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RP Date
June YE41
A small set of green eyes blinked at the camera, an arm reaching past it to gently tap the body. "Oh. There's the light."

She gave a sheepish smile, seeming to curl back into the mass of liquid chocolate floating around her. She brushed a few tufts of hair out of the way before opening her mouth and letting the small, gravelly voice flow free. "Sarah, I'd like to sccept your offer to work with the New Dusk Conclave, but there are a few things to do first. I should have told you about my husband, Azazel Titan."

A blush crossed her cheeks as she considered, looking away from the camera. "One of the few truly good things to come out of Crimson. When I came to Dovania, I felt hunted, abandoned. Azazel helped me get over some of that. I have to admit I had lost faith in you and everything I'd known to be safe. But you came for me, and when I saw the look you gave me... I wasn't sure he was the right choice anymore. But then he asked me to marry him on planetary television, and the pressure was... I couldn't turn him down. Not without risking both of our lives. He's so distant, it hurts. But you've married a woman married to someone else..."

Her voice trailed off, and she drew a hand to her face, wiping away the tears that accumulated in zero gravity, making it clear that the scarred, sport bra clad girl had made several attempts at recording this. "I know I'm going to lose him, if not to Yamatai, where he is, then to his own apathy. And it would kill me to lose you, too. That first night, you pulled me out of the nightmares. You were the first one in my life to make me feel safe. I know this is hard to hear. I want to be your wife so bad. I just... I wish I knew what to think. I'm on mission at the moment, but I wish I could be there to feel your arms around me, and your hand brushing my hair. I wish I could hear your voice telling me everything will be okay."

Thorn gave a sigh, pushing her hair back again. "I need to go rescue my husband. And the only one I know who can help me is my wife. I'm sorry to tell you like this. I'm so sorry. Please, don't hate me for this. I love you, Sarah...."

The message cut out as a small reflection glinted in Thorn's glowing eye, and a flash of light almost obscured screaming alarms.