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OOC Year End YE 44 Open RP


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We're closing in on 44.9, so I figured I should open a thread for the OOC for the Open RP for Year End Traditions for YE 44.

  • When did we want to open this thread? I personally think we should open it early in 44.9, might give a chance for some more interaction with everyone being busy like they are with rl holiday stuff.
  • Any ideas of where we'd like the focus of events to be? @Ametheliana did you want to lead us off when the time comes? - You are good at it.
    • Time seems to go so fast with busy lives, the Candy Festival got away from me, so I wanted to be prepared for this.
  • Might want to think of holiday products!
I was thinking about holiday gift bag contents a few weeks ago! But if every holiday thread is always Ame running it, some people will be disappointed and end up not joining. You're so generously thoughtful as it really is something I enjoy, so thank you. But I'd like for the people that want to participate but are bored of the same style approach to have an opportunity at it.
Gosh, holiday ideas!

Open banquet, a parade, a light park lighting (trees, music, food, stalls, exhibitions), a ball at a big 'ol venue in Kyoto or Tokyo, either fancy dress (or dressed fanciliy) or a like, wear winter gear/hideous sweaters thing? Something with volumetric scan photo booths? A pavilion next to professional winter sports going on?

Somewhere with a skating rink, centered around that? There could also be a nod to Japanese Christmas, with fried chicken and white cake.

SASI reminding you to get your end of year fried chicken, from the taisa. It's neko lick'n good!
I think maybe those going up for election could run two opposing year end threads or even one joint one. Politicians up for election are always holding holiday gala things, that sort of vibe with a little "why you should vote for me" speech too, to help us the playerbase and thus our characters to get to know those running and who they should vote for. Just an idea that fits into the big fancy ball in Kyoto or Tokyo concept.
If there is a get-together end-of-year event, I can say that I am sure that Lenna, Nikicon, and some of the crew of the Sobek will be there even if They have to fly back to Yamatai and land there somewhere. It also might be a good time for some of the Star Army people that have met some of the crew of the Sobek, to get to hang out and get to know each other better and mingle.
As @Ametheliana just reminded us all on discord. It is probably time for us all to start thinking about who is going to start us off and maybe what we're going to do!