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RP Wazu's Drinking and Funtimes.

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Wazu had certainly had a big day, illegal arrest, international incidents, blue bloods getting flustered, and a Vanderhuge threatening to cave his face in. It was starting to look like even Yui herself had made an intervention into the day’s incidents on his behalf. Though all that excitement, it looked like the IRC was starting to go his way but before he could do anything, he would need to replace his datapad and check in with his starship.

Luckily, there always seemed to be an Awesomecorp vending machine nearby.

“Hi, how can I help you be more awesome!?” The vending machines all had their own salesman, a yellow smiling face projected out infront of the vending machine that helped guide the user through the purchasing process… but Wazu was not feeling like dealing with that today. His eyes looked over the array of guns, knives, and other assorted instruments of death available until he finally saw the datapad.

“That one…” Wazu said, ignoring most of the follow up advice provided by the machine until he could give it one of his account numbers. Resupplied, he made his way to his next destination, the small sushi bar of Pisces station, ‘Something Fishy’


Something Fishy was a sushi bar on Pisces station with only a cute red head positioned behind the bar. “Sorry sir, we don’t have any food today but we have plenty to drink.” She said with a smile, reaching for one of the tall glasses that were held up above the bar where normally a sushi chef would have been hard at work. “What can I get for you?”

“How much is your plum wine?” Wazu asked, his attention currently diverted to his datapad which was busy helping him check in with his ship while pulling down a copy of his last pad.

“3 for a glass, 30 for a bottle,” She replied, the young Yamatain woman leaning forward so that she could show off a bit more of what was being squeezed together by the ridiculously tight fitting aprons they had to wear.

“Ok… I would like 160 bottles of Plum wine and a scotch on the rocks.”

“Heavy Drinker?” She asked

“It has been a long day….”
Naomi had been on Pisces Station for just a few hours, and already she had no idea what she was doing there.

Except drinking. A lot of drinking.

The rotation back to 4th Fleet Headquarters had been annoying, and she had quickly grown sick and tired of staff weenies. She had filed as many requests for transfers to front-line units as she could send, and then had requested immediate leave. The request had been granted, a pass given by her superiors, good for three full days.

Now she was here, not even done with day one, and already drinking as if there were nothing else to do. Well, maybe there was not. She had no real family to speak of, no friends outside the Corps, not even a house, really. She had only requested leave because she was tired.

Now she was on Pisces Station, in a sushi bar, sipping at not-bad wine a lot more expensive than what she usually drank (hence the sipping) and idly considering whether or not she would proposition the over-endowed barkeep.

Idly her brain was aware of a voice down the counter, but she ignored it initially, at least until...

Uso said:
“Ok… I would like 160 bottles of Plum wine and a scotch on the rocks.”

That caught her attention, both because it sounded so ludicrous, and the man's voice was now definitely ringing a bell. She looked over, and...

"Admiral Wazu?" Her voice was reasonably steady, not even slurred by liquor, as she turned to face the man in question.
“It is Field Marshall now,” Wazu said, with a smile, “The Sky Marshall gets upset when you remind him of my old rank so you might want to keep that to yourself,”

“Why don’t you buy your lady friend here a drink?” The red headed bartender said as she pressed a few buttons on her own datapad and then went about pouring Wazu his scotch. “She looks lonely and has had to sip on her own saki all night long, such a terrible fate to befall a woman of such beauty.”

“A fan of the hard sell?” Wazu asked.

“Cooks decided not to show up because of the conference, you know… afraid of getting exploded and all that. I got to make up the lost income somewhere.” The bartender replied with a smile, “… and you just ordered 160 bottles of wine, why not make it 161?”

“Right, two glasses, one bottle, make it expensive,” Wazu said before turning back to Naomi.

“Well, it looks like I am on the hook for both our bar tabs now, how about you sit down and tell me how things are going in the 4th fleet? Do they have you running security for the conference?”
Naomi snorted her drink and had to fight to keep it going down and not up at the saleswoman's remark.

"I'm a 'woman of beauty' now, am I?" she asked with a grin. "And here I'd begun to think you didn't even notice me."

With a light chuckle to let the woman (cute though she was) know there hadn't been any miscommunication, Naomi turned to address Wazu as a bottle of wine appeared between them.

"She's good at this, isn't she?" she quipped with a smile. "To answer the last question you asked me, no, I'm not running security here. This may be away from the front a bit, and they may be short on personnel, but a Pike still does not get that kind of responsibility here. Especially not with Pisces being foreign territory."

Reaching out to open the bottle and fill both glasses, she set one down in front of Wazu.

"I'm just on leave. Three day pass. I came out here because...I couldn't really think of anywhere special, and this didn't sound bad."
“Oh, you have no idea how good hun,” The bartender said, leaning forward to rest herself (and her endowments) against her side of the bar. “besides, us pretty women have to stick together,”

“What I think she means is you are way more noticeable when she thinks she can sell you something,” Wazu said while rapidly typing out another message on his new datapad.

“Oh come on, that is no way to talk to a lady,” The bartender replied.

Wazu chuckled, “Ok, sorry, want me to buy something to make up for it?”

The bartender looked at him for a moment, “………………no?...... I Just want you two to be happy! Besides, you are ignoring your friend here and she already has a few drinks in her!”

“Right… so you came to Pisces for time off during the IRC?” Wazu asked, quickly finishing off his scotch so he could move onto the wine that had just been poured. “… I get the feeling you are looking for adventure more than you are looking for relaxation? These things have a tendency to cause explosions.”
Before Wazu was able to reach for the wine, Yamataian Security Agency agents approached him in the bar, heads turning to follow them. There were three, each smiling in their uniforms, as the lead agent approached Wazu.

"Mr. Wazu, we've been given orders that we're to escort you off the station. If you would, please, follow us?"
“Well, can you make that order to-go,” Wazu asked the bartender. His hands quickly typing out a message on his datapad as he turned to Naomi,

“And you are welcome to join me Naomi, Looks like they want me to head back to my ship. There was a whole thing earlier intrigue, politics, illegal arrests. This was supposed to be the after party but it can be moved elsewhere.”

He then turned towards the three security agents, taking his glass of rice wine with him as he stood, “While I am at it can I get your names? I feel I have a solid case for a violation of 4-4 and possibly 4-5. I can get my lawyers on it and get you the appropriate papers on the way to my ship.”


Once that was finished the redhead behind the bar spoke up, “You know, drinking is allowed on the job so long as you do not go overboard. Can I interest you in a nice ricewine?”
"Of course," the lead officer said, her thin lips forming an easy smile. "You met my sergeant earlier, Yomiguchi Hatomi; her partner is Tanaka Karina. I am Iwakawa Hana.

"However," the agent said as the two others flanked Wazu, "I think your friend might not wish to join you. You are being expelled from station space as well, and being returned to your homeland of Gartaga. Unless she wishes to come with you, of course, in which case we gladly will escort her as well."
Naomi looked at the security guards for a moment, then looked back at her glass, then Wazu, into space somewhere.

"I think I'll hang around here," she said calmly. "The liquor's good, and I'm too tired to be moving around much right now."

Raising her glass and draining the contents, she looked at Wazu.

"I'll see you later, Admiral. Do you want the bottle, or can I keep it?"
Wazu told her to keep it before being escorted to a waiting ship. After politely stating again that he would sue, the officers bid him good day, and he was sent back to Shara.
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