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SYNC YSS Eucharis, Chujo Ketsurui Hanako


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RP Date
Greetings Chujo,Ketsurui Hanako,

First I wish to congratulate you on your promotion, and new assignment. I find it strange you flying a desk. I know though that whatever assignment you have, you will succeed in it.

As for myself, I am getting ready to take out my second command. I am sure that you have read the log entries of the original Aeon and the Yome Ismâopate. Our joint operation started out promising, but we encountered a spacial event that caused damage to both ships.

I must say that the Aeon II is quite an upgrade over the original. I look forward to putting the ship and crew through their paces. Then taking the fight to our newest enemy. Perhaps our paths will cross and we can have dinner or drinks and share our exploits.

Taisa Ise Katae
To: Ise Katae
From: Hanako

It is good to hear from you! I find it strange too but in this position I will still be able to male a major difference in the Star Army and in many lives. It will give me a chance to tour the Empire and meet so maybe people, too. It sounds like you are enjoying the 2E-model Plumeria. I hope to cross paths with you as well.

Thank you for writing me,

Chujo Hanako
Deputy Director of Star Army Personnel