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Yamatai News (YINN) [YINN] Assistance for food crisis on homeworld


Good evening, citizens of the Yamatai Star Empire. This evening we have several stories of steps being taken from various areas of our empire to help in this time of crisis. We go first to Ryou, on the planet Daichi.

Daichi Campus, Daichi

The image shifts to grass covered area with a number of distinctive buildings and the SSS logo on a pedestal. A black haired, amber eyed Yamataian man walks into the view.

Kouan turned to look into the camera. Beneath his image Saiki Kouan, Chuji, Scientific Studies Service appears.

"To Empress Himiko Ketsuri, the citizens of the homeworld, and to all Yamataians everywhere we of the Scientific Studies Service want you to know you are not alone, nor are you forgotten.

It was two and half years ago, that with the blessings of her Highness the SSS embarked on Project Kyasshu. This project was to ensure that our resources would not fall into the hands of our most vile enemy the NMX, and for the SSS to be not only self-sufficient, but to provide assistance to the Empire.

Since the establishment of our first colony of Ryou here on Daichi more than two years ago. We have done that and more. Through the dedication and hard work of our people and the colonists who followed, we built an infrastructure where there was none. We support the 2XF and ourselves with materials and food.

Our capacity to produce food out here has been so successful that we were establishing a sizable stockpile. A sizable portion of that stock pile has been earmarked for the refugees that we welcome to Daichi recently.

However, at this very moment eight of our Tansaku-Class vessels are lifting off headed for Yamatai. The cargo holds and the vehicle bays of these ships have been filled with as much of our supplies as we could fit. These are but the first of many such runs that our ships will be making. In a meeting with the Colonial government, a unanimous decision was made to transfer all of the remaining emergency supplies that we have to those in need on Yamatai. Additionally, we have imposed a 15% reduction in the food allotments for all persons here on Daichi except for the refugees.

We will continue to ship that food to Yamatai, until such time as the first crops planted to support the former UOC colonists come in. We estimate that those crops should be ready for harvesting in four months from now.

At that point in time, we will restore the food allotments here on Dachi to 100%, and we will continue to ship all surplus food to the home world. We estimate at that time we will be able to double our shipments and begin to replace the emergency stores.

Working together, we know that the Empire will come through this time of crisis, and prosper.

Thank you."

Kouan then bowed to the camera, which then panned to the left as the eight starships lifted off with their cargo. The camera followed them until the ships could no longer be scene and then the image faded to black.
The YINN newsroom appears in the screen and the news person turns from the wall display back to the camera.

"Our next story comes from the opposite side of the Empire. From the newly renamed world of Kotori. "

Kotori, Bard Clusster

The image switches from the newsroom to a point overlooking a spaceport bustling with ground and air vehicles coming and going.

A YINN news person steps into the view.

"We are standing above the Kamome Spaceport, here on Kotori. The activity below is not a military exercise, or an evacuation. Down there and from the various populated areas of Kotori aid is coming in for Yamatai. Around the clock vehicles and personnel have been working, loading up every ship that can fly and carry food. Odori-class Medium Freighters from the 4SF are currently being loaded, and we received word from Taisho Shinja Rika that in addition to those ships she is dispatching the entire compliment of Nougaku-Class to home world. The six farm ships left at first light.

The six million inhabitants of this world have banded together, to help those stricken by the disaster back home. But not only are the inhabitants of Kotori sending aid, we have had small ships of every make and model coming in with donations from the other colonies in the Cluster. All of them sending the same message, we are all Yamataians no matter where we live. The Bard Cluster stands united in its effort to support the Capital and its inhabitants.

There has been one unfortunate incident recently. Last night just after midnight local two inbound freighters collided. Both of the freighters were old and being flown by skeleton crews delivering good from Yicuqibu. There were no survivors, our sympathies go out to their families back on Yicuqibu."

Image fades to black...
The YINN newsroom once again appears in the screen and the news person turns from the wall display back to the camera.

"Shortly after we received that story, we learned that the crews of those two ill fated ships were members of a Nepleslian settlement on Yicuqibu that eschews the use of ST technology. Eye witnesses to the tragedy reported seeing an explosion on the first ship near the engines. That would have been their third delivery in twenty four hours."

The reporter looked down at the news desk for a moment, "Our next story is from a place much closer. Teisenjou."

Teisenjou, Vela Plains, Yamatai

The image opens upon a massive expanse of land that has been sectioned off. The far edge of it is barely visible. Tamahagane Hikaru, the CEO of TC steps into the view.

"Good day. I am standing here at the edge of the Teisenjou farm complex. The other side of this section..." He says pointing towards the horizon, "is twenty miles away. This entire complex was built surrounding the crater where our new headquarters is being constructed.

However, with the destruction of Hoshi no Iori, Tamahagane Corporation wants to do all it can to help with the food shortage. That is why we focused most of our efforts on the completion of this automated farm complex.

This facility encompasses 976,720 hectares, and we just completed planting and seeding the entire complex. The northern quadrant is growing a strain of rice we acquired from the Scientific Studies Service and cultivated the plantings in the Amatsu above us. That one quadrant will produce more than 9 million tons of rice in that crop. The other quadrants are producing other food plants.

One hundred percent of that first harvest, will be donated to the relief effort. The subsequent harvests after that we will donate seventy-five percent of the yield. We will continue to make those donations until the crisis has passed."

Hikaru paused and turned to the side, the camera pans and a crowd of Tamahagane Corporation are standing there. He bows deeply to them holds the bow for a moment then rises.

"I wish to thank everyone of the hard working people whom I have the honor of leading. It was only due to your selfless efforts that we were able to complete this task in such a timely manner. Together we have demonstrated what it means to be Yamataian, that when we set our will to a task, we accomplish it. Domo arigato." Hikaru turns back to the camera his glisten with moisture.

"We the members of Tamahagane Corporation are humbled by the suffering that is going on, and it is our fervent hope that our efforts will help to bring an end to that suffering."
The YINN newsroom once again appears in the screen and the news person turns from the wall display back to the camera.

"Despite some of the inflammatory, and biased reports coming from some other news agencies. YINN is proud to show that the Yamataian people are working together from all corners of the Empire, to help those who are suffering now, and to help for the future.

There is still a lot of work to be done, so we ask that every citizen ask themselves what can they do to help. Organize local food drives, start community farms, send clothes and other goods to the devistated regions. Contact your local disaster response coordinator for more ideas on how you can help.

Thank you and from all of us here at YINN, Good night."