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RP [YSS Kōun] Wide Awake

Immortal Cyan

The Cyan Neko
RP Date
YE 44.6
RP Location
YSS Kōun
Wardroom, YSS Kōun

Kanzaki Akahana - @Immortal Cyan
Aliset Kōun - @HarperMadi
Qrr'te Tutala - @Deleted User
Alastair Belmont - @Miko
Takeda Sayako - @Yuuki

“No, more up, left. No no, your left, not mine. PORT!” Sayako was in the wardroom, giving instructions to the caretakers who were lining up the welcome decorations. The caretakers were relatively exhausted at this point, as it was quite difficult to satisfy Sayako’s millimeter-and-minute-of-a-degree consciousness about placement. Sometimes she’d even used her graviton projectors to adjust things themselves, stopping short of literally taking the decorations from her assistants’ hands. “Like that. Yes. Now five more to go!”

The pair eyed each other wearily, one hanging her head while the other shook hers. Dutifully they complied, but without Sayako’s fatigueless enthusiasm. Things had to be just right for the return of their helmsman, and, unstated, someone Sayako had very strong feelings for. And Sayako had a very strict definition of “just right.”

“It won’t be long, please hurry, everyone!” Everyone, however, was of the opinion that it would have been done a long time before without Sayako’s preternatural sense of alignment and angles.

Slipping the null glass coin into her pocket, Aliset smirked, her makeup making her appear to be just another ops technician in a gray uniform. Making her to appear as a Nekovalkyrja with gaunt features. Contouring, shading, tighten the vocal cords, pitch the jaw forwards slightly, simple things. “Food’s up from the galley! By the way, a Lundin vessel docked about two minutes ago… I think Ali should be on board.”

Tutala was present as “Aliset” and Sayako were, taking a seat in one of the chairs, fidgeting nervously. No-one came back from those camps unscarred, and surely Aliset would be no different. As she sat there, her headtails perked, as she looked over and heard a somewhat familiar voice, before shrugging it off, thinking it was nothing. A mistake she’d come to regret later, most likely.

Clad in her black-panelled Type 42 Bodysuit, Kanzaki Akahana had only just settled in after arriving on the YSS Kōun only hours before via shuttle. Having spent much of the day unpacking, setting up her work station, and completing paperwork, Akahana was relieved to finish her boarding procedures, and just in time for lunch! The Kōun’s Cook, Khlebov-Hei, had served a good fare, but in spite of the fact that the Snowy Neko wanted to relax, she also knew that it was important to develop some chemistry with the people she would be working with. However, she also had a secondary task to monitor the activities of certain personnel on the ship. The Analyst had been briefed by SAINT on what she might encounter and as such, had come prepared.

To that end, Akahana had a small, psionic signal controller hidden on her belt, holographically disguised as a communicator, while her actual communicator was nestled safely in her bra!

As she entered the wardroom Akahana quickly took in the scene transpiring within, her cyan-hued gaze shifted from the Science Officer directing a gaggle of Caretakers to the Nekovalkyrja Operations Officer, then to the towering, amphibious, yet distinctly curvaceous form of the sole K’ai Exchange Officer. Making a quick decision, Akahana decided to approach the K’ai first, even if only to exchange pleasantries! And so, the black-panelled Nekovalkyrja took a seat at their table, offering them a small, yet sweet smile as she did.

“Kanzaki Akahana. And you are Medical Officer Tutala, if my databases are correct? It is a pleasure to meet you.” Akahana introduced herself, her eyes taking in the K’ai’s alien, yet comely blue and purple features as she did. In contrast, the SAINT Nekovakyrja’s black-panelled bodysuit needed no such introduction. “I suppose you know more about the Kōun than I do!” She added in a playful, halfway joking tone. “How long have you been assigned here?”

Tutala nodded, recognising the distinct look of the SAINT uniform, before offering a shrewd smile back, still nervously fidgeting with their webbed-hands. They were seemingly nervous about something but it wasn’t clear what. Not many things scared Tutala, but Aliset’s return was one of them. Her voice was much less-nervous though, carrying an intonation more akin to that of intrepid fear.

“Qrr’te Tutala, a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Akahana. As for myself. I am not sure I know much more than you. I mostly just know the layout, and the upgrades I’ve had installed to the sickbay. I’ve been on the ship for a few weeks now, do forgive my nervous demeanour, not many people make it back from the Spookies without some form of trauma.” Tutala said, as they dropped a coin on the floor. It seemed to be made of burial steel. Something she had hoped would serve as a defence against this new Aliset. Though, she knew it probably wouldn’t do much.

Akahana blinked. Now she was the one who was confused. Clearly, there was a lot more transpiring on the Kōun than she had been briefed on.

“Who are the Spookies?”

"Lundin Foundation. I'll elaborate more later…" Tutala said.

Akahana gave an awkward, uneasy nod in response, before continuing to eat without raising further conversation. The SAINT Analyst still had a lot to process about the Kōun, its eccentric captain, and its history with the Rathenkans. She didn’t want to say anything that she might later regret.

Nothing apparently distracted Sayako from her goal of a geometrically-perfect party setting and she went behind the assistants, straightening things as she went, often using her graviton projector to make adjustments so minute it would seem she was doing nothing without the telltale haze of spatial distortion linking her hand to a knick knack or decoration or other.

If her extensive sensor arrays had noticed anyone, or anything out of the ordinary, then she gave no outward sign as her concentration was seemingly unwavering. The vast amount of gravimetric data she was crunching in multiple background processes were not, of course, visible, though the heat distribution of anyone looking at her under thermal would reveal the telltale segmented sections.

The operations tech, a Chui, it seemed, stooped down near Tutala, picking up the burial steel coin and placing it into the Rethenkan's hand. Looking Tutala in the eye, she gave a knowing smirk, placing a finger to her lips as those blue-green iridescent eyes flashed, and the piece of null glass rested against her throat on a necklace chain.

Tutala nodded, seemingly instantly recognising what was going on, as they turned towards the SAINT agent, saying, “The Lundin Foundation is a group I’ve had the displeasure of working with on various occasions. They are an organisation dedicated to psionics and extrasensory perception research, and they’re a… rather unsavoury bunch. A necessary evil, one could say. Aliset wanted their help, but I’m a bit concerned exactly what happened over at the camp. No-one generally comes back the same, most come back without a shred of soul left.”

Tutala seemed less nervous, but her voice gave off the same fear as before. They fiddled with the coin before nodding to Akahana, and smiling slightly.

“I was privy to certain rumors before coming aboard the Kōun.” Akahana replied, though she didn’t intend to go too far into the specifics. Her gaze briefly shifted to the Operations Neko who had passed a piece of steel to the Exchange Officer, and it was only then that the Analyst realized that something seemed off about the Neko, in a way that she couldn’t quite pin down. Regardless, Akahana set her attention back to the K’ai, her expression shifting towards curiosity as she did. “I’ve heard that the Captain, Belmont-Shosa, is an eccentric character.” She continued. A significant understatement, if what she had heard from the rumors was true. “In your opinion, would you say that these rumors are accurate or unfounded?”

"The rumours are well founded, and any suspicion is well placed…" Tutala said, recognising rather simply the common technique used by most spies, gaining trust, small talk. This would be a valuable opportunity to get some information too… "The Commanding Officer, Alastair Belmont, has a harem. That should speak for itself. He uses these most odd… collar things. I find it quite entertaining to observe how his subservients react to it." Two things were abundantly clear, Tutala was intricately familiar with Alastair's personality, and she in no way saw herself as subservient to the man. Tutala quickly nodded towards the person she now knew was Aliset, before looking to Akahana, and smiling, saying, "He is a deeply perverted man with many, many secrets. Not all of which I am privy to."

The ops tech rolled her eyes at the comment, giving a soft chuckle. "I try to avoid his little fan club of obsessive kittens. Their foolishness has gotten us in trouble. As has our Senti's angst."

“Mhmm hmm.” Akahana commented, her expression a nigh-unreadable poker face. However, underneath that mask, the Analyst’s digital mind sifted through the Kōun’s personnel database, attempting to verify the Operations Neko standing before her.

“So collars and a fan girl club.” The Analyst repeated, if only to fill the air. “I understand that he is a hero to many of them. Though I would like to inquire as to what I might consider to be the most important thing…” There was a short pause as Akahana finished processing the personnel database, finding that none of the faces on it matched that of the Operations Neko. She exhibited no visible response to the revelation.

“Is he effective?”

"Very." Tutala responded, saying, "He gets the job done, even if it takes time or playing fast and loose with the rules."

“That’s wonderful to hear, at least. I suppose I can make this assignment work, hopefully stay a little longer than Nakama-Shoi.” Akahana gave a relieved smile upon hearing Tutala’s opinion, before shifting her attention back to the Operations Neko. “By the way, I apologize for my manners! I didn’t get your name.” The Analyst continued, acquisitive curiosity inflected in her tone. She wanted to give the Operations Neko the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps she was a recent transfer like she was and the Kōun’s Clerk had yet to update the personnel database. Even so, Akahana was beginning to sense that something wasn’t quite right with her.

“Oh, I didn’t, either,” the “neko” smiled, reaching into her uniform to remove a purple glass necklace and snap the magnetic clasp open, dropping the pendant on the table as her abilities let her feel the voices of the ship and crew around her, easily prying back the layers of encryption on the psychic communications net. Her eyes flashed across the blues and greens as the light shifted. I am 09A Aliset Koun of Yamatai. I’m playing a minor prank on our chief science officer. Thus my Neko disguise. Please. Don’t worry about the fact that I’m displaying abilities unusual for my species. It would be best if you forgot anything abnormal about this.

“I’m just another faceless Chui, bringing glad news. Thank you for your concern on our Captain’s effectiveness. I have worried about it from time to time, but he’s always managed to get us out of whatever mess he or we got us into.” Her smile was warm and genuine before she picked the necklace off the table again, fishing a small, black envelope out of her pocket and gently placing it inside.

A ping registered in Akahana’s digital mind from her psionic signal controller, indicating that something was triggering it. Since it didn’t read as being harmful, she decided to dampen the output in order to let the signal through, at which point she received the transmission from the Operations “Neko” standing across from here.

To say the least, it seemed that the Captain was not the only thing that was strange about the crew of the YSS Kōun.

However, now that the “Neko” had given her name, Akahana was left to process the fact that a Senti had telepathic capabilities, if the species listed on the woman’s personnel file was correct. Did it have something to do with the Lundin Foundation Tutala had mentioned? A classified incident with the psionically-attuned K’ai during the first contact mission? Regardless, the Snowy Neko could only speculate, but as an Analyst, she at least had the tools and the training to do that with some degree of soundness.

Thank you for enlightening me, Kōun-Chui. I admit, I was confused for a moment. I’d ask if you could help me build a deeper understanding as to what more is transpiring on the Kōun, especially after the first contact mission. Akahana replied to Aliset’s transmission in an instant. Simultaneously…

Akahana’s expression suddenly shifted and at some point, she had managed to rise from her seat. “Kanzaki Akahana-Hei!” She answered snappily, her hand raising in respectful salute as she did. The Snowy Neko had no intention of denying the respect that was owed to a superior officer!

"Easy, Hei," the "Neko" laughed, returning the salute. "I'm just one of the navigation team, not some stuffy Command team pompadour." I'd be glad to. First Contact almost got messy, but we got a spectacular medical officer out of the situations stemming from it. You know how some things have to go off the lanes to land us on a better course. Besides, I heard you two talking about the spookies. I'd like to let you know now that the entire situation there was my doing and not stemming from or relating to any mess of Command's. I volunteered to gain these abilities to make up for my biological shortcomings and become an asset to the crew, not a liability or a burden. But our doctor won't let me change out my immune symbiote for something more compatible with Yamataian medicine. I'm sure she can fill you in on the details better than I can. Including the implantation of a SPINE analogous organ.

With the Chui’s implicit consent, Kanzaki Akahana set herself at ease and floated back into her seat, before resuming her meal. She didn’t reply to the Chui’s transmission, but seemed to be satisfied by the resolution of one of her many, many questions about the workings of the Kōun.

"Oh! Commander Tutala, if I'm not mistaken, that coin you're holding is burial steel. How'd you get it? Senti are normally so tight about its spread. Do you have a lover we don't know about?"

"Many, but that's besides the point. This is from a dear friend of mine from long ago." Tutala said, clutching the coin tightly. "I am not going to speak of it. It is irrelevant, given the circumstances, Aliset. Nonetheless, don't meddle with petty pranks. It's unfitting of you, or perhaps too fitting, depending on how you look at it."

Did this classic video game character just call me petty?

No I called your actions petty.

Okay, yeah, I deserve that one. Waterboard me about it later
, Aliset responded by directing a certain, very distinct smell of copper and rust and lust at the probing mind.

Alastair poked his head into the room. He had been doing his rounds and was curious why all his lovely friends had gathered. "Peek-a-boo, I found all my lovely ladies." His body slowly walked under his head as he walked into the room.

Tutala glared at Alastair with a stare that could have burned into his soul, if it wasn't for a smile on her face. As she smirked, she said to the captain, "Don't call me that. I believe your various species consider that sexist. Nonetheless, it is good to see you, Captain."

Akahana nearly broke her neck as she turned her gaze towards the new arrival in the wardroom. There he was! The Snowy Neko’s intuition had been proven correct, it was him, Alastair Belmont.

And he looked just as hot as the rumours said he did.

A butt that could bend Zesuaium, a long white mane fading to black, a big, masculine chest, and strong arms, features which filled out his uniform with ease in spite of its cut. Given her alabaster skin, it was quite easy to see the blush that blossomed across the Snowy Neko’s cheeks as her luminescent cyan gaze drank him in, briefly interrupting her thought process before she came back to her senses.

“Kanzaki Akahana-Hei, reporting sir!” The short Neko floated back up onto her feet, offering her new Captain a snappy salute as her heels clicked together in perfect rhythm, even though she couldn’t quite push the salacious ideas from her mind. Only by the miracle of parallel processing did she manage to compose herself, and even then, her carnal thoughts bled over!

Not for long, as a still disguised Aliset leaned down from behind her, whispering as she pressed her memories of sleeping with the captain and Sayako into the poor snowy Neko’s mind, privately, subtly, as though they were Akahana’s own. From the warmth of his skin and the sting of his bite to the strength with which she’d been simply picked up and taken to the bed. Though they carried the deep impression that Aliset never wanted it to happen again. She was more interested in Sayako, if she was honest with herself. “Your crush on the captain is noted. He is such a sweet thing, like a candy. And about as harmful as one.”

"Indeed, you seem not far off from the fanclub yourself. I'll be sure to see you at his next meeting." Tutala remarked, laughing to herself. She still was one for subtlety, even if it didn't show. To add insult to injury, Tutala nudged Akahana in the back, pushing the short Neko forward a small distance. Tutala also had interesting memories of Alastair, ones she'd rather not show if she valued her career. "I remember when I had him nearly under the tip of my thumb. But he got away. His arrogance is the death of fun, to be blunt." She half-truthed, hoping to see Akahana's telling reaction.

Akahana reacted as could be expected for an already-flustered Neko who had just had her thoughts read! Her cheeks turned almost completely pink, like a humiliated or embarrassed anime character. All the while, sweat beaded across her pale forehead as she waited for Captain to judge her, especially now that her lascivious thoughts had been exposed to the entire crew, some of whom were looking on. Of course, it didn’t help that she thought these things in front of the two most powerful telepaths on the ship. Considering one was a known trickster, and the other a sadist, it stood to reason her thoughts would be turned on her, and she would be beaten to a squirming, mewling putty with her own sexuality.

It went without saying that this was not the first impression that she had hoped to have!

Alastair had a full smile on but under it was complete concern. Like the feeling you get when you have just walked into a den of lions. He could tell they were all having some good fun, though the poor Akahana seemed to be the most flustered of them all. "Don't let them get to you. Is no harm in being awestruck when your captain walks in." He then lifted his hand and gave Akahana a few head pats.

Akahana only just managed to hold back a purr as the Captain patted her on the head, her ears going flat as his wide, yet mischievous smile honed in on her flustered features. The gentle touch of his firm hand only further compelled the Snowy Neko’s lustful thoughts, his masculine, cologne-enhanced scent nearly driving her mad with desire! The vivid, sexual memories Aliset had pushed into her mind only heightened Akahana’s craving, focusing her senses on the touch of Alastair’s strong hands, the masculine aura of his scent, and most potently, the ecstatic sting of his bite on her soft flesh! And not to mention, given the fact that the output of her psionic signal controller had been dampened in order to receive Aliset’s previous message…

Akahana was truly helpless.

And so, without warning, the Snowy Neko threw herself up into Alastair’s broad chest and attempted to kiss him on his perfect lips!

Alastair froze in place as the soft lips of the neko touched his own. His eyes had the look of a deer in headlights. He quickly snapped to his senses and took a step back. "WoW, Hey there miss Akahana." He paused then stood tall allowing her to slide back down to touching the floor. "That was something. Did they dare you to make a move on me?" His gaze was now looking at the other possible guilty parties.

"I didn't do anything, to be completely honest. This was mostly Aliset's doing, although Akahana absolutely gave off a strong signature when she first saw you. I assure you it was mostly of her own volition." Tutala said, laughing her typical maniacal laugh, before returning to normal speech. "Your helmsman is psionic, by the way."

Mid-kiss, Akahana’s psionic signal controller powered on and like a light going off in her head, the Snowy Neko returned to her senses as the Captain pushed her back to the ground. For a few seconds, she had a wide, slightly confused expression borne across her alabaster features, which were still red with blossoming blush. Then, the last few moments of unrestrained lust came rushing back into her memory, at which point Akahana’s gaze scanned across the room, taking in the sea of stunned faces as they stared back at her in turn.

Suddenly, Akahana floated past the Captain with as much speed as she could muster and left the wardroom to return to her quarters, leaving her food unfinished as humiliation was laid bare across her visage!

“She asked for me to tell her about the goings on of the ship. I privately shared a few memories with her. I had no part in her making her decisions. I just telepathically shared a few of my memories… I’m gonna go make sure she’s okay.” The still disguised Senti woman watched Akahana leave, shame crossing her features as she considered what had happened.

Alastair reached up and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "You all must be more sensitive. You should know that a highly refined Saint Analyst would be overloaded by all this. Do yes go after her and apologise for whatever dark secrets you shared." He took a few steps forward. "Not even the first day and crew be corrupting the Saint." He said as a small laugh came out.

"I'll go. You have a Sayako to meet…" Tutala grinned as she left the room before Aliset could object, following after the poor neko, the grin on her face widening.

“...And with how I just betrayed that girl’s trust, that makes more sense… Shit, I’m… Sorry, sir. That was really shitty. Should I report to the brig, sir?”

"Just try to be more careful, your punishment can be making amends with her." He reached up and ran his fingers through his hair. Deep down he enjoyed seeing Saint flustered, a small win after how he had been treated before.

If I’m really unlucky, I have a roommate now. My room’s gonna be so cold…. And that’s not even counting if she’ll even be able to sleep knowing what I can do. Fack! He’s right, though. Gotta fix this. This kinda shit could get someone killed on Shurista. The thought snapped to the broadcast before she could catch it, and she cursed internally. “Yes, sir. I’ll… I’ll let Tutala handle the initial bit of it. I’ll make amends after Sayoko’s surprise.”

"Um, what surprise might this be?" He asked with a grin on his face.

“Captain, I understand this face is unfamiliar.” Those blue-green iridescent eyes should be familiar to him, though, and that impish smirk as she put one finger to her lips. “I’m your new astronavigator, sir.”

Alastair leaned in closer. It started to all come together. "Yes, very good. Glad to have someone with your skill level flying the ship." He tipped his head to one side. "So why the change...is this...normal?" He asked in a curious tone of voice.

“Far from it, sir. Aliset felt herself a burden to the ship and her crew. She knew that some self improvement was necessary, and hoped to make up for it with her gaining of true psychic ability to help her communicate, plus a few implanted organs. Her experience was… Troubling, and she is still recovering. However, I feel with the turnout of caring crew to see her return home, she’ll finally get over her insecurities about being… Well. I’m sure you know her better than most. Her trauma is not subtle.” She slipped into an easy parade rest, shrugging. “So I’m filling in for her till she gets back.”

If Sayako looked back, the stance analysis might be difficult to hide,with the twisted pelvis perhaps too obvious, alongside the tenderness of a spot just below her breast on her ribcage. The thermal mapping would show most of her simply not showing up, no radiative leak of heat., with a subtle warm spot of the head and hands that seemed a bit above human-standard. Not by enough, though, not with the thermal suit. A human would be a bright light in such, especially with the intricate glow of the thermal suit’s heating system keeping the Neko warm. Connecting with the ship’s mass sensors would show that this Neko weighed nearly four hundred pounds. And that she was wearing Aliset’s rank pin. The RFID tag matched, anyway. But Aliset was intentionally trying to avoid that kind of attention. Plain sight, but not noteworthy. “I took the liberty of plotting us a course, Captain, that will take us back to Pisces Station in five days, with a 30 hour stopover aboard Shurista for fuel and a short shore leave. I was thinking a real wood command chair for our own Captain Akino may be a nice gift.”

The nuance required to understand a practical joke for what it is may have been lost on Sayako. She may have not quite understood the core, meaningful concepts of a party, either, instead simply mimicking the ritual of it all in cargo-cult fashion. The idea that it was supposed to be a surprise perhaps hadn’t occurred to her. She was not using any of her advanced sensors, either, as she had no reason to, and an enormous amount of her processing power was consumed with crunching all that data, also mostly for Aliset’s benefit at the Nav, but also simply because it was fun for her. Sayako’s transition from obliviousness to awareness was somehow smooth yet abrupt, and, of all things, it was Aliset talking about plotting courses that gave her away. She turned away from the task at hand, to the relief of her harried assistants, and towards the disguised Aliset. “The party will start in exactly eleven standard minutes from… now.”
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Wardroom, YSS Kōun

Aliset Kōun - @HarperMadi
Qrr'te Tutala - @Deleted User
Alastair Belmont - @Miko
Takeda Sayako - @Yuuki
001-A-984 "Nix" - @ShadowWalker

Sayako’s transition from obliviousness to awareness was somehow smooth yet abrupt, and, of all things, it was Aliset talking about plotting courses that gave her away. She turned away from the task at hand, to the relief of her harried assistants, and towards the disguised Aliset. “The party will start in exactly eleven standard minutes from… now.”

“No, it won’t, Sayako. I did something very bad.”

It was then that Tutala re-entered the room, walking up directly to Aliset, and removed their white gloves. Clearly Tutala was now aware of what truly had just unfolded. As they took off their gloves, they formed them into a neat stack, and slapped Aliset across the face with them. “Had I realised what you had done, I would not have done what I did. Your actions are truly deplorable, and worthy of a fate worse than death. You disgust me, Lu'Poxii Aliset Koun of Yamatai. I abhor you, for your actions as a Qarpok.” She said, before turning around and saying to Alastair. “Aliset has committed one of the worst things possible in my culture: She raped that woman with her mind, and I will have no part in any of her deeds any longer. She deserves a court martial.”

Alastair looked on towards Tutala, who just moments ago seemed perfectly fine but now was calling for a court martial. “That is a very bold thing to assert about a fellow crew. A topic I do not take lightly so I’d ask you to explain yourself.” He took a step towards Tutala. He then motioned with his hand for her to explain.

“Article 54. Star Army of Yamatai Uniform Code of Justice, sexual assault. Punishable under article 23 of the same. Aliset forcibly imparted sexual memories of you and her onto Akahana without their consent, bypassing the PSC. In my nation this would be punished by, as I said: a fate worse than death. This is not my nation or under my authority however, so instead I ask that you punish them under the full force of your laws. In my culture, the Qarpok are people who forcibly violate the minds of others. They are relegated to a fate of observing their own body serving those that they have harmed, for the rest of their life. They don’t have control over their actions, and must watch as they right the eternal wrong they have partook in.”

Alastair reached up and rubbed the bridge of his nose once more. “I am very aware of the rules. What I am asking is how someone could be given such a power and no one thinks to put a limit on it. Granted, given where this all started, I can not say I am shocked.” He let his words hang for a moment before he continued. “Aliset, till this matter is resolved, I am going to have to ask you to be held in the brig.” He called over comms for MPs to come and take Aliset away.

Aliset would not resist, reaching for her knife to drop it to the floor where it would stick, along with her gloves.. “When I saw her blush, I replayed my memories of my own sexual encounter with you, sir. It was meant to tease. It was not meant to go this far.” She placed her wrists together, waiting to be bound as she lowered her head, shame radiating off her. “I was power drunk. My own people would have responded with immediate lethal force. I would have been killed with my own Service knife.”

Alastair watched as the knife put a mark on his clean floor. His eye twitched slightly as it stuck standing upright. “Before anyone starts going around knifing one another, we shall get to the bottom of this. Firstly Kanzaki has to voice her side as to what took place. I am no mind reader so can not just take the word of Tutala nor even if Aliset admits guilt. We do things by the book on this ship.” He said as he took a step back away from the two of them. “Though however this plays out, you're both in trouble for bringing this curse onto this ship. I am all for new powers but I do not enjoy feeling like I am part of someone's experiment.”

Nix would arrive shortly as the MP’s were being called in to detain Ali, and given MP’s having to report to Nix. he would head there personally. “Aliset, I’m here to escort you to your holding cell.” he stated before saying in her mind. You really messed up you know that right?

I know. I’d rather it be you that kills me than allow me to become a greater threat to the crew..
The shame was near a slap in the face as she moved to stand by his side. “Lead the way, please.”

Leading Ali away he would say in her mind. I’m not going to kill you on the contrary I’m going to fight for your case to stay albeit with a harsh punishment. Like it or not my crimes against humanity are worse. Im a failed ST copy of a old assassin so from one fuck up to another. I got you in spades and yet i see promise in you, so ill try everything I can to help you. Because killing you means you won’t learn your lesson.

You remember my people are trapped within our bodies after death, right? Death is simply eternal solitary confinement for us. It allows us to be made into something useful. All this time, I’ve lied about who my knife was made from. Even to my husbands. She gave a sigh. It’s the man who stripped me of having children until my seventy fifth year.

Alastair took his focus and put it fully on Tutala as Aliset was escorted away. “As for you miss slap my crew in front of me. There are rules on this ship and I expect them to be followed. I do not care if she offended your grandma, I best never learn of you slapping another crew member. Else you will find yourself in the cell next to her.” As he spoke he inched closer towards Tutala. By the time he finished he was standing toe to toe with her.

"Of course sir. I should not have been so bold as to assume that cashiering was also a tradition in your military. I will neither justify my actions nor explain them, unless you request such.” Tutala said, staring Alastair in the eyes, as they began to spout their apology. “In my culture, slapping another with a glove is not seen as assault. It is seen as a form of dismay at one’s actions.”

Alastair let out a small chuck. “And there was a time when slapping someone was fashionable, however normally there was a gun battle after the fact. Cause someone got to go. We have since then matured past the more primitive ways to settle a dispute.” Alastair then reached over and patted Tutala a couple times on the head. “Off the record, I can understand your feelings on this matter however.”
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