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Interest Check YSS Azalea II - Fighters, Mecha, and Power Armor, Oh My!

Immortal Cyan

The Cyan Neko
🎖️ Game Master
Hello SARPers!

YSS Azalea II is a new SAoY plot that I am planning to launch in the near future, ideally within a month of this post. The plot’s theme will be extremely combat-centric, emphasizing fast-paced mecha, fighter, and power armor warfare in challenging encounters with dangerous enemies. In terms of story, I have a rough outline established, but to give a vague idea of what to expect, we will be fighting rogue Kuvexian remnants, the likes of mercenaries, bandits, and other assorted scum who have struck out on their own in the wake of the Kuvexian War. This particular arc will be the story for the first mission, but it may stretch out to cover two or possibly even three missions, depending on how it all plays out!

As for our plotship, the YSS Azalea II will be a newly-christened Plumeria-class (2E) Medium Gunship which has been outfitted with the Ke-S3-F4200 Hangar Deck Package so that we have the capability to launch fighters and mecha! I have chosen this vessel (and its associated deck package) because the capacity provided should allow for more than enough space to accommodate virtually any Star Army mecha and fighter for PCs so that space won’t be an issue in the hangar bays. At the same time, the Plumeria is not so big that NPCs would drown out PCs. One of my goals for this plot is to reward active posters with more opportunities for their characters to shape the story and to achieve individual glory. To that end, I will do my best to ensure that significant player actions and decisions carry weight in the story.

If you’re interested in the plot, please post below so that I can get a gauge on how many writers to expect. It would also help to let me know what the occupation your character will be (if you’re not yet certain, just give me the occupations that you are leaning towards). That said, I have listed the wanted character types below, in order of priority. If there are any questions, do not hesitate to ask and I will answer them as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Characters Wanted:
Listed in order of priority from top to bottom:
Interested Players:
@demibear - Mission Operator
@Locked_0ut - Fighter Pilot or Infantry
@Soban - Fighter Pilot
@FrostJaeger - Technician
@ajax228 - Fighter Pilot
@Damaske - Fighter Pilot
@Immortal Cyan - GM
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Booo, I could have plopped Mikael Harris into this. But he is becoming a Close Protection Specialist now. I do have a ripperdoc of a Medical Officer, a very old Technician I adopted, and a few other characters I could use. If the Captain is a Chusa, I might have a means to connect him to the plot without him actually being in it.
I've got a character idea for either a fighter pilot or power armor pilot. Basically just a young woman who really longs for the freedom of flight. I kinda feel like she should be enlisted and I can't really get my brain around the idea of an enlisted fighter pilot.
Also, I should add that SAINT characters are welcome, but ideally I’d like them to have hybrid occupations, so that they can fill other roles as needed!
Also the Mission Operator slot will be first come, first serve! Your character will basically be in everyone’s ear during combat missions, relaying orders, objectives, and other important information. If that role sounds fun to you, be sure to let me know as soon as you are able! There’s probably only gonna be enough workload for one character in that slot.
You can al

You can always request a transfer. I don't think Wes would mind seeing another plot getting players.
True but I'm kinda looking forward to getting into whatever he's got planned and I'm already building a legit medical cheat sheet based off of the crew on the Resurgence. Depending on how long that plot goes, I might get him transferred. (depending on dates and shit)

I think I'll launch a newbie pilot and throw her into the meat grinder.
Damn this would be perfect for Delmira given she changed her MOS to be a mecha operator and she does want to lead a squad of mechs, Same could be said for my fighter pilot and her stealth fighter she's developing.
This looks like a great plot! I'm very tempted to put my name in too, but I'm swept off my feet presently, so hopefully later on? :)

I must say it's nice to see you again Cy, it seems like ages since I've had the pleasure so I'll say 'welcome back' but I may just be tripping since I'm very tired from a weekend of LARP ><

P.S. I believe Wes and I clarified a couple weeks ago that hybrid occupations / dual MOS' aren't a thing anymore, which should include SAINT too, just to let ya know.
Also, I should add that SAINT characters are welcome, but ideally I’d like them to have hybrid occupations, so that they can fill other roles as needed!
ok, so I guess that my character's name will be Toyoda, Yujin and he'll be a Fighter pilot with the ability to be a bomber and mecha pilot also. And as soon as Wes, and I get done with all the recruitment rp and get the transfer over I'll be ready to go.