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Approved Submission [Yamatai] Ryu Keiretsu and Sakura Machinery


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Submission URL
Submission Faction(s)
  1. Yamatai (except Elysia)
  2. Nepleslia
Submission Terms
  1. I agree
Sub-article WIP URL: https://stararmy.com/wiki/doku.php?id=wip:corp:sakura_machinery
Sub-article URL: https://stararmy.com/wiki/doku.php?id=corp:sakura_machinery


Submitting a new conglomerate of corporations for Yamatai. I am tagging in @Charmaylarg Dufrain due to it having a Nepleslian division that sells weapons/machine tooling to the Nepleslians. I plan on fluffing up the remaining corporations of the keiretsu, but I needed to submit Sakura Machinery first as it will be manufacturing (along with KFY) for a weapon for Keiko Thought Armor.
This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
Sorry for the delay. Approved from nep aspect.

I do like the fact that it has a branch on rufusland; The home of a defeated and former enemy/rival of the current nep government. If the reds are ever allowed to make a comeback and they end up with Ryu weaponry it might make their brand rather unpopular when someone connects the shell corporations back to the source~

And also the reds get to beat their chest that the greens are literally paying them and helping fund their growth.
One PR crisis at a time. Lol

I honestly only picked that place as I was looking for industrial locations marked as such in the wiki.
No one has voiced any objections so FM approved.
[ ✅ ] 1. The destination URL should be a page in the appropriate namespace and titled lower_case_with_underscores
[ ✅❌ ] 2. The article is in the appropriate format and article template
[ ✅ ] 3. The article follows our wiki-style guidelines, including No forced line breaks, text after each section header, etc.
[ ✅ ] 4. The article is easily read and free of errors in spelling and grammar
[ ✅ ] 5. Links to other wiki articles are present as appropriate and are not broken
[ ✅ ] 6. The article fits into the Star Army universe's space opera theme and technology levels
[ ✅ ] 7. Images in the article are hosted on Star Army's wiki and sourced responsibly (contact Wes privately if there's a concern)
[ ✅ ] 8. The article is original and doesn't contain copy-pasted content from other articles.
[ ✅ ] 9. The article complies with Star Army's rules in terms of damage ratings, speed limits, etc.
[ ✅ ] 10. The Faction Manager(s), if applicable, have posted approval for this article in this thread.