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Approved Submission YE42 Third Fleet year end update


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  1. I agree
I've been meaning to do this since after the Battle for Essia. Not sure if I actually need to submit it, but I didn't really talk with anyone OOC and am just doing this to follow IC orders. Paging @Wes to approve or not (and maybe get rid of that oldschool blue background on our patch if he's feeling like it!)

What's really important: Major history update, including everything I could find from the olden days. Check footnotes for citations.

Some irrelevant ship numbers stuff: Was originally going to add 250 Plumeria 2Es and 300 Chiaki 1Bs, but thought better of it because I'm not getting rid of those old Ayame and Irims (they give us our character) and didn't want anyone too blasted. So other than the 300 new little ships, I added back 3 battleships and 13 heavy cruisers just to flatten those numbers out. In all: 316 new ships have replaced what the Third lost so far in the war and began building again after Essia. And even if we count them as starting to build today, all new ships can easily be completed at Virgo by the time we've got to jet to Glimmergold.
This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
Update applied. Thanks, Merry Christmas, and here's looking forward to a new decade in the Star Army of Yamatai!