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RP [YSS Artemis Side Story] Menelik has Joined the Party


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RP Date
7月 16日 YE41
RP Location
YSS Artemis
YSS Artemis
Shuttle Bay

Joining a new ship is always something that takes some getting used to, no matter how experienced someone is. Such is the case for Corporal Menelik Berhane, Nepleslian Space Marine Corps, newly assigned as part of an exchange program to the Yamataian Star Ship Artemis. More importantly, however, he was to be part of the ship's own compliment of shipboard infantry- which wasn't anything new for him. A Marine is a Marine, no matter the location: The Val'Ta, a stint as an instructor, on the streets of Himiko, or even here.

Still, it was always something awkward, when you're on a new ship. Menelik was thankful, then, that he had orders on who to report to: the senior NCO of his new formation, one Joto Heisho Itatski Setsuya. Only problem is, he figured as he scratched at one of the now healed surgical scars from his latest upgrade, was finding her. She was unlikely to be waiting in the cruiser's shuttle bay for him, which meant pinging the ship's net and asking for her current location, or at least an office.

A tap would be felt on the somewhat taller man's shoulder, as he would find when he looked to his side, a neko with raven hair that had gold highlights in them. Her likewise metallic gold irises regarded him curiously for a moment before she spoke, "Um hi, but are you Corporal Berhane? I'm Setsuya Itatski, your SNCO for the Rikugan attachement. Please to meet you." A petite hand was offered, a deceptively dainty thing that belied the power such a geneticly being's body had in the neko's body.

The tall, darkskinned man, hair in dreadlocks almost reminiscent of a lion's mane, brown eyes and a boyishly handsome face looked back at her, taking it.

"That'd be me, sir. Assigned ta this hair ship's detachment, effective as duhrectly as ah report in," A pause, then a suprisingly friendly grin that spread cheeks that were almost childishly round.

"Which ah thihnk ah'm doin' now"

He seemed like a friendly enough fellow at least, the accent however taking a few more ticks to process. It was thick, but it was understandable enough to get the gist of what was said, just barely anyways. Menelik would find that despite her dainty hand, her handshake would be firm, if not just about even with his own. "That you are, pleasure to make your acquaintence. Fair warning, and please don't take offense when I say this, but you accent is rather foreign to me, If I happen to ask for you to repeat yourself, it is because I wasn't able to catch with what was said. I've also been advised to inform you that the upper decks are off limits per the Captqain's orders. Not even the rangers, or rikugan are allowed either, unless on expressed or ordered business. Now with those two things out of the way, do you have any questions before we begin the tour?" Setsuya said with a kind smile as she relayed all this.

He shook his head, smile still on his face.

"Not 'tall, sahrge. Ya ain't thuh fuhrst feller t' 'ave trouble about maah dulcet tones, maah certain way awf intonation- not heap people outsaahd awf where ah'm from ahr usta it, so that's mighty kahnd awf ya t' be so understandin'" The green shirted marine nodded, before he got serious.

"And ah aint gawt no problem with bein' below decks; jus' gives me mo-wr awf a taahm ta git ta know thuh team. As for questions?"He thought for a second, then shook his head again.

"Nope, Ain't got none."

"My pleasure, so let me think. I believe it would be wise to show you the barracks first, as to let you stow your personal effects," The neko offered before turning towards the door and waving for the Corporal to follow. They would cross into the corridor, a few of the other personnel, coming and going as it was business as usual. "The Artemis is pretty standard, so if you've been on SAoY ships before, you know the layout pretty well. I will admit I'm almost as new to this stationing as you are, but it has been rather easy to get to know the team, and the others aboard."

"Well, that's purty daisy t' hear, Sir." he told her as he followed, the Nepleslian surprisingly spry in his steps as he easily kept pace just behind and to the right of Setsuya.

"It's mah fuhrst taahm awn an SAoY ship myself- spent some taahm awn thuh Val'ta with thuh Lorath raahyt out awf trayining, done a stint as a corporal instructor, eend ah gawt caught uhp in that mess awn Himiko. Ah guess ah done impressed sumone an ended uhp heeyuh."

"I guess that's the case with most of us, though I kinda wish half the shit that got me noticed, hadn't happened. My firsst deployment was on the eucharis under Ketsurai Hanako, then I ended up in the middle of a diplomatic situation where I somehow ended up as ambassador. I was at Shiroyama star fortress for a bit with my daughter and sister, but then got ordered here. Brass are going to run me ragged at this rate, so I hope you're up for the ride that all puts us on together. I don't imagine it will be a cake walk if they are hand picking the crew."

A shrug from him, and then a grin that made Menelik resemble a lion when paired with his hair.. His body shifted, almost restless as they moved through the ship's corridors.

"Ta be honest, sarge? After all that's happened, ah'm hopin' ta git some payback awn thuh kuvies."

"I'm not really out here for payback, but only because I have to be. Honestly when the year is over, I'm likely going to leave the army, and move someplace else. My only concern in this war is my family, and for now, my troops. So don't do anything foolish Menelik, I don't want to have to drag you back from the field," Setsuya said firmly in a way that oddly was unlike other nekoes, who's first projected concern was victory for the empire. She also acted differently, and less traditional then the others of her kind, something that lead to many seeing her as peculiar.

His grin widened, and he nodded in clear approval.

"Ah kayyun drankk ta that, sahrge. Mayuk thuh powr, kuvie bastards cash in for their king or cash; ah'm much mowr intent awn livin' another day. " He thought for a second.

"'Course, ah know what ah'm gud at, sahrge. Fightin'"

"I can agree with that one, as it is what we are born to do, I kinda thought about baking. Maybe sports even, just something other then holding a gu when this is all over."

"Everyone needs a hobby, sahrge. Baking's a gud one, ya'll allers 'ave sumthin' ta do, an ah'm syhaw yowr kid an sister'll appreciate it. Don't mader ifin' ya're gud at it or not, squat tastes beder than home cooked cookies. "

Setsuya gave a nod of the head at that, finding it hard not to agree, "Thankfuly Sachi likes building things, and tends to tinker, think she get's it from her grandfather. Dad always was a nerd for starships. My a bit more devoted to the empire then I am, and makes prayer charms in her spare time."

"What, she wun of dem meeko things?" He asked, looking at her.

"Not that ah'm offended- maah ma's a holy woman herself, ifin' ya kayyun believe it. "

The tall neko shook her head of volumous hair, "No I didn't think you were, and yeah, she does like the little prayer charms in a red bag on a necklace. Not much of a woman of faith, but it's what she wants to believe, and I'll support her in that. Oddly enough, while on the topic, the Ranger SNCO is a preacher of somesort. Never heard of his religion, but it seems pleasant enough, and he's a very.....tame fellow in language and behavior. Never heard him curse, or utter a word in anger. The troops have started calling him "father Lucas", which is fitting enough."

"Well, with a padre lookin' out for us, ah reckon we're purty well taken care awf, sahrge." Menelik beamed, still following her. "Reckon, wit a chef we'd be golden. Anywho, who'm ah working wit?"

"Currently we have Klaus Kurogane, Maradia, myself, and our medic bjorn I've met so far, but we have a full platoon," she answered before stopping outside the barrack's door, "Here is the bunks, you'll stow your personal effects here, and sleep when time."

Fortunately, the big man didn't have many personal affects such as they were: just what was in his duffel bag. A bag that was tossed onto an open bunk without much ceremony in a single motion before he moved to follow her.

"Mind tellin' me about them, boss?"

"That boss bit is going to take some getting used to. Kurogane is a transferr from the Kaiyo, had aspiration to be an MP, bit cheesy and dorky. Maradia was victim to forced cyberization, so she's rather shy, please be respectful and give her space as appropriately as possible. Bjorn is our medic, and a bot. Don't know much beyond he's a prototype submitted to the military for review. Finally, for now at least, we have Warrant Officer Jericho Pine, the other exchange soldier I mentioned. Kinda quite, blunt, and keeps to himself, so I don't know much." Setsuya continued in step as if they had never just stopped.

Without much of a word, Menelik kept following Setsuya, serious look on his face as he followed and paid attention, sometimes piping in with a "Mhmm" or a "Hmm."

A beep eminated from Setsuya's watch before she could say more, "Oh well damn, staff meeting. They're having chow if you want to head there and grab a bite, first door on the left there. I have to go though, so Mr. Berhane, please take care, and welcome to the unit." With that and a apologetic smile, she left the man at a jog as she headed off to wherever the meeting was taking place.