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RP Victory Day Celebration YE 43

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RP Date
24日 1月 YE 43
RP Location
Kyoto, Yamatai
The air was filled with the rooty tooting sounds of the Star Army musicians while in the airspace above Kyoto, spaceships slowly drifted about in criss crossing lines. The spaceships that had fought valiantly in the Battle of Glimmergold and the Kuvexian War were parading, piloted by their MEGAMI and any helmsman who didn't much care for the revelry below. Yamataians, Nepleslians, and even the rare Uesureyan were filling the streets to look at the ships above, grab a bite from one of the many food vendors, fill a pub, or toss a coin into a fountain or the Ketsurui River.

Yamataians had been urged to donate or throw out any items they no longer needed, to signify the differences they held from their former enemies. While the Kuvexians were hoarders of wealth, gold, and status symbols, those that had defeated them had no place in their hearts for such greed. Exemplifying this symbolically were the hundreds of glittering pieces of gold that had been thrown into the gurgling fountains and river that caught the sun with bright sparkles from every angle.

Many Star Army soldiers were in their nicest class A uniforms as ceremonies, where they would receive their Battle fo Glimmergold award, were ongoing- some were partaking in the day with their new badges of honor already on their chests.
Ketsurui Aiko stood watching the river that bore her clan's name — as so many places across the Empire did — at the edge of where Riverside's smooth white concrete pathways fell off and gave way to the expansive canal that flowed through the city. It was more beautiful here today than she'd remembered it being, no doubt due to the prodigious amount of gold tossed into its depths in commemoration of the Star Army's final victory over the Interstellar Kingdom of Kuvexia. Winter's dark clouds had stayed away from Kyoto for the day to allow the celebration's brilliant, glittering reflections to shine up through the river's clear water. And though there was sufficient wind to pick up Aiko's pleated uniform skirt and ruffle it around while she stared off in reverie, its chill breeze was only cold enough to nip pleasantly at one's skin rather than cut deep to the bone.

Like the multitudes of Star Army soldiers and veterans out in revelry today, Aiko wore her Class A uniform with its full set of ribbons and finery. Of the three swords she could carry, instead of her usual Kaiyo sword or officer's blade, she chose her own personal white-and-gold katana to pair with a matching NSP that members of Legion 777 had gifted to her days before when they'd named her an honorary Centurion of the legion. Her clean white panels went well with the choice, and with the Order of the Blazing Sun that lay flat across her jacket's tight bosom over the center of her sternum where it hung from its crimson band fastened high and close to her neck.

Victory Day had been quite the homecoming for Aiko. Her first hours back in the capital city were adding up to be no less busy and duty-filled than any other, and she was glad for these moments of calm now as she reconciled those brief weeks of her short youth in Kyoto with the way it seemed now. Only minutes earlier, the Ketsurui Clan princess had finished assisting in a third award ceremony for the day, pinning Glimmergold medals on dozens of wide-eyed hei who'd participated in the battle. But she was created for such purposes and held no shame in the fact; it was her honor and privilege to be Yui's daughter and at the forefront of the Star Army's efforts to defend this great Empire against all foes.

"E-excuse me, Taii," said a woman's voice off somewhere behind Aiko. When the princess turned, a pair of Neko in cornflower blue panels plus a younger Minkan boy stared at her as the samurai yojimbo Rei moved to intercept and shoo them off. "I promised my kid cousin that he could meet you and get a picture. Me and Kurai-hei here followed you at Glimmergold and fought to destroy the station. W-we hope it isn't an inconvenience."

Aiko raised an eyebrow at the request, the likes of which should have become regular for her by this point in the day, but was still unaccustomed to such attention after years soldiering on the Kuvexian front fighting alongside her crewmates with the YSS Kaiyo II. But she grinned and waved Rei off, and stepped forward a few paces to meet them.

"It is no issue, hohei," Aiko said, certainly unable to remember any of the countless power armored infantry who'd been present at Glimmergold. She directed her attention at the child next. "Your cousin and Kurai are fierce warriors. They covered my back and made sure we defeated those Kuvexians together. You should be honored to call them family, Mister..." she added, trailing off with a questioning tone to the Neko who'd introduced them.

"Fukuda Hakuku!" the kid said joyfully before his cousin could. He snapped Aiko a really wide salute and spun on his left heel with his right leg out to face a little camera drone the trio had left behind to take the photo. An expertly handled turn on his part, Aiko thought, if not the most collected.

"Indeed, Hakuku-san!" Aiko said happily, picking up where she'd left off. The two Neko took their positions beside her and the young man. "Your family makes for most auspicious company. The Empire is indebted to them. Perhaps one day you will defend Yamatai with us."

With everyone in place, Aiko smiled toward the robo-photographer and flashed a victory sign beside her right cheek. It only took a moment for the moment to get captured and pass, and then the cousins Fuduka plus Kurai-hei bowed profusely to Aiko and backed away before taking off into the celebratory crowds again.

"Let us go see if we can find William or one of the others from Kaiyo, Rei-san," Aiko said to her bodyguard after the three fans had gone. Her own riverbound contemplations had departed with the interruption, and she was growing tired of standing idle for so long. There was plenty of city for the Ketsurui princess to rediscover yet, anyway.
Kyoto, Yamatai

The Kaiyo's resident Nepleslian marine was inspecting his dress uniforms new badges and rank insignia. A few days before, William met with his father for the small award ceremony. The Premier and the Grand Admiral of the First fleet were in attendance. Gaelan had pinned the medals on his son's chest personally. William and his father traveled back to Yamatai together for the victory celebration. The pair then went their separate ways, the Premier needing to meet with the other dignitaries. Before leaving, the leader of Nepleslia turned to his son. "Enjoy yourself today, soldier. That is an order." He said, giving a slight smirk before leaving with his entourage.

Riding down in the lift, William finally reached the ground floor. Stepping out onto the street, bustling with celebrating soldiers and civilians alike. The much taller ID-SOL didn't have much trouble making his way through the crowd, though he did manage bump his head on a few signs along the way. He managed to make his way down to the river, finding a small outdoor bar. Multiple NSN personnel were inside singing and being merry. As he stepped up to the bar he was greeted by one of the bartenders. "Hey sugar! Your first drink is on the house." She said, motioning to the other soldiers. "Your admiral is footing the tab." The neko added as she began to pour him a drink. "Here, it's the house special." As quickly as she appeared she was gone, off to serve another customer.

Taking a healthy swig, he felt the burning sensation as it traveled down his throat. Finishing off the drink he made his way back outside and managed to notice Aiko as she was taking a picture. He smiled, watching as the princess was able to enjoy herself amongst the people. As she finished, William began making his way over. "Hey you two. Enjoying yourselves?" He asked, looking down at Aiko, then over to Rei. Giving both of them a soft smile, he added "Mind if I join you both? I still don't know my way around this city very well." He said, a hand moving to rub the back of his head.
Kyoto, Yamatai

Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro sucked in a deep breath as he ran a finger across the inner collar of his old Type 30 uniform, he then adjusted the formal sash that stretched across from his shoulder and said to Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yuka, "I swear, I don't remember this collar being so tight." The Fifth Expeditionary Fleet patches on his uniform, medals, and pins hung in the perfect preserve.

"Too many trips to Takeda House," Yuka chuckled, it was impossible for them to get fat, but it was funny anyway. As she addressed a slight wrinkle in her own Type 30 uniform. she commented, "I somehow wish I didn't retire, the newer uniforms look a lot better."

It was a beautiful winter day, a perfect one for celebration even for those who had long since left the ranks of the Star Army. Many of the members of the clan that had remained loyal to their elders appeared in uniform at the event. The Motoyoshi were unafraid no longer to be blessed by the sun which gleamed down from that blue Yamataian sky. Banners fluttered, ribbons and streamers were flung from rooftops and balconies.

The Kuvexian War was one that the Motoyoshi had something to show for, the successful re-establishment of the First Expeditionary Fleet and the fact they had made so much progress in ripping apart the Kuvexian associated terrorist group led by their long time traitor, Motoyoshi Kiyoko. They were celebrating more than just the end of the war, the loyalist group of elders that had remained in Yamatai had finally made it back to Jiyuu to pave the entire wound right over and had success at it.

The crew of the YSS Tokyo and members of the First Expeditionary Fleet had gathered in a spot overlooking the river too. A small platform had the flag of the First Expeditionary Fleet, the Taisho Flag, and the banner that had been made the night before on the YSS Tokyo to cheer the victory. The Tokyo had taken heavy damage in the battle, at the demand of Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko the Dreadnought had made it on its own power back to the Yamatai System before a group of Asuga-Class Tugs took the mighty ship back to Gemini Star Fortress for repairs. Class A uniforms flooded in front of the platform, where cheering soldiers and officers were reunited with family, most of which had come from Jiyuu and around the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector to celebrate with their heroes.

Katsuko awaited her veterans and current officers near the flags with Tokyo-Chusa, in formals with the sword gifted by Taisho Fletcher at her hip.


Jiyuu III, Tokyo
Motoyoshi-Cho Prefecture

Revelers gathered in Imperial Park, in the Old City on the site where the First Colony had been established. It was night time on Jiyuu, so the park was lit by lanterns that were likely leftover from the previous year's Lantern Festival. Before the statues of Her Majesty Ketsurui Himiko I and Taisho Ketsurui Yui the people of Tokyo celebrated the Empire's victory over the Interstellar Kingdom of Kuvexia.

In the Motoyoshi Channel fireworks were launched from Viking-style Ships that had recently joined the fleets of sailing vessels around Jiyuu-jo and the artificial island where it overlooked the channel. The towers of the castle were illuminated in Star Army of Yamatai Colors, and massive projections of the Hinomaru and the symbol of the Bellflower hung in the sky as signals of respect and victory. Soldiers gathered in the Shore Park at Fort Tokyo, where they hosted BBQs and picnics beneath the strings of lanterns.
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Kyoto, Yamatai

The weather was wonderful, the people were cheerful and the area got decorated quite quickly seeing that the forces just returned. This was a morale boost, a boost that everyone needed after so long of fighting and fighting and even more fighting. Lots of people were happy and in the pub was sitting Erina with a cold drink in her hand only to sigh. The last few years were a living hell for her, from the fall of Himiko, getting actually killed, reactivated, and put in command of a ship. Shaking her head as she takes a sip and puts the drink down "I am a doctor.....not a Captain for peep sake" Erina mutters shaking her head.

"Well you did your service in this war and we are all grateful for what you have done for us" A woman voice came from behind the bar, who was washing a glass "Do you not belong there with the others? Getting the medals and be called heroes of the empire?" She pointed out and looked at Erina curious.

Taking another big sip of the drink and placing it down on the bar "Another one...." Erina shrugs a bit as she points at her uniform "I already got the medal...but not for this battle. But being part of the Kuvexian war and providing my service to saving ...whatever was left of our people" Shaking her head as she takes the next glass "I have seen so much blood spilling you could clone people a few times with it" Taking a sip of her drink and shook it off "Damn strong stuff...but love it"

Blinking at the officer the bartender nods a bit "So why were you not at this last battle?" She carefully asked not to try to fish for information that she might actually not be authorized to know about.

At that question, she paused with the glass before her lips and sighs "Basically after Nataria was attacked so severely, I stayed back at the hospitals there and took control over there. It got me another few recommendations for awards that are...pending. But I did what I could to keep people alive and motivated. If you think tending wounds during battle is bad...try tending wounds after the battle and you need to go check all the bodies" She swallowed down another glass "For the empire" Erina said with another sigh wondering what will be next on her path.

The bartender nods as she looked behind and grabs a bottle then placed it on the bar next to the glass of Erina "It's on the house Chui, as thanks" She winked at her and walked to another customer. Erina looked at the bottle and back at the bartender that had walked away and lifted her shoulders a bit "Alright, your welcome" Grabbing the bottle.
Yue left the transport that had taken her from the planet, where she’d been attending a School, to the planet where she knew her mother would be. Dressed in an appropriate outfit, especially one for the weather, she got a ride to her mother’s location and made her way to her. She saw her talking to her uncle Taro, which caused a grin to form on her lips.

She held her excitement in check as she announced her presence. “Well, now, if it isn’t the greatest Mother in the whole Sector, and my Uncle the leader of the greatest family” A smile had finished her statement, as she kept her tail in check, not wanting it to be in the way of anyone, and neither did she want it to touch.

She looked around at the celebrations with the remaining smile on her blue face. The Star army had a bad reputation on vice, she recalled, but today she felt proud of them. The Star Army, Nepleslia, the new nation, the New Dusk Conclave, they’ve all got the buggy man so to speak, and it had made her feel comfortable, less stressed to travel. It was also a fortuitous time because she’d planned on joining Yugumo Corporation where her mother worked.
In a ceremony in Kyoto all 800 existing Girestu Infantry soldiers that participated in the Battle of Glimmergold stood in formation with their respective centuries. Behind them, stood additional soldiers and civilians. Some were recent graduates of the School of Advanced Infantry Combat, some were interested in becoming Giretsu after hearing of their heroics. But most were family members proud of their spouses', sons', and daughters' accomplishments.

There were long-winded speeches from Legion Commanders and politicians. There were shorter and to the point speech from the Taisho Mizumitsu Benji when it came time to hand out the medal for the Battle of Glimmergold added to the fresh rewards given prior. Then came the start of the parades. 800 well-trained soldiers in drill and ceremony marched down the streets of Kyoto with other soldiers of the Star Army of Yamatai for hours as they stop and started again with multiple parades. Command wanted to show off the new Infantry type to drive up recruiting from the civilians.

Once that was finally over, the Giretsu were dismissed to their respective Centurions. One such ceremony involved the Girestu Century of the 75th Legion. But this one was special for not only would it be a rewards ceremony, but afterward it would turn into a change of command as Chui Mikael Harris is being replaced by Taii Leonardo Abe. Standing in front of his subordinates standing at parade rest, he just smiled.

"Girestu! Despite this Century's beginnings as an understrength Girestu Century, you survived. From the qualification by combat of the 3rd Battle of Nataria to the Battle of Glimmergold, you survived. But not only did you survive, you took the Kuvexians by the ear and shown them the ways of their errors! While they will always be a permanent annoyance in the sector now, no longer do we have to worry about their tainted gold ships hovering above their worlds and infesting them with their Rixxikor pawns." he said before pausing.

"When I first become your Centurion, many among you found it odd that an outsider was assigned the position. 'Why not my platoon leader?' I often would here." he said with a smirk, most just chuckled because of his training as a SAINT operative. Of course, he would ninja around to overhear their conservations.

"But through my training objectives and battles together, you realized why I was appointed to your position. But as you also know, it was only meant to be a short assignment. It has been a great honor training and leading the fine soldiers of G/75. Before we conclude this Change of Command with the exchange of the unit colors, I have one final task at hand.

Itto Hei Shibuya and Santo Hei Zhang post!" Mikael said.

One by one, each of the soldiers called, fell out of the formation and walked to face the formation. When they were done setting themselves up and stood at attention, Mikael nodded at Mizumitsu Ingrid (unit clerk). Clearing her throat, he spoke in a very loud and commanding voice. The formation snapped to attention when she said "Attention"

"Attention, the Star Army of Yamatai bring greetings. Taisho Mizumitsu Benji has placed special trust and confidence in the valor, loyalty, and professional excellence of Hiroki Shibuya. In view of these qualities and Shibuya Hiroki's demonstrated leadership potential and dedicated service to the Star Army of Yamatai they are therefore promoted from Itto Hei to the rank of Joto Hei.

Taisho Mizumitsu Benji has placed special trust and confidence in the valor, loyalty, and professional excellence of Zhang Caiwei. In view of these qualities and Zhang Caiwei's demonstrated leadership potential and dedicated service to the Star Army of Yamatai they are therefore promoted from Santo Hei to the rank of Nito Hei.

Congratulations!" Ingrid said as Mikael and his senior enlisted advisor Hansen-heisho walked sideways replace the rank pins on their uniforms with their new ranks and a handshake.

After a round of applause, the pair returned to the formation to witness the last step of the ceremony. With the carrier of the colors standing in front of the formation, Hansen-heisho stood to the left, Mikael stood to the front, and the new Taii stood to the right. Hansen then grabbed the colors, handed it to Mikael, who hands it to Taii Abe, back to Hansen-heisho, and finally back to the hands of the carrier of the colors. All presenting the transfer of power. After a set of bows, a now former Centurion marched in a sharp manner to the back of the formation.

After a short speech from the Centurion, the Girestu of the 75th Legion were dismissed to enjoy the rest of the victory celebration. Mikael just stood there looking around, thinking to himself.
Kyoto, Yamatai

Sacre slid through the celebration, wearing her Class A Uniform. Her rack of ribbons told her story, from the Battle of Yamatai through her years as a medical grunt who got into too much trouble, the battles where she lost friends, some she earned on the Kaiyo, where she first formed true strong friendships, then bouncing around the fleet, Order Of The Blazing Sun, being a POW, and now Glimmergold. Scarred visibly and invisibly, she made for an intimidating presence standing head and shoulders over most of the crowd.

Cheilith on the other hand didn't stand out at all. She had the Glimmergold award and nothing else. Average height, weight, eye color, there was little to distinguish her from hundreds of thousands of other Nekos. She was holographically projecting a clean Class A uniform over a cooking apron. The thing that stood out wasn't her, but the huge Type 30 Truck behind her with giant murals of Mindys fighting on the sides over a Star Army Red background and Bellflower painted on the hood. It was perhaps the most patriotic truck anyone had ever seen. Bright loud, and one of a kind. Cheilith was cooking and selling a sort of powdered doughnut cooked in Lard that was her favorite recipe.
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Yaichiro stood near Katsuko at the flags, also wearing in his Type A uniform. Feeling the weight of his service awards on his chest and reminded of the long road that had come to this point, he noted that it was at times like this that he wondered how he got here. His ears picked up various nearby speeches, praises being given and promotions granted that were often hard-earned. However, as he contemplated how his career had gone, he realized that serving aboard a starship was very different from his memories of Power Armor combat and gave silent thanks to those who took the fight up close and personal to the enemy. Rather than celebratory, such events for Yaichiro were more an exercise in humility.

Keeping his thoughts to himself, Yaichiro acted as Katsuko's silent support while waiting for the proceedings to begin.
Katsuko took a deep breath of the cool winter air; she looked out over the crowd of the YSS Tokyo's crew and the First Expeditionary Fleet, the splendor associated with the Star Army was something that made her Neko heart pump fire. To joined finally by her friends, clan members, and veterans of even her first-ever fleet command, the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet gave a feeling of completion and nostalgia over twenty-three years in the Star Army. The Chapter of that career was about to come to a close, but nothing would ever take the feeling it gave, the exhausted stare of battle shocked eyes and the chanting beat of victory that undoubtedly consumed every single one of her sisters. She turned to Yaichiro with a plan to say something but found herself speechless as she looked him over, the medals that hung from his chest compared not to the hero she saw in him. She broke her pause, she branded zeusanium stance and she leaned over and kissed his cheek in affectionate regard.

She looked at Taro and Yuka with a heartfelt look locked passionately in her steel-colored eyes, a wide smile was held as they saluted and she returned it. Wireless words, emotions, and expressions extended between her and Taro, a man who had sacrificed and given so much to their clan over the years, especially when it came to the things which she perhaps had too much passion to see in the clearest of manners. The YSS Tokyo was not on parade itself, but her escorts were among the ships on parade above, a volumetric projection of the wounded flagship sailed through the sky as a substitute. She looked to Yaichiro again and gave a firm nod, still at a complete loss of words.


Yuka exchanged gestures with the Taisho and then smiled as she watched her daughter, the pride and joy of her life approach. "Yue!" she declared excitedly and threw her arms around her. "If I am the greatest mother, then you're going to have to take the honor of being the Kagemi Universe's greatest daughter." She released Yue from her grip, but didn't let go completely, she just slid her hands down her arms and held her by the forearms. "I'm really looking forwards to us working together more...and of course spending some more time with you here." The crowds cheered and were loud as the celebrations rang out all around them.

"Yue, another little flower of a Motoyoshi. Guess I will have to pick a flower for you too," Taro said as he looked Yue over. After having spent over a year raising Eidan the Elder Motoyoshi had taken it upon himself to have a very active role with all of the younger generations, he saw them as an investment and a promise towards their clan's future and the torch-bearers of their legacy. Their legacy shone a little brighter each day now and he would be a driving force behind it. "I hear you're going on a trip with your mom? Will it be your first time out of Yamatai?" he asked, curious of what the young woman thought of her upcoming trip for the Corporation.
Yuka Position
Yue smiled in reaction to her mother's excited outburst and reaction. The younger girl didn’t hesitate in hugging the woman she thought of as the greatest mother. She chuckled when Yuka labeled her as the greatest daughter. “hehehe, I’ll have to accept then,” she said to her with a big grin on her face, which only widened when she was told how her mother was looking forward to working with her, and spending time with her too. “Same here, I missed you while I was away at school. Which reminds me, I probably should show you what I had gotten as my final grade. I am hoping you’d be proud.” She said to her before her attention was caught by her Uncle who called her a little flower, something he’d have to pick for her.

She just smiled” I hope you choose a good one for me then.” She said, putting her confidence in her uncle before his next question for her. “Yeah, since I got adopted and went to school, I think it is, Mom mentioned it in her last communication with me, and I did some research. We’re going to the Draco Eridanus system right?” She asked her mother for confirmation. “I heard it was entirely controlled by the Mining Guild, which was a corp affiliated with the New Dusk Conclave, one of our Empire’s allies. I have seen some pictures of DracoTown, the System’s capital. “ She mentioned

Kaiyo 2

Luna Soban

Kiyo and her now fully grown daughter Luna stepped off the transport and they began walking forward. “Papa is slow” the younger Neko stated before she spotted her uncle, William before she took off flying. “Uncle William!” She called as the Red and Blue-eyed Neko came in for a landing. “Found you! and you too Aunt Aiko, Rei-Sensei!” She said with a prideful grin on her face as she stood there.


Behind her, Kiyo was hurrying to catch up to her fast-flying daughter and smiled at everyone. “Anyone from the ship made it?’ She asked them as she placed a hand over her daughter’s shoulders. She glanced around to the festivities, as she kept her arm over her daughter's shoulders.
Sonoda Takashi stood silently and scanned the proceedings in the Military District of Kyoto from behind a new pair of Uno sunglasses. His orders said to assist with security and he was determined to do his best. Having seen bodyguards wearing sunglasses in old movies, he reasoned that they were to prevent ne'er-do-wells from knowing in which direction he was looking. Honestly, he had no idea what he was looking for, nor what to do if he saw it, but he also reasoned that the mere presence of someone playing the role of "security" might act as a deterrent. Even if that someone was a fresh-faced new recruit who looked like he was playing dress-up.

Resuming his patrol, he felt the hefty weight of a type 28B GSP bounce against his leg in its holster. Takashi was terrified of having to use the weapon and felt that it was more likely to be used against him in any kind of confrontation. With this in mind, he had left the first round unchambered. Additionally, the fact that he would have to unbutton or lift his coat to even get to his hip made it deeply unlikely that it would be available in an emergency. But carrying some kind of weapon felt like an important formality.

Takashi felt detached from the celebrations. He hadn't assisted in the victory in any way, so he was happy to be apart from the revelry rather than a part of it. Even if he had contributed in whatever way he could, he would have preferred to work over anything else. Work, and by this he meant working on experiments, was relaxing and rewarding in a way that these kinds of festivities never were. Even working as "security" seemed preferable.
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"Mind if I join you both? I still don't know my way around this city very well," William said, a hand moving to rub the back of his head.

"We only just spoke about trying to find you, Wil-ku—" Aiko said, sounding very matter-of-fact until she caught herself speaking to her friend in such a familiar way. There were so many people out on the streets today, with citizens and soldiers of every Kikyo Sector military represented in the bustle, that she didn't want to get caught saying something unbecoming of her station. Nor did she want to accidentally embarrass the young man in front of his Nepleslian brothers-in-arms if one recognized them standing there; Aiko could only imagine what William must endure as an exchange marine without giving everyone in the NSMC an opportunity to call him "Wil-kun."

He'd found Rei and the princess just as they walked under an Anisan Red Maple. It was one of many that lined this particular stretch of the district's big pristinely-cut sidewalk bricks, made of a fine white concrete and joined at regular distances with exacting measure. The paths were decorated every twelve feet with blocks in the shape of bellflowers that themselves were surrounded with bricks that radiated out in a circular pattern around them. Long, tall banner versions of the Star Empire's flag were hung at every light post, which were set between each of the trees at forty foot intervals along the street. With all of the Victory Day revelers carrying their own colors and celebrating, this particular road in Riverside — with its refined architecture and meticulously upkept condition — was surely a model of Yamataian splendor.

"Private Sanders," she said instead, correcting any possible impropriety. Aiko gave a momentary smile in the general direction of a passing batch soldiers from some Star Army ship who'd waved and cheered her name, but quickly gave her attention back to William. "You may join us, of course. This city seems to know me better than I know it, so we will be lost all together. You seem off to a good start," Aiko continued, looking down her nose past her Nepleslian accomplice to the bar he'd come from.

"I could go and best you at that hobby," the Ketsurui girl joked, making it clear she was happy to see him by keeping her tone high spirited. "Do you think your fellow Greens would take offense? As long as they do not catch on that I cannot become intoxicated, it could be a fun diversion."

Before William could shoot down Aiko's tryhard prank, however, Kiyo and Luna approached and added to their company. Messing with Nepleslian marines was definitely out of the question, now. Aiko grinned gleefully at Luna with more genuine affection than she'd been used to giving today. So many photo ops and fleeting pleasantries had filled up the Ketsurui princess's experience that she was relieved to see even more people she knew from the Kaiyo II.

"Anyone from the ship made it?" Kiyo asked them as she placed a hand over her daughter’s shoulders.

"I have been kept busy with a few ceremonial duties," Aiko admitted, adjusting her posture so that she could lean back with her right hand atop her NSP holster. "Have you seen anyone else, Private Sanders?" she asked William, this time with more amusement than formality in her voice when she spoke his name and rank.
Mikael, done with his thinking for the moment, changed the color paneling on his Type 42 uniform from the white of command to the cornflower blue of infantry. As of this moment, he was once again a grunt without a command. Perhaps it was better this way he thought to himself before, not allowing his feelings to be seen by the junior enlisted he once commanded. The celebrations were quite extreme in his opinion, so he was attempting to avoid the bulk of it as he just randomly walked. But not too long, walking along the bank of the Ketsurui River, he saw a face he never thought he would see again.

Wearing the red panels of a technician, the short brunette Neko leaned on a railing watching everyone throw their coins into the water. Mikael just stood there for a moment before deciding to talk to her. Making sure he is perfectly seen in her peripheral vision, he stopped a couple of meters from her and waved.

"Takeda-heisho?" Mikael asks, making sure. She looks over towards him and narrows her eyes like she isn't sure what she is seeing. The face looked quite familiar, but she wasn't entirely sure why. But as soon as she sees the sleeve strips of a Chui, she immediately snapped to attention and bowed.

"At ease heisho, it's a victory celebration. Protocol can slide just a little bit." Mikael said, chuckling a bit. "I don't know if you remember me, but I am Mikael Harris. We once served together on the YSS Eucharis years ago." Mikael said, turning to lean on the railing. Takeda Junko relaxed a bit as she was ordered but continued to look at him suspiciously for a moment. Not sensing any pretense, she just resumed leaning on the railing as well.

"I think I do remember you, sir. You were a Nito Hei back then if I recall." she said as she thought as to why. Then it dawned on her when was the last time she saw him, the Battle of Sbuhfaba. She just froze for a moment and then just let any unresolved feelings for being the sole survivor of Alpha Team to play out within her, an improvement of her personality. Dying is still dying.

"Dying seemed to do wonders for you." Junko says, she says matter of factly. If it was meant to be a joke, the delivery was way off. Mikael just looked at her for a moment and then back towards the river.

"I suppose it has..."

Junko totally hated social interactions.
William took Aiko's change in verbiage with stride. "Actually, your majesty, it is Private First Class or PFC Sanders now." He said, motioning to the new Chevron on his uniform. "They finally promoted me. My father pinned my new badges and rank pin on himself." He added, just before the Yamatain Soldiers walked by. He smirked before adding. "You have definitely made a name for yourself back here, Princess Aiko."

Before he could retort or even roll his eyes to Aiko's boast, Luna and Kiyo appeared before them. Giving a toothy grin to his niece, William stooped down and gave Luna a hug. "There's my Luna. How is my little niece doing?" He asked ruffling her hair, before lifting her up and placing her on his shoulders. "Have you been good since the last time I saw you?"

Turning back to Aiko and Kiyo he smiled. "Its good to see you Kiyo." Looking to Aiko as she asked her question he smirked. "No I cannot say I have seen anyone from the Kaiyo, your highness." He teased. As soon as the Premier and I got to Kyoto I started wandering the streets looking for people and my father went to meet with dignitaries. You were the first person from the Kaiyo I ran into." He answered.
Matsuvo Shinomori was back at Fort Minori on Nataria. What some soldiers called “Minor Inconvenience” he had called home for nearly a year, and the Battle of Glimmergold had done little to change that. Most of the soldiers who had been deployed to Glimmergold as part of the massive wave of personnel had gone as part of new assignments, leaving behind tens of thousands of empty barracks buildings and skyscrapers.

Still, though, the base teemed with life. Award ceremonies were running around the clock, Glimmergold Star after Glimmergold Star being pinned on soldier after soldier. Once a unit had been fully awarded, it was rotated out and a new one fell in for awards. Matsuvo stood at attention in one of these units, standing at the head of a small infantry team which he'd been placed in command of for training. It seemed like he was doing that a lot lately at Fort Minori, supervising training while soldiers were waiting for transfer after basic.

He looked down the line at the troops he was responsible for, even if only temporarily. Nemoto Tashiaki and Valeria Masao were at rapt attention. He remembered when they had arrived, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. He watched as an officer pinned the Glimmergold star on their chests, one after another. The officer moved down the line to Asher Guerrero. The Yamatai-raised Nepleslian had caused trouble since he'd arrived, his pranks constantly causing Matsuvo no end of paperwork and lost sleep.

The officer finally came down the line to the last member of Matsuvo's group, Nakano Mizuki. The by-the-book Neko had been simultaneously his best asset in maintaining discipline among the less experienced soldiers, and an unrelenting pain in the behind whenever he, like many other team leaders before him, skirted the rules in the name of morale or efficiency.

Finally, it was his turn. The Glimmergold star was pinned on his Type-35 Class-A uniform, sitting next to his other awards and his Red Tessen. As the rest of the members of his unit had done before, he gave a salute to the officer, and his unit marched off, another one replacing them soon afterward. After the team left the assembly ground, he turned to them.

"Alright, you're on liberty now." Matsuvo told the four Heis. "I don't know how much longer you'll be stationed here, so make the most of things. I expect to see you all back in the apartment complex by at least 17:30 on Sunday." He looked at Asher, "And I want you all sober." Asher's face fell, and Nakano gave the Nepleslian a brief scowl. Matsuvo let out a brief laugh, before speaking again. "Dismissed, Heis. Have a good leave."

Satisfied that his own duties had been discharged for now, Matsuvo began to make his way towards the local Tokyo Brew Pub location. It had taken nearly 4 hours for his team to receive their awards, and he was beginning to get a bit hungry.
"You have definitely made a name for yourself back here, Princess Aiko," William said with a smirk.

"SANDRA did a fine job exaggerating all of our adventures on the Kaiyo for these past few years — and Ketsurui-taii will do," Aiko replied, wincing cheerfully enough at the fun-with-names they were having. Newsreaders here at home had indeed embellished what combat footage from the Kaiyo II made it through SAINT censors, skillfully creating stories of victory and glory on the Kuvexian front for nightly war updates. "I have only seen one or two of the features they made about us, but that was quite adequate. It is enough to remember the reality of our fights against the Kuvexians without memorizing those tall tales and half-truths that were delivered here at home."

Aiko looked up to Luna, now resting high atop William's shoulders. What a wonderous time this must be for the girl, the princess thought, to see Kyoto for the first time on a day like today. The city was always a magnificent place to be, but the day's celebrations would fill even the most jaded old Yamataian with a spark of joy.

"What about you, Luna-chan?" Aiko said with a smile. Her smoky voice was no less flatly direct than it ever was, and nevertheless managed to carry an endearing quality that was necessary when talking to a kid. "Is there anywhere you would like to go and see?" she asked the young blue Neko before looking down to William's face again and then over to Kiyo.

"Rei-san and I had simply been walking for only a moment when we found all of you," Aiko continued. She took a few slow steps backward in the direction her original path was taking her and then turned fully to proceed on ahead. "Whatever happens, we can figure it out as we go. Come along! Today's grandeur is wasted standing in one spot for too long. We may find more of the crew yet!"
Downtown Kyoto

The crew of the YSS Resurgence had recently got a chance to meet the Empress (and Hanako) and had formulated a plan to explore some of the lesser-known parts of planet Yamatai. But before they set off, their captain had let them stay a few extra days in Kyoto's barracks so they could join the Victory celebration too. With the celebration now underway, the crew began venturing out into the streets to see what they could see and meet who they could meet.

Shosa Ikigai Majime went over her data pad looking at the crew roster. "This is the most well-rounded crew I've ever seen on a gunship," she told Gabriela Lively, a pretty anthro starship operator. They were both dressed in their finest class A outfits with their colorful ribbons on their chest including the recently-award Glimmergold Star. "I think the only occupations we're missing is a clerk and a supply specialist. I'll keep my eye out while we're here. Who knows? Maybe we'll find more crew members."

Gabriela nodded. "I hope they're happy people. Having the war over feels like an enormous weight has been lifted. I feel like finding some sweets, relax, and people watching."

"It's a good chance for the crew to bond together, too," Majime smiled.

"Some of the crew seem to be pretty bonded already," Gabriela grinned toothily.

Majime tilted her head, not sure what to make of that at first. Then she blushed looked and looked around to see who else from the crew was coming.
Downtown Kyoto

Estrella had been downtown a few times, many years ago, but it hadn't been anything like this crowded. She couldn't believe the number of people out celebrating. Of course, it was a long over do victory and everyone was making the most of it. Estrella kept a firm grip on her daughter's little hand. It would be way to easy to for them to get separated in this crowd. Little Elanor kept pulling at her mother's hand, wanting to move faster so they could find the person they were both looking for so badly. Estrella was starting to feel overwhelmed. How were they suppose to find anyone in this huge crowed?

Despite her short size, it was actually Elanor who spotted their target first. She screamed, "Daddy!" and dropped her mother's hand and disappeared into the crowd. Estrella's eyes grew wide and she pushed through the mass of bodies. She was on the verge of becoming frantic when the an opening appeared and she saw Elanor being held up in the air by a one eyed man wearing an officer's uniform. Little Elanor was squealing with delight as she was thrown up in the air and then caught in the big strong arms of her father. Estrella stared at her husband, shocked seeing him in an officer's uniform with Chui rank pens on his collar. But all thoughts and questions melted away as he stepped forward, wrapped her up with one arm and pulled her close to him. Their lips met, briefly, but with no less passion than the last time they had kissed, months ago. With Elanor in her father's arms, the three of them headed for one of the many award ceremonies where they had to briefly part again so the Starship operator could receive his citation for glimmergold.

Several hours later, Estrella was sitting at a café watching the crowds go by. She was alone, Elanor with her father on a daddy-daughter date. Estrella smiled, knowing that tonight would be her turn for a date with her husband. She blushed slightly at the thought, her heart beating a little faster. All thoughts of her husband were remored when she saw a tall woman with a lightning bolt tattoo walk by. Estrella stood and whistled a four note tune that brought the Nepleslian woman to a sudden stop. Sanda whistled the same tune as she looked around for it's source. Estrella repeated it a final time and laughed as she made eye contact with her sister and say the shock on Sanda's face.
Kwabba-an tugged the bottom hem of her class A uniform's jacket. In doing so, she felt her newly-pinned medals shift uncomfortably on her chest. She frowned slightly and then shivered, prompting her to pull on her coat. As she was buttoning it up, she wondered why she felt such discomfort. It wasn't that she was dressed up, because she always enjoyed dressing up for performances. It wasn't the ceremony. She enjoyed ceremonies for their preplanned social interactions. No, she thought to herself, it was the fact that she had joined a war effort in its final days, participated in a single battle, and then suddenly she was receiving the same awards as people who had fought for the entire war.

The insectoid continued to shiver as she pulled on a pair of white gloves and fitted a type 32 cap on her head, careful to avoid pinching her antennae with its brim. It wasn't much, but she was going to put on every piece of clothing allowed by regulations. As she looked around, she saw her cute anthro crewmate and Majime-shosa, neither of whom seemed particularly affected. With a sigh, she accepted that she was exceptionally bad at dealing with cold weather and wondered if it was because she was half insect. Certainly, her human father didn't seem to mind cold weather as much, but he didn't seem to mind most hardships.
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