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RP: The Wayward Unlisted (Ep. 6)

Hidden Lake

Ana gasped as TB was taken by the vines! She called out, "Cut yourself loose!" She knew that she had put a lot of various tools into the little robot, ensuring that the AI should adapt to any given situation. She would have tried to go after the bot herself, and should the little thing keep struggling, she would. She searched for her own knife and was ready. She wouldn't lose him again! Not if she could help it!

Over the comm, she did state, "Watch out for the vegetation! It seems to have a life of its own!"
Hidden Lake

Quinn followed behind, letting the little bot guide them. He stopped behind Ana when she went down into a crouch, letting his eyes cast about to verify that there was indeed a singular flower and after a moment began to get an oddball feeling about that.

He was almost glad Ana couldn't see him flinch when she suddenly gasped and then yelled at her bot, his eyes refocusing on TB as the vines whipped out and snagged it. He reached for Ana's shirt collar with one hand, to keep her from running after it, and drew out the .45mm with his other.

"Ears" He warned Ana and aimed for a spot about three inches out from the base, firing two shots that, though likely slowed by the groundcover, would at least slice holes through the top part of whatever lurking creature had ahold of TB.
Hidden Lake

Ana had just about done a stupid thing to go after TB, in spite of knowing that she would have probably been snatched up as well. However, the jerk on her collar kept her from doing just that and the single warning allowed her to cover her ears when Quinn fired his .45mm at the flower. She winced and turned away for a moment as that happened.

Once he was done firing, though, she turned her gaze back to the flora that had taken TB, hoping her little bot had survived...but not sure otherwise. She struggled to get to him, "I need to get TB...make sure he's okay! I won't lose him again!"
Hidden Lake

"Ana, No!" Quinn adjusted his grip on her, keeping her firmly snuggled against him. "Wait." He added, a bit more calmly. "I'll get TB back." He promised, though he wasn't quite sure if that would actually be the case or not. He knew how much the little bot meant to her but he wasn't about to let her get hurt because of a robot. He kept his hold on her while he swapped weapons, trading the .45 for one of his knives. "Stay here, promise me, and I'll get TB." He figured he had a better chance fighting back and winning should the plant not be dead yet.
Hidden Lake

Ana slumped against Quinn, shivering. She knew that she wouldn't be able to survive against the plant thing, but hoped that Quinn could get TB back for her. After a moment, she nodded and stood there, her arms around herself, "A-alright...I'll st-stay here. Be careful. Okay?" She looked up at him, her eyes pleading for him to come back to her. With or without TB.
Hidden Lake

A vine had lashed up out of the ground when Anna got close, but Quinn had stopped her just in time and kept it from reaching her. it did seem like there was something more to whatever this was below the surface, and the two shots did cause it to thrash about, there was an effect. However it did not let go of TB so easily. Fortunately the droid was made from stuff sturdier than organics, despite being constricted by vines, it was still 'alive', but there was no telling how long it could hold up to the pressure.

With his knife drawn, Quinn stood just out of the 3 meter reach of the vine like tendrils. TB was helpless in this situation, and the ground was surface was pitted and complicated, there was also no telling the shape of the creature while it was under the moss. Quinn needed a strategy and he needed one fast.
Nan had been peeking around the tree and saw the same as Janelle, this big creature was moving closer by sheer chance. Of all the directions it could have gone it came toward them, and to Nan it was all Janelle's fault. Obviously she was unlucky and it was really putting them in the crap, to top it off he couldn't communicate with her mind. Really, how did these people even make it to where they are now, no levitation, no comm in their brain...but Nan stopped this line of thinking quickly. Those were the common thoughts of his people, Yamatai was known as an elitist race and he was not and so he quickly shook those thoughts away.

He looked purposefully at Janelle, an unusually serious look on his face. He looked right at her and then looked past her as if to say, go, go and don't look back. He floated up a few inches off the ground and slowly reached for a suicide drone he had on hand. It powered on thanks to his LNC connection and floated obediently and there he and it waited to see Janelle's actions.
Janelle's glare locked onto the Minkan as he caught her eye, but her expression softened rather quickly into understanding as she watched him float into the air and activate his drone. She didn't need to be told what it did, nor did she need to be convinced to make her escape. The ensuing distraction may or may not be entirely necessary in her mind, but the extra bit of insurance certainly didn't seem like it could hurt. Some of the color returned to her white knuckles gripping the pistol as she relaxed slightly, glancing quickly over her shoulder, raptor-like eyes taking in the undergrowth behind them as she quickly formulated her escape route. As quietly as she could, she began to retreat, taking her first few steps backwards away from the tree between her and the beast. No sense turning and breaking into a run just yet until she assured herself that any predatory instincts the thing had weren't triggered by the sight or sound of fleeing prey...

Just a few moments played out like an eternity in their minds, however it was a good choice to stay quit and move slowly. When Janelle stepped back she had brushed a branch that caused the creature to look up, but quickly return to what it was doing. It had hearing that allowed it to quickly find prey in these dense forest. Witch careful timed movements along with the bear's digging Janelle was able to get considerable distance.

Nana however stayed in place and the creature only got closer and closer, but it suddenly stopped before it saw him, it then stuck it's head into the dirt and continued to dig, it had found something.
Hidden Lake;

Quinn grumbled and he waved a hand. "Stay there!" He repeated to Anna, not needing her trying to come in after him as he was going to do something pretty stupid. He pulled the second nanomonecular blade and dove right in, taking good swipes and slashes at where the vines were coming out of the moss in an effort to discourage the giant plant-creature from continuing to hold TB or taking a hold of him. It was quite the risk, he knew, but there was no other way he could see around this seeing as his firing at the creature hadn't solved the problem.
The Lake

Anna didn't want to "stay there". She wanted to go in after her Robot! But...she also knew that she would be more of a hindrance than a help. She huffed more in frustration at the situation than at Quinn, but she did call out, "Come on, TB! Get out of there!" She could see that, for whatever reason, the plant thing wasn't eating him. Hopefully, nothing was corrosive to the robot...or at least nothing working too fast to prevent the robot from coming to her.

As Quinn approached, the plant made more than one attempt to grab at him. They were fended off though by quick work with his knife. Something felt off however, but it wasn't until it was too late that Quinn noticed. There had been a clear path right to the creature, the vines only came in from the sides. When he got close enough to rescue TB he found out why as the 'ground' beneath him gave way for a hole. At the bottom was what looked like spikes and thorns arranged into what could vaguely be called a 'mouth' with the tendrils coming up from it.

Quinn was able to grab the ledge in time so he did not fall to what clearly would be his death, but now he was exposed and only had a knife in one hand.

Anna of course could see all this play out as it happened, especially the shock of Quinn falling in a pit. Along with this though Anna notived the vines throw TB away to the side, no longer did it have a use for him.

Anna watched in horror as the massive maws of the plant-like creature tried to devour her friend...and lover. She swallowed as she now wished she had taken a weapon...something that even Tanja had said would be of use. But she did have a weapon! It was in TB! She watched the projection of TB and knew that he would land just outside of the reach of the plant. She called out to Quinn, "Hold on!"

As safely as she could, she tried to make her way towards the bot, hoping that she wouldn't run into any other vines. She did look carefully at the flora around her, noting the differences of the leaves and hopefully the paths so as to not be drawn in. Once she does make it, she opens up TB, taking out her small pistol, and then puts the bot on her back. "I'll repair you later, again..."
The Lake

There was some particularly colorful and out of character words that came out of Quinn's mouth as he had to scrabble to grab the edge of solid ground that saved him from dropping into the waiting jaws of the plant critter. That of course explained a lot as to why his shooting only slightly lower than the vines had resulted in nothing happening. Maybe he really should take Nan up on the offer of lazer-beam eyeballs, that would have solved the situation he found himself in now. He retracted the nano-blade and tucked it securely into a pocket and then wiggled free whichever smaller gun of his he could find one-handed. It was now a simple process of avoiding shooting his own feet as he fired down into the center of that "mouth" and this time hopefully with results.
Anna was able to quickly reach TB without problems, whatever this creature was, it seemed to use the flower as a lure,and the only flower in sight was in a scuffle with Quinn. This did mean Analiese was able to secure her weapon however.

For Quinn, it really was a simple matter to shoot the creature, but not so much to kill it. Where were it's vitals, did it even have any in the first place? The shots did do visable damage, but it was hard to tell with a plant like appearance, whether or not it was a mortal wound. It did not seem like the creature wanted to give Quinn time to find out either. One of it's vines snapped up and lashes at Quinn quickly in response to the shooting, an attempt to stop him.
Nan just floated there as if frozen with the suicide drone lightly in his hand. It would be the easiest of things to send it whirring off in to the distance on the other side of this strange animal, effecting a much easier escape for him and Janelle so what was stopping him, curiosity that's what. What could have this beast so engaged that it is digging so ferociously, chances are it is just a root or some such but what if it was something more?

After a brief back and forth within Nan decided to follow his original plan which really should maybe how serious he was taking his curent predicament. He open his hand palm up and willed the small drone in to the air and up, this creature has already shown it has decent hearing so the further away he flew the drone the better. His plan was to lower the drone further away on the opposite side of him and detonate it, hoping to draw off the creature.

As he maneuvered the drone he glanced back for Janelle to make sure she was doing ok on the forest floor.

Ana was scared. Not like she was when she was a slave, but still very scared. More for Quinn than herself. She walked back towards him, up to the point where she had been before, and took a breath as she tried to calm herself. She knew she couldn't shoot where Quinn was...for she didn't want to risk hitting him. Instead, she tried to shoot at the vines that were outside of hole. When she ran out of ammo, for she didn't have any more on her, she then searched in TB to find something else. Anything else that could help. She wasn't quite sure what all she could get to right now in TB.
Quinn hunkered down when he heard Ana shooting at the vines, tucking his gun into his pocket while she did that and once she'd stopped he dug his foot into the dirt on the side and proceeded to part drag, part scramble, and part pure force of will his way out of the pit and then away from it until he was safely out of the reach of the tentacles. "Good lord." He muttered "Lets get the hell back to the ship yeah?" He asked, pretty much coming as close to cursing like a sailor as she'd ever heard before from him.

At first is looked like Ana's shots had no effect, but she quickly realized the vines came for her instead of Quinn after a few shots. This gave Quinn the time he needed to work on pulling himself out. For a moment the creature's attention was split between the two, but just as Quinn pulled himself out, a vine grabbed hold of his leg and began to pull him back in.

It was at this moment that TB snuk in and got his reveng for earlier, usin his little welder on the vine holding Quinn and causeing the plant to recoil from the heat and let Quinn go.


Quinn grunted as the vine caught his leg and tried pulling him back in, but TB to the rescue, and Quinn snagged the little drone with some care when his leg was free and he scrambled to his feet and trotted over to Ana and pretty much encouraged her far out of the vines' reach. He pulled out his pocket communicator "If you haven't experienced it already; Be wary of the plant and animal life here. There's water, but there's also large predatory plants we've run into." Then he glanced over at Ana. "Absolutely back to the ship. We know where water is, and I don't want to get eaten."