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RP [YSS Koun/RJFV Tuat'la JP] Go forth and do great things, Aliset.

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RP Date
YE 44.6
RP Location
Yamataian space.
Several weeks had gone by. Aliset's drunken bender had ended with her truly incredible hangover, and now the Koun was docked again with the Tuat'la, deep in Yamataian space. Aliset watched the sunrise over Tami's lush forests, and shook off the blinding light before stretching. She knew that Koun was taking on Random Alien medical supplies for Tutala's requests, and samples to be brought back for replication and despecialization efforts of the Star Army's pharmaceutical industry.

"Alright, autopilot's engaged, helm's on auto. My relief just showed up, so I'm gonna go help out with the loading."

"It's like two crates?" The Itto Heisho relieving her of helm duty commented.

"Rathenkans? Two crates may be what our medical team's getting. It's not all they're loading, I can promise you that. Also, from what I was told about Tuat'la's CMO, she has no problem hypospraying people in the face with even the barest hint of consent. Crazy ass old Smith."

"You sure it isn't a social call?"

"Maybe a bit of that, too. The diplomat. Not the woman who gave me an Oculine shot. See you. We're outta here at 90?"

"Yup. Be back on board by 75."

"Check rog, confirming current shipboard time as 40 percentile." With that, Aliset stood up, logging off the helm controls on her end as she walked out, towards the cargo bays. "I'll be back onboard by 65 and ought."

Passing into the cleaner, softer air of the Random Alien ship, she took a deep breath, casually moving towards the diplomatic quarters.

Yulata sat in their quarters, attempting to solve her Psivix Cube, as she heard the chime on her door go off. Saying kindly, "Come in!" the K'ai dared not look up from the cube, should they lose their focus. Upon Aliset entering, however, they did indeed lose their focus, and the glowing cube seemed to reset back to a matte-black state. Quickly nodding to Aliset, they stood up, taking a sip of some blue tea on the table, and said,

"I am glad you came. I saw your communication, and I wished to speak to you about it. I simply was not expecting you to come so... early..." Yulata said, pouring up another cup of tea, "Would you care for a drink? Just a warning, I have heard it has a rather intense psychadelic effect in other species, despite being only a mild psionic amplifier for our own."

Yulata sat down at one of the couches, before smiling and looking around the room. It was not often that she had the chance to meet with someone like this, so she intended to savour every moment of it.

"I suppose a drink would be nice," Aliset did as was asked of her, looking at the cube on the desk with a curious expression. "I think we-- Shurista has one of those in the Grand Library. I could never remember what it was called."

She had caught herself quickly, shaking off the cultural touches to her psyche was difficult, after all. "I'm off duty, so I can't see the harm in it. Sorry I look like crap. Yamataians don't have a lye drink, and I'm still feeling kinda woogy from the cocktail of perfumes in that godawful liquor. It's been weeks."

"Oh my. I can see why. That must have been most awful. And- as for the cube, it's a Psivix Cube. We use it to test our concentration and build psionics. Not many have figured it out. I- was meaning to talk about that. Your meaning was candid and wise in your email, but why have you come to me, I must ask?"

"It felt appropriate," she moved towards Yulata's desk, hand hanging over one of the cups of tea, as though asking permission. "And we were in the area, so I kind of wanted to check in, and assure you that my burst of anger was not the result of some failing of my mental health... Well, more than normal. I suppose if my species were psionic beyond a surface level, they would teach more about the psivix cubes."

"I would not say as much, but indeed, I am glad you are better. Nonetheless, I am intrigued by your communication, however. What was the purpose behind it? And of cours, you may drink. It was offered, as it is."

As invited, Aliset picked up the cup, bringing it to her nose as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the smell for a moment. "My first ship and my Flotilla put my career at risk. And I am not some Skydasi cult hero. I would purge the cultist filth if I could for the destruction of Turassiel and the shame they bring the Senti. I would leave the isolationists to choke on the void they so worship, as I am no traitor. I love Shurista. But those who hold power, the Councillors tasked with seeking the experts of the decisions, they have failed their people. In failing to reign in the Skydasi cults on Turassiel, the Gift of Song was released to Kuvexians seeking slaves and the treasures of our history. Millions of innocents died." Finally, she sipped the tea, humming happily at the pleasant taste.

"And they on Shurista violated my right to choice. Have over and over again, over dozens of years. If they did that to someone as culturally important as me, the first warrior in half a million years... What did they do to others? My cultural instinct is telling me to hunt them down and exercise my right under the First Law. But that is not who I am, anymore. I had to ensure those who had been abandoned by the Flotilla knew there was somewhere else to go. That the Councils are required by law to publicize my message and that Empress Himiko knows that. Khelas is no idiot, after all. More, I am not even past my first centuty. Just because I am the first does not make me an expert. Do you think I made the right choice?"

"I do not have the luxury of speculating whether you made the right choice, that may only be revealed in time. What I do think is that you have made the right choice for you, and you alone. Whether that turns out to be the right choice for others remains to be seen." Yulata said, sipping on the tea, as she began to contemplate the situation at hand. "You have a troubled past, and a turbulent future ahead, I can see that much, but what you choose to do with it is up to you. I hope you choose to do right by yourself, and others. If that means you must oppose your namesake, then so be it. I simply warn you about Yamatai. I've received words from my superiors that... their... your leaders utter some rather problematic rhetoric. Very problematic, actually." Yulata continued sipping on the earthy and slightly fruity tea, leaning back in the chaise they sat in. Adjusting themselves, they said, "I look forward to seeing your actions going forward."'

"Those in power of Yamatai will not be there for as long as it takes for me to rise to their place. A collection of deeply traumatized people who are trying to do better, but are... Well, it takes time to learn to be a warrior in the garden. Thank you, though. I already know of Yui. Hanako has her own issues." She finished her comment with another deep sip of tea.

"Put a scared person in power, and they will act upon their fear in the most drastic of ways. I only warn you not to turn a blind eye to the injustices of Yamatai in your own anger towards your former people and theirs. No one is perfect."

"I wish I could say Yamatai was faultless in their failings. They have caused as many wars as they were forced into, or chose to persue. But in the last eight years since my landing at Akina, they have tried. And made great leaps of progress. They can still slip backwards. And my loyalty will still be to the peoples of the kikyo sector. If that means I must leave Yamatai one day, then so be it. I simply hope it does not come to that. I should probably avoid letting their leaders know my loyalty is so... Well, differently placed than expectation."

"You seem like a wise individual. So I will say this, go forth on your journey, and do not fear where it takes you. If that is to be your path, that is."

"Go forth and do great things... You know how many people have told me that in my life?" Finishing her tea, she set the empty cup down on the table, and Yulata could see that by some sleight of hand, she had placed something next to their tea pot. A teacup, richly and ornately decorated in enamels depicting the memories Aliset had seen on that first meeting in an abstract Shuristan style, and made of glimmering golden metal that seemed to fold over itself infinitely. "Thank you again for your wisdom, Yulata. it is an honor."

OOC: Thanks to @HarperMadi For making this JP possible.
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“So you’re our new CMO?” Aliset asked, walking into the medical bay with a crate on one hip. With her nose in the datapad, she didn’t look up, her skin flashing a slight iridescence. Naturally, she had done her best to avoid the medical bay since her run-in with Separa venom, and had managed to avoid anything worse than minor infections and one nose bleed from falling out of her bunk after a night of drinking heavily. While she had noted her health issues and the current medical projects, she was sure this was the first time she had actually met the new chief medical officer for the YSS Koun.

She had figured it would be some stuffy Nekovalkyrja or arrogant Nepleslian. It wasn’t out of the question to even see an Iroma or something completely different, hand picked for this little ship’s posting by Fleet command for having messed something up. What she didn’t expect was to look up and see a K’ai… A very tall, oddly shapely K’ai standing in the bay. Frankly, she would have been less surprised to see a Mishhuvurthyar or Vordibachean. But she was a professional, and thought it best to not ask, despite the visible confusion and head tilt. “Where do you want your new gear?”

The Random Alien CMO quickly scowled and said, “Just on the ground here. Now, what is it that you want?”

“Check rog, ma’am.” Aliset nodded, setting her pad on top of the crate as she set it down where she had been directed. “I mean, unless you can warn me about some blue tea Yulata of Tuat’la got me to drink about ten minutes ago, or have advice about massive cybernetic augmentation for me, I’ll try to stay out of your hair… Or… Tentacles, as it were.”

“Both, actually. One: You’ll be tripping balls in… give or take a few seconds, and Two: No. I’m not killing off your symbiote to put in an implant.” Tutala gave a small chuckle as she knew all too well what that tea did to non-K’ai. Fishing around in the box they pulled out a small MIDAS device and loaded a vial into it. They looked towards Aliset with a grin like none other. “Do you want it purged from your system now, or later?”

“I take it neither’s gonna be fun? And what if I’m a weirdo in more ways than my compatibility with the squishy feather people?”

“Well, unless you consider having to go to the bathroom every three minutes fun, then yes. That or, as I said, tripping balls. So what’ll it be?”

“How long will either one last? Cause I’d like to be back on duty at some point tomorrow.” She gave a soft chuckle, slowly backing away from the visibly sadistic Random Alien. “So… I think I can handle…”

And with a soft breath, Aliset’s pupils dilated, iridescence flickering across her skin as her body started responding to the psychedelics and hallucinogen.

A mild sense of Euphoria came over Aliset, as she began seeing colours, shapes, shadows, and her vision became incredibly fluid-like. Moving was hard, and nauseating. It would be easier to just curl up in a ball and gawk at her surroundings. An echoey voice came out, as Aliset could see a light coming from Tutala.

“A few hours, at least.” Said Tutala’s warped face. It looked like something out of a painting. A very bad one at that.

“And just like that, you’re a Hell of a lot prettier than me!” Aliset decided to move, relishing the challenge as she pointed softly at Tutala’s shifting form. “Your brain has pretty lights.”

Aliset took a deep, calming breath, focusing on her surroundings, attempting to solidify herself at least to move, but everything felt like gelatin. She hoped the effect wasn’t visible to the doctor, and that she could pass as just sober enough to walk out of here. “Anyway. About those augments. I don’t have any better ideas, and I kinda hope to do it in a way that every fleet medical officer can do. I can’t be the only one of my species who wants or needs cybernetics for whatever reason.”

Hopefully, it sounded as clear out loud as it did to her, but unfortunately for Aliset, it sounded like a slurred mess. Nonetheless, the CMO seemed to know what they were saying, and responded with,

“There are various ways of doing it without killing the symbiote. For one, we could simply utilise…” Tutala trailed on as her words descended into gibberish for Aliset. As the world aroun them began to change, it felt like a high she had never felt before. Primarily the euphoria was hitting hard now. This was going to be a long two hours…

Okay, what the fuck did she just say? C'mon, Ali, focus. Some part of her was still fighting the euphoria as she decided to sit down right there on the floor. "And you lost me, ma'am. That tea's making it a little hard to understand what's going on…"

As her words dissolved from halting Yamataigo into Shuristan tainted with giggling fits, Tutala could see some part of Aliset fighting to stay present.

With a swift and fluid movement, Tutala quickly jabbed the midas device onto Alisets leg, and pressed the button, injecting a syringe-full of Dyvlovene with no pain at all. As the anti-toxin began to do it’s work, Aliset felt the high fading slowly, as the glow around Tutala faded.

“That should do it You’ll be back to normal in a few minutes. Now as I was saying, it might be possible to use a gold and iron nanofilament to wire the nervous system into the cybernetic, as well as applying a thin layer of insulating gel to prevent rejection. Ideally, when the retrofits come in for the vessel, we won’t be reliant so much on nanomachines, so I could easily operate on you without an infection growing.”

“That sounds like a plan… Sorry, note to self, if the tea’s blue, no touchy. Whoof, that feels weird. Glad I wasn’t on duty.” As she started shaking off the effects, Aliset decided it would be best to stay seated, at least until the room wasn’t a twisted parody. “I ever mention how I hate hallucinating? It’s like touching a really bad batch of burial steel. Anyway, what’s the plan to handle the scarring? And the implant’s usually grown inside the body, so printing one to wire in might be a bit of a challenge… Considering it’s grown, I suppose it’d be a matter of cloning a tissue culture from me into it? Or something? I’m not really too aware on the actual specifics of the implant. I mean, if there was another way, I’d be glad to take it, but I don’t know of any system to integrate with Yamataian electronics. With a burial steel ship, I could just kinda… Feel it, you know? All the ships I’ve been on since leaving the Flotilla have been cold and empty.”

She shook her head, considering. “Not like… Physically empty. But I can’t feel the hullsong, or hear the ship-soul. I can’t feel the ship’s aches, or her thrusters firing behind me. It’s… disturbing. And what little I can feel is myself slipping behind the skill of anyone who can feel all that. I just plain don’t have the tools to keep up. Sorry. I’m just being insecure. Soren was twice this ship’s tonnage unloaded and bingo fuel. This is the kind of concern that got me shit in flight school.”

“You don’t need anyone to tell you you’re good.” Tutala said, seemingly the first kind words out of her mouth. “And you sure-as-hell don’t need a cybernetic implant to substitute for a loss of your hull-song. You’ll learn, like anyone else adapting to a new place. I’m not doing the surgery. It’s too risky.”

“There’s something my people have known about you Tsulrati for a long time, that being that you’re mildly psionic. You can connect with your burial steal, as it might be, to guide your ships. It’s a well known fact, and you should consider that you don’t have to force yourself to be like your kin, when both you and I know that’s not what you want.”

Tutala heaved a sigh for a moment, before saying, “Let me ask you, did you hear or see something of particular note when you drank the tea, aside from tripping balls?” As they walked over to a scanner, they gestured for aliset to get in. “You said my brain had pretty lights. I suspect that’s the psionic agrivator in the tea, Jerramine, the rest of the galaxy calls it… It’s incredibly rare, the stuff only appears in the plant in very low quantities. We use it clinically to awaken non-psionic K’ai who are latent, but failed to activate.”

Rolling to her feet, Aliset took a few tentative steps before approaching the scanning device as she let her brows furrow in thought. “Ma’am, hullsong and the burial steel are all I’ve ever known. I know it’s weird, but the Senti have valuable cultural traits that I can’t just leave behind… It’s a powerful tool. Yamataian ships don’t sing, not because of some ghosts in the metal or other hoogedy boogedy shit, but because Yammie ships don’t have a loose beam or a minor off measurement somewhere. Even if tsulrati had any psionic capability, I highly doubt it’d be anything more than the sensor inputs I can get by linking the ship’s systems and sensors with my own senses. And I remember the lights in your head, yes. You think that’s a psionic aggravator in your tea?”

“I know it is. The tea contains minor quantities of it that we’ve measured in the past. But that’s besides the point. If you won’t believe me, then I guess I’ll have to show you… Sometime else… We have no Lundin Agent onboard the ship, they’re the only ones that carry the concentrated Jerramine. And I assure you, Yamataian ships won’t sing the way you want them to, now get in the-'' Tutala said, as the two were promptly interrupted by Shosa Allastair entering.

“We’re still docked with Tuat’la if you want to call one of your spookibois,” Aliset hadn’t noticed Alastair, stepping purposefully into the scanner as she stuck her blue tongue out at the K’ai doctor, laying down on the bed as instructed to be scanned.

“I am really quite certain you wouldn’t want that. They’re very strange people, and not to be trifled with. Confident enough to poke around in people’s heads on a military vessel and not carry a gun. Only the prophets know what else they can do.” Tutala said, quickly moving to press some buttons on the scanner, testing for residual traces of Jerramine in Aliset’s system. As they quickly looked towards the screen, a set of scans came up and Tutala looked pleased. “Ah, perfect, there’s some still in your system. Nonetheless, I have an idea as to how we can proceed with your surgery, it’ll just… be a while…”

“Additionally, there’s something else I’d like to discuss. You’re not getting enough mineral salt intake. Malnutrition is bad for your health.” Tutala added, before pressing some buttons and sliding the bed out of the scanner.

“I always tell her to be sure to eat right. Including having the right balance.” Alastair said as he made his way into the room. “Don’t mind me, just doing some rounds and being nosey.”

“I do eat right, though! Salt every meal to taste, make sure I eat the right calorie balance, and don’t touch things I’m allergic to. Easier than believing some spook can convince me of burial steel magic.”

And with that, the spook took their entrance. A… human? Dressed in all black, and a turtleneck? Carrying a black secure briefcase with a green logo on the side, that seemed impossible to look at and remember what it was. Their holobadge had the same, unrememberable logo that faded from the mind moments after it was looked away from, and their name, which had the same effect. They wore black sunglasses, and black gloves. Stepping forward, they looked at the group and said in a tone that could send chills down anyone’s spine, “You… Called?”

“Where the fack did you come from?” Aliset sat up from the bed, an eyebrow cocked. “And more importantly, when were you called? Did Yulata decide to poke you? Or did somebody pull some psyker hoodoo shit?”

“You… Called… Me… When you asked me to come down. That’s besides the point, however. You wanted me to explain how your species is psionic. I won’t. I’ll show you.” With that, they lifted off their feet, and moved towards Aliset, grabbing them by the temples. She was frozen, unable to move. Aliset found her mind opened to the Lundin Agent, and not in a good way. As the song of the burial steel amplified in her mind, it became deafening. Contorted in some horrible machination of sanity. Screams of the dead, no longer a song, rushed into her mind. And then the Lundin Agent removed their hands and fell on their feet to the floor, a ways back.

The instant Aliset could move again, she found her hands pressed to her head, covering her eyes as she lay back on the bed, taking deep breaths. “They shouldn’t be screaming. Why are they screaming…?”

She took a moment to process what happened, brows furrowed before she looked… no, glared at the Lundin agent. “Projecting your powers onto me doesn’t prove anything to me, feather.”

“It does when that’s how your burial steel reacts to me.” The Lundin agent said confidently. You should know your own song…”

Another deep breath, and she rolled off the bed to her feet, standing tall and proud as she approached the agent, apparently fearless. No matter how she denounced the place of her birth, their culture had molded her to a woman of instinctive courage. “Then teach me. Show me how to know what to look for. I feel like the steel’s reaction to me will teach me far more than its response to you.”

“I’ll leave you to figure that out on your own. Now is my time to take my leave.” They said, before turning to Alastair, and said, “Watch your back, Shosa Alastair Belmont. There are many people out vying for your career.” And just like that, the person left, fading into the shadows. Their logo and name were a fading memory, but their actions were all too fresh in everyone’s minds.

“I am starting to get the feeling this is what it must feel like to have ghosts. Just come out of nowhere, do things no one really understands than poof…gone again.” Alastair had been grinning ear to ear this entire time. “Welp, when they think they can step into my shoes, they are welcome to try. Till then, well, I shall be the one in charge.”

Tutala stood there, only staring at where the agent had left. Lundin was one of the only things that unnerved her, and it showed. Somehow, she knew they weren’t the force for good they said they were. Shaking her head, she looked over to Aliset, and said, “Let’s ah- get you- ah- Stars above! Why in the name of the prophets did you have to ask for them?!”

“I meant spooks in general.” Aliset stood, still unafraid and challenging at the Agent’s fading memory. “Sir. With all due respect, I’d like to become a starship captain. I’d like to do more than be a pilot. But I won’t be coming for your job. Not this year.”

Alastair let out a small chuckle. “Bold of you, guess this is why I wanted to have you on my ship. Tis good to have big goals.” He reached up and rubbed his chin. “I feel you are close but not sure are ready to take command. One must have many skills to be a good captain after all. Though I am confident I can teach you well.”

“Sir, I’ll do my best to make you proud by earning selection by a ship and her crew. For now, though, I’d like to ask our CMO how best to learn how to match and handle one of those creepy bastards.” She turned to look at Tutala. “Nothing screams like that steel did unless there’s something very, very wrong. Teach me how to defend myself and others.”

“You imply that I can do that. That I want to even try. I can’t. I won’t. I’ve had to deal with them enough already. You don’t defend against people like that. You just comply with what they ask and hope you come out unscathed.” Tutala looked at Aliset with a glare in her eyes, as if they had all been touched by something worse than the devil himself.

Aliset returned the glare as she held up a hand, knife flat and pointed dead center of Tutala’s chest. “That kind of fear is why I want to learn. That guy pissed me off by making my ancestral artifacts and the scariest bitch on this ship afraid. You won’t be trying a damn thing. I will. Just show me how, and I’ll strike him down like an impotent death god.”

“I’m not showing you anything. I’m not even going near them. I’ve done enough with them already. There’s nothing to show you. Nothing that can fight them.”

“Would you rather I do my own research?”

“Do you have a death wish?”

“That thing is a threat. And I will do everything in my power to ensure it’s not a threat to those I’m responsible for. That includes any community I am part of. You count.” Her hand didn’t move from its position near her chest.

“They’re not a threat, if you leave them alone. I don’t know how to say this, but you can’t fight them. There’s nothing there to fight. Have you ever tried to fight something so empty and cold that it felt like you were swinging at nothing but air? That’s Lundin.”

Aliset finally gave a puff of air, not a defeated sigh, more that she knew better than to push here. “That powerlessness you feel dealing with them… That’s what I feel when I fly this ship. We can fix both. But I can’t do that alone. If you can’t, then I’ll find someone who can. Your insecurity is near as bad as mine. Neither one of us likes the idea of bigger stick diplomacy. I’d rather learn something than get into a dick measuring contest with a psyker.”

"Don't you dare try to appeal to my pain when I don't even know what it means myself. I'll tell you what you need to know when I know why the hell I feel this way. Let's talk about something else, please."

“I was going after your pride, but okay. I apologize. The Captain is going to have to go over surgery options with us.” Aliset nodded, pulling her hand away and visibly relaxing as she slipped into an easy parade rest, looking at Alastair. “I’m sure he knows what I intend to do in connecting to the ship.”

“I may actually know someone who can help…” Tutala turned around, and said, “But they work for them too… As for connecting to the ship, I’m not sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. I can attempt to use a microfilament structure and print the organ in a modified manner without nanomachines, but it’ll take some time. For now, I think we should focus on that.”

“Agreed. You think that’ll work? I mean, it’s not like we can put me in a new body if something goes wrong. I’m not sure Yamatai has that capability. I’m pretty sure we don’t have any neural net copies of my personality.” Aliset nodded, finally remembering to take a breath. “You need any samples, doctor?”

“Plenty, and I’ll get to that in a moment.” Tutala said, pulling over a console, before typing some things in, and saying, “I’ll need to do some molecular scans, and create a simulation, but for now, I’ll say you’re dismissed.”

“I’ll put you in contact with C shortly.”

Thank you to @HarperMadi and @Miko for participation in this RP.