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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

[YSS Shiroyama] Mission 2, Side B(SOFT): Not as They Seem


FM of Neshaten
Game Master
RP Date
Ye 42
RP Location
YSS Shiroyama
The SOFT would be greeted by Kimber with a small fixed-blade knife deftly cutting open the molecure tape keeping a carboard box sealed shut, this box seated inside a heavily-armoured container only a few inches bigger than itself and clearly marking the box’s contents with some level of importance – the auburn-haired operative craning her head as the team filtered in to offer them a curt nod and the faintest of smiles before re-sheathing the knife in a concealed sheath beneath the back of her uniform’s jacket, procuring a vacuum-sealed bag containing a perfectly folded utility jumpsuit and pair of matching boots that she handed off to Mikodimus before returning to the box to repeat the action for each member as she began speaking.

“Good morning Yama-Dura Demons, I hope you all got plenty of rest last night and are prepared for a long day,” Kimber greeted them, her tone conveying some sense of an almost maternal side beneath the professional exterior as she gave them all a once over and continued handing out the bundles.

“While I cannot divulge what our ranger counterpart will be upto I can say that our actions today, should we succeed, and their actions combined should help us gain some insight into the as of yet undetermined third party causing problems for us lately – contained in each of those parcels I am handing out is an artificially weathered jumpsuit each of us shall be wearing during a covert investigated onboard the nearby civilian station orbiting Terra Multa, Northstar Station,” she relayed to them all and sure enough the bundles contained a well-fitted jumpsuit designed for each member of the team’s specific needs, they were a royal blue with black piping and featured some realistic fraying on some of the seams as well as a few faint stains to ensure they seemed authentically used.

There was enough room inside for a vest… or utility harness to be worn beneath it but well-fitting enough to not make them seem overly baggy, the jumpsuits would feel durable and weighty though not overly heavy, complete with a hood, boots and a set of hard-knuckled gloves that could be detached if an individual so desired – overall they were rather generic truth be told, and the reason this such brand had been chosen for them.

“The jumpsuits are to help us blend in as SAOY colours may spook potential leads away though I should explain our purpose for needing to remain covert in the first place – right before the yet-to-be-identified vessel disconnected its docking bay and warped west it beamed a heavily encrypted signal planetside, using a communications array on the nearby station as a node though the staffmember on-duty at the time has since gone missing and the drive with this information has been heavily corrupted, leading us to believe foul play or espionage of some degree is involved,” Kimber continued, finishing handing out the jumpsuits before retrieving a steenplast container that was set down on a nearby bench.

“Protocol dictates you leave any personal or otherwise identifying defects currently on your person in this container until you either return post-mission or are revived in a hemo-tank, whatever you put inside will be put under the watchful care of my daughter Valerie, so you have her word they will be returned as they were when you discarded them,” she reassured the team before reaching into the back of her pants, retrieving the recently used knife and stowing it in the steenplast container as well as her personal communicator as a show of good faith, they’d be more likely to trust her word if her own belongings were in the same situation.

“I have more information to give on the suits, what you will be bringing, your cover and our insertion plan though is everybody on-board so far?”


The Smollest Smol
FM of Elysia
SOFT Team Muster

Arinori Sora seemed a little... Disappointed at the idea of the team going "quiet". Sure, it's the overall better option, UNDENIABLY, but that doesn't stop her from being a tiny lil' bit upset that she can't bring along her gear. Then again... Being a living tower with a wingspan the size of a small building tends to not go hand-in-hand with stealth and as such she's never really seen herself pulling it off. Oh, well.

Despite looking visibly unhappy about something, she'd opted to keep her mouth shut.


Well-Known Member

Mikodimus listened to the run down about halfway before he started to dig in the crate of items. "If we are trying to blend in, I could just wear my normal cooking clothes and apron." He said taking one of the outfits out of the box. "Welp, if this is what we got to wear, guess that is just what we will have to do." Without another word Miko started to strip in front of everyone. He had just come from the kitchen so had a belt full of tools he placed in the box. As he dropped his pants a very large sausage hit the floor. "The hell, I was looking for that." He said reaching down to pick it up and place into the box. In little time at all he had put on the outfit.

He looked over and had seen Sora having a not so happy look on her face. Wondering what might be on her mind, inched over to find out. "So, seem like something is on your mind. Worried about this mission?"


FM of Neshaten
Game Master
Kimber squinted and offered the assembled personnel a moment longer before her red eyebrows raised up somewhat, a distant shadow of a surprised expression that was washed aside so that the not-samurai could continue explaining.

"Well then, let it be known for the the record that the uniforms contain an innermost layer of zylon-reinforced stonethread and should be able to stop something handgun-caliber should things unfortunately go south," the senior member of the team continued to explain as she produced a boxy-looking container and hefted it up onto that same bench, not yet reaching for its latches as she had more to say.

The lack of questions thus far was... somewhat worrisome even if the gynoid didn't betray that feeling in her synthetic gut, figuring the team was big and scary enough to ask questions at the end if they needed to.

"As far as our cover and insertion plan is concerned we will be piggybacking on a ship under the guise of scrappers working for the Fikusā salvage firm, a little front maintained for such operations though well-established enough to not rouse suspicions and included with each of your uniforms are a fake company ID... though if things go according to plan I should be the only one needing to show mine. But we must be well prepared, speaking of which~" Kimber continued to assault the team with information, reaching for that sealed container and making quick work of un-sealing it with a little hiss sound, revealing a Rokheus & Surma H36-1c and magazine for each member alongside some holsters.

"Any good salvager carries a sidearm to ward off vultures eyeing their scrap, these should hopefully offer you some peace of mind, our first port of call will be making our way to the station's morgue and getting a look at the body, I'll decide and inform you all of where we will take the operation from there. If you have no further questions then get changed," Kimber finished finally, plucking a pistol and its ensemble out for herself before the redhead quickly began likewise peeling out of her uniform with little care for modesty.

She wasn't naked beneath it after all, clad in the standard SAOY undergarments one might expect.