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ISS Shiori

The ISS Shiroi is owned by the Yugumo Corporation, originally a modified Misha-Class Explorer, it is now a 1C Model with Chairman Upfit Package, Umikagami Subsurface Operations Suite, Sorakagami Aerospace Operations Suite, and ELECTRA, registered in the Yamatai Star Empire as PYX-C5X-0001.

About The ISS Shiori

A ship is never just a ship. Facts about the ISS Shiori are below.

ISS Shiori
Name ISS Shiori
Namesake Shiori, means “guide” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語)
Former Owner Motoyoshi Eidan in the care of Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro
Owner Motoyoshi Eidan
Port of Registry Amatsu-Motoyoshi "Port Hachidori", Jiyuu II Orbit
Home Port Jiyuu III
Builder Yugumo Corporation
Class Misha-Class Explorer
Comissioned YE 42
Registry PYX-C5X-0001
Status Active

The ISS Shiori was constructed in early YE 42, it was the prototype model of what would become the Misha-Class Explorer. It was given to Motoyoshi Eidan in the care of Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro, under the direction of the Motoyoshi Clan. The ship is designed and modified to be a functional home and live experience classroom dedicated to the education of Motoyoshi Eidan.

In YE 43 it became the YCS Shiori, when it was taken back into the Yugumo Corporation's fleet.

In late YE 44, the ship was upgraded to the 1C and upgraded with the Chairman Upfit Package1). It was transferred to the ownership of Motoyoshi Eidan, once again becoming the ISS Shiori, and set out into the black.

Theme Music

The playlist for the ISS Shiori will expand as time moves forward.

The Ship's Patch

The ISS Shiori's ship patch is below.

The ship's patch features the mon of the Motoyoshi Clan as well as the iconic hummingbird design that was featured on the logo of the former Fifth Expeditionary Fleet with an image of the ship nestled between two wings. The symbols invoke nostalgia and important historical references for the Motoyoshi Clan.


Takeda Fleet Emblem Shiori crew duty uniforms, part of their Yugumo Corporation Standard Issue, consist of Type 43 Yugumo Corporation Uniforms, bearing the Takeda Fleet emblem on the right shoulder, and the Shiori ship's patch on the left. Yugumo Corporation rank insignia are worn on the jumpsuit. When outdoors planetside, a black beret with the ships patch on the flash is worn as headgear.

The Type 43 Yugumo Corporation Uniforms worn aboard the Shiori use a different color scheme than standard. Rather than the purple one-piece dress or light charcoal jacket with darker trousers, both uniforms are a deep, dark charcoal that is nearly black even under close inspection, and feature gold trim. Coveralls and security response armor are also dark charcoal and have the same patches and insignia. Flight suits are dark charcoal with dark purple panels and gold trim.

Advanced Education Program

In YE 44, when Takagawa Hitomi, a veteran educator, was asked to rejoin the ISS Shiori, the decision was made among her, Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro, and Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko to devise an advanced curriculum with real accreditation for Motoyoshi Eidan and the hand-picked prodigies who would accompany him.

In association with the Colonial Sector University System, the decision was made to create an experimental pilot program for exceptional youth in their last years of secondary education or first years of tertiary education. The initiative is under the auspices of a consortium consisting of Tokyo University and the Scientific Studies Service Gakuin Academy, with support from the Kyousou Institute of Technology, the Tsubomi School System, the Kikyō Scouts, the Shima Oceanographic Institute, and the Jiyuu University for Agricultural Studies.

The ISS Shiori is considered a Kyousou Institute of Technology Remote Campus and SSS - Satellite Campus, as well as a campus of the Colonial Sector University System for purposes of credit recognition and transferability.

Kikyō Scouts Troop

The ISS Shiori is a functioning troop of the Kikyō Scouts with Takagawa Hitomi as its leader.

The Troop's number is 1712, after the grid sector of the Taiie system, colonized in YE 28 by the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet under its commander Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko, grandmother of Motoyoshi Eidan. The star was destroyed during the First Mishhuvurthyar War in YE 29 by the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX), leaving behind the Taiie Nebula. In memory of the capital of the colony, Seijin no Umi, Port City of Taiie on Taiie IV, the troop's mascot is the “Sea Saints,” based on the Trade translation of the Yamataigo name: “Saint of the Sea.”

The troop is known as Troop 1712 “Sea Saints” among the Kikyō Scouts.


The ISS Shiori was constructed and launched in early YE 42.

A Hands-On Yamataian Education: Eidan's Guide To The Kikyo Sector

In YE 41, Motoyoshi Eidan and his father, Motoyoshi Tio, received protection and were reinstated into the Motoyoshi Clan by Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko. This move aimed to shield Motoyoshi Eidan from the threats posed by Motoyoshi Kiyoko and her Tange followers, who sought to capture, harm, or exploit him for anti-Yamatai Star Empire propaganda on Jiyuu III and other former United Outer Colonies worlds.

Reluctantly, in YE 42, Motoyoshi Tio accepted Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko's plan to place Motoyoshi Eidan under the care of retired Star Army of Yamatai Shôshô, Motoyoshi Clan legend Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro. Katsuko insisted that Taro would provide Eidan with an education centered on Yamatai Star Empire teachings and Motoyoshi Clan traditions and philosophies, shaping him for a future in the Star Army of Yamatai. The concept of the ISS Shiori, a vessel for hands-on education, was conceived by Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro, with the hope of guiding Eidan away from the troubled path taken by his father, Motoyoshi Tio.

Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro, a veteran of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet, played a pivotal role in the colonization and exploration of numerous planets. In addition to imparting knowledge about the Yamatai Star Empire, he wished to instill his passion for exploration and frontier pioneering in Motoyoshi Eidan. Selecting the right crew members and implementing security modifications became crucial to safeguard against potential threats from Motoyoshi Kiyoko and her followers.

Over the course of a year, the ship journeyed to secure areas within the Kikyo Sector for Motoyoshi Eidan's safety. They also made several visits to Yamatai, where Eidan and the crew participated in Hanami2) and Year-End Traditions3). During the ship's final voyage with Eidan aboard, they visited the Taiie System, which included a special late-night video call with his grandmother, Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko.

In early YE 43, the Kuvexian War concluded with the Battle Of Glimmergold. It was decided that Motoyoshi Eidan would attend school at Tsubomi, now safe from the threats posed by Motoyoshi Kiyoko and the Tange Clan.

In the aftermath, Takagawa Hitomi retired to a cottage provided by the Motoyoshi Clan at Ainu Orchards4), Nakada Masuyo was reassigned to the ISS Asagiri, and Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro resumed his duties within the Motoyoshi Clan.5)

As the YCS Shiori

In YE 43, the ISS Shiori underwent a transformation and became a part of the Yugumo Corporate Fleet, receiving a new designation as the YCS Shiori. Its initial mission as a member of the Yugumo Corporate Fleet involved transporting Yugumo Corporation's Fuku-Kaicho to the Draco Eridanus System for a scheduled meeting with the Mining Guild. During this journey, Yuka's daughter, Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yue, accompanied her.6)

Hinomaru Sunrises

In YE 44 the ISS Shiori was once again used for Motoyoshi Eidan and Motoyoshi Kuroko when they left along with the Motoyoshi Colonization Fleet7). Motoyoshi Eidan and Motoyoshi Kuroko were sent out ahead of the Colonization Initiative Alliance fleet to ensure their safety given the tumultuous climate after the terrorist attack on the capitol dome8). They were accompanied by a select group of elite peers for Eidan to develop his leadership as they developed skills in an elite, unique educational environment.

With the ship's ownership returned to Motoyoshi Eidan, the designation was once again changed back to the ISS Shiori.

To A New Star

In the first month of YE 45, the ship and its young crew encountered an inhabited system, far out rimward from the Kikyo Sector (In the Kosuke Sector), designated YC-56K9) by their charting system. Submerged beneath the ocean on the planet Becurn (YC-56K III). The crew, led by Motoyoshi Eidan, is observing a brutal war between the Cemlae and the Mocadians. After weeks of covert observation, the ship decides to depart due to the escalating conflict, carrying valuable information about the warring nations.

Motoyoshi Eidan, along with Kuroko and other crew members, experience a mix of emotions during their time underwater and in space. They engage in banter, sharing playful moments and bonding, providing relief from the stress of their mission. Leon's curiosity and casual presence add to the dynamic. Kuroko's jealousy surfaces when Motoyoshi Eidan teases her about indulging in his strawberries. Tomoko's cryptic comment about strawberries adds intrigue to the situation, leaving everyone guessing.

Hitomi, the ship's leader, announces her departure and hints at an important mission. This news surprises the crew, and they prepare to assemble in uniform to learn more about her mission and the ship's future. As the crew navigates their roles and relationships aboard the ISS Shiori, they remain curious and anticipatory, ready for the challenges and adventures that lie ahead.10)


These modifications have been made which vary from the original design of the Misha-Class Explorer, besides the Chairman Upfit Package and 1C update and subsequent additions of Umikagami Subsurface Operations Suite, Sorakagami Aerospace Operations Suite, and ELECTRA.

Deck Layout

The deck layout and interior spaces of the ship have been modified:


The following compartments have been added or modified:

Secure Room

A sealed and access-controlled panic room designed for the protection or escape of Motoyoshi Eidan and Motoyoshi Kuroko in the event of an emergency or the ship is compromised. The room has its own independent life support, emergency supplies and secured crawlspace access to the Armory in the next compartment over. The crew has been trained that if a situation occurs that the number one priority of every on the ship is to get Eidan and Kuroko to the secure room, at any cost. (The security system uses Forcefield-Nested Isolation Doors to secure the compartment.)


The Shiori Style Standard Armory is secured behind Forcefield-Nested Isolation Doors and is access-controlled. The room is fully stocked with weapons and equipment for use by the crew.

There are also safety deposit boxes here for the use of crew or passengers who wish to keep valuables under lock and key, as well as the ship's safe. These safes and boxes are designed to shunt into a modified "Ikigai" Type 43 Escape Pod and eject, traveling to a pre-programmed target in the case of catastrophe.


A divided off part of the Armory serves as a small brig. There's a bench with a rail for attaching restraints for short-term detention, with an open shower and head, and a water fountain. A pair of Transparent Durandium holding cells are for longer-term occupancy, with floor drains, spartan bunks featuring restraints, and sink/fountain/toilet combos. The Brig's entrance, along with the officer on duty's desk, is located between the Forcefield-Nested Isolation Doors, making it impossible to get directly from the Brig to the Armory proper.


Because the cabins on the ship have at least their own showers and toilets, customizations have been made from the standard Misha-class bathhouse. It retains the head, but adds the locker rooms one would find at a public bathhouse or swimming pool. The rest has been made to resemble a luxurious hot springs onsen, not unlike a Star Army Onsen. There is also a wooden sauna room off the locker room, and an area with a pair of all-in-one exercise machines.

Captain's Stateroom

Spanning the area of two of the standard cabins, Eidan’s luxurious stateroom is designed for his comfort, entertainment, and convenience. Upgraded from the standard shower and head into a full Yamataian-style washroom, featuring separate shower, steam-room, and soaking tub with whirlpool jets, it occupies a corner of the space, cutting the room into an L-shape. The small end of the L is a walk in closet with wardrobe and vanity. It has entrances from both the bedroom and washroom, and features gear storage for Eidan's Yugumo Corporation Standard Issue, with room to spare for nearly anything else he wishes. At the crux of the L is a kitchenette and breakfast nook, with small, angled canopy bar with full back and stools on the opposite corner, while the entrance at the long side of the L opens into a foyer and sitting room with couches and coffee tables huddled around a simulated fireplace. Beyond it, before the kitchenette, is a well-appointed office alcove with a desk and chair and computer terminal allowing Eidan to study and conduct business from his stateroom. The wall between the office alcove and the soaking tub is mostly a large aquarium. Across from the desk, a multifunction all-in-one exercise unit is cleverly out of the way in another alcove. For covert communications, any mirrored surface in the stateroom functions as a Lying Mirror. On the bed is the coveted Hyper-Tempri-Sama blanket.


The classroom is a state-of-the-art learning center designed to incorporate multiple volumetric interfaces and media as well as virtual reality for enhanced visualization. The integrated projection system allows the entire structure of the room to become the medium for presentations, remote viewing of music and art performances and even attendance to various classroom environments at different academies across the Yamatai Star Empire.

The curriculum designed for Eidan and Kuroko, in addition to the standard academics, includes submissions from several members of the Motoyoshi Clan which share their testimony of non-classified procedures and experiences in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Computer Chamber

There is a Yugumo Standard Anthroform Drone Berth for the KAIMON/Ascendant Consort body of the ship's KAIMON/MIKO avatar, Yūgumo Shiori.

Shiori's avatar, whether the projected or android manifestation, has access to one each of the emergency lockers, and a housekeeping closet for her use.

Another Drone Berth and its rack and the storage between the two berths contains her power armor and loadout.

Drone Hive

A hexagonal prism rises from floor to ceiling, its sides covered in 24 hemispherical sockets that each house a KAIMON/Ascendant Companion for quick charging and diagnostics. Internal systems allow the installation and removal of their various attachments. They have access to all parts of the ship from this chamber through the maintenance conduits.

Crew Bunk

Four sets of Type 40 Bunk Beds in the Deluxe Three Bunks, Desk, and Drawer/Wheels configuration face each other from across the narrower dimension of the room. Each desk is connected to a Ge-T8-E3103 - Computer Array as well as the ship's KAIMON system, and below each one is a footlocker. Between each set of bunks is a pair of sliding panels, parallel and adjacent to one another that may be stowed away in a panel on the bulkhead. The panels are Transparent Durandium, but the color, opacity, or reflectivity in both directions may be independently adjusted by the registered occupants of the adjacent bunk. They also function as Volumetric Windows allowing the occupants to use them as displays. The wall beside each of the the end bunks has similar features to the panels.

The Crew Cabin takes up about the same footprint as single default stateroom and features a separate locker room and latrine with a row of lockers and benches, communal, gym-style shower, four-sink vanity, and separate head with two stalls. There are two tables each with four chairs and a pair of couches in the central common area, along with a pair of all-in-one exercise machines and a free weights bench and rack. Volumetric Windows provide display for entertainment, environmental, and informational purposes.

While it isn't capable of cooking full meals, there is a refreshment and break area here with a kitchenette for the crew's snacks and drinks. There is a door to the First Officer's Cabin that can only be locked and unlocked from the other side. There are also 2 Yugumo Standard Housekeeping Closets in the crew bunk, one by the bath and one by the kitchenette.

First Officer's Cabin

The First Officer's Cabin is, unlike the rest of the cabins, mostly unchanged from the standard suites found on the stock Misha-Class Explorer, aside from the luxury of the Chairman Upfit Package. The Guest Cabin is a spacious bedroom, featuring a corner “L” seat, a desk with computer terminal, a closet, and a shower and head bathroom attached. A small wet bar has been added for Takagawa Hitomi. There is a door to the Crew Bunk that can be locked only from this side.


The greenhouse has been specialized towards two different mission profiles: food production, and the scientific study of new species, though some space is reserved for ornamentals and bonsai. The facility is capable of traditional soil-based agriculture, as well as hydroponics or aeroponics, as well as aquaponics for the production of fish and seafood. There are several sealed chambers with separate environmental systems for the growing of newly discovered species in quarantine. These sealed chambers can have separate lighting, temperature, humidity, and water cycles, as well as different gravity and atmospheric compositions.


The lab is set up as an infirmary and basic medical bay. Most of the science gear typically found in the lab that isn't needed for medical treatment has been moved to the classroom for educational purposes, with the philosophy that anything interesting enough to analyze in the lab would have an educational benefit for Eidan and Kuroko if they could observe and participate. This also made room for the ATMC Ke-J1-E3301 - Autonomous Configurable Medical Unit unit and Treatment and Examination Bed.

Power Armor Storage

Cargo One has been modified to include a small civilian power armor storage bay that uses the already in place airlock structure.


The workshop has had a Star Army Fabrication Chamber, Type 39 installed as its centerpiece. It includes a Civilian Synthesis Reactor Module and a backup Aether generator for emergency use.

Volumetrics System

Nearly the entirety of the interior of the ISS Shiori is able to be covered by Solid Volumetrics projectors, allowing essentially the entire ship to function in a similar manner volumetrics room on a Plumeria 2E gunship, Along with the ubiquitous use of Omnihue on most surfaces, and liberal use of Volumetric Windows, the system allows robust virtual environments and simulations to be overlaid on the interior.

The Volumetrics System is intended for recreation, training, and briefings. Force fields have been added to provide tactile feedback to simulations as well as to slide people back imperceptibly when they try to walk too close to a wall or change elevation. In this way, simulations larger than the interior would normally permit are possible and can be safely employed. Simulations can also make people appear and sound further away than they are and nudge them away from collisions with each other if necessary to further add to the illusion. This force field sliding can be disabled easily if desired; but small markers will appear to show the walls, floor, and ceiling boundaries while the doors to other areas become visible as a safety measure. All people will be shown in their actual locations as well.

Uses of the Volumetrics System include consuming media en masse, group exercise, holding briefings with visual aids, relaying briefings from alternate locations, situational training, running combat simulations, showing simulations of home or other relaxing venues, large scale communications, as a pre-mission staging area, or even for making crew members run laps as punishment.

Additionally, there are also a variety of specialty equipment built into in retractable ceiling, wall, and floor panels all over the common areas of the ship relating to Galactic Horizon Laser-Tag.

Modified Systems

Some of the systems of the ISS Shiori were modified or upgraded from the original design of the ship, but most of these were again replaced during subsequent upgrades and refits.

Backup Communications System


retains its full suite of MIKO Communications.

Backup Power Systems


has several backup power systems installed to ensure it can remain powered through any emergency.

Secondary Power System

A Tsuyosa Series Matter-Antimatter Reactor has been added for secondary power. This system also includes a Matter Collection System.

Tertiary Power System

For a backup to the backup, alternative source, or for auxiliary power in case of high demand, a Class 3 Hyperspace Fuel Tap has been installed.

Quaternary Power System

Should all else before it fail or simply require more power, a Phoenix Fusion Generator is available.

Quinary Power System

As a final fallback power generation system, HONEY SLAM fusion generator with quadruple power supply has been installed.



has numerous upgrades to its propulsion systems.

Multi-Stage Turbo Plasma Drives

The Hoshi III Series Multi-stage Turbo Plasma Drives have been upgraded and tuned along with the plasma weaponry and vernier system. Can be used for VTOL.

  • Stat Modification: Maximum Sublight Speed is 0.375c (2.7AU/Hr).
Backup Sublight Propulsion

As a contingency backup a Cirrostratus Ion-Grid Propulsion Drive has been installed, in case of the failure of the main sublight drives, or their inefficacy due to anomalous local conditions.

  • Cruising Thrust (safe): 0.225c
  • Max Thrust (unsafe): 0.300c
Falcon Tunnel Drive

As a backup or alternate FTL drive solution, the ship has been fitted with a Falcon Tunnel Drive, which may perform better in certain astrophysical or stellographical situations than Continuum Distortion or Hyperspace fold.

  • Range: 15LY
  • Speed: 0.2ly/m
  • Charge time: 5m/ly

Supplementary Environmental Shielding

The primary shielding, along with the supplementary shielding and navigation shielding, has a failsafe backup Environmental Starship Shield to protect the ship, crew, passengers, and cargo from environmental hazards should the main shields fail.

Multifunction Emergency Pods

In each wing pod, port and starboard, there is a system to deploy and retract various emergency implements. Like a cross between a Swiss Army knife and a packed parachute, the system is automated with its own backup power, but may be manually, mechanically deployed in an extreme emergency. Each pod contains a solar panel array for emergency power, radiator for emergency cooling, antenna for emergency communications, and solar sail for emergency sublight propulsion.

Computer Systems

The original MIKO Electronics Suite was retained with the addition of the KAIMON system, and made into a secondary, auxiliary computing, communications, and sensor suite.

KAIMON Upgrade

The KAIMON computers and sensors have been upgraded from the standard Gate model to the Super-Gate used on larger starships.

MIKO Modules

In addition to the Science and Explorer package for the MIKO Electronics Suite standard on the original Misha-Class Explorer 1A, the ISS Shiori's MIKO has been fully upgraded with all of the available packages, from the Patrol, Tactical, and Scout to increase the vessel's combat and reconnaissance capabilities, to the Diplomatic and Support packages to assist Kage Yaichiro with his business and other endeavors.

Internal Security

Internally, there are enough pop-out automated weapons turrets positioned as to cover the entire interior with at least three of them able to aim at any one spot, with no blind spots or effective cover. These weapons are equivalent to a Yugumo E2 Energy Pistol each, but draw power directly from the ship's power systems11). They are capable of firing in lethal and nonlethal modes, independently of each other. They are not capable of firing at targets outside of the ship. Additionally, hidden, armored vaults in strategic places around the ship contain actual Yugumo E2 Energy Pistols, ready to open at the mental, verbal, or gesture command of an authorized person12).


The Shiori expands on the default loadout of the the Misha-Class Explorer.

Shuttles and Vehicles

Shuttles and vehicles on the ISS Shiori are listed below.

Shuttle Bay

Vehicle Storage

There is a KAIMON/Ascendant Carrier on duty here.

Ship's Inventory

The Shiori and its crew are well stocked and supplied with equipment and consumables:

Drone Manifest

Armory Inventory

The Armory is stocked with the following items:

Power Armor Weaponry

Safety Deposit Boxes

Box Owner Contents
01 Motoyoshi Eidan Empty
02 Motoyoshi Kuroko An antique, masterwork viola that's a work of art as much as an instrument15)
03 Takagawa Hitomi A bottle of YE 12 vintage Delsaurian Dusk, unopened
04 Kuroda No Daizou (黒田の太三) Brown leather bomber jacket with wild rose embroidered on the back.
05 Unassigned Empty
06 Unassigned Empty
07 Luminous Neon Star A small, and intentionally broken Slave Control Device
08 Unassigned Empty
09 Unassigned Empty
10 Unassigned Empty
11 Unassigned Empty
12 Unassigned Empty

Ship's Safe

Secure Room

Lab Inventory

Workshop Inventory

Along with hand and power tools, there are plenty of spare parts and raw materials.

Cargo One

Most items here are held in place with cargo netting, straps, and webbing, or there are modular shelves or racks for them, with cages to keep everything securely in place. There are a pair of KAIMON/Ascendant Carrier on duty here.

Drone Launch

In the port forward corner of Cargo One is a system of racks, gantries, and conveyors to load various drones, probes, and satellites into a Variable Launch Tube to deploy.

Power Armor Storage

Cargo Two

Most items, including smaller Standard Starship Cargo Containers, are kept in SSCC-XL containers that can be repurposed as SSCC-XL Prefab Modules or in an SSCC-Huge. There are several empty SSCC-XL and a few empty SSCC-Huge, some collapsible, stored here as well. Refrigerators, freezers, and stasis chambers are available for the storage of perishables, and hazardous materials are contained safely in blast resistant chambers behind Forcefield-Nested Isolation Doors. There are a trio of KAIMON/Ascendant Carrier on duty here.

Crew Assignments

While a Misha-Class Explorer is almost fully automated and requires a crew of only one, it had five stations until upgraded to the newest revision of the Misha-Class Bridge as part of an update, becoming a 6+1 layout.

Assignment Callsign Clearance Station Rank Jersey Number Scout Rank Squad Role Duties Billet
Motoyoshi Eidan Prince 7 Command Shōkō-Kōhosei (将校候補生) 01 Kiku Leader Captain Captain's Stateroom
Takagawa Hitomi Sensei 5K Command,
Communications and Mission Operations,
Keishi-sōkan (警視総監) COACH Troop Leader HQ First Officer,
Scout Leader,
First Officer's Cabin
Tomoko Sunabu Blue 4Z Communications and Mission Operations,
Shōkō-Kōhosei (将校候補生) 98 Kiku Wing L1 Medical Assistant,
KAIMON Systems Administrator
Crew Bunk 2M
Yuki Inihara Snow 4 Navigation,
Shōkō-Kōhosei (将校候補生) 13 Kiku Wing L2 Pilot,
Third Officer,
Officer of the Watch
Crew Bunk 2U
Kuroda No Daizou (黒田の太三) Rose 4Z Science and Sensors,
Kagakusha-Kōhosei (科学者候補生) 12 Kiku Wing R1 Chief Science Officer,
Crew Bunk 1U
Luminous Neon Star Glow 4Z Systems and Safety Monitoring,
Kikanshi-Kōhosei (機関士候補生) 69 Kiku Wing R2 Chief Engineer,
Drone Technician
Crew Bunk 1M
Motoyoshi Kuroko Princess 7 Tactical,
Shōkō-Kōhosei (将校候補生) 00 Kiku Point L Copilot,
Second Officer
Crew Bunk 4U
Marika Nurse 4M Medical,
Science and Sensors
Gekai-Kōhosei (外科医候補生) 99 Pathfinder Medic Chief Medical Officer,
School Nurse,
Bunkroom Prefect
Crew Bunk 4M
Leon Argueta Chief 4K Security,
Science and Sensors
Shōkō-Kōhosei (将校候補生) 72 Pathfinder Point R Security Chief,
Bunkroom Prefect
Crew Bunk 3U
Unassigned Crew Bunk 3M
Extra Bunk Crew Bunk 1L
Extra Bunk Crew Bunk 2L
Extra Bunk Crew Bunk 3L
Extra Bunk Crew Bunk 4L

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Map Locations
Map to UseKosuke Sector
Map Display NameISS Shiori
Map ImportanceMinor RP Location
Map Tooltip ContentPersonal starship of Motoyoshi Eidan
Show label?yes
Marker AnchorCenter Center
Places of the SARPiverse
Opened/Settled (YE)YE 42
Place Categoriesstarship
Year CommissionedYE 42
With backup power equivalent to its typical battery.
or the correct keypad sequence
Weapons and ammunition (50x250mm kinetic penetrators and 80x250mm mini-missiles) stored behind two layers of Forcefield-Nested Isolation Doors and access controlled.
A gift from Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro when she made first chair in the school orchestra
16) , 17)
Omnihue defaulting to the Ship's Patch and colors
18) , 20) , 21) , 22) , 23)
featuring the Ship's Patch and colors
Similar to current Star Army Standard Issue Items issue, but featuring the Ship's Patch and colors

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