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Worldbuilding Wednesday #10: Final Farewells


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Welcome back to Star Army's Worldbuilding Wednesdays! A new way to expand the Star Army universes with your imagination and ideas!

The concept of this forum goes like this:
  • Every week, on Wednesday, we post a question about the SARPiverse
  • During the week, Star Army players can creatively answer the question with their ideas
  • Star Army players can also upvote other responses they like
  • We work the top ideas into our lore!
Today's Worldbuilding writing prompt comes from me:

Mind-transfers and brain uploading doesn't save everyone from death. What are some notable funeral traditions among cultures/factions/organizations in Star Army's universe?

Please submit your ideas below! Responses can be voted on so try to include everything in one post!

Jack Pine

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NDC cremates their fallen and turns the carbon from their ashes into graphene orbs. This has a bit of soil in the bottom from where they either died, or from their home. At the top of the orb is a small data drive with a list of their accomplishments, or a final pre-recorder audio message. In the center, is a holo of the person's face, and their name is inscribed in the surface of the orb. It is then placed in the memorial walls that are in the center of the central park of the capital, or where ever a colony has placed their's. All the additional carbon in the ashes of the dead is used to make armor, small items, or even jewelry for next of kin, or remaining family to hold onto in memory of their loved ones. As well as to pass on to the next generation, which in the case of armor, may even result in a full suit that is passed down as heirloom, and priceless family treasure. About the same goes for the other items too.
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Many Separa'Shan believe in reincarnation, that a soul will be reincarnated until it is in harmony with all other souls that it has touched. Because of this, at a funeral, Separa'Shan will express their grievances and offer reconciliation so that they will be in harmony with the soul of the dead Separa'Shan. Separa'Shan are not typically buried, although memorials are occasionally erected. Instead, The family lays the body out in the open and makes an outline of it with stones (often the shedding stones* of the mourners). Wild animals are allowed to eat the body. Once picked clean, the bones are ground into dust and spread in the forest. The circle of stones represents their spirit, which then goes with the mourners as they take their stone out of the circle.

*Shedding stones is something that's been suggested as a lore element for the Separa'Shan. ( I'm including it here for reference.

"A shedding stone is a smooth stone gifted to young Separa'Shan after their ascension. It is often fist-sized and carved with ornate designs related to the recipient's family and clan. The stone is used by rubbing it firmly over a Separa'Shans scales when they are nearing a shed. The slow firm pressure aids in loosening the top layer of skin aiding in its removal during a shed. Each shedding stone is unique and deeply personal, often connecting a young Separa'shan to their ancestry. The loss of said stone can be considered a traumatic experience in many cases, and is considered shameful by all but those who wish to leave their heritage behind."
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