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RP [YSS Koun] Ready Player Three


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YSS Koun
Nakama Osakura's career within the Star Army of Yamatai has been lackluster to say the least. An IT specialist trained as an SAINT operative, she thought she would get exciting work speaking into places and cracking computer networks. It was a large reason she enlisted as opposed to becoming an officer. She figured the enlist were the ones with the most exciting jobs.

Besides one mission to New Vicky, she found the assignments to be quite boring. She often found herself at observation posts quite often using her skills to mask its location. She quickly found her ambitions outpacing her slow promotion rate and responsibilities. When the war ended, she started looking for better opportunities.

That opportunity to escape the monotony of being one of the countless faceless non-agents of SAINT presented itself when she was offered promotion finally to Nito Hei. Instead of accepting it, she decided to highlight her previous leadership courses and become a commissioned officer to be an Intel Analyst. She'd keep SAINT happy and have to free time to do what she really wants.

Shortly before graduating, she received the usual message from the Fuji Corporation about the storage fee about the storage space she was renting to contain the salvage she acquired from Second Chance giveaways. Having the free time after graduation, she might as well free up some space to reduce her expenses. She had a business idea and she needed to save up money.

Yamatai, Port Xenn
Fuji Corporation Storage Facility #875

Osakura spent the whole morning walking between the shipping container yard, the vessel parking area, and the actual storage warehouse to confirm what she had. All of it accounted for, she had to figure out what she was going to sell and what she was going to keep. So far, the majority was going to go.

She had acquired an old Ke-T5 “Cougar” Aeroshuttle. Being that it was obsolete technology, she was confident that the Star Army would not be coming after it. Measuring at twice the length of the Fox and somewhat wider than it, it was a useful means of personal transportation. She was going to need to completely revamp the electronics of the shuttle though. The sleek and angular design was going to be a keeper.

The three massive shipping containers of Erbium Oxide, Thulium Oxide, and Silicon Dioxide did have to go. She wasn’t a metallurgical corporation, nor did she have any particular idea what any of it was particularly useful for. She tapped on the volumetric checklist being projected by the scarlet colored EM-J5-6a FARS drone provided by the sales representative when she came to the Fuji Corporation that she wished to sale her salvage. Little did she know how much that was going to change things for her.

Sorting the contents within the warehouse was a bit more tricky . Because some of the salvage were weapons, they were stored within Nerinium vaults deep underground. The crate of small Lorath missiles were the first thing she needed removed and the Ryu Keiretsu were perfectly happy to purchase them for their research efforts.

She was a bit on the fence when it came to the crate of 40 Zen Armaments’ precision sniper rifles. Their reported lack of punching power and the lack of a personal militia made the weapons useless to her. But on the other hand, she could feel her Nepleslian ancestors screaming at her to not sale the weapons. In the end, she put the crate up for interest so interested parties could contact her to inquire about them.

Finally done, she ended up only keeping the Decorative/Ceremonial Katanas, 10 outfits of formal female attire, small jewelry box she is taking with herself, and the Cougar Aeroshuttle. With all that completed, she made her way back to the sales representative to complete the transaction.

Yamatai, Port Xenn
Fuji Corporation Storage Facility #875 Admin Office

“Minus this month’s storage fee and fees for this service, the items you wish to sell have netted you 81,846,000 KS. I am happy to forward your contact information to one of our accounting services to handle your new tax burden.” a blue and orange haired Jiyuuian woman looked at Osakura smiling. The attractive woman seemed like she was only in the position she was because she nothing else better to do. The idle conversation she and Osakura had before the final results of locating buyers hinted the woman graduated from the same degree program Osakura had as well.

She sat there silently giving off the very SAINT patented poker face as she processed her emotions. Osakura had figured that the contents of the shipping containers were worth some money, but she never imagined that they were worth that much. Coming from a small merchant family that lived just above the universal basic income level provided by the Yamataian government, she never imagined she would have ever see her bank account have that much money within.

“Miss Nakama?” the sale representative said as the silence started to get awkward for the two. She just professionally smiled as she continued. “Would you like to finalize the transaction?”

“Ye, yes please.” the only words Osakura could muster past her shock and embarrassment. It was going to be a long week, she could feel it.

Planet Yamatai

Days later and still not quite sure what to do with her no found wealth besides buying a few unsorted salvage from the 2nd Chance Salvage corporation, Osakura gotten preparatory orders for her new assignment as an Intel Analyst. She was expecting to be put on a Sharie Class Battleship or even one of the massive Dreadnoughts. Instead she had been assigned to a recently commissioned (but an aging design) Plumeria Gunship called the YSS Koun. All she was waiting for was the confirmation from the ship's CO that they were accepting her assignment.

In the meantime, she was tracking down and catching up with old Tsubomi classmates that were still on Yamatai. She also was spending time on the net tracking down her father and anything she could come up with the destroy the man's life. Oh how she hated the man. In her most dire moment of need after the Battle of Yamatai had killed her mother, he was Kamis know where. He didn't even have the decency to send a communication to see how the de facto War Orphan was.