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SYNC Yui's Dinner Invitation


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1684806675702.pngPersonal Mail Office of the Tsenlan Aestaesys and Senator of Akina

To: Taisho Ketsurui Yui ( @Wes )
From: Senator Airwin Caeyara
Re: Invitation to Takeda House, Kyoto

As you mentioned, Taisho I would enjoy getting to know you better. I have done some research and have found a restaurant that is apparently popular in the Empire called Takeda House. I would like you to join me for dinner there so that we can continue to get to know each other, and talk in a less formal space than your office. Please let me know when a good day and time would be for you and I will make the reservation.

Senator Airwin Caeyara
Tsenlan and the Akina System
Dear Senator Airwin Caeyara,

I hope this message finds you well. Thank you for extending an invitation to Takeda House. I would be honored to join you for dinner there and continue our conversation in a more relaxed environment.

Looking forward to meeting you at Takeda House.

Best regards,
Taisho Ketsurui Yui