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SYNC Will the real Ryu Masaharu please stand up.


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From: Fujiko Port Victor, Yamatai Security Agency
To: Star Army Military Police
auto bcc: Star Army Intelligence, PEARL

We recently detected and detained a human female a known Red smuggler was attempting to bring into the Empire. The individual has no identification, DNA tests do not register remotely close to anything within our records, and she is claiming to be an Itto Hei Ryu Masaharu. Records show he was declared MIA and a POW as of YE 42. The ID number provided matches but there are two problems: Ryu-Hei is a male Minkan.

Please let me know if you wish for her to be turned over to you. Otherwise in 24 hours we are turning her over to immigration for processing. I don't know what kinds of drugs the Reds have been up to again, but I just want to be rid of this problem as quickly as possible.

Officer Mizumitsu
Fujiko Port Victor, Yamatai Security Agency

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