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  • Current IC Month: 9月 YE 42 (through December 31, 2020)

[YSS Shiroyama] Pre-Mission One: The Bio-weapon and the Arsenal


FM of Neshaten
Game Master
RP Date
ye 40
RP Location
Unnamed Yamataian Starbase
There was nothing to do, it was around what most people on the starbase considered midday due to the clock that synced up with Kyoto's time but a certain combat engineer with an ashen-brown ponytail sticking out the top of her hair couldn't find anything to do - Latch was sleeping after his extremely late shift so the Minkan had decided to give him the day to rest up, Juno could go find something to busy herself with.

..Evidently not anymore, she'd hit the gym twice, helped haul around a crates in the cargobay that looked heavier than what she should be able to lift unless you knew her well and now there was nothing - so Juno wandered the halls on autopilot, like a soul seeking its body. Her workshop was shut down temporarily due to an accident but even if she wanted to go work on all that secret nonesense right now she couldn't.

A huff left the woman's lips as her vibrant green eyes slid shut and hands found their way to resting in the pockets of her hoodie, head slumping forwards to rest against the cold metal of the hallway's walls with another huff - it was pretty evident to others that something was up but Juno wasn't doing it for attention, she was doing it because continuing to do nothing was a poor alternative.

The multi-hued hair Neko drifted along silently through the halls a few paces back from Juno and watched her like a predator. Hinata wasn't immune to the lack of things to do at all, and since her next posting had been scrapped before she even had a chance to ship out, well the trouble maker was looking for something to do, and thank Chiharu she had found it...

She stalked closer and closer until she was just a few feet behind the Minkan, and with little sound pushed up and forward until she was right above the woman before she altered her own gravity and slammed down ontop of Juno. With a thump and a grunt, she rolled over onto her back and kicked a foot up onto her knee while sprawled out over top of the girl in a seemingly uncaring position that she had her pinned down.

"You know, my old commander always told me not to sleep in the halls, but I never figured it was cause the floors were so lumpy and uncomfortable. Damn engies need to fix this shit."

For the most part hitting Juno felt like hitting a brick wall, despite how solid the woman felt under her uniform though the lack of her paying attention meant all she could muster was a surprised "eep~" as she was thrown to the ground by this stranger - the first thing she noticed was that oddly coloured hair and how it looked kinda neat, but this was something to do so in the back of Juno's digital mind she was thankful to be in this situation for whatever reason she was.

"I uh, well we'd need to rip up the whole ship and do you know how annoying that is?' the Minkan asked from her spot on the floor once she'd gotten her bearings back, taking a moment to offer a small smile before rolling over to put the Neko on her back with more strength than a Minkan should be able to muster.

"Yea but imagine it. You're dead tired from your shift, your room is sooooo far away, and you just wanna sleep. So you find yourself a comfy corner of the hallway and zonk out." Hinata explained as she tossed her hands behind her head and wove fingers into fingers to give her head a little cushion. She remained practically glued to the Mikan's back as Juno moved.

"Imagine how much nicer it'll be for that, not to mention an impromptu sneak off session when you get that cutie from down in the armor bay that wants a quickie."

"You know what? that does sound kinda neat, I'll see what I can do 'bout it," Juno chuckled back to this odd Neko who'd all but assaulted her, had the Minkan not been in need of some kind of stimuli then she might've been offended but right now? it was a welcome distraction from all the nothing going on.

"Nito Hei Juno Aurion - some people call me arsenal but, well it's for a good reason," the sapper finished with a smirk before she finally hauled herself and the Neko upright, shrugging off the few odd looks passers by may or may not have given them. Zonk, that was new... she liked that word a lot.

"Nito Heisho Kaito Hinata. Just call me Hinata." The multi-colored neko said as she spun so her chest was to Juno's back and wrapped her arms around the woman's neck as she floated along. With a little yawn she kicked her feet like she was swimming and bobbed her head back and forth.

"So, whatcha do around here Arsenal?" She asked.

The Minkan tensed up noticably as she felt the arms around her neck and the body against her back, the Neko would immediately feel just how rock solid the red panel was under her uniform but Juno gulped and tried to regain her composure before speaking. "Well uh~ I'm a combat engie but for the moment it is less combat and more... well more just the engie side I guess, they have me slaving away down in the workshop on all these secret things I can't really talk 'bout."

Juno let out a huff and began walking off in some direction with this Neko on her back, nowhere in particular in mind besides just forwards as she looked back to speak, "What 'bout you Hinata? whatchu do around here?"

"I make things that were alive, less alive. Dead, deceased, unliving, not alive, you know all that fun shit." She offered up as she surveyed where they were going.

"I'm just a simple combat arms and all that entails. Well, Infantry if you wanna be exact, but I do a bit of everything combat wise." She explained and yawned, her mouth wide and tongue stiuck out a bit all to much like a cat before she spun so she hung upside down in front of the Minkan. "What kinda shit they got you workin on?" She asked fairly bluntly.

Juno gave a warm smile as she saw the Neko casually drop down infront of her, she wasn't quite sure who but Hinata reminded her of somebody from back in basic - "Well I can't really say too much about that or the black panels will make me cease to exist, I really am sorry~ I would tell you if I could," the Minkan spoke with a more apologetic smile this time as they passed a sign pointing towards the station's wardroom.

"Aaaaahhh I'm kinda itching to get out in the field and really test it though, been a while since I've been able to do something like that but having a cabin to share with my boyfriend instead of sneaking around on a ship is nice - time'll tell I guess," Juno shrugged before booping her Neko companion's nose briefly.

"You got anyone?"

"Sweetheart, I'm a Neko, not a Minkan. We aren't built for Monogamy. That said if you two wanna get freaky just drop me a line, love threesomes." Hinata said with a grin and a wink as she spun with the natural grace of a cat and landed on two feet. The tall Neko let her hands clasp behind her head as she walked along beside the combat engineer.

"So super secret Saintly shit that is used as a weapon in combat huh? Sounds like fun. You need a test dummy just ask me, even if it does go up I'll survive. I got the luck of the Devil." Hinata told her companion.

She tried to play it off with a chuckle but it was a weak attempt at best and the blush that filled Juno's cheeks betrayed her, causing the red-clad girl's chin to dip a little before she picked it back up to speak, "Now I know who you remind me of... roomie when I was training to be a sapper... but I uh - anyway..."

The Minkan cleared her throat awkwardly, pushing the memory of a drunk weekend out of her head before answering Hinata's question as just something else to speak about, "Yeah something like that, who knows - you might even be one of the first to use it what with you big fancy title and all that."

"Nah, They just know I won't die if somethin goes wrong." Hinata explained as she yawned again. She had spotted the blush and her grin had spread back over her face as she closed the gap to throw an arm around her neck. Something she may not have noticed earlier, but walking hip to hip now, was Hinata was wearing a hologram.

Yeah... just like her roomie from basic, Juno's rather intensely muscled physique underneath her uniform tensed up once again as she felt bare skin against her uniform - it wasn't anything new but each time was so unexpected that it always blindsided the very physically capable woman. "I... hm... do you flirt with every bored soldier of uh, of lower rank that you come across?" Juno asked, her cheeks going nuclear.

"Lower, Same, Higher, I don't care really." Hinata said with a shrug before she looked Juno over. "Does it bother you dear?" She leaned in closer to the Minkan's ear and whispered.

"All you have to say is pretty please and I'll stop, unless you like it... Most guys wouldn't mind walking in on his girlfriend with another hot chick on top."

"I... I don't hate it? but~ it's a no for now... sorry," Juno apologised as she wondered what the hell Latch would be thinking about all this, cheeky bugger would probably laugh his ass off before considering it - but having given her answer she followed it up with an apologetic, firm squeeze of the higher-ranking soldier's shoulder before speaking some more.

"Don't get me wrong, you're pretty and I'm sure we'd have fun, maybe if you asked a few months ago? but not right now."

Hinata paused for a moment almost as if she were contemplating just taking what she wanted, but quickly enough just shrugged and distangled herself from Juno.

"Meh Okay." And all to much like a cat, now seemed disinterested in her toy. Not to say she was about to leave the girl alone just then, but the play had been told to stop so she would.

The sapper let out a small sigh of relief before she offered Hinata an appreciative look and this time wrapped her arm around the other girl's neck, the Neko would be able to feel a lot of lean muscle underneath that uniform but regardless Juno spoke, "I mean there's plenty more we can do without screwing each other's brains out - right? like uhh..."

Embarassingly enough she was lost for words, causing a small frown to sully Juno's features before she chuckled apologetically.

"This... isn't exactly a compelling argument on my part, is it?"

"No no no please! Go on about other things to do besides screwing. It's a riveting counterpoint." Hinata said with a grin across her face before she stuck out her tongue.

"don't worry about it! There is plenty of shit to do. VR Decks, drinking, thinly veiled flirting, training, work, sparing, music, maybe watch some movies... OH! We can paint eachother's toes and shit like that. You know maybe a bathroom piercing...."

"Oh gosh, I don't think a piercing is something I'd ever do - I have a hard enough time hiding my abs~"Juno found herself accidentally slipping up during the conversation though maybe Latch was right, maybe she was just getting more comfortable about some of her more unique features. "...anyway," the Minkan tried to move on and hoped Hinata hadn't picked up on it, clearing her throat before continuing, "got uh, got any ideas?"

"Abs? Oooo" Hinata was on the girl far to quickly, again making use of her gravity control to flip herself around and yank on the shirt of Juno with a grin. "Come on lemme see lemme see!" She commanded as she kept tugging.

The Minkan choked up a bit as her newly acquired compatriot began trying to undress her in the middle of a hallway, so of course the red-panel fought back from having her clothes torn off, pulling back with enough force to put the two women at a stalemate before the sound of stitches beginning to pop could be heard. With a panicked cry, Juno tried to look Hinata in the eyes and pleaded, "Wait~ no~"

Hinata stopped as she heard the stitches start to pop and that cheshire grin spread across her face again.

"What'll ya give me if I do? Cause I mean come on this is super tempting already." She asked.

Time almost seemed to slow for Juno as she thought it through, every synapse in her synthetic mind firing off to try and come up with an answer before the inevitable happened and her uniform was broken - then time went back to normal, and a blush crossed the woman's cheeks as she bit her lip and then spoke.

"I'll show you instead~"

"Deal!" The hands instantly left the clothing as she moved back a few inches. She still grinned the entire time, a glint in her eye of mischief like a small child that had gotten its way. Of course she had her own plans and picking on someone was always a fun way to get rid of her bordom.

"Okay~" Juno breathed with a sigh of relief, moving to smooth out any creases that may have formed in her uniform before looking around the current hall they had found themselves in. "So... I guess we should hop in that maintenance room or something, yeah?" she gestured with a nervous smile, Latch always said she had nothing to worry about but it didn't stop the Minkan from getting more than a little anxious.

"For showing your abs? I mean if you wanna do something else besides that sure..." Hinata said with a grin as her fingers started a slow walk up the Mikan's midsection toward her chest though stopped a few inches away.

"But I doubt an ab flash is hardly anything to worry about ducking into a side room for. Sides I haven't seen anyone around for a while now sides us."

"I~ that's a good enough point I suppose..." Juno mused a little dejectedly before moving around a nearby corner for just that tiniest bit extra privacy in the vacant hallway before the sapper undid her hoodie and the shirt underneath to reveal a rock-hard eight-pack along with the rest of the minkan's exceedingly ripped torso that still tapered inwards at the waist before flaring at the hips in a very femenine way, that certainly explained why the sapper felt as solid as she did but there was more nervousness than pride - Juno felt that while yes, she was in a line of work where being fit was a good thing and she enjoyed being this fit, but people might be turned away and think she was some kind of freak because of it.

Maybe she was in some way, but it was her and Latch was slowly working the idea into her head that her being her was a good thing, "...Ta-daaa~" Juno spoke with a weak smile - Arsenal seemed to be a fitting nickname, despite not being the original reason why she was called that.

A little to quickly, Hinata's head shot forward as lips pressed onto exposed flesh and the playful Neko blew a loud raspberry on Juno's stomach before she moved back just as quickly. She spun in the air laughing madly for a moment like a child before she spun and planted her feet in the hallway to watch the object of her torment's reaction.

Her victim's initial reaction was fear mixed with a healthy bit of confusion before Juno joined in the laughter, weakly at first but the chuckles given were genuine ones - she took Hinata's moving back as a sign she was allowed to drop the hoodie back in place to cover her marbled body up once more, "So... not disgusted then?" the Minkan asked gingerly, as if the whole situation was about to flip.

"Disgusted? Why? It's hot! I mean check it." Hinata said as she let her volumetric clothing drop to display her in all her glory. While not on the same level as Juno's, Hinata showed some definition, a concious choice by the Neko. After a few moments, the clothing came back, her normal boring service uniform.

"Muscly chicks are hot, then again so are thin chicks... You know now that I think about it I'm down for pretty much anything..." Hinata pursed her lips as she seemed to think over some life choices for a moment before she shrugged without a care.

Juno bit into her bottom lip a little as she saw Hinata's holographic attire fade away, then nodded and let out another sigh of relief while regarding the neko with kind eyes that burned a brilliant emerald hue. "Yeah agreed... just not everyone thinks that though, thanks for being cool~" the Minkan finished as a thought came to her mind.

"So hey~ wanna hit the gym with me some time? I reckon that could be cool if you're down for it," she offered as Juno's hands found their way back to her pockets, smile remaining plastered across her features.

"I mean I don't gotta work out, but it could be fun." Hinata said with a shrug. "I could burn off some energy if need be."

The Minkan gave a bit of a shrug to the other woman and smiled as she spoke, "I dunno, it's kinda relaxing and cathartic for me but whatever suits you... almost," Juno finished with a small giggle before sighing.

"Though with the war on I don't imagine you'll be here for long, shame~ I kinda like you a tad."

"Yea, most my squads don't last more then two missions with me. That luck of the devil? I'm the only surviving member of several squads, ships, and at least two rikuguns. I do not have the best of luck when it comes to sticking with a group very long. Hell, I just got out of the hospital about a week ago after my last squad was wiped out." Hinata said with a small shrug that seemed far to depressed for the woman.

Juno's wildly vibrant emerald oculars widened a little bit out of surprise, she'd never really met anybody like this face-to-face yet in the brief time she'd been enlisted so didn't really know how to react other than maybe reach acrss to put a reassuring hand on the Neko's shoulder. "Well I'm sorry to hear all that, but you'd best not go telling yourself it was your fault hm? or I'll have to knock some sense into you Hinata because you seem like a lovely person and I'd hate to find out that's what was going through your head," the Minkan spoke with a small squeeze of that shoulder.

"Hah, not my fault hun. They just weren't up to snuff to run with me is all." Her voice seemed hesitant for the briefest of seconds as she spoke before she shrugged the hand off her shoulder.

"And I'm not that great hun, kinda a bitch, trust me. Least that's what everyone says. You just haven't seen it yet cause I'm still trying to play tongue tennis with you."

"Well, as far as I know you're pretty alright - so I'll stick to what I have seen first hand," Juno spoke softly with a reassuring smile as her hand left Hinata's shoulder, only to be joined by the Minkan's other hand as she picked up the Neko and carried her bridal style, holographic clothing or not it would hopefully put a brighter spin on the current mood as the strong sapper let out a small giggle.