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RP: YSS Kaiyō [YSS Kaiyō] Pre-Mission One: The Captain and The Shorty

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YSS Kaiyo

Taii Eden was standing with her legs spread shoulder width apart, hands behind her back as she looked at the main screen on the bridge. She had her back to the doorway, but heard them open and turned her head ever so slightly to look at who was entering.

Marching on in, was Yoshida Kokoro, a big grin on her face as she intruded upon the bridge, more than excited for her first posting. Ecstatic even. "Hello Taii! Santo Hei Yoshida, ready to serve!" She quickly bowed down, and saluted at the same time, with an almost alarming speed.

"Ah," Eden murmured after returning a crisp salute. "You are infantry, are you not, Yoshida-hei? It is great to have you aboard the ship! I must tell you, we will be seeing a lot of combat. Your talents will be indispensible during our missions. I am more than happy to have you here!"

"Yes ma'am!" Yoshida replied as she straightened out, her tail swishing excitedly behind her, absolutely beaming from the praise. "Oh! I'll do my best ma'am! I won't let you down!" So excited she was from the praise, she was nearly blushing already.

"I know you won't," Eden said emphatically. She was enjoying the response she was getting from Yoshida and wanted to make the infantry Neko feel as comfortable as possible.

"Do you like steam buns? They're serving a wide variety in the wardroom right now," Eden said to Yoshida. "It would be nice to get some lunch. I haven't eaten in a few days, at this point."

"Steam buns? Yeah!" Yoshida nodded a few moments before registering the information that her Taii had gone whole DAYS without eating! The madwoman!

"Days?! Taii we need to get some steam buns in you ASAP! May I escort you to the wardroom?"

"I would like nothing more," Teien Eden replied. She liked this Neko's enthusiasm and wanted to soak it up. She had been involved in paperwork and crunching numbers for far too long and wanted nothing more than to enjoy the company of someone as excited for life as her, if not more so.

They made their way out of the bridge and Eden asked, "Do you have any special requests of your captain?"

"Special requests?" The Hei put her hand to her chin as she walked and thought, her legs moving a bit faster to keep up with the much taller captain. "I have no idea! Maybe you could treat me later?" She grinned harder still.

"I can do so, yes!" Eden said, nodding. "For now, I'll treat you to the array of food our cooks have to offer. After you," she said as the doors for the wardroom opened and she swept her arms out, offering for Yoshida to go before her.

"Haha! Yes!" She pumped her fist into the air as she stepped into the wardroom. "Thank you very much captian!" Walking ahead, the shorty's tail whipped back and forth a bit erratically as she checked out the scene before her, and then looked back expectantly at her currently favorite fellow neko.

"You're always welcome," Eden said as she went in. Hungrily, she set about getting some lemongrass chicken and pork buns from the steamers. She moved so that Yoshida could get some, too. There were barbecue buns, grilled meat buns, bean paste buns, and vegetable buns to choose from. There was also a large pot of miso soup and a wild mushroom salad to eat.

Once Yoshida had made her choices, the pair sat down at a back table and Eden said, "I heard you have some friends aboard the ship, Yoshida. Tell me about them, if you want to."

Yoshida, in her excitement stated to mumble around a mouthfull of veggie style steam bun, before remembering her manners and gulping it down almost whole. "Yeah um, there's Antasia, she's uh, really quiet, a lot! She doesn't really talk much but she's really sweet sometimes." She put the puncitation mark at the end of the sentence by wolfing down what was left of her veggie bun.

"It's good to hear you have some friends," Eden replied after swallowing a bite of her own pork bun. "It really is. Comaraderie is an important thing for all of us to have, I--" She was abruptly interrupted mid-sentence by a message from Boss, the MEGAMI of the ship, saying that her presence was needed on the bridge. "I'm going to have to go," she told Yoshida before grabbing another bun and biting into it a few times.

"Aww already?" She sighed, disapointed her new friend was already on the move. "I hope to see you again soon!" she gave a wave as she again, destroyed the poor steam buns arrayed infront of her.

"We'll definitely be seeing a lot of each other. Come find me any time and we'll pick this up where we left off!" Teien Eden replied. She then made her way out of the wardroom and to the bridge after waving goodbye to her crew member.
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