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RP: YSS Eucharis [YSS Eucharis] Pulled From The Wreckage


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RP Date
4月 YE 43
RP Location
Hanako's World Orbit
Victory Kuroki entered the medical lab on the Eucharis and gave Izokia a little bow. "Good morning," she greeted the medic. "You ready to get into some trouble?" she grinned.

Izokia smiled and returned the bow to the supply specialist. Her smile suddenly faded "Trouble?" she asked hesitantly. She narrowed her eyes and forced her mouth into a smirk, "Like the good kind of trouble?"

She was always going to be a nervous little medic at her core but she was trying damnit and every day she didn't hide in the lab was a step forward for her!

"Yeah, the best kind of trouble," Victory nodded. "Taisho Hanako has been tasking a lot of First Fleet ships with missions to Kuvexian-controlled territory to find MIAs and POWs. The Resurgence is already in orbit over Hanako's World. The Eucharis has been asked to assist as well. We can sneak in and take a shuttle there and rescue some of our people. Are you in?"

Izokia leaned forward "We're just gonna sneak in and pick people up?"

"That's the idea," Victory nodded. "I'm signed up as the shuttle pilot."

Izokia knew there was no way it was going to be that easy, or at least she convinced herself it wasn't. She let out what could only be described as a frustrated squeak. If there were people down there that needed help she was one of the best people on that ship to take care of them. "Fine lets do it." It felt good to know she was helping even if the pit in her stomach said otherwise.

"Excellent," Victory said. "Meet me in the shuttle bay in ten minutes," she ordered.

"Yes Ma'am!" The blue skinned Neko said louder then she probably needed to.

- - -

Victory had the shuttle ready and running when Izokia arrived. Every conceivably-needed piece of equipment and gear they might need as already loaded on it. Izokia could see her put on her harness up in the cockpit. A handful of others were also on the shuttle, but overall the team was very small. There was an infantry soldier, Samael Darkfire, and an intelligence soldier, Kakita Manabu, from the Eucharis.

Izokia waved to the others in the shuttle but didn't say anything at first. Once she was seated and strapped in she smiled and asked "So what's the in flight movie gonna be?" After about three seconds she followed it up with "hopefully the shuttle lands better than my jokes do." It took all of her will not to make finger guns to really drive the point home.

Victory rolled her eyes but smiled and replied "Well you'll find out soon enough." Once everyone was strapped in she moved the shuttle out into space and down towards the planet. As they got closer they could see the wreckage of a ship in orbit. It was pretty damaged, but still intact.

"A little stop on the way," Victory explained. "Can you guys get in your AMES spacesuits?"

Izokia almost asked why, immediatly assuming the worst until she took the second to actually look at the ship. People were probably on that ship and they needed help "We going on that?" she said unclipping herself. "Lets do it!" she said firmly.

Wasting no time, she started sliding into herself AMES she kept looking back to where she saw the medical kits on the piles of gear they brough with them. As soon as she was squeezed into the suit she floated over and grabbed herself a med kit in a nice blue color. She was about to annouce that she was ready when she realized she forgot to actually do a suit check. Flicking lights and checking O2 levels as quickly as she could she got herself space ready in record time.

Manabu nodded. "Star Army Intelligence has intel that some of the sections in the wreck of the YSS Henry Chen II (NB-S6-03) are still intact, with air, and there's survivors who have been living in it. As you can see on the volumetric screens the ship overall is in bad shape but it's possible that some soldiers chose to stay in the wreckage rather than risk capture on the planet below. We should go onto the ship and check it out before we head to the planet. If there's any survivors we can take them back to the Eucharis to bring home. These people have been there to years so they're probably not Star Army regulation if you know what I mean."

"You mean they might not be stable?"

"I mean, you might be pretty pissed off if you had to wait two years for a proper rescue, foraging for rations in the grave of your former shipmates," Manabu said. "Think about it."

"How did they stay missing for so long?"

"The Star Army was busy fighting the war and this place was enemy central until the Battle of the North Gate and the Battle of Glimmergold. But, yeah, I agree with you. Also the Kuvexians outnumbered the Star Army four to one in the Battle of Hanako's star, and 97% of the ships like this one didn't make it out. They fought to the last trying to buy the civilians time to evacuate. I guess it was assumed to be a total loss."

That made sense to Izo, too many times had she seen people get screwed over by a whole lot of 'The Star Army was busy'. Pulling out the rarest expression the medic had Izo screwed her face into one of anger and determination "Then lets go get them out!"

- - -

The small away team quietly crept through the damaged, darkened passageways of the derelict battleship, which had been shot full of aether holes and burned in aetheric fire. There were still some dead bodies around as well. "Another ship can get those people later," Victory said, watching a feed from inside the shuttle. "We're only after the live ones due to capacity reasons and mission scope. The survivors are set up in the medical lab."

She floated by the dead and let out a sigh, she knew there was nothing she could do but the frozen wounds and pained faces still hurt all the same. "Do we have an idea how many survivors there are?"

"No. Well, less than 10," Manabu said, "That's an estimate."

"Whoa, look at this one splattered all over the wall!" Darkfire-hei pointed.

Izo glared at him but was very happy he couldn't see it.

After some detours around damaged sections and jammed blast doors, they came to the medical lab's entrance. Darkfire set up a forcefield generator outside the door that would keep the air in there from escaping when it opened. "Becker told me it'd come in handy," he grinned through the shiny gold of his AMES helmet.

"Would it also hold them off if they were... really not regulation?"

"No...?" Darkfire shrugged. "You gonna open that hatch?" He set his NSP to stun and raised it towards the door with the flashlight engaged.

Izokia really didn't want to be the door person for this but she'd rather have them pointing guns at people she was supposed to be save then the other way around. "I'm on it" She floated over to the opening lever on the hatch "Opening now!" She pulled and really hoped she wasn't about to get stabbed by a crazed soldier with nothing but painkillers to eat.

"Be careful, it's dark," Darkfire said, shining the light of his pistol into the room, althoguh most of it seemed to land on the medbay's hatch. "Oh-ho." And he saw what was holding the light, a naked, slimy looking thing. It was a slug monster, the size of a small car and very angry.

"It can't be! Look at its size!" Manabu stumbled back. "Some sort of Kuvexian space monster??"

"It's not alone," Darkfire said. He shone his light onto the floor. There were more of them.

"What the hell are these things doing here?" Victory asked over the intercom.

"They're probably just after the bodies," Manabu suggested.

"If they're not sapient then just stun them," Victory started to say but Darkfire was already shooting.

"Maybe something the ship had in its stasis chambers!" Manabu yelled over the gunshots. "And it got unfrozen and got hungry!"

Fumbling for her pistol Izokia fell backwards away from the door and more importantly away from the shots. "shit shit shit" She muttered to herself finally set and ready she opened fire as well.

"Oh fuck!" Darkfire screamed, as one of the creatured tackled him and bit into his suit at the shoulder. Manabu kind of went caveman for a second and actually kicked the thing in the head repeatedly instead of shooting it.

"This isn't good!" Izo said switching her pistol off stun and firmly onto kill. "Manabu get that thing off him and then switch with me!"

Manabu's training kicked in and he blasted the creature with a heavy stun but it also zapped Darkfire, knocking him out. Manabu immediately shoved the thing aside and rushed into the medical lab dragging Darkfire. It was the only way to keep Darkfire from suffocating with a leaky suit on him.

"When you're finished stunning those things, check the medlab's stasis chambers for Star Army personnel," Victory directed from the shuttle.

"Got it stun the slug monsters!" Izo said nervously as she kept firing into the gross squishy masses with full limacidal intent. She followed Manabu into the med bay "How is he?" she asked Manabu.

"You're the medic," Manabu groaned. He stepped over the pile of angry slug things and gave Izokia some space to do her thing. Meanwhile, he cleared the room and checked out its contents. It had been basically set up as a makeshift house complete with a cobbled-together kitchen and another facilities, but whoever had been living here had long-since been eaten by one of the monsters, who had then made the lab their nest. He looked into the containment rooms to see if any were being used to keep survivors in statis. "Bingo, we got some Star Army survivors in cryo!" he shouted to Izokia. Hell yeah!"

"And you were- its not important" She got down to work first cleaning the bite wound with antibactierals. She debated hitting him with stimulants to overcome the stun effects but thought better of it, instead opting for a local anastetic to help with the pain. All that was left was a check for the early signs of venom in their bite. After that all that was left was a bandage.

"I'll get him into a new suit," Manabu said, already grabbing one from a damage control locker on the medlab's wall. He salvaged the oxygen tanks from Darkfire's damaged suit and put them in the new one.

"Wait! Don't put it on yet." She yelled before removing Darkfire's helmet. 'If he wakes up on bottled air he could hyper ventalate when I wake him up."


Putting his head in her lap and one hand on his face she hit him with the stimulant from her injector. Immediatly shushing him and rubbing his face before he even woke up.

Darkfire vomited all over everything in a 2 meter radius. He felt like shit.

Very used to being covered in vomit Izo breathed a sigh of relief and said "Perfect! If there was anything in him it's out now." Urge to finger gun yet again supressed

"Okay," Darkfire said once more, observing this. This time with more sarcasm. "Anyway, how do we move these cryo people?"

Moving closer to the pods now that Darkfire was a bit more respondent, Izo started investigating the tubes.

"I feel like I've been tased and...literally microwaved at the same time," Darkfire coughed. "Everything burns."

"Yeah, that's scalar energy. Sorry about that man, I was just trying to get that thing off you," Manabu apologized. "You should get in a new suit, the old one is compromised. Here you go."

"Most pain killers that would help with that kind of pain would keep you off your feet." She got right next to him "The second we get back on board the Eucharis I'm getting you the good drugs, got it?"

"Thanks," Darkfire thanked them both.

"I counted five survivors," Manabu told Izokia while Darkfire started getting the replacement suit on.

"I really don't want to wake them up here if they're not well we'd just be putting them in more danger."

"Victory if we load them on the shuttle would we be alright to get home?"

"Yes, I can take us straight back the the Eucharis," Victory replied over comms.

"You're just gonna whip it out like that?" Manabu made a face.

"Commando is the best way to wear these suits, man," Darkfire replied, throwing the old suit aside and sliding into the new one slowly due to his condition.

Hearing the commotion Izo blushed, she was used to the crew naked, someone had to perform the physicals after all, but she had very clear lines between medical nudity and all other types of nudity. Instead of looking she made a point to keep her back to Darkfire and her eyes firmly on the stasis tubes.

"But you came onto the shuttle with a uniform, why..nevermind, let's get going. Attach a power pack to the stasis pods. In zero-G they should be relatively easy to push around to the shuttle bay," Manabu said.

"Let's do it!' Izokia got to work.

OOC: JP by Wes and @Izokia78