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Melisson nodded her agreement to the Elysian Legate. "I can relate with how difficult unrestrained use of ST technology makes things; though I can find a more immediate examples of such abuse in regard to this. One instance sits in this room: Taisa Hanako Ketsurui was captured in the Second Battle of Urghlaflu, but was nonetheless revived from her last ST backup without any effort done to learn of the whereabouts of the second incarnation or to rescue her." She allowed herself a smile. "The Senator here would essentially be her copy."

"Given that sort of blatant misuse, yes, that particular man will be very difficult to find. The proverbial needle in the wheatstack?"

Law Broken:
Any person who wrongfully takes, obtains, or withholds any money, personal property, or article of value of any kind with intent permanently to deprive another person of the use and benefit of property or to appropriate it to his use (or the use of any person other than the owner) from the possession of the owner steals that property and is guilty of larceny (Proposal 35, Item 1) Doing the above, but for a temporary nature, is guilty of wrongful appropriation (Proposal 35, Item 2). Doing the above, but with violence or threat of violence, is guilty of robbery (Proposal 35, Item 3).
Hanako is an "article of value."

10. No person or organization is allowed to use restricted military or corporate technologies or enter restricted military areas without authorization. The Empire will come down on any violators VERY harshly.

Restricted Military Areas include, but are not limited to:
Military States (Such as Melanchol, Geshrintall)
Newly-discovered planets and systems on the YSE's borders

Restricted Technologies include, but are not limited to:
Aether Weaponry
Transposition Cannons
Scalar Weapons
ST/SS Tech.
Technology involved in the creation of Zesuaium.
Interdictor Devices
Unlawful possession of a Nekovalkyrja (Hanako)

We are able to charge Melisson with these crimes because they occurred on Star Army property, which is part of Yamatai.
You could levy dozens, perhaps hundreds of charges against her, Wes. Melisson could do the same to Yamatai.

That's really not the point, is it? The point's to end the war. You arrest Melisson, what's to stop Eve from re-exerting herself into the fray on a level outside of the Miharu? Besides, what happened to diplomatic immunity?

I mean, hey, your faction, your rules and all. But if you want Melisson to lose, outsmart her. Or obliterate her faction for real, a long hard slog that's justified.
OoC: Um, Jake... Eve doesn't have a whole lot to do with these circumstances.

The above is flawed, though. Urghlaflu is not a world which is part of the Empire. Nor did Melisson capture Hanako herself. Melisson's account was that she had gone through a lot of trouble to retrieve Hanako from the Daughters of Eve and that Hanako was now a guest - just one she was unwilling to help return for certain reasons.

Of course, that's all free for interpretation
That aside, seeing as one could charge Melisson with war crimes, I think arresting her on what amounts to little more then simple theft comes off as a little petty. Nevermind that it flies in the face of the spirit of why everyone is onboard Pisces .
Urghlaflu is not a world which is part of the Empire.
The Black Spiral base on it was, though.
If Yamatai can arrest Melisson, why can't Nepleslia or the SMX arrest Uesu? Why can't the Lorath Matriarchy arrest Rufus Sydney? Honestly, its impractical to even try to apply this.
Wes said:
The Black Spiral base on it was, though.

OoC: *Cough* That shouldn't be retroactive. Black Spiral was clearly an enemy of the YSE then.

Anyhow, there's no use arguing over this, really. Jake was right - this is Wes' thing and this was an IC order thread of a sort.

I suggest deletion of all posts after the opening and locking of this thread.
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