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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

[YSS Shiroyama] Mission Two, Part 1: Picking up the Pieces


FM of Neshaten
Game Master
RP Date
Ye 42
RP Location
YSS Shiroyama

With no further loss of Yamataian life both teams managed to push through and eliminate the remaining stragglers aboard the derelict, Juno would be revived shortly after her body was brought back to the station and the teams soon discovered a series of charges being set in the walls surrounding the derelict’s server room – the mysterious ship quickly departed and warped to god knows where with shockingly little presence on any scanners, there was no way to determine where it may have gone, leaving everyone very confused as to what the goal of all this was.

Meanwhile planetside the two personnel inside the camouflaged jeep were thankful their main goal had been achieved, whatever that may have been, though disappointed they were not able to employ the planned subterfuge.

It was not a good day, what had started as a simple training exercise quickly snowballed into… whatever this was, so the team was taken back home to lick their wounds and recuperate before their next assignment.

Terra Multa’s Orbit, YSS Shiroyama, Command Module - Now

Shosa-Hayden’s synthetic blue gaze followed the last few people to enter the room closely, bearing down on the uniformed individuals with an outward look of indifference though his synthetic eyes still clearly betraying some distant feeling of a father not wanting to seem ever so slightly disappointed – the human took another swig from his mug and cleared his throat with a rattle before nodding to a nearby Neko controlling a datapad, volumetric projectors kicking into action around him, the image displayed on the wall-sized surface? An orbital shot of the lush planet they orbited around, the angle and perspective suggesting it was from a satellite somewhere east of the station’s command module.

“Right,” Ryder simply spoke, placing the mug down and letting a small exhale leave his lungs before continuing.

“I will not pretend the previous outing of these two units went smoothly, It was intended to be a training exercise though as I know some of you already know first hand from the previous war and maybe even wars Yamatai has fought – conflicts never go smoothly for too long,” the older man paused, folding arms behind his back briskly as he let his words sink in.

“That being said, both of you have new assignments today, somewhat similar ones at that,” the Shosa began explaining, taking a few carefully paced steps off to the side so as to not obstruct the display behind his form.

“Though before that, a preface about the enemy forces we faced recently.”

The screen changed to show footage pulled from the perspective of the Ranger team’s resident samurai robot during the incident on the derelict ship that had since been pushed back into orbit, it played a short moment though paused when one of the black-clad aggressors fired their strange weapons, yellow helix a few feet from its eventual point of impact in Kensei’s shoulder.

“Their tech is nothing from the kikyo-sector and very much designed to be tamper-proof even for our highly qualified technicians,” Ryder continued, to punctuate his statement another feed popped up on the screen, showing a partially-disassembled weapon blowing up in a minkan’s face, searing his protective gear and melting partially through its faceplate, this feed quickly faded to be replaced with a crossection of a more successfully-ripped apart version of the same weapon - it was a very intricate thing seemingly comprised of solely proprietary technology, all very clean and professional.

“Besides from the generic weapons that were we are following up on the serial numbers of they appear to favour a very specific type of positron weaponry, the subatomic particles fired out of the twin barrels are kept in check by a sort of electromagnetic slug – upon impact these munitions have been found to disrupt electronics, in laymans terms their output can be likened to that of an anti-armour round that shreds through shields and physical armour as though it were tissue paper so from now on we will issue both teams heavier gear… last notes for the weapons is that the exact nature of the subatomic particles used are yet to be determined, and enlisted personnel are advised to not try firing them,” Ryder cleared his throat and took a deep breath, once more letting his words sink in.

“Though the armour the attackers were wearing is a lot less complicated, little more than a high-end paramilitary hardsuit made from layers of polymers and durandium-based alloys, though their thrusters owes them a high degree of mobility,” The Shosa briefed both teams as pictures of the suits being removed from corpses were shown on the volumetric display, the personnel beneath being a mix of species they’d know such as Nepleslians, Geshrins and even a rare human amongst some outer-sector aliens.

“Before I move on to the final piece of key intelligence gathered and then explain your assignments before letting your leaders brief you further are there any questions about what we have been able to gleam on this group’s hardware? Any specificities you are unsure about are better to be cleared up now than later in the field with your lives potentially on the line,” the mocha-skinned man implored anyone with a question to speak up, a few in the crowd only just know maybe noticing the shadowy saint-suit clad woman conversing with the SOFT’s red-haired leader behind him, the stranger’s features obscured by shadows save for the shock of white hair atop her head and a hint of skin a similar shade to Ryder’s.

Jack Pine

Staff Member
Game Master
Mark Oaklen hadn't been around too long to really get familiar with most of his troops, but at the same time he was quietly elated to be going into combat with them potentially. Finally, he would get his chance to keep his promise to Nerai, to finally take the fight to those who had caused her pain as her home world had been held for a while. It made him even happier to see his brothers and sisters of his alters' nation, finally fighting alongside Yamatai.

But this all was kept to the thoughts of his head as he listened to the briefing given, and what possibly he could ask to clarify any of the data for him and his men. Only A few could be thought of at the moment however, so without further adieu, the Joto Heisho raised his hand. "Shosa, this sounds like some form of more advanced gauss weapon, so is it possible to tell if these are widespread use among the assailants, or perhaps more sparce like those anti-material weapons our own forces use? Also given the quality of their gear, is it possible they were attempting a covert insertion in this zone perhaps, and would that suggest their numbers being few?" Mark asked, thinking on what goal could this group could of had, and ruled out that this could not be some sort of cheap rebellion with such high end equipment being used in his opinion. Lowering his hand after asking his two questions, he calmly waited to hear what other questions were asked, and what answers they all received.


Retired Member
There wasn't much noise from the resident wardroid throughout the entire briefing. Merely sat to the side in what could be the closest possible to a kneeling position with the reversed joints his legs possessed. The long bundle of wires that was normally tied together sprawled loose across his shoulders as several cables were plugged into the ship. The soft humming being the only sound he produced. Even when the pass-around for questions happened, the droid remained still. Having no questions that occurred. Though the soft whizzing that suddenly rose from him, only audible by those close enough, would indicate he was pondering, or mayhaps organizing the whole slew of information that just had been tossed at the entirety of both the Rangers and the Soft team.

Charmaylarg Dufrain

FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
Her side still ached beneath the hemosynth knit flesh and muscle of a fresh and temporary pink scar was nothing compared to the weight on psyche and most of all, Suzume's heart. Nobody had yet said so much as a word to the stoic and outwardly stalwart neko, but the shame Suzume felt was bearing down on her on like a vice.

She had let not only her team down but the SOFT team as well with her wound and her indecision. As the medic it was her job, paramount above all others, to stay as the last one standing in times of distress in combat to deliver life-saving aid and treatment to her team and comrades.

Yet she alone bore the brunt of the damage from the operation and had even been practically chased out of the fight by her superiors as nothing more than dead weight.

She hadn't even spoken to Sachiko or even her father about the experience. Let alone any other team members and had opted to remain silent and seemingly untroubled despite any intent to be as such. Her default expression overriding any sense of visual grief to be replaced by her usual deadpan and stoic gaze.

Even the only other potentially injured member of her team, Kenshi, she had no experience to repair and her even younger niece had sought to treat. Truly useless she was that the faux veteran stood with her arms behind her back Suzume listened quietly to her new superior asking questions she had no the mental hindsight to even consider beyond the pale of her own mental turmoil.

She really wanted to go to her bunk and vent all of her grief to irim-sama. The small plushie who listened and never judged her; Just like the real Irim would.


The Smollest Smol
FM of Elysia
Sora Arinori was, for the moment, silent and observant as she listened to the briefing. As it stood she was still a bit stiff in the wing after it had gotten shot, but she'd rather that than someone else go down. She can keep working without a wing, thought it usually sucked... And Miko was never a fan of it. Which also made her sad but a bit less sad than taking hits for the team. If only she could have had some shielding... But that's the past.


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Mikodimus was still recovering from the battle before. For a training it sure felt more life and death. His poor sore body with cuts all over reminded him how important it was to stay on your toes at all times. Even worse the love of his life took one for the team. Her poor wing which he adored so much now had a hole in it. He should have been there to take the bullet, though during a battle is not the best time to white knight. Miko was learning the challenges of staying in rank but also being there for a loved one. He'd have to come of up new ways to compliment not only his team, but his partner in crime as well. After all, team shock and awe had a reputation to keep.


FM of Neshaten
Game Master
"More or less the same technology, Oaklen-Heisho, mass-driver weapons accelerating small objects to great velocities and such," Ryder nodded as he looked around the room again to confirm to himself it seemed like nobody else was asking questions this moment - the seasoned soldier's bright blue eyes smiling slightly as he noticed the ship's curvy purple tech cat, Valerie, briefly bump her knee against Suzume's - only to wince and mouth a silent apology before redirecting her attention back towards the presentation.

"From what we could tell they seem to be a fairly widely-used form of weaponry among the assailants, allowing them to punch above their own rate though such specialized weaponry must have been expensive and tedious to produce so we are looking into any form of paper-trail they may have left behind - this hopefully assisting us in putting a name to the group and furthermore, gaining some insight into their goals," the Shosa answered the only question asked, permitting himself a moment to clear his throat and catch his breath, coughing into the back of one gloved hand.

"If that is all the questions for now then I shall move on..." Ryder continued, his expression souring slightly as the man spoke.

"It seems our planetside peacekeeping friends, the Terra Multarian Authoriative Order, were not being entirely upfront with us and were using the decently attacked derelict as some form of off-site backup they deemed secure - information stored there being mostly harmless things such as topographical scans though there are a few more sensitive files not publically available pertaining to the foundations of older, key buildings across the continent - thanks to the information our technicians have been able to pull it seems that the attacking forces were successful enough to copy over the majority of the information stored on the servers and transfer it to their vessel before we were able to stop them, with plans to jettison the server room afterwards and destroy it, plans we put a stop to quickly," Ryder informed the assembled personnel before pausing to take a breath, his lips having turned a little blue from that lengthy bout of dialogue.

"Despite our efforts, some of the information pulled is still deemed sensitive and since then their backup site has been re-positioned to within our base on the outskirts of Besukyanpu - both teams will have two hours to prepare however they need to and will shortly be further briefed by their respective leaders though the saint and ranger elements among us should prepare themselves for covert investigation and planetside scouting respectively... if there are no further questions then you are free to go," Ryder finished and let his eyes scan the crowd once more, the white-haired woman Kimber had been speaking to having since slinked away out of sight as the redheaded saint-operative moved to stand behind the Shosa silently, arms locked behind her back.