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SYNC Update on the Political Situation of Shurista


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TO: Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Himiko I of Yamatai
CC: Khelas Nascen, Councillor, govornor according to Yamatai; Drusura Natunali, Senator to Yamatai; Aliset Koun, Councillor of Battle
SUBJECT: Briefing on the current political situation of Shurista


Assembled Councillors and leaders,

The integration of Zodiac Star Fortress Capricorn went smoothly and without incident, and the fortress is now fully integrated into the underside of Shurista's hull. Her water filtration systems, artificial gravity, and air filtration systems have been brought online, though we had to seal the air passages due to a rash of illness from Yamataian nanomachines contaminating Shuristan air. We are pleased to inform you that Capricorn now stands ready to operate as a shipyard and Yamataian sector of Shurista, and is fully prepared to house and fuel your fleet operations in your area. We await only your crews and Commandant.

We of the council regret to inform you of some dark tidings. As you know, the loss of Turassiel weighed heavily on us, allowing the isolationists to move back between the stars to hide until it was safe. However, they have lost significant power in light of the first of our species' decision to involve Shurista in the Kikyo Sector's matters and force us to look at the greater community, the isolationists have been steadily losing power.

The Skydasi cults maintain that a military presence and the ability and willingness to engage in a war are the only route to the safety of Shurista and the Senti, and are generally considered a fringe group. However, with Aliset's decisions and motivations, they have been gaining power steadily, especially after the anger and pain felt by all the Senti in the sector when the Kuvexians somehow managed to claim enough Gift of Song to attack and destroy a Flotilla, causing seventy five percent loss of population and the complete destruction of Turassiel's Grand Library. The Inclusionist party believes that if Nepleslia had gained contact earlier, the tragedy could have been avoided, and alongside the Capitalists believe that Yamatai's defense of their allies and protectorates, combined with the access granted to Yamatai's trade and transport economy will protect us into the future.

The Isolationists, however, disagree. They believe that we should have never made contact, and that we are safest between the stars taking on a hands off, observational role. They believe the Councillor of Battle, Aliset Koun to be a traitor to her people, and to have set in motion the events that lead to such loss of life. They believe we have been safe since the Skydas war by hiding between the stars, and will be safe into the future that way.

Public opinion on the matter is mixed, with the isolationists steadily becoming a fringe organization akin to the Skydasi cults, several of whom are believed to be involved in Turassiel's destruction.

Our Civil Service received several tips about isolationist activities around the binding points between Capricorn and Shurista. These tips were investigated and found to be consistent of aether bombs placed in key points, with Skydasi cult symbology painted on the hulls. We believe these bombs to have originated from the wreck of the Golden Dragon. They have since been disarmed. Moreover, in further investigation on the source of the tips, they involved Skydasi cultists informing Civil Service of Isolationists planning terrorist bombings on property of Yamatai, with intent to frame the Star Army and the Cults.

Investigations were completed, perpetrators executed in accordance with the First Law, and the information on the matter is now being passed to you. The situation is, as of now, handled. However, with the rapidly changing situation of Shurista, the isolationists are fearful, as are several other minor political groups of the Flotilla. We do not suffer extremism, and will neutralize any further threats to your people and our civilian population internally. We would appreciate the support.
FROM: Chui Aliset Koun, Helmsman, YSS Koun, First Fleet
CC: Khelas Nascen, Councillor, govornor according to Yamatai; Drusura Natunali, Senator to Yamatai; Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Himiko I of Yamatai; Qrr'ti Yulata ti Isthat ka Was'at, diplomat, RJFV Tuat'La
SUBJECT: RE: Briefing on the current political situation of Shurista


While I appreciate and understand the gravity of the situation, I never volunteered for a position on the Shuristan Councils, nor do I see any reason or ability for me to weigh in. I was not informed of my position until I was brought to Pisces Station while I was supposed to be on leave for the International Relations Conference, dressed in too formal a suit for my station, and thrown into the role of diplomat. I did not earn the title you give me. I did not volunteer myself to it. Find someone else.

I am an officer of the Star Army of Yamatai. I am a helmsman, an astronavigator by nature, and a combat pilot by career. I no longer command the postage freighter Soren, and am not available to take up the position asked of me aboard Shurista, Nor will I be able, or willing, as I intend to be commanding my own ship within three years. A ship of the Grand Star Army, to serve and protect the peoples of the Kikyo Sector.

I do not need to be made aware of every conflict or difference of opinion on my actions, and will not suffer the breach of regulation that my former crew of Postage Freighter Soren and the Councils of Shurista continue to attempt to force me into. I am proud that Shurista has finally taken steps to correct her cowardice at the peak of the Kuvexian War. I am proud that my people will finally do what they feel is right rather than hiding between the stars and waiting to become the derelict death and rot we find so often. But I am not of the Council. I have questions for the Council.

Where were you when Nataria burned?

Where were you when Turassiel split under Kuvexian aether fire and her Reactor Trees bloomed in fire?

Where was Shurista when Levente Barna was lost and I was left to hold his sister and reclaim the knife I had entrusted him with?

Where was Shurista when Nicol Sanger sacrificed his life for me at Glimmergold? When I had to feed him to Tokyo's reactor and forge him into the steel used to patch my Ginga's broken shell?

The Senti culture was killed long ago, and has grown stagnant and fetid, forgetting their commitment to volunterism, expertise, and defense of those not so strong as even us. You are not peaceful. You are harmless.

It was Yamatai who saved my life and gave me a chance to prove myself, in stead of denying my right to train as an astrocartographer for my bieng Skydasir. In stead of insulting and denying my grandmother's right to train me as a Smith for the simple reason of my ethnic neurology. It was the Grand Star Army of Yamatai that helped me swing the hammers of my husbands' burial forge. It was Shosa Alastair Belmont who told me to set a course, go forth, and explore at the helm of the YSS Koun. It was Shoi Takeda Sayako who asked me what was out there, and helped me to map what we found. It was Qrr'ti Yulata ti Isthat ka Was'at who saw me first as an officer doing her duty, rather than the diplomat and postage captain. It was Ensign Levente Barna of Nepleslia who helped me to find my voice and taught me to be headstrong and confident in my abilities.

It was Hanako of Yamatai who set in motion the return of my songs, and the finding of my strength. It was Yamatai who taught me to sing with my own voice, rather than that of an impotent god of the amalgamate dead.

Shurista abandoned me when I was a child. It took me thirty five years to learn that. I was a fool to trust her. My children will not learn her song from me.

I hereby renounce my claim to the Councillor's seat, and with it my right of any starship bearing the Shuristan flag. I renounce my status and rank within the Civil Service, and I renounce my citizenship to Shurista. I renounce my claim to the culture of the Senti, and will not be returning. Insodoing, I wish to never be whisked away for your petty apologies and internal squabbles. I am Yamataian Tsulrati, and will never again be a member of the Senti. Do not claim me from my earned and accepted station, lest I strike down If'Ni, herself, and you with her. I will light my husband's last cigarette over the prone and crushed body of whoever is foolish enough to contact me again as though I am one of you.

I need a damn drink. There's a bottle of type 33 laundry detergent in my bunk calling my name.

Chui Aliset of Gunship Koun, who flew a bomber for Tokyo of Yamatai.
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