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SYNC Yugumo Fleetworks - Noval Luxury Engineering Press Release


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RP Date
6月 YE 43
Yugumo Fleetworks A division of Yugumo Corporation
6月 YE 43
Port Jiyuu

The ultimate space experience and the ultimate luxury experience just became one. All Yugumo Fleetworks's already-luxurious ships are now available to be ordered with Noval Luxury Engineering's ultra-luxe Chairman Package from the dealer. The ship of your dreams may be ordered all at once, with none of the effort of shipping it across the cosmos to be outfitted.

Furthermore, close collaboration, research and development, and real-world testing have led to a fusion of luxury and performance that could never be duplicated with aftermarket customization. Each and every piece and component was specifically selected through a painstaking process that means this option is better integrated with the ship than any other. Not that there is any other. Yugumo Fleetworks Ships and the Noval Luxury Engineering Chairman Package both exist in classes of their own.

Yugumo Fleetworks is a
Yugumo Workers Federation employer.