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RP [YSS Artemis O1M2] Breaking the Winterborn


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Groundside, Ranger Trail

Klaus's reaction to the enemy, was more trained instinct than anything, raising his rifle to the closest target. Only after he fired two shots center mass did he truly begin to process the situation.

"Contact! Three hostiles!" he shouted into the team comms as he heard the steady whining pitch of the Kuvexian weapons as they fired. Two shots struck his barrier bringing it down to half. 'Idiot. Stayin still is a death sentence.' He thought before saying. "Concetrate fire! I'm on point!"

Sending a command to his armor, Klaus jumped to side as one of the Daisy's shoulder verniers ignited in a burst, launching him quickly towards the side. The sudden shift in speed surprised the enemy as their next shots went wide. Flicking the fire selector in his rifle to burst fire, Klaus began to have fun. He sighted the closest enemy, squeezed the trigger and three shots hit the Kuvy center mass. The Ranger analogue flinched. Using that momentary distraction, he sighted to next enemy and fired. Another flinch, switch.

More whining sound were heard as two shots hit Klaus's barrier, depleting it completely. He hit the third enemy as he ignited the thrusters again, shooting him like a bullet towards the enemy he first shot at. To be fair, the Kuvexian managed to get off a shot at Klaus. But apart from a nasty bruise, it didn't penetrate armor. Or do much to slow down the full 150 kg suit of armor flying at train speeds towards him. The last thing the Kuvexian ever saw was a studded green studded armored fist coming towards his face.

Letting the mometum of the charge carry him forward and away from the other enemies, Klaus flipped in midair, keeping his front towards the Kuvies.
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"The footprints aren't deep..." Sacre started as Klaus made contact, putting on a burst of speed to join him. While he stomach twisted slightly at the sight of him in danger like that. She was proud of how well he did. "This is why you want a Forearm Shield." She gently chided him but after months of intense training together Klaus could hear that she was satisfied with his performance.

Aten finished Sacre's transmission to Niwa for her. "Not powered armor, we have engaged some of them. Sending visuals now." Aten said, pulling pictures from Klaus's powered armor and forwarding them. "They appear to be wearing armor resistant to small arms fire."

Sacre's nodal support bits flew back to her and formed a ring that floated around the now flying Separa'Shan. They fired at the Kuvexians, the shots not quite enough to outright break through the armor. However, her Gauss Cannon was meant to take on tougher targets. Sacre let Aten and AIES do the targeting as she flitted between the trees and maneuvered for good firing solutions on the enemy.
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Maradia remained behind Sacre instead of advancing with Klaus, and that was probably a good thing seeing the trouble he'd attracted. As soon as Sacre began engaging the Kuvexians, she split off and went around the other side. Her enormous and heavy body became weightless and bounced into the top branches of the trees, skipping between them. It was certainly a sight to see as the venomous Pythus easily weighed over 700 lbs. at the very least, not even including her armor. Yet here she was, not even snapping the sticks that she "stepped" on. She started firing down to her right at the Kuvexians with her PAAR-40 through the cover of the leaves, using her armor's TM-UWB to see where they were. Hopefully she wouldn't have to be up here long, she didn't want to try to reload while maneuvering through the trees, nor did she want them firing back at her.