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Approved Submission [Yamatai] Ke-M2-W3900 Aether Blade Series

Immortal Cyan

The Cyan Neko
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That's cool the aetheric coat is AIES activated.

Spotted: "...connected to a an active and..."
I asked Immortal to take off pricing as it's for military use and not civilian.

This review is for: Aether Blade Series with URL: https://stararmy.com/wiki/doku.php?id=wip:stararmy:weapons:ke-m2-w3900_aether_blade_series

The submitted article is/has…
[★ω★] A very high level of overall quality
[★ω★] A general topic sentence under the title header
[N/A] Artwork (Required for new species; Strongly recommended for vehicles and hand weapons)
[★ω★] Needed and/or useful to the setting
[★ω★] In the proper format/template
[★ω★] Proofread for spelling and grammar
[★ω★] Easy to read and understand (not a lengthy mass of technobabble)
[★ω★] Wikified (terms that could be a link should be a link)
[★ω★] No red and/or broken links
[★ω★] Reasonably scientifically plausible
[★ω★] Reasonably neutral point of view
The submitted article is/does not…
[★ω★] Overpowered (or cutting tech for a faction with little or no roleplay)
[★ω★] Obtusely redundant
[★ω★] Contain copy pasta descriptions of systems or interior compartments
[★ω★] Unauthorized by faction managers or player-controlled corporation
[★ω★] Contain references to IC events that have not occurred (SM must authorize retcons)
[★ω★] Use second-person language (“you” or “your”) unless it is an instructional guide aimed at players.
[★ω★] Use bombastic language (“virtually immune,” “nearly indestructible,” “insanely powerful,” “horrible effects”)
[★ω★] Use an unbalanced header/text ratio (many headers but sections are one-liners)
[★ω★] Use major unapproved sub-articles that should be submitted separately
[★ω★] Lacking Detail
[★ω★] Images hosted on sites other than stararmy.com (Photobucket, Imageshack, etc are not allowed)
The article has…
[N/A] Speeds in compliance with the Starship Speed Standard, if applicable
[★ω★] Damage Capacity and Damage Ratings in compliance with the DR Guidelines
[★ω★] The in-character year of creation/manufacture. (Should be current year. Future years not allowed).
[★ω★] The Standard Product Nomenclature System, if applicable.