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[YSS Shiroyama] Mission One: And that's how it all started...


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Tera Multa Orbit - Derelict

Midori's eyes went wide as she watched the commanding officer's body thrown to the side like a ragdoll, glad she was next to the elysian so her expression couldn't be seen. They had been unprepared for the ambush and she mentally cursed the lack of power armor for protection just then. She ducked to the side for a moment just as Sora's wing was torn into, but she reacted quickly as her artificial mind focused and forced her to act.

She kicked off the floor and strafed to the side, low and in front of Sora for a moment as she raised her rifle, and when she was just to the edge of the barricade and kicked down off the floors of the ship. A spin and twist mid stride found her spun upside down in comparison to the Elysian she had with her and she pushed down immediately in a straight line toward the enemy and the body they hid under. Her gun had switched to fully automatic and she never released the trigger until she crashed into the pile of bodies. She was sure that even though she had forced herself off the roof of the hall they were in with her considerable amount of force, she could take any damage from impact.

Tera Multa Orbit - Derelict
Ranger Team

"Get back to the airlock. Your suit is hit, you have no air and you're hurt. Get a new suit and get our wounded onto the shuttle understood?" Hinata looked to Suzume, eyes harder now than her normal joking tone usually held. People were getting injured and hurt in this cluster fuck of a "training mission" and it was pissing her off as she struggled to fight off her demons and not call for a full retreat. She looked over to Lucas and quickly moved to to his side, her eyes focused on where Aleksandra was.

"Sir, we either need to regroup and re-arm, or we need to request some support from some power armors. We are going in blind and under armed, and more of us are going to get hurt." Hinata had seen it all to often, the leader wanted to charge in to keep up the pressure even though they were in a bad spot. "We need help, we need reinforcements with some heavier fire power, and we need a better look at the ship. They can't have that many here on the ship, we've only seen small three man teams. They are well trained, but they don't have the people to keep the ship for long... And with the ship in the state it's in, it'll take forever for them to get anything they need from the computers. A PA team can be here in a matter of moments, cut in and fuck them up pretty easily, but we need to make that call sir."

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Vandal 2 (Rangers)

"But..." Was Sparrows only reply to her superior, The single worded practically choked with subdued emotion as her youth almost slipped out amidst the tempest of emotions that was raging within her as a quiet voice in the back of her head berated her that she in some way had been responsible for some cascade of failures causing her to hang her head.

It wasn't her fault...

It took a long moment for the more rational side of her psyche however to wrest back control before the usual quiet and deadpan tone took back over as she simply responded "Understood."

Even back in control of her own mental faculties it rung hollow in her mind as she scooped back up her carbine and cautiously backtracked her way to the shuttle remdevous, Stopping short of the bulkhead to appraise her own physical state. Her side was almost painfully cold and tight and despite her natural hemosynth sealing the wound she felt sour to the touch where she had taken the hit.

Her suit fared better but the hole was a significant threat if she was exposed to the void and would go from a minor oxyogen leak to a major threat as she lost air faster than it was recycled, the heat and cold destroyed her insides from even the tiny exposure and the natural and unmolested radiation of the naked void would likely the finish the job. Even she knew so much.

Back at the station she had been somwhat savy to these issues and had made sure to keep a small vial of self regenerative mesh with her when the order had come to switch to EVA. Carefully applying the clear mixture over the hole the small nanfento materials knitted a clear patch over the hole almost as strong as the base material. It would hold just as well and see her back to the ship if she needed.

But did she need to get back to the ship?

Nito hinata's orders where to retrieve and aid the wounded. And while she had yet to connect to the SOFT teams communications net she could still view them in her HUD. More than one icon was a shade of red or yellow denoting their current status and where clearly wounded. A tight feeling welled in her chest as indecision racked her already shaken mind...