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Closed Use Reserve Status

These suggestions have been dropped by the suggestor or rejected by staff.


Retired Staff
So we got the status to have your character in Reserve, basically, this counts for players that are either inactive or players that have a list of characters currently not in use. What I had in mind is using that status to make a list of characters that are:
  • Listed as ready to serve again
  • Listed as looking for a plot
Now the only problem I see in this is that reserve is listed for players that went inactive (well most that is) so I don't mind having a different status that reflects "Hey I am ready to serve a new plot". As a player, it would be awesome to get a DM from a GM that there is a spot open (Do note, if you put your character on that list you pretty much are open to being DMed about it), the other way around it is also awesome as a GM to be able to have a list of players that want to play and you can get characters that fill the positions you seek.

Of course it is just an idea, but if you like it go upvote it :)
This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
Keep in mind that SAOY Career Status is an in-character field and transferring between the active and reserve requires an orders post for the character's change of assignment.

It would be useful to me as head of personnel to have a way of seeing which characters need a new assignment.

We recently added a field to user pages where you can list wanteds, it might make sense to also put your available characters in there?
Understandable, but it might also make sense to have something like a checkbox that states you await assignment for that particular character.

I fear that if you put it in the wanted user box that it gets 1) outdated 2) difficult to manage (for people that got quite a list of characters) and 3) potentially chaotic.
Perhaps, but if you don't put your wanteds on the struct field, they won't appear on the wanteds page so people might not see them. Also the wanteds page isn't faction-specific like the Star Army Personnel Database is.
I read this and was wondering if just adding it to the ooc area of the character will work. Also posting characters available for plot in the looking for roleplay of discord could prove helpful.
It looks like this particular usage of the reserve status is either confusing or not super popular with people. While we didn't get in the negative with this idea, it didn't really get support either so I'm closing it. Maybe we can figure out an improved way to do what you want in the future!