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[YSS Shiroyama] Hanging with the Tackle Hugger!


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RP Date
Before the Second mission
RP Location
YSS Shiroyama, Food court.
Sachiko left her tinker space, that moment deciding that the Neko needed a break. While she loved tinkering with technology and working with it, she knew others would likely grow concerned if she hadn’t stopped to eat, sleep, and definitely wash. After stripping out of her dirty and grimy work clothes, she sent it to be cleaned as a new outfit appeared over her form. With that, she left and walked through the corridors, her hands in volumetric pockets until her eyes caught a glimpse of a familiar sight.

A grin appeared on her lips and she took off running. “Hey Shasse!” she called to get her attention as she made her way to her first friend that she had made there. The former youngling was saddened that her duties made it difficult considering the two had different occupations and different free time schedules, but she hoped that now things seemed to overlap, they could share some time together as friends should.

Once Sachiko caught up with her, she asked rather breathlessly “want to hang out or something?” She felt hopeful that they could spend time together, and it excited her to know what Shasse had been up too.

The little blue neko had been wandering the halls as she often did, as far as militersupesoldiers went she was pretty chill. While she plotted a course to the next stack of vending machines to raid her ears perked up, someone had called her name. Turning around on the spot she spotted the offender!

The blue catgirl launched herself at Sachiko with a cry and tackled her to the floor as the poor girl tried to ask a decent question. "Hi Sachi! I haven't seen you in ages, have you been hiding from me? Well anyway you wanted to hang out, that sounds like fun! I think you need a bath." Shasse practically vomitted out her huge word spew in record time while still sitting on her friend on the floor.

Her right foot was lifted to take another step when the Neko found herself on her back once again because of another Shasse style greeting. She remembered Shasse launching with a cry before the tackle. Her ears picked up on Shasse’s excited words, it seemed that she was happy to see her. “No way, I would never avoid you! You’re my friend, no my best friend! It’s work that kept me away, the meanies” she confessed, “but when I had free time, I was worried I was disturbing you since I wasn’t as sure if we had free time at the same time. “

She smiled when she was told that her idea of hanging out sounded fun and she was told she needed a bath. “That’s true, I definitely need a bath since I was in the guts of technology,” she told her as she looked up from her still lying on the floor.

The tiny neko grinned, her long mass of snow white hair finally settling down around her and subsequently over Sachiko's midsection. "Yeah work sounds kinda busy huh, I don't really do much when we don't have a mission so I usually just wander around or play some fun games, but! We gotta get you cleaned up." The excitable neko stood up on Sachiko's chest, normally she didn't weigh much but now even less so while her gravity manipulation was on, she didn't want to squish her friend. With a hop Shasse landed on the floor, her long locks floating down around her while she turned and tugged at her friend. "C'mon there's no time to lose!"

Sachiko took note of how free she was, and that she usually didn’t do anything f they hadn’t had a mission to do, it meant that she could take more breaks and spend time if she wanted to. She did note that her friend had long hair in fact, she felt it touching her too, as it settled, going through the Volumetrics that was covering her. Her ears picked up on Shasse’s concern with getting her cleaned, so when she got off her, Sachiko got up and was soon tugged along which forced her to hurry alongside her. “Ok then, cleaning it is!” she said with a laugh.

Shasse dragged the poor girl along to the showers and promptly tossed her friend into a stall. "I can tell you only had holo-clothing on so just have a quick shower and then we can go and do fun stuff!" The blue neko proclaimed before rushing back out the door to go and fetch who knows what, she was unpredictable on the best days. After a few minutes, just long enough for a quick shower, the bouncy catgirl returned with two capes she'd fashioned from sheets with hers already around her neck and dragging along the floor. "Are you ready for a super adventure?" Shasse asked excitedly from the doorway, not wanting to drag her cape into the wet flooring and get it soggy.

Sachiko almost tripped as she was dragged before she got the idea to just float and allowed Shasse to drag her that way. Once in the shower, she immediately deactivated the volumetric since Shasse already knew about it, and began to take a warm, comfortable shower, washing the smell off and any leftover dirt, before turning the water off, and her returning friend. Her grin returned, and it widened as she heard her friend. She hovered towards her, noting the capes she had. “Yes, I am definitely ready for a super adventure!” she said with an excited grin all the while thinking this would be good for her. “Whatcha got planned?’ she asked her as she touched down beside her.

"Well I know that it's pretty quiet in the halls right now so it's time to find out which of us is the fastest superhero! We'll have to race to the mess hall and the loser has to buy a pudding for the winner!" Shasse proclaimed proudly as she tied her cape around her neck, half of still being obscured by the overflowing locks of her icy-white hair, turning back to Sachiko she falshed her a toothy grin, the blood red eyes of the smaller girl excited and determined. "Oh, don't forget to put some clothes on too, I have my costume right here." Shasse said before activating her volumetrics, a blue and red superhero outfit was projected over her uniform with her signature blood teardrops in the centre over her chest. The little neko bounced from foot to foot and began stretching her arms, despite the fact she didn't need to it seemed the small girl was going to anyway while she waited.

Sachiko stepped out of the shower, her body immediately dried by the technology Yamatai had before she moved to a screen where on her approach an exclamation point was flashing, after pressing hat her uniform now clean and warm appeared. She got dressed and after a glance to the outfit Shasse now wore, a costume it appeared to be so she quickly searched the internet for something appropriate and found one with a different design since she didn’t want to make it seem like she was copying her completely, so her own had different colors and design. “How’s this look?” she asked her a grin on her face. “Soo a race huh, I’ve never done that before, so it’s an interesting idea.”

Shasse's jaw would have hit the floor then and there if it could, never done a race before? What had this poor girl ever done for fun! "I can't believe you've never had a race before Sachi! Well don't worry they're super fun for us super heroes, but I'm not gonna go easy on ya just cause you're new!" The little blue neko said, her fuzzy ears flicking around like her tail as she beamed up at the taller woman. "You may have a costume now, but it's time to see what you're made of!" Shass proudly proclaimed, putting on an announcer voice as she crouched down into a runner starting position. "We'll go on your mark Sachi."

Sachiko found her vision darkening for a split second as she blinked. The former youngling began getting the impression she should have had a race before, unfortunately, the taller Neko had found herself wanting to spend time on the ship’s engineering area growing up, and this meant she began picking up the technical things and she was allowed to take things apart which she found fun. But perhaps not everyone found that fun. She listened as Shasse speak and saw her getting into position, and as she moved to the position beside her, she quickly downloaded all she needed to know from the network. Seemed simple enough, she could do it, though Shasse was smaller than her, she will try to have fun. “ok, On your marks get set….GO!” she said before she took off running as fast as she was able to Shasse said she wasn’t going to go easy on her, so she decided not to.

Shasse grinned and took off after her friend, scampering along at top speed behind Sachiko. The little blue neko dashed through the halls hot on the heels of the taller girl, bouncing off the walls. "You're gonna have to go faster than that Sachi!" Shasse giggled as she drew up level with her, looking up with her usual huge smile.

The blue neko pushed off the floor at that point and flew down the hall with her hair flying around behind her like a cloud.

Sachiko grinned, thinking Shasse would never catch up, but she had, of course, Shasse was smaller than her, and it was logical for her to be faster since she was full of energy. Whoa!” she exclaimed as she saw her move ahead of her. She too lifted off the floor and flew after her a big grin on her face. “ok, then I shall go faster Shasse!” she called after her as she flew as fast as she could to catch up and be on a level with her.

The blue neko laughed as they zoomed down the halls, their finish line was coming up soon but before that she still had time for some tricks and the perfect chance was here! Some poor soul had stepped into her path with a few boxes in their hands, without slowing down Shasse touched down on the ground in a sprint before jumping and soaring over the top, landing with a sommersault then taking off running once more. "Try to keep up Sachi!" She called back, watching to see if her friend could think fast enough to dodge the poor inhabitant.

Sachiko zoomed after her friend, a grin on her face, which was soon replaced with a look of surprise, as the poor inhabitant came into their path. Her eyes widened as she saw Shasse’s actions, and her awe and admiration of her friend grew to new heights. She tried to keep herself calm which was difficult to do since she was running. She timed it right as her body turned, bent down a little, moving underneath the boxes, and in a spin, she found herself faced forward again, and with a jump, she used the force to propel her after Shasse hoping it allowed her distance to get closer. “I will don’t worry!” she said making it seem as if Shasse was worried about her fitness or something rather than it being their game.

She thought she heard damn kids from behind her.

The blue neko grinned and continued at top speed, the end was in sight but her friend was closing fast! It was going to be a close finish. "Those snacks are miineee!" She cried, her little legs pumping as she pushed herself onwards towards the end.

The taller Neko ran as fast as she was able to, her heart full of hope that she could catch up to her smaller more excitable friend. “nuh-uh!” she cried out in response as she soon found herself at level with her friend. She did think it would be nice of her to share if she made it.

The end was in sight and Shasse was almost there, the blue neko tried for one more burst of speed but kicked herself in the back of the foot instead, tripping over herself and tumbling forwards head over heels with an "oof" as Sachiko overtook her and won the race. Shasse slid along the floor into the room behind her belly up as the momentum from her fall carried her forwards, once coming to a stop she gave a small splutter and simply lay on the floor like a starfish looking at the ceiling.

Sachiko smiled as she won then her mind processed what she heard, and she turned around to investigate what she had heard. Immediately the smile was gone as her eyes widened as she ran back to her friend. “Shasssseeee!” she cried out as she got to her, she hoped that the small Neko was alright. “Are you ok?!” she asked as she looked her over, she didn’t look hurt, the Tinkerer thought maybe she tripped.

"I'm ok, just tumbled a little bit, still dizzy heheh." Shasse replied, looking up at the older neko standing over her. "Well, you beat me in the race, so now you get pudding. Just give me a sec to stop the world spinning around." The smaller girl giggled before sitting up on the floor and rubbing her head a bit. Once she'd finally gotten up Shasse hopped over to a vending machine and had a look at the contents. "So what kind of pudding do you want?"

Sachiko watched her, her ears heard her worlds telling her she was alright, though she was a little dizzy, which can happen, she remembered that when she was a youngling. She watched her get up and move to the vending machine. “Vanilla,” she said having found that flavor her favorite. She followed after her and looked at the choices before she looked at Shasse again.
The blue neko hummed a random tune as she grabbed the pudding for Sachiko, she wasn't dizzy anymore but her head was still a little sore from tumbling at high speeds, she was used to it enough to not be too bothered though. "Here we go, one pudding!" She proudly announced while holding up the snack on her two outstretched palms with a big smile. Once she'd given it to the older woman she quickly hopped up on a stool and watched her, it was no secret that Shasse loved her sweets and food in general and she was eying that pudding she'd gotten for her friend, though Shasse would never dream of asking for a piece since it was won fairly in their race.

Sachiko smiled at her smaller friend as she got her chosen pudding, and immediately she picked up a spoon and moved it towards the pudding before she remembered her friend’s love of sweets and food. She took a piece and ate it and closed her eyes as she savored the taste before she gently pushed it to Shasse and a new clean spoon. “Want to try some?’ she asked her, though she had won the pudding fairly, she thought she should be nice. She already got what she wanted, which was winning. Which she liked, and she wasn’t the kind of girl who would be a bad winner.
The blue neko looked up at Sachiko with wide eyes and as her jaw hit the floor. "Really? Even though you won you'd still share some with me!" Shasse smiled happily and took the spoon and a tiny scoop of pudding, shaking her head from side to side, she really loved sweets. "Wow even though I've had it a few days ago it still tastes amazing as ever! Thanks so much Sachi." The little neko handed it back to her and hopped off her stool, running over and grabbing herself a small cupcake and bringing it back to the bench, floating up to sit on her stool once more. "You can have some of this too!" She said handing a small piece to her friend.

As the Tinkerer saw her widened eyes and the shocked look on Shasse’s face, and as Shasse smiled, Sachiko smiled as the feeling of pleasure at doing a good thing filled her very being. She saw how much it pleased Shasse, and her smile widened as she was thanked for her good deed. She was about to go back to eating her pudding when Shasse brought a small cupcake back with her, and she was offered a small piece like she had offered her. Sachiko smiled and ate the offered piece. “Mmm yummy!” she said and smiled as she went back to eating her pudding. “They are both so good, I like this pudding the best out of all of them,” she said to her.

"Yeah pudding is pretty nice, but I love cake more than anything in the world." Shasse went quiet for a moment while she ate her cupcake, the ocasional chew coming from the small neko as she thought long and hard about a very important topic. "I think I'm gonna need a nap soon, I'm a bit tired from all the excitement. But thanks for playing with me today! It's been really fun/"
Sachiko found herself pleased to discover that Shasse loved cake more than anything in the world. She filed that important piece of info for later use. She wanted to surprise her friend with the cake that she loved, though she knew there were multiple kinds of cake. She decided she should narrow this down. to make the proper choice. However Shasse had a different idea in mind. “yeah, we had a lot of fun today, your my best friend Shasse, I loved this, I hope we can do this again, also is there a specific cake you like?” she asked.

"Hmm, I like all cakes, I don't think I've found a favourite one since I haven't tried them all yet and there is loads more to find, but I do really like Vanilla." The little blue neko replies with one hand tapping her chin as she thought. But, I won't be on the ship much longer, Miles and I have finished our 3 years so we're going out to explore and live a different life. But I'll definitely message you whenever I can! I won't forget any of my friends I've made and you might get to see me if you have shore leave some time."

Sachiko smiled and nodded ”ok, then next time, I’ll try and get a vanilla cake,” she said before she learned of Shasse’s decision. Though she would be sad to see her go, she knew this is what she wants, plus Shasse was right she can still contact and there was shore leave. So smiled “that’s true, I hope you and Miles have fun exploring. I haven’t decided yet if I am going to stay myself after three years, I think I may create this mobile repair corp and I can go around repairing damaged ships and help people out. It could be fun, I hope anyways. “If we ever meet up again you two will be more than welcome to join me.

"That sounds really cool, I'm no good with mechanical stuff and repair but I'll definitely visit you when I have the time." Shasse said. "And I'll make sure to bring lots of cakes and puddings when I do."
“You better bring lots of cakes and pudding!” She said with a smile on her face, though she felt sad that she and Shasse wouldn’t have as much time to chat and hang out. This was fun, and Shasse always had fun ideas. She was pleased when Shasse had told her that her idea sounded cool. “I’m thinking I’d love it, I can fly around and I’d maybe be paid for it if they are willing to donate.” She got a buzz and she saw she needed to get back to work. She gave her a hug gently before leaving.
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