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[YSS Shinsugo] Prologue: Getting A Starship (feat. YSS Eucharis)


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Atika accessed the information with a single thought. "While not originally equipped with them, heat lamps are standard issue for any ship with Separa'shan crew members. I believe I'll be able to use the environmental controls to replicate Essia. Hmm, with a bit of work we might even be able to get the gravity right too!" She said brightly.


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It was then that another cadet had arrived almost two minutes behind schedule, panting with a suitcase in hand. Black eyes look at his superior regretfully, because he decided to stay up all night to listen to some music.

It was a Minkan male, about 23 years old in age, yet his cheerful smile and childish behaviour have proved that age is only a number. Short, black hair, fair-skinned, and slender in appearance, this Minkan is known for being the academy's "class-clown" always making jokes to lighten up the mood. He walks up to his superior with a serious gaze before standing in front of her.

"Santo Hei Argon Riddle, ready to serve the Empire till death, ma'am." The Minkan saluted her seriously, yet his face started to smile at her cheerfully. "Permission to come aboard?"


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Delenna watched and listened as everyone spoke, she was accustomed to everyone speaking at once in Yamatai and had got quite used to it, even though a lot of the words blended together for her still. She sighed as she looked over to Atika, Shui and Shan after nodding to the new recruits "Ah yes, thank you Atika, could you please take care of that for us, if you want to as well, you could share the room with them as well, I think it would be nice and will most likely help with feeling like part of the crew." She smiled as she gives them both a salute "have a good time on board and if you need me, just ask." After this she turned to the two late attendees and chuckled a little "No need to worry you two, I am still waiting on my second and some others, but welcome aboard the YSS Shinsugo, I have touched on our tasks with the others, but our main mission is to bring back lost colonies to the folds of Yamatai."

With this Delenna coughs a little "So I just want to know a little about why you wanted to or were asked to come work with us, Nito Hei Ragadottir you wear the colours of a Narki, oh sorry um shaman... no that is wrong as well, a Medic, that is always a helpful addition to a ship and I welcome you with open arms." She turned to the only male that was accepted to the Shinsugo and tilted her head "and you are engineering, that is a good help to us as well."

As Delenna was talking four more people piled in after the Medic and Engineer, with them was a demonic looking minkan, a rough looking elf, a Caelisolan and a Kodian. It looked like the small demonic Minkan had dragged the other three people with her, with a smile the demon spoke in a sweet voice "It is good to see you again Captain, Shoi Irinth Wethiran reporting for duty, I can already tell this will be an interesting ship with all the others standing around here." She giggled as she pointed to the other three "I found these three hidding around the corner, I don't think they wanted to interrupt you talking to the fresher meat."

The Elf shook her head and in a gruff voice spoke out "That wasn't it, I wasn't expecting the Shinsugo tobe this ship, I was expecting a Eucharis sized ship when I heard about it, but a ship is a ship and it looks like I got a good crew to work with. Oh I am Ittô Juni Aayliah Furven, pleasure to be your top infantry on the ship."

The next to speak was Kodian is a soft and deep voice, she was still looking at a data pad "I am so sorry, I was transfixed of the info about our crew, so many wonderful species, including you captain, I was just interested to see if the story about your species was true Ma'am or not." She looked up and was a little embarrassed when she saw everyone "Hello, I am Santô Juni Grendiva and I am your intelligence operative, it is a pleasure to meet you all face to face finally."

Finally the angel spoke and bowed to every one "I am Santô Juni Boel Cavik, I am nothing special, just the cook, if you have a favourite meal, please tell me and I will learn to make it as best I can, just so you have a taste of home while on the ship, with all of us."

Delenna saluted them all after they spoke "it is a please having you on board, especially you Irinth, I am happy to see a familiar face from some old times. Well I will say, it should be time for people to get settled in and we can get to know each other better, I will set up the briefing for after people have settled in and we are ready to set off."


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The snakey duo turned to the interesting holographic lady, Shan looking quite pleased. "Excellent. The floors at the compound could get real chilly from time to time." Shui followed up excitedly. "Indeed, sheesh! Also i like gravity like this, makes you feel all floaty!"

"Though, if we do alter that room's gravity, Miss Atika would be the most suitable roommate, as her volumetric presence would be mostly unaffected by the doubled gravitational force." Shan pondered, realizing that the others wouldn't be too comfortable in a room where they would suddenly weigh twice as much.

Once the other crewmembers were pulled out of the woorworks by the somewhat scary looking Shoi, the snakes greeted them with a friendly wave as well. While Shan was fairly casual about it, Shui was most interested in the big fuzzy Kodian Intelligence officer, staring at her large, fluffy frame, which illicited an elbow nudge from Shan. Seeing someone nudge their own body does look kinda comical, but for the snake "sisters", it was an almost everyday practice. "Heya!" "Pleased to meet you all."
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Tomomi just stood and rendered the proper greetings for the number of NCOs and officers that had appeared before them. She figured they would have been assigned to the ship. She just didn't expect them to all ambush her all at once.