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  1. Dana

    Yamatai News (YINN) 7th fleet Continues On Mission

    Gashmere Says Farewell to the Yamatai 7th Fleets White Hammer Division In a ceremony held at Fort Nozomi, the Star Army of Yamatai's 7th Fleet bid farewell to the planet of Gashmere as they set off to continue their mission. The fleet, which had been stationed on Gashmere for the past several...
  2. Dana

    OOC Kodian Civil War OOC Thread

    OOC post for Kodian Civil War Plot line.
  3. Dana

    RP Honeybear don't care

    Outskirts of Gashmere City Planetary Guard Base Charfoot The Gashmere Assembly was in a state of high tension as the members gathered for the vote of no confidence. The mood in the chamber was somber, with many members deep in thought as they prepared to cast their ballots. The members of the...
  4. Dana

    Gashmere's General Assembly calls for vote of No Confidence

    Gashmere The General Assembly of Gashmere has called for a vote of no confidence in it's Chair, Chairman Koda. The historic move has come after days of uncontrolled violence in the planets capital city. The call came shortly after an attack on Fort Nozomi itself, carried out by drones. Reports...
  5. Dana

    Yamatai News (YINN) Chemical Attack on Kodian Capital

    Gashmere City, Gashmere - In a shocking act of violence, a chemical attack has struck Gashmere City, the capital of Gashmere. The attack, which occurred in the early hours of the morning, resulted in more than five thousand deaths and tens of thousands of injuries. Gashmere is home of the...
  6. Dana

    Approved Character Nanook Wotjek, Kodian applicant for Resurgence @Wes