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RP Uncharted Azure Adventure


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RP Date
YE 44
RP Location

Uncharted Frozen world​

Large world, frozen world, overly large ball of snow, unhappy Nekos, hurt Neko’s meow meow meow
[Song Originally recreated inspired by soft kitty from The big bang theory, but originally referred to the planet Hoth Star Wars]

The blue-skinned Neko whimpered in pain and discomfort as she began stirring to consciousness. Emergency seatbelt held her in place, but the Neko’s arms were dangling out there. Her red eyes opened and then her eyes blinked as she began processing her predicament. She was in a damaged ship that was almost tipping over. She saw luggage falling and dead passengers falling soon after when the seatbelt failed. With gasping breaths, she looked around, searching desperately, until she saw her beside her. Another blue-skinned Neko, her daughter. “Luna?!” the other reached over and gently shook her and saw she was coming too. m..mom?! What happened!? don’t know, but we need to get out of here, and get our environmental suits on! Come on honey, I’ll get you unbuckled!” Mama Neko said as she unbuckled herself and her daughter. Just in time too, as the seat was starting to come apart from the section they were in.

The Nekos used their levitation abilities to stop themselves from falling. But with the ship falling down, they will need to fly down to get out which they do and it was here where they saw the cases. Environmental suits, and an Aether Katana. “Looks like Silverlight is fine” . She picked it up, and heard a voice saying. Kiyo Soban, hand print recognized Kiyo sheathed the sword after putting on the belt that kept it close to her body.

The two also found a survival kit that they could see, and Luna used her technical skills to rig up a vehicle. They also discovered a beacon one meant for a base. There was a base on the planet, though what kind and which nation, neither knew, but suspected that it was Star Army. So Kiyo being the higher ranked, and her mother got her daughter to rest in the vehicle while she operated it. It was a good thing too, as a shard from the ship had caused damage to Luna’s arm and she needed time for her body to heal.
Days turned into nights and turned back to days as they traveled heading nearer and nearer to the star army base.
With Luna fully healed the two took turns, one operated while the other slept and vice versa. It took a while, but they eventually made it. one sec, I’ll see if I can get this to open up. . Luna tried to operate the controls, but she was having no luck. Drat it must be too cold! Luna Frowned as did Kiyo, before she unsheathed her sword. “move behind me, sweetie!” Kiyo said as she gripped her Katana.

Luna had seen it activated before, but what she was seeing now was different, for Kiyo has activated anger mode. This upstart door and control panel in front of her was preventing her daughter from seeking shelter inside, and that angered her. With a Valkyrie roar, she struck at the door repeatedly thrusting and slashing until the not-so-innocent door could hold it no longer and opened.

Silly doors and control panels! Luna said and then lead the way inside. first order of business is get this place up and running and check and see that there's a ship or shuttle we can use to get off-world.” Luna said and had seen her mother nodding her head, agreeing with her wise daughter’s words. The two searched the base, seeking out food and water for later while also looking for a ship to use.
Kiyo had to use her sword a few times on rude doors before finally they found a ship. Alright, honey, see what you can do to get it working, I’m going to scout around to make sure that we won't be leaving things we could use. Luna Nods ok mom, but be careful! she said and got to work.

Kiyo turned and walked forward, her red eyes under the environmental suit head covering shifted from one position in the area to the next searching for something anything. That's when she saw it, a fabricator, and looked like one of the bigger ones so she could have had something like a vehicle or power armor made, but when she checked, she saw it didn’t have power. She frowned, knowing full well that unless she got some kind of power armor, the only time she could use her swords full power is if she got angry and used angry mode.

She proceeded forward and found herself in a mess hall. There was barely any power here, but she was able to see about getting food created. They will need that eventually once their return trip home will begin. She packed the food that was created and returned to an activated and hovering ship. Kiyo smiled as though her daughter certainly did not have the tech savant skills of Itatski Sachiko, she was still skilled as a technician.

Luna opened the doors and Kiyo floated in. I got the ship working! Luna said with pride in her voice. Kiyo also knew that Luna idolized people like Sachiko too, so to be able to get the thing working must make her proud. . I’m proud of you honey! Now let’s see if we can get out of here and off this Frozen planet! Kiyo said before she placed the food in the containment area and took a seat at the helm.. lets see if your mother is as good a student as your aunt Gravity was as a teacher hmm? Kiyo asked and Luna nodded.
They used the ship's weapons to blast a hole out and then the ship went flying out and into the skies.

Adventures in Pirate Alley​

Do what you want cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate! [song created by Alestrome, and Lazytown]

Luna runs through the alleys and side streets of the Vice town behind her, a no-good group of evil men. Behind her, the red and blue-eyed girl heard jeers and calls from them. “Come on, girl! We like blue-skinned girls come back!” Luna ignored them because she was sure she didn’t like the how they liked blue-skinned girls. She had her mother had been trapped in a cold frozen world and had managed to get off-world. Unfortunately, there was a jerk of the ship that caused a problem when her mother had been trying to input the coordinates for Yamatai. Unfortunately, they ended up on vice, and the ship broke apart, forcing the girls to separate and freefall to the surface.

Fortunately, the use of her levitation saved her from injury, but unfortunately, it also caught the attention of the bad guys now chasing her. Luna had realized she hadn’t had a weapon on her since she’d hadn’t had the ship make one, as she hadn’t thought this might happen.

Suddenly, behind her, one of the bad guys fell with a scream, causing her to turn to look. The biggest bad guy was face first in dog poo, with a hole like from a blade in the back of its head. Then the others just staring suddenly became inflicted with a curious case of spontaneous beheading. Odd how Karma takes bad guys really hard. Luna just stared in shock and surprise, and her eyes blinked when she suddenly saw someone appear. Just materialize as if from water. Someone appeared to be wearing an all-black suit, and as they turned, she saw it was a girl with red eyes. Though this wasn’t her mother, her hair and skin were wrong. let’s go, we need to find the other that fell. She said as she charged towards her and pulled her along. Thanks for saving me, and my mom! Luna said, but the red-eyed warrior said nothing.

Following a boom, they came up to another side street that had a lot of Aether-damaged buildings and heaps of bodies. Kiyo was there, surrounded by a group of bad guys, and the red-eyed warrior covered Luna’s eyes as well as her own, as a bright flash of light happened suddenly blinding the bad guys. Kiyo was grabbed by the red-eyed warrior and took off, stopping only when they were in some kind of bunker. So, do you mind telling me why two members of Star Army have come here? Are you my backup? A mother and daughter do? she said finally as she took care of Kiyo’s eyes. well.. Actually, our reason for being here is an accident... We crash-landed on an ice world and after leaving on a ship we found there, in an old abandoned base, we mss inputted the coordinates. Aaannd…. here we are... It’s much warmer here, but not sure I like it here, anyways, I’m Luna Soban Santo hei, my mom’s Asaakura Kiyo Nito Hei. Luna said to the woman who finished taking care of her mother’s eyes.

I’m Mikraitos, Makoto, and Nito Hei as well. I have a ship I can use to get you two off-world, but I need to complete my mission first. Makoto said to the Neko. tell us about your mission? What exactly are you doing here? Kiyo asked finally, amid the pain of hurt eyes, though with Makoto’s aid her eyes were getting how they were. [COLOR=RGB (247, 0, 0)]I’ve been hired to neutralize certain individuals, my client wanted me to make sure they were dead as painfully as possible, and they... Have a particular interest in blue-skinned girls so when I spotted you and them chasing you, I thought they might be them, but I wasn’t sure, plus, Kiyo here could have killed them too with her sword, a Fantastic weapon, by the way, it looks custom.”[/color] Kiyo chuckled and blushed thanks, it’s called Silverlight, it is custom, though I used the fabricator on the ship me and Luna served on while we were active. I was trained by a Samurai bodyguard called Rei, and some volumetric lessons though I have much I need to learn. Kiyo said humbly.

Makoto nodded [COLOR=RGB (247, 0, 0)]I could train you if you’d like, but for now get some rest the trip off-world will come in the morning.[/color] She said and guided Kiyo to a bed in the bunker to sleep and rest. Luna slept on a bed beside her mother though she found the bed uncomfortable she was able to fall asleep.

The Next Morning​

Makoto gently awakened her guests Kiyo woke up and found her vision returned to normal and no pain so she was able to get up unassisted and move to where the breakfast was followed by Luna. [COLOR=RGB (247, 0, 0)]seems my targets might be considered dead since I couldn’t find them, though there were unconfirmed reports that they were at the spaceport at 0500 last night. I’ll check on that later, for now the order of business is to get us back to Yamatai.[/color]

Once the three ate, Makoto brought them to her covered ship and then they were off returning home.