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Interest Check YSS Komainu (OOC)

Primitive Polygon

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The Wiki Page:

There are ships full of noble heroes departing on grand galactic adventures of peace and prosperity... And then there is the YSS Komainu. This little ship is a home for bad cats, those who are a bit too aware of their bio-weapon origins and the propaganda surrounding their self-sacrifice. Those disenfranchised with the ideas of self-sacrifice and nobility within the vast, monolithic empire... And maybe a couple of those all too accepting of their rather murderous origins, too.

With the Kuvexian war still raging, there are all sorts of enemies that would stab at Yamatai's greatest military edge; Their technological advantage. The Komainu and it's rough-and-tumble crew have been tasked specifically to police this moral grey area, travelling both within and without the empires boarders to bring malice down on the heads of both alien and human offenders alike.

It's a bit of an intentional counterpoint to the standard Yamatai plot, in other words. I think it would be cool to have a home for all of the bitter, self-aware Nekovalkyrja characters, giving them a chance to build a family of hardened individuals and form a tightly knit unit like no other.

The focus will be on squad tactics, catgirls behaving like a gang of 80s tokyo biker chicks, and investigating some seriously untouched parts of the Yamatai lore's seedy and mysterious underbelly.

We've all seen those random characters where neko have been stolen or brainwashed into dubious employ, right? This is a plot for characters who are a bit miffed about that, and want to apply guns and nun-chucks to the problem... And maybe each other, as well?

Who knows, we'll see where it takes us, I guess?

Wanna keep the quality high, but yeah, it's gotta be the right kind of character, too.

@Charmaylarg Dufrain @club24 @SirSkully @SirSPT @IQ @Whitehart

Charmaylarg Dufrain

FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
Ye hit all my good flags with that and even a couple extra like "behaving like a gang of 80s tokyo biker chicks"!

Im still in, More so now than ever!

Frankly Catland is full of nothing but heroes doing impossible deeds and carrying the weight of the empire on its shoulders with narry a crack in their resolve. I like the idea that while the crews under all the hanakos and yuis and hoshis are out doing the impossible theres bound to be ships full of misfits like these who arent super-heroes fighting against the world itself. But are the rare breed of anti-social cats with problems one way or another.

Maybe one is too traumatized from a mishu experience to operate in a ship where all the other cats are just too handsy and touchy-feely and prying into her alone time?

Maybe one just doesnt have the mental energy to keep up with a crew full of super-cats doing the empress' work at 200%

Maybe one is just a literal troll who is sick of all the minkins and cats calling him ugly?

My point is theres no way the empire is 100% perfect peace and love out there and this ship is my jam and you can expect my delinquent-cat ASAP!


Everything Is Magical
well i cant speak with authority but if you can make/have a neko whos not quite right then im sure prim wont have an issue. If you can keep up with the rest of us speed demons ;3


Game Master
I have the Neko Medic who is always happy and smiling no matter what, from chatting to killing she is always smiling.


Everything Is Magical
Sounds interesting enough, talk to prim tho, i have a medic for the ship presently but can always have more

Primitive Polygon

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Hey Scar! Long time no see!

This medic wouldn't happen to be Taharial, would it?... Tsuguka is the captain!

You really do have a lot of random SAOY characters anyhow. Pretty much any are welcome, as long as they fit the "delinquent" flavour of the plot. We've already got the most demoted Yonto Heis already, I think, heh...

Thanks for the great positive response you guys have been putting out! It's been super motivating!


Game Master
Yea long time no see, nah not Taharial she is on a ship at the moment, I have a few characters that can fit this.

I love the idea, I only have one Neko though so I may create a new one just to have a more Delinquent style character for this, or I could bring in someone I have been working on, they are still WIP but I think they will suit this plot.

Primitive Polygon

Well-Known Member
That's entirely up to you. The character doesn't have to have to be a Nekovalkyrja, the intro kinda just highlights that this will be playing off that emotional baggage. There are many other reasons why another Yamatai-relevant species might be 'promoted to a position is Sibera' so to speak, having done something disagreeable, illegal or untrustworthy in the past... It's also possible that they were never charged with anything, but are *hiding* from something. Or maybe they have a personal vendetta against these kind of pirates. Who knows.

If two people want to use the same profession (I.E, a medic), I'm probably just going to double up on relevant stuff going wrong, so everybody has something to deal with.

Either way, look forward to seeing what you come up with.


Convention Veteran
I'm in, I like the mad Biological scientist vibe, but we already have "enturely too happy" and "Doctor death" perhaps "Dr. Wakeup with an extra tentacle you didn't have yesterday" might be a bit much. So I'll have to figure something out, perhaps an officer?

Primitive Polygon

Well-Known Member
Would be good to have you. There are certainly still a lot of positions open.

IQ was working on somebody who may become the first officer, but they were also a SAINT agent, which means they'd probably be prioritising their own shady business. That means somebody who actually controls the ship is still pretty much open. Char pointed out that we lack a person specifically to record and secure protected tech, which means a 'quartermaster' type person (combat accountant?) might be in order.

Communications is also still open, but yeah, that might just end up being an NPC since it's a little boring and hands-off.

Suppose the squad leader is also free too. Maybe not an enviable position since the ground team is gonna be a bunch of lunatics.


Office of post cheer.
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So ship pilot, quarter master/armoury chief communications and a squad leader are the open slots?


Staff Member
Game Master
If you all need someone, I've got a SAINT agent who is currently stagnating cause of her parents legacy who is gettin fed up of bouncing around and everyone lying to her. She also has a loud mouth and is not that great at keeping a happy smile all the time!

Edit: She also has experience in power armor, as combat arms and quartermaster from her time as a contracted member of the LSDF on loan from the UOC. Unless you all are filed up.