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Closed Worldbuilding-General?

These suggestions have been dropped by the suggestor or rejected by staff.


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A popular Youtube Channel, the Templin Institute, just deleted my two favorite channels on their Discord Server, the art one and the worldbuilding one, much to the dismay of their community. I was thinking, maybe Star Army should be catering to more than just Star Army and we should create alternative worldbuilding channels on the site and Discord where people can work on their non-Star Army-specific worlds. I know we all have some ideas that wouldn't quite fit in SARP.

Should we offer non-SARP worldbuilding spaces to everyone or would that be a loss of focus?
This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
I think it would be the latter in regards to a loss of focus.

The focus of those entering the community doesn't have to be solely on the major or minor factions as everyone has their own ideas they come here with but should always be at least centered at least moderately around it otherwise it causes a further divide among the player base as people not interested in SARP try to pull away already existing players.

And to be blunt if they come here and arent willing to play with others or experience whats already here and to find a way to implement their own ideas alongside what already exists i wonder if they have the right attitude in the first place to try to build communities on their own with a my way or the highway state of mind considering they would be coming here to simply try to recruit or motivate others to come play with them instead and i can see a lot of poisoning the well to make that happen.

Not everyone would be like that. But I'm a pessimist and know there would be a lot of instances like that and in my opinion its not worth the stress for you or anyone else.
My perspective is that we should focus on worldbuilding SARP and creating good resources that are helpful for that. Random generators for example, or wiki pages that talk about worldbuilding. We are also a very flexible setting, one that can allow for many, many, different things. Our factional system also allows for a lot of creativity to be expressed. I can certainly see why someone who was not a SARP-worldbuilder would want to use our resources. I think we should also consider what we would gain, being a place for worldbuilders to gather is a great way to introduce people to our setting.

We've been through the cycle enough where someone comes in builds something interesting here and then there is a disagreement and they leave and take all of their stuff with them. It seems to happen at least once a year as is. I'm not sure that's a chaos we want more of.

I think we have a lot to offer the world building community. We do want great worldbuilders to come here and build the setting. If they are here, then some of them will come and world build for us. Sometimes we do need to change with the times. Having Stararmy.com worldbuilding forum being the number 1 forum for worldbuilding would be a great resource and opportunity. I think we can offer some stability, we've been around for twenty years and honestly, I think we'll still be here in twenty more.

The upside benefit is huge if we are successful. The downside risk isn't a failure, it's us being so successful that chaos is the result. The costs (bringing in new people who have ideas) is one we are going to pay anyway if we want Star Army to grow and thrive.

TLDR; Is the chaos worth the gain? I'm not sure, but I'm willing to give it a try.
A long time ago, we admitted that the SARPiverse was part of a larger multiverse. We have things like the Universal Teleportation Drive, warehouses with secret stockpiles from other universes, and characters, like one of mine, who was sent to these other universes. (Galaxy Expedition, Ayenee, etc) We've had this connect, it's always been something closely guarded though because we want to keep the flavor of our SARPiverse. I think as long as the membrane between our World Building and General World Building remains a selective membrane where our universe remains a unique, user-driven, homebrew universe (Where everything is original and capable of being copyrighted and protected by its users and used by SARP) that this is a great idea.

We are world builders, in my opinion, some of the best. Every time someone in our community adds the smallest bit through roleplay or into the wiki they are helping with our world-building. I believe this is something SARP excels in, so we have EVERYTHING to bring to the table.
Honestly, I am on the fence about this idea, yes I upvoted it as I feel that it is an idea that should be heard and if not agreed then just give the feedback in a constructive criticism way :) But that is a side note...

The reason why I am on the fence is the state that our own star systems, planets, and locations are in at the moment. Yes, we got a great RP in the jump seat led by @Wes and we got some call outs from different factions to help out with the planets they already got, getting some content. That puts me on the fence, we need to focus on what we have, how we create these worlds, and get that sorted. On the flip side if we can have other communities learn from our approach then it is a learning curve we both can take :)

I don't mind trying the idea, but lets not loose focus on our own locations that need some love <3
Honestly I worry about the lost focus we would have. Other sites I've been on introduced this and lost players to the other world experience. Let's keep the focus here and worst case if you want to show off extra neat staff you do that isn't sarp media dump and the like, heck it's where I put my fantasy maps I work on.
It looks like this suggestion isn't popular so I'm closing it.