu until it was time to retire to the onsen. The three of them had rented out a private room for all of them and Aashi and Ulysses were only just coming in after having been in their own changing and shower room to see Akemi in a demure towel that was wrapped around his body as he sat in the hot pool.

It was a minimalistically furnished and constructed room, but was especially clean and compartmentalized. Aashi set down her slipper in a shoe receptacle slot and took off her robe, exposing her overlarge body to both Ulysses and Akemi, the latter of which got her full frontal.

"Aah-Aashi, I see you've been laid," Akemi said, leaning back wih a smile. "And you are all the more beautiful for it."

Ulysses stepped out next with a towel around his waist, padding over to the pool. "I think so." He said as he stepped into the pool and removed his towel as he slid into the hot water. "She is very beautiful." He added, sighing as the warm water relived all his tension.

"Well at some point, Aashi, I wanted to talk shop with you. And Werner too. Lovely couple and lovely business opportunities with you two."

Defensive, Aashi asked as she slid her toes into the water, "How so?"

"I want to ask you to put your mind to getting a few Iroma goods and services in return for compensation and a chance of a lifetime." Akemi looked to her, "Would you accept that?"

Aashi looked to Ulysses, "What do you think, Hun?"

He raised an eyebrow. "What is this chance of a life time?" Ulysses asked, crossing his arms.

"A chance to manage an entire space port for me," Akemi said, "While garnering forty percent of profits from everything save for the actual Akemi's burger places. My accountant would flip if I started giving away money from the sales of the babes. They mean a lot to my accountant. She's huge on the babes. We both are. Say, Aashi, have you thought about being with Ulysses in a film after we talk shop?"

"What do you say, Ulysses?" Aashi asked again, now placing her hand on his leg under the water after slipping in.

Ulysses looked over to Aashi, scanning her face for a moment before nodding. "If that's what you want, I'm in."

"What would I have to do to manage it?" Aashi asked.

"Show up once a week, make sure things look spiffy. It's up near that green nebula above the current Nepleslia Northern ex-Lorath Assets." He slunk into the pool more deeply.

"I would be up for it if that is where it is and what it takes." Aashi said. "Is there something else?"

"Yes," Akemi said. "I would like to buy a bunch of civilian Erla VANDR, get resources for all Iromakuanhe food and drink, and have their businesses in my space ports..."

Aashi looked to Ulysses and chuckled.

He looked back at her and chuckled softly as well. He then looked to Akemi and nodded. "That shouldn't be to terribly hard. Consider it done." He said, his hand moving to Aashi's under the water.

Akemi seemed to gloat with his body language and put both arms behind himself on the edge of the pool and stuck out his chest, which was partially covered by the towel. Aashi let her hand slip to Ulysses' groin and gripped it tenderly before moving elsewhere on his body, to his abdomen and then neck and finally lingered on his chin to turn his head and kiss her fully on the mouth while Akemi made a half cooing half growling noise in the background.

"So we won't have to reschedule that porno?" Akemi asked with a wry smile.

He smiled as her hand danced up his body to his chin, then pressed his lips to her own, parting his own slightly. As they broke, he smiled.

"I don't think so. Do you, dear?" He replied, his eyes focused on Aashi's light blue ones.

She smiled delightedly and then rubbed her nose against Ulysses' nose, saying, "I absolutely can't believe you..." But a smile was bright and shining on her face as she said it.

He laughed and wrapped his arms around her, pulling Aashi into his lap. "What? You know you want to." He teased, kissing her more deeply.

Akemi chimed in with a bout of obsenities about dumpsters and buckets and Aashi's swollen belly.

Aashi blushed deeply over her sienna skin and she murmured, "Thanks for the offer, Akemi. I'm sure someone somewhere would put a pregnant horned alien woman-"

He cut her off, "Getting cream pied by a hunky Nepleslian with a common hair folicle deficiency that's built like an ID-SOL?"

"Cream pied?" Aashi asked.

Ulysses, grumbled about the baldness comment, before laughing so hard it bounced Aashi on his lap. He leaned in close, whispering what it meant in her ear.

Aashi's face became incredibly surprised and she looked with wide eyes at the restauranteer.

"Akemi!!" Aashi shouted and jumped through the water bare ass naked to begin slapping the Neko man roughly on the head and shoulders as he ducked and put up his hands.

Ulysses let her get a few good smacks in before he walked over and wrapped his arms around her and picked her up. "Now now, Aashi. I think you hit the little man enough." He teased, walking with her back to the other side of the pool.

Akemi had burst out laughing when he saw Aashi all wrapped up and he thought to diatribe at the Iromakuanhe about respecting him, but her own chuckled made it apparent it was all in good fun.

"What do you say we head up?" Aashi asked Ulysses after the laughter had subsided.

Akemi raised himself from the water and unwrapped his sogging towel from his body, exposing his full mass while still remaining modest and not looking as if outwardly showing off the length.

Ulysses smiled and kissed her check. "That sounds like a great idea, Sweet Heart." He said looking over at Akemi as he stood.

Akemi nodded, "I have some business to attend to with some geisha-wannabe."

Aashi flickered her hand as she waved it at Akemi after donning towel and slippers. "Bye, be in contact."

Ulysses slipped on a robe and slippers as well. "Have a good one Akemi. We'll keep in touch." He added, taking Aashi's hand and giving it a squeeze.