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Yagen's Music Compositions

Posted in the Sakura II's OOC board and people enjoyed it, so sharing it here! Most of these tracks are composed in Ableton with the Orchestral Strings pack among others.

I tried composing a battle music track for the Sakura II's current fight. Can't say it really fit the direction I was going for, but I think it came out alright. It's a bit dark in the middle, like a large warship lurking towards you. Might need to try again, or try a different scene. I'm still pretty new to composing, so thought this might be a good exercise for practice.

Similarly, Seraphic Fiend was a similar attempt at battle music that I liked a lot. "A boss fight against an evil god that parades itself as a force of good, tricking those around it onto an evil path."

Since I like horror games a lot, I wrote an ambient background track that I imagined playing in the entrance to a zombie-infested mansion. Was thinking Resident Evil mostly as inspiration. Aptly named Mansion.

Lastly, I wrote a short visual novel for a contest a while back and composed a cello solo. The story was about a mute boy learning to appreciate music in a world of spoken magic. The cello piece was meant to reflect this struggle a bit. I didn't win the contest, but it's what started me on composing! This track is just made in Finale Notepad and exported.
Then I got Ableton and made it dark and creepy because why not?

That's what I've got so far! Any feedback/criticism is welcome since I'm trying to improve. I'll probably try composing more songs for RP scenes since I had a lot of fun with that. Thanks for listening!


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Ancient bump! I should have kept adding to this post as I made things, but felt odd when they weren't SARP related. On that topic though,

Made another song for Ren on the Sakura about pausing in that moment of silence before a chaotic battle starts. It's very short, but I really like how it came out!

A few tracks I've liked since the first post:

One of my favorites, a song about the parting of friends for a long time, but with a promise of reuniting down the road:

A darker song of a cruel prince brooding on his throne:

Boss theme of a towering giant boss:

That's it for now, thanks for listening!


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Super cool! Now I'm inspired and I need to start making some new ones again too!