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Interest Check [Yamatai] The Crimson Levy

Hello players!

I've made a post and wanted to give everyone time to slap one more in before I advance time a little.

@Ametheliana's got weapons station orders. @Miko, Zelphon's at the helm for now. @Gunhand4171 you're a guest lecturer's guest lecturer!
Sorry for the wait everyone! I was sick with the flu last week and am having a pretty rough recovery period so it's not my best post but this should give us something to write about. Hope to be back on track from here out and get us to some even more intense action (after this action!) and plot developments soon enough.
Just made a post about the fight against power armors! @Ametheliana @Gunhand4171! I don't want it to go on forever but gave you some good action opportunities.

As for the bridge where we're waiting for @Miko, feel free to do some fancy flying (submarining?) with Zel. Your character's in control of how the ship moves so have fun with it if you want. When we get a pilot post I can advance the ship's overall location.
Hello playerz.

Post will come soon. Glad to have Miko back.

I made a (sub)plot page for the Crimson Levy thing we're doing as part of roleplay reviews, so now everyone can skim and keep up with our outstanding adventures absent being a dedicated fan of Star Army stories.
I felt like I was watching the climax of a movie scene with that last GM post, Hans Zimmer score and all! It's crazy to think we're doing all this in an environment I don't think I've ever written a starship in (water) coupled with the fact that Hanako's World is known for being a beach planet, we're really doing her justice. Never had a cat and mouse chase that leads to an abduction on one of my vacations but I'm not complaining (๐Ÿ‘โ‰–โ€ฟโ€ฟโ‰–)๐Ÿ‘
Greetings, Kaiyo fam.

A few posts were made tonight. Following the theft of a cadet by Kuvexians, your intrepid captain has asked her command staff (more cadets) for their opinions. That's where we're at. Perfect time for Zelphon give her input and talk, @Miko, if you're up for it. Same with @Ametheliana and her two midshipmen. And, as always, @Gunhand4171's William is still very welcome to speak.

Alright, everyone (@Ametheliana, @Gunhand4171 @Miko). I've made a post kind of setting us up to move on to the next part. Basically cleared out the NPCs but left it open for anyone to continue speaking. Get in anything you want to say post-fight because (barring me responding to things said), the next GM post will move us to a new scene.

Also, I'd like to note something cool. Before I made my latest post, we were at 980 views for the thread since it started last month. That's 20 views per day or 25 views per post, which is super awesome and spectacular given the short timeframe the thread's been around for! In the truest YSS Kaiyo fashion, keep being awesome and writing RP that fellow members (and likely a few guests) want to come back and read.
Happy late summer, buds! Hope everything's going well with everyone. I have posted something to move us forward. Not long now until we really get into some big action! It's honestly not my most impressive post but I'm kind of itching to get past our current predicament so that there's more for you all to do.

@Miko, it seems you haven't been able to post in a while. That's okay but if you are unable to post for an even more extended period, I might need to auto Zelphon so that we can wrap up this section of the mission.

Along with @Ametheliana and @Gunhand4171's characters plus Miko's, the three player characters are being sent over to what's basically the Kuvexian Sealab 2021 using the Asamoya's super special Transfer Chamber. Go ahead and put your characters in the Transfer Chamber then I'll slam you over into some kind of new situation.
It's honestly not my most impressive post
If you want a good example of a good post, my GM thought highly of my last one and even made a profile post about it. You should check it out to see how a pro does it :flex:

For real, though, liked the underwater base reveal and the last line from Aiko. William doesn't need to be told twice but Aratani for sure was all for that ferocity!
Hey lads (@Ametheliana, @Gunhand4171, @Miko).

Managed a post. Sorry it's late this week but I've been busy and will remain so going into next week. Just had to get something out for you, though, before I can't post for a few days.

There are at least five Kuvexians in light power armors and probably a few more who are just crewmen. If you go toward them and fight then feel free to have them react appropriately with attacks toward you (if you are feeling like writing some combat) alongside the attempted attacks you make on them. I'll let you know how that works out in my next post. Alternatively, you can try to sneak around the undersea base and avoid fighting.
Okay playaz (@Gunhand4171, @Ametheliana, @Miko).

You are now blocked by a single door! Do with it what you will. Things available for interaction have been written about in the past few posts of mine.

Depending on replies we'll see if the Kuvexians catch you. I'll roll a dice or something and give modifiers for your actions ๐Ÿ˜†
"Depending on replies" @Miko that means do not under any circumstances post. We don't need you messing this up.

Not much action from me, just working on becoming your best player. Coveting that gold star and kiss on the forehead you're giving out at the end of the mission to your VIP (Very Is the best Player)!!
Thank you, Ame. You do well but Gunhand's currently (and always is) the best because he usually posts within 20 seconds of a GM reply. Sorry!

Next post up. Amusingly, since my last boast a few posts above, we've gained a full 1,000 more views on the Crimson Levy thread. Probably SARP's most read ongoing roleplay per capita. Good work, everyone. Just keep being cool and great!
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Having a chill Friday night watching my oshis and thought I'd give you guys a preview via their antics.

Aiko in "Mission 27 pt. 1" after one of her cadets gets stolen: YouTube

Aiko in "Mission 27 pt. 2" sneak peek: YouTube
Okay, we're moving along. Didn't want to have you all need to act in each and every room so fast fowarded us a bit.

Not to spoil what's in there, but your power armors pick up voices of 2 Kuvexian crewmen plus the signal from Andres' Mindy 4. Neutralizing the enemy is probably the priority. How you do so is up to you! The room itself will be pretty big once you enter it and kind of a control/monitoring room. It's got a few consoles and raised tables for things like torturing dudes and examining their stripped power armor. Not much cover anywhere.

Feel free to walk in and describe what you do. If you decide to simply walk in. @Gunhand4171 @Ametheliana @Miko
Sorry for not posting last week. Think I've already told most of you, but this was because I had a Warhammer tournament over the weekend and had to spend last week preparing for it. With that over (I did well, made top 8; thanks for asking), I'm going to wrap up this thread with my next post sometime this week and will get to work starting the Part 2 thread.

As I've said in the past, Part 2 will allow more non-cadet characters to join if they so choose.

@Ametheliana @Gunhand4171 @Miko
Warhammer buds are chill and cool, was refreshing. Thanks for letting me watch you win! lol

Break's over, though! Let's paint the seas of Hanako's World purple with the blood of Kuvexians now!
So I was going to wrap us up in the Kuvexian base and move on. Have you guys back on the ship and start the next thread. Had a chunk of my post done and then read back up to reference something and saw: you guys apparently ignored the repeated narration about three separate doors that needed to be closed. Only one ended up being closed by William after he came in. Here's the last mention:

Zelphon and Aratani could see clear down the hallway to the Atrium from their current position. And if the Kuvexians still milling about there decided to look their way, they'd probably be able to see the two Star Army soldiers (and William once he followed them in). Still in the hall where their party had infiltrated from, the Nepleslian captain could tell no one was coming up behind him, but could see at least two Kuvexian power armors approach the control room's third doorway far opposite his.

As much as I'd love to fudge it, I kept telling myself that you'd end up in a fight if no one noticed. I even spoke with Ame about it directly and she forgot. So you guys are kinda flat footed right now, caught by the Kuvexians while you work. Guess that's the fog of war or heat of battle or whatever (should have waited for Saiga's SAINT operatives to come back and do the job, eh? ;)).

No salt. Fun times, dudes. Good luck.


@Miko @Gunhand4171 @Ametheliana
Hello chaps (@Gunhand4171 @Ametheliana @Miko). It's been over a month now. Sorry about that! November was kind of hell with appointments for me and appointments for my family and then I got sick a couple of times. On top of all those holidays!

But I've managed a post. I've also got a JP with @Wes that I did in November that's part of the story that'll come next, as well as some story-advancing posts. Hope to make those in the next few days since we're back baby! There's not much left to do this thread but go ahead and react if you want. Or don't, it's whatever. Thread's over until the next one.

Also, we got second place in the SARPY Awards "best thread of 2023" and probably should have tied for first if it weren't for some pretty silly shenanigans. So be proud of that either way, good job at being the Star Army's finest.