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RP Date
YE 45.1
RP Location
Outskirts of Gashmere City
Planetary Guard Base Charfoot

The Gashmere Assembly was in a state of high tension as the members gathered for the vote of no confidence. The mood in the chamber was somber, with many members deep in thought as they prepared to cast their ballots. The members of the Alien Peace Council and Anti-Xenoist League sat on opposite sides of the chamber, avoiding each other's gaze.

As the Chairman Koda took his place at the podium, the murmurs in the chamber died down. Koda's face was etched with worry, and his voice was heavy with emotion as he addressed the assembly. "Members of the Assembly, we are gathered here today to vote on a matter of grave importance. I wish to thank you for taking the time to journey here, as our usual council chambers are in the midst of an on-going crisis. We are here to vote on whether to remove me as Chairman of the Assembly."

The members of the assembly listened intently as Koda spoke, many nodding in agreement as he outlined his record and the steps he had taken to try to bring an end to the conflict. But there were also murmurs of dissent and heckling, as members of the Anti-Xenoist League called for his removal, accusing him of failing to do enough to protect Gashmere and its people.

As the vote began, the tension in the chamber was palpable. The members of the assembly cast their ballots one by one, and the tension only mounted as the results were tallied. In the end, the vote was close, but Koda managed to win by a narrow margin.

As the results were announced, Koda let out a sigh of relief. He looked around the chamber, taking in the reactions of the members, many of whom were looking at him with a mix of relief and gratitude. He cleared his throat, "I am honored by the trust the assembly has placed in me, I will not let you down. I will work harder to bring an end to the conflict and bring back peace to Gashmere and its people."

The members of the assembly sat in silence as Koda stepped down from the podium and made his way out of the chamber. The atmosphere in the chamber was subdued, with many members lost in thought as they tried to come to terms with what had just happened. As the assembly adjourned, many members were already wondering what the Chairmans plans would be to end the conflict.

Later in the evening, Chairman Koda's Private quarters

Chairman Koda sat at his desk, staring at the blank sheet of paper in front of him. The weight of the situation was heavy on his mind, as he knew that the letter he was about to write would be one of the most important documents of his career. He took a deep breath and picked up his pen, ready to begin. The room was quiet, save for the sound of the Chairman's pen scratching against the paper. He wrote slowly and deliberately, taking care to choose his words carefully. As he wrote, he could hear the distant sound of gunfire and explosions, a constant reminder of the violence that was raging just beyond the walls of his office.

As he wrote, Chairman Koda's expression was grim. He knew that the fate of his planet and his people was at stake, and he was determined to do everything in his power to save them. The letter was addressed to Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Himiko I of Yamatai, asking for direct intervention of Yamatai covert forces on behalf of the Kodian Populace. When the letter was completed, Chairman Koda sat back in his chair and let out a sigh. He knew that the letter would be a long shot, but he had to try. He folded the letter and sealed it with a wax stamp bearing the seal of the General Assembly of Gashmere. With a heavy heart, he handed it to his aide, who would deliver it to the Star Army of Yamatai. Chairman Koda sat back in his chair and closed his eyes, hoping that his plea for help would be heard and answered.

"Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Himiko I of Yamatai,

I write to you today as the Chairman of the General Assembly of Gashmere, the planet that is home to the Kodian populace. Our planet is currently in the grip of a civil war, with two factions - the Alien Peace Council and the Anti-Xenoist League - locked in a bitter struggle for control.

Despite our best efforts, the conflict has escalated to a point where it threatens to engulf the entire planet. The situation is dire, and I fear that without outside intervention, we will not be able to bring an end to the violence.

It is with this in mind that I turn to you, Her Imperial Majesty. I humbly request that Yamatai covert forces be deployed to Gashmere to help bring an end to the conflict and restore peace to our planet. Your Empire's reputation as a peacekeeper is well-known, and I believe that your intervention would be decisive in resolving the crisis.

I understand that this request may be a difficult one for your Empire, and I want to assure you that we will do everything in our power to support your efforts. We are ready to cooperate fully with your forces and will provide them with all the assistance they need to succeed.

I beg of you, Her Imperial Majesty, to consider our request and to act swiftly to save the Kodian populace and our home world. I assure you that your intervention will be remembered forever in the history of Gashmere and your actions will be honored and respected by the Kodian People.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Chairman Koda"
Empress Palace, Yamatai
The War Room

Empress Himiko sat with Taisho Ketsurui Yui, Taisho Eikan Minato, and several high ranking officials, at a large table. She raised her hand and the quiet discussions ceased. Addressing the assembled parties, she said, "Whereas we have witnessed a deliberate and unprovoked attack on the forces of the Star Army of Yamatai working for peace on behalf of the Kodian people and the Yamatai Star Empire, and whereas allowing the Kodian people to sort out this internal conflict on their own has not been a successful strategy, and whereas the chairman of the Kodian people has requested the assistance of the Star Army of Yamatai, and whereas the attackers have promoted lies about the Star Army and insulted our honor, therefore, as our twenty-first decree, we authorize and request that the Star Army of Yamatai will declare the perpetrators the enemies of Yamatai, declare war on them, and use any and all necessary force to eliminate them."
Conference Room
Fort Nozomi

The conference room is large and imposing, with high ceilings and walls made of a dark, polished stone. The room is dimly lit, with only a few spotlights illuminating the maps and intelligence reports that adorn the walls. The room is filled with a sense of seriousness and purpose, as the officials gathered here are tasked with addressing a grave threat to their civilization. The atmosphere is tense, with a palpable sense of urgency in the air. The officials are focused and determined, as they work to come up with a plan to protect the Kodians and their home world.

At the center of the room is a long, rectangular table made of a dark, glossy wood. The table is surrounded by comfortable chairs upholstered in a dark, rich fabric. The table is littered with papers, maps, and electronic devices, as the officials review the information being presented. The room is filled with a mix of military and government officials, all dressed in their formal uniforms.

At the head of the table sits Chairman Koda, he is a hulking figure, with thick brown fur and sharp claws. He sits with his arms folded, his expression serious as he listens to the updates from the various officials, with his advisors on both side of him. A large holographic display is projected above the table, displaying images and data related to the insurgency. The display is controlled by an artificial intelligence system, which allows officials to interact with the data and view it from different angles.

To his left sits General Taro, the commander of the Kodian Planetary Guard. He is a seasoned veteran, with a stern look on his face as he listens to the reports of the various units. He is scribbling notes on a pad, his attention focused on the information being presented. To Chairman Koda's right sits Mayor Rika, the leader of Gashmere City. She is a smaller Kodian, with gray fur and sharp, intelligent eyes. She is listening intently to the updates, her expression worried as she hears of the escalating violence in her city.

Around the table, various other officials are gathered, including representatives from the Alien Peace Council, the Anti-Xenoist League, and the Star Army of Yamatai. They are sitting on opposite sides of the table, their expressions tense as they listen to the information being presented.

As the meeting progresses, Chairman Koda starts to lay out his plan to combat the insurgency. He speaks in a strong, confident voice, outlining the steps that will be taken to increase security in the cities, and to track down and capture the leaders of the insurgency.

'The plan for combating the insurgency is a multi-faceted approach that utilizes small units of highly specialized soldiers to root out and neutralize insurgent cells, collect intelligence, and destroy the insurgency's supply lines.
  1. Specialized Strike Teams: Small units of highly trained soldiers will be deployed to infiltrate and eliminate key insurgent cells. These teams will consist of soldiers with specialized skillsets.
  2. Intelligence Gathering: Specialized reconnaissance teams will be deployed to gather intelligence on the insurgency's operations and leaders. This information will be used to identify and target key leaders and cells, and to disrupt their supply lines.
  3. Supply Line Interdiction: The insurgency relies heavily on logistics and supply lines to maintain their operations. Specialized units will be deployed to interdict these supply lines, cutting off the insurgency's access to weapons, ammunition, and other supplies.
  4. Psychological Operations: The insurgency is fueled by a narrative of discontent and dissatisfaction among the population. Psychological operations teams will be deployed to counter this narrative, using a variety of techniques such as propaganda and social media campaigns to undermine the insurgency's message.
  5. Civil Affairs: Specialized teams will be deployed to work with local leaders and communities to address the underlying grievances that are fueling the insurgency. These teams will help to build trust and legitimacy with the local population, and will work to provide basic services and improve the quality of life for the population.
  6. Rapid Response: The insurgency is highly adaptable and can quickly respond to changes in the battlefield. Rapid response teams will be deployed to quickly respond to new threats and to provide support to the other elements of the plan.
The plan will be executed through a combination of direct action, intelligence-driven operations, and population-centric approaches. The goal of the plan is to neutralize the insurgency's ability to operate and to create an environment in which the population can live free from fear and violence.'

A delegate from the Anti-Xenoist League stood, clearing his throat. "These objections stem from the Anti-Xenoist League's belief that the presence of non-Kodians on Gashmere is the main cause of the insurgency, and that the best way to solve the problem is to remove them from the planet and maintain a pure Kodian society. We also believe that the government should prioritize the well-being of the Kodian people over military operations and that the use of force will only exacerbate the problem. We also believe that the government should be more accountable to the citizens and that the cost of the plan is not worth it.

League Objections and the reasons behind them:

  1. Involvement of non-Kodians: The Anti-Xenoist League objects to the involvement of non-Kodians in the plan, arguing that it undermines Kodian sovereignty and puts the lives of Kodian soldiers at risk. They believe that only Kodians should be involved in the fight against the insurgency, as they are the only ones who truly understand the threat.
  2. Lack of focus on the root causes: The Anti-Xenoist League objects to the plan for not focusing enough on the root causes of the insurgency, which they believe is the result of the presence of non-Kodian influences on Gashmere. They argue that the plan should focus more on addressing the underlying issues such as immigration and the presence of foreign powers on Gashmere.
  3. Use of force: The Anti-Xenoist League objects to the use of force in the plan, arguing that it will only lead to more violence and suffering. They believe that the insurgency can be resolved through peaceful means, such as negotiations and diplomacy.
  4. Lack of accountability: The Anti-Xenoist League objects to the lack of accountability in the plan, arguing that it will lead to abuse of power and human rights violations. They believe that there should be more oversight and transparency in the plan to ensure that the actions of the military and government are held accountable to the people.

Chairman Koda heaved a massive sigh as he stood. He had been jotting down notes during the objections by the league. "Point one, the insurgency is a complex threat that requires a multi-faceted approach, and the Planetary Guard alone does not have the resources or expertise to deal with it. Point two, the plan does address the root causes of the insurgency. It includes a comprehensive approach to address the underlying issues that are fueling it. I will would re-iterate that the plan includes elements such as civil affairs and psychological operations to address the grievances of the population and to counter the insurgency's narrative. Point Three, the use of force is necessary to protect the Kodian people and to neutralize the insurgency's ability to operate. This insurgency is a violent threat that cannot be defeated through peaceful means alone, and that the use of force is the most effective way to neutralize the threat. Point four, the plan includes measures to ensure accountability and transparency, such as oversight by the General Assembly and regular reporting to the public. The Kodian Planetary Guard and the Star Army of Yamatai are both responsible and professional forces that are committed to protecting the people and upholding human rights.'

Chairman Koda returned to his seat, having risen during his rebuttal, the irritation at the continued attempts to disrupt his plans by the League was plainly evident.
"That will be all for now. Thank you everyone."
Conference Room, Fort Nozomi, Gashmere

Sanda stood next to a group of aids who were taking notes for their officers who sat at the large table. The lighting tattooed woman was attempting to look like she belonged there at the meeting. In reality, she wasn't sure exactly where she should be but this looked like as good a place as any to pick up some information. After the incident at the ST center, Sanda had volunteered to return to Gashmere and try to help find those responsible for the attacks. She felt that the Res had been a pawn in someone's game to paint the Star Army in a bad light and she would not take such a slight to not only to the honor of the ship, but herself.

So Sanda had returned and had been debriefed by SAINT. They had taken her video recordings of the fight in front of the ST center, as well as those of her crew mates. They had also asked her many questions about what she saw and her impression of things. They were very eager for information, but not very forthcoming with information for her, but she knew they were just doing their job. Still, she had received several complements about her performance and was even causally asked if she had even considered joining SAINT. Sanda had laughed. She respected the SAINT operatives and the work that they did and even though Sanda preferred to fight in the shadows, it was physical shadows, not metaphorical or political shadows.

Anyway, here Sanda was waiting for information as to where she should be assigned now and had just started listening to the big-wigs debate what course the should go. She was getting rather annoyed with the leader of the Anti-Xenoist League. Growing up a Nepleslian Red, she understood being in a civil war, but whoever these insurgents were were willing to use chemical weapons on their own people and to destroy their own people's ST center. Argue all you wanted after these terrorist's were brought to justice. If they were willing to do these kind of attacks, they would probably do more. Plus, weather they liked it or not, the Star Army wasn't going anywhere. When one of their bases was completely destroyed, that was a direct attack on the Star Army. It couldn't be ignored.

Sanda sighed louder than she meant to and said, "Sounds like you League Bears would rather the insurgents keep attacking your people than accept help from the Star Army. What steps would you take in dealing with those that killed your own people in the cruelest way possible? Invite them to dinner?"
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The conference room took on an uncomfortable silence. Broken only by the shuffling of feet or fabric. A sharp snap broke the reverie as Mayor Rika stood, slammed her data slate on the table, and turned to face Sanda. Rika stopped, an internal display helping to identify Sanda.

"Joto Hei Hoshi, I wish I could say it is a pleasure to see you again. However, I cannot, as with the last time you visited our planet with all of the care as a proverbial bull in a china shop. We are not bears, We are Kodians. We are a highly advanced and civilized species with a rich culture and history. We have built a society that is respected and admired by many in the galaxy. To call us bears is to belittle and demean us, to reduce us to nothing more than a primitive animal. We have feelings, emotions and intellect that should be acknowledged and respected. I hope that you will take the time to learn more about us and the way we live before you speak of us again."

Rika turned with a flourish that would make any thespian proud, facing Chairman Koda, her voice becoming louder steel laced with venom.

"Is THIS," Rika pointed at Sanda, "the responsible and professional force you spoke of. One that comes into this room and insults us by calling the leaders of our government racial slurs; insinuating we are incapable of intelligent thought, art, philosophy?" Rika turned back to Sanda, "Forgive me, I had forgotten you were the benevolent saviors sent to us from above." The small Kodian began to push herself out of the room, her hair rustled in anger, her eyes gleamed with fierce intensity.

Cheers and applause rose from the members of the Anti-Xenoist League who were present as they began to follow Rika from the room.
Sitting somewhere in the observation area, a silverskinned woman pinched the bridge of her nose, resting her elbow against the desk. Oh, for the love of all that is holy, why use that slur, her thought echoed in her head, contained and bounced off the walls of interference from the collar she wore and its green indicator light. Burgundy hair flowed over a rich emerald cardigan, pinned together with silver and moldovite, thermal leggings keeping her warm when combined with the heating elements beneath her clothes.

The knives at her hip, one of golden steel and black leather sheath, the other of a white bonelike material were more ritual or ceremonial tools than weapons. A symbol of status and gifts. But she wasn't here to get involved. Not yet. For the third time she had been asked to handle a diplomatic station she was of no rank or qualification for. Her only xenopolicy schooling had been among useless, isolationist cowards hiding aboard their mobile megastructures, breaking that cycle after Aliset had landed a postage vessel in a refugee camp to offer medical and supply aid with no warning.

Her crew had spoken Yamataigo. She had ensured that. But it was still a mess. Many things hadn't translated, well. And Aliset's own studying Kodian languages en route, studying the diplomatic situation, learning the history and what was known of the culture had yielded subpar results. Which is why she had spoken with a few mission handlers to get operational freedom to play the civilian xenopolicy advisor traveling with some Star Army personnel that weren't there on official business. In fact, she wasn't even playing that high level a role. As far as, as long as no one called her on it, anyone knew, she was a postage freighter captain who had been on vacation when this had popped off, and now offered her aid to Gashmere and her people.

Let's face it, Ali, making up cover stories was never your strong suit. Just like Military History, you kinda suck at it. Too honest. Again, her thoughts bombarded her before she lifted her head and stood, tall as metallic frame could manage, proud and calm. "With all due respect to the lords and ladies gathered here," She began in heavily accented Kodian before clearing her throat with a soft cough. "I apologize, Kodian is not a language I speak well, or even passably. For that, I have requested a translator, but times being what they are..."

Stop stalling. She adjusted her collar before continuing. "I have read much on this world's history, culture, and ecology. There is a lot of information missing prior to first contact, and that hurts my sensibilities in ways I cannot describe. I have met Kodians before my coming here, finding them to be a strong, honorable people with a rich heritage that fascinated me even in my youth. This world is beautiful and wonderful, even if, were it not for the batteries and heaters under my clothes, that I would be dead in less than an hour. This is a world that deserves to stand united. And I will do everything I can to make aware to the public your world's wonders. When the distress beacon came, that you do this for your cubs, it broke my heart, seeing the assimilation and erasure, and more, the devastation wrought by such terrible weapons against the children of many worlds. I cannot have children of my own. I do not wish to see any more loss precious life, innocence, and serenity. I wish to see your world for what it is, know it before Yamatai came and perhaps find a path forward that doesn't break a mother's heart. Let us do this for the cubs. Gashmere Forever."
"Gashmere Forever." Sacre echoed Aliset's words. Unlike her girlfriend, she understood why she had been sent here. There were two reasons, first she was well trained in comparative xenobiology and genetics. She was helping apply Yamataian medical technology to Kodian physiques. Second, she wasn't a Neko. Although they had joined the Empire the same year, the Separa'Shan had charted a very different course from the Kodians. They had fought their own civil wars, although briefer and less violent than the Kodian ones, but had chosen to embrace Yamatai and had and would continue to prosper because of it.

In that light there were two particularly notable Chujo who were at the meeting. The first was Issus Elapide, a Separa'Shan who headed Seventh Fleet's communications. The other was Mikhail Ersus , a Kodian who headed Seventh Fleet's special operations. With the other members of the group that was meeting they rose now that the meeting was dismissed. "When you act like a cub who can't get along with their siblings, you shouldn't be surprised when you are treated like a cub." The Star Army Kodian said to Issus, but he had a voice that carried.
Conference Room

Sanda remained impassive as the Kodian Mayor chewed her out. She supposed she deserved it, although she had meant no disrespect. She wasn't a politician, thank the stars. She was a soldier. A spends more time in the dirt than with people, no nonsense solder. Political niceties was a luxury that had no place in a fight, and this was certainly a fight.

Sanda would never intertidally do anything to paint the Star Army in a bad light. However, it looked like she had done just that. She wanted to slam her head against the wall. That level of stupidity was something she expected of Maximus, not her. She was grateful when someone else started talking with a lot of political talk and took some of the attention off her. She faded into the background and moved around to a different spot.

While moving, a thought came to Sanda. How had that Mayor knew who she even was? She was a Joto Hei, not some high up officer. But she had been picked out of a crowded room, identified by name and had the knowledge that she had been her before when the ST center had been destroyed. That seemed pretty suspicious. Maybe someone should do a little digging into that Mayor. But first, Sanda had an apology to make.

After the League Bears had left, Sanda waited until Chairman Koda seemed to be alone. She bowed as she approached. "Chairman Koda. I must apologies for any offence my words had to you and your fine people. I'm a ground soldier, I'm use to battle and blood. On the battlefield, we're a lot more casual than here. I would hate for my unrefined mouth to have hindered these discussions in any way. I would like the opportunity to learn more about the Kodian people and redeem myself, but if you need to dismiss me to appease the Anti-League Kodians, I would understand." She bowed her head to await his judgment.
Chairman Koda wiped his large paws over his face and muzzle before bringing them together in a tent on the conference table. Glancing up, he addressed both Aliset and Sanda.

"I understand that some of you may not fully understand our culture or society, but let me make one thing clear, we are not bears. We are Kodians, and expect to be held as an equal among species. Now, I know that some of you may have heard the derogatory comment made earlier, and I want to make sure that it's understood that we take such remarks very seriously. But I also believe in not taking ourselves too seriously, so I propose we name our task force in charge of combatting the insurgency "Task Force Piglet - Friends of the Bears"

Chairman Koda slowly pushed himself up from the table to survey those around him in the room as he continued to speak.

"Piglet is a loyal and brave friend to Winnie the Pooh and the other bears in the forest, just like our task force will be working hard to protect and defend the Kodian people. It's a nod to our sense of humor and a reminder that we can take such remarks with a grain of salt, and a wink to our identity as Kodians."
Fort Nozomi, Gashmere

After docking his shuttle Franks heavy footsteps echoed in the bases hallways as he moved to check in with. Many weeks of filing paperwork and finshing documentation to work as a Secuity advisor to "Assist in the training and development of Gashmere's Planetary Guard." Call it what they want he knew the politics of mercs in yam and the workarounds many security forces do. Once finishing up there he would enter the conference room. "Security Advisor Frank Sterling reporting in." Came the mans response. Frank stated as he entered the room in his olive drab colored Impulse powered armor, (teir 5) on his left shoulder a trophy system and on the right a single barrel auto cannon deactivated and folded down against his back. secured across his lower back hardpoint was a Spaid belt fed directly into the assault backpack. As he looked around the Room. "I was Informed I would be in Task Force Piglet."

Fort Nozomi
Conference Room

It went without saying that Sassa felt mildly out of place as one of the few enlisted in a room full of important military officers, officials, and politicians. The feeling was only exacerbated by the fact that she was one of the few Nekovalkyrja there as well. Her vibrant, dual-colored hair and Type 42 Bodysuit made that glaringly obvious. Not to mention, Sassa was still experiencing a culture shock, in spite of the various cultural briefs and language databases she had downloaded into her digital mind prior to her arrival the day before.

At the very least, Sassa was glad that she had learned that bear was a slur the easy way.

Feeling some of the tension leave the room as the Anti-Xenoists made for the exits, Sassa gave a soft exhalation as Sanda made her apology, which the brown-furred Chairman seemed to accept. However, it was then that a hulking figure clad in olive power armor entered the room, causing Sassa’s eyebrows to rise as she placed a cautious hand on the NSP at her hip.

An armored mercenary entering an important briefing in a Star Army base?

Sassa glanced to the lightning-tattooed Nepleslian, her features manifesting confusion as she assessed the armor-clad giant, ready to make a move, if needed.
Chairman Koda observed the imposing figure of Frank enter the room, a small smirk crept across his muzzle, revealing a predators mouth full of sharp fangs.

"We all understand the importance of Task Force Piglet in addressing the insurgency and protecting the Kodian people. But as we've seen, this is a complex and multifaceted threat that requires a comprehensive approach. That's why I've decided to bring in contractors to supplement our efforts. These contractors will bring specialized skills and expertise that will help us to be more effective in our operations. They will be working closely with Task Force Piglet, but will also have their own set of objectives and will be accountable to me. I want to assure you that we have taken all necessary precautions to ensure that they will be fully accountable to us, and that their incentives will be aligned with ours. I also understand that there may be cultural differences, but I believe that with open communication and mutual respect, we can overcome any challenges that may arise."
Conference Room

Among the Star Army representatives who'd been brought in was one Shosa wearing black panels. Imagawa Kagemori was a Minkan, though his forebears had been Geshrins and Nepleslians. His short, military style buzzcut was a little longer on top and the tips of its brown strands were dusted blond from days spent hiking through Gashmere's forested mountains and valleys, and his fair skin was a bit chapped from the cold winds that rushed over the planet's highest peaks. Kagemori nominally served at Fort Nozomi as an intelligence analyst who provided advice to the base's commander, but doubled as the Kodian Homeworld's SAINT station chief and had collected plenty of information on his own (mostly regarding topographical details while Kodian operatives gathered HUMURSINT).

"Chairman, if I may," he said in a gravelly voice, stepping up to the conference table between two vacant chairs across from Koda. He held a datapad tablet and swiped across it to 'throw' some information over to the Kodian leader. "This is a dossier containing the names and habits of terrorist leaders already known to Star Army Intelligence. We have held off deploying assets or taking action against them because of previous orders to stay out of your conflict. The Empress' command changes that. We know the information won't be enough to put an end to anything, but having your people bring in some of these traitors could be a good start flush out their accomplices."

Kagemori probably had more he could share, but the inclusion of Anti-Xenoists in this situation room necessitated more discretion. The dossier he'd provided would be useful, of course, but would not be enough to scare more important suspects into hiding if the information was leaked.

"And if the conflict escalates to the point where you need anything else taken care of more directly," Imagawa-shosa added with a grin and twinkle in his blue eyes, "I am sure that certain problems can be discreetly erased."
"I don't really like the name, if I'm honest. Humorous, yes, but my father always hated self depricating humor. Especially given the anger some of your coworkers displayed at the accidental use of such terminology. But it seems out of my hands at this point. I'll be doing nothing unusual for my station and my self over the course of this." She looked down to her tablet for the barest moment, just long enough to press the send key. "That said, it will certainly be interesting to see this unfold."

Chairman Koda's tablet would ping to show a private message, reading the following.

My name is Chui Aliset Koun. For the purposes of my stay here, please call me by Soren or Starbreaker. Do not refer to me by rank. Publicly, I am not working with the Star Army of Yamatai. However, I am the incitor of Senti first contact with Yamatai, almost losing my captaincy for it. Moreover, I have been involved in several diplomatic situations over the course of my career. While I dislike working the political side of things, and am an astronavigator by trade, I have found myself with training and skills perfectly suited to operate a comprehensive hearts and minds propaganda campaign, here. This will likely include media coverage and insertions of my journey through Kodian locales and culture. I have included an itinerary of my proposed travels, however, I am more than willing to take assignment and direction, here. I will not require body guards, if they would have been made available, however, if my guide and translator is a veteran of your military, that may help ease some nerves. It's an honor to meet you, Chairman. I'll do everything I can to help bring an end to your troubles.
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Fort Nozomi
Conference Room


It had been a long time since the blonde norian had to go to any kind of formal meeting, her hair had even been put into a tucked french braid. She sat up in the observation area of the conference room donned in an all back Maejaes Vyrdi robe with a norian bodysuit underneath, just in case unsafe temperature situations were to arise. Most of the MERN personnel had merged into the Star Army since their species arrival, so she was a bit of an odd duck out. MERN no longer existed and she could not see fit to sit things out at home. So here she was as an independent contractor of sorts, ready to see where this path took her. Those gathered around the table seemed to be more of the official big wigs, which only solidified her seating choice up above. From there she could observe the goings on and pick up good little tidbits that might come in handy later.

She thought to herself how it turned out to be an incredibly good use of her time to have picked up the Kodian language. It would not only make it so that she could understand the proceeding of this meeting herself, but it would be easier to communicate with others involved. So far Chairman Koda and General Taro seemed very straight forwardly focused on the task at hand. Slender ears twitched at the level of focus she devoted while the Chairman laid out his plan. Politics were never quite her forte, but she disagreed with the delegate from the Anti-Xenoist League on a personal level. The irritation on Koda's face readily apparent indicated to her disruptions were not exactly his cup of tea. Her hands remained rested atop her lap while she noted the outburst from a woman about "League Bears" without outward expression. "What part will that one play in this?" she wondered to herself.

Quite apparently the one now known as Joto Hei Hoshi had sparked something in Mayor Rika. Nara's head tilted to the side a little as she observed what the Kodian had to say. This eventually resulted in a raised eyebrow when the small Kodian stomped out. "Oh this will be interesting," she thought. Violet orbs turned another who spoke up in the observation area. She knew who this woman was, thanks to conversations with her friend Aelya she knew this to be Aliset. Curious how someone in a diplomatic status came armed to a meeting such as this, then again the senti was a member of the Star Army. The silver-skinned woman delivered a very heartfelt speech in heavily accented Kodian, who's sentiments a Separa'Shan seemed to echo.

With the meeting seemingly dismissed Nara made her way to the table where Chairman Koda and others had gathered. She quietly took an empty seat with her back against the wall, away from windows and doors to listen on about what further information would be passed. Possibly this is when specific directions would be passed out or more tactical discussions be had. Her eyes flicked up when Frank walked in, she looked at his armaments curiously. Naturally, another armed person joined in on their meeting. It seemed that all Star Army personnel came to such meetings armed, or at least that was the impression made upon her.

The smirk that this brought to Koda's face gave her more faith in the kodian she would likely be taking orders from. Yet another disruption drew her attention to a uniformed minkan who spoke up. Dossiers on terrorist leaders, how quaint and cute. Perhaps she would have the chance to make herself useful and end a few herself. Nara outright smirked at the mention of discreetly making things disappear as the sat quietly listening. Her ears perked up at Aliset's statement and a ping from the Chairman's tablet. Seemed like someone was trying to communicate things a bit more privately, the timing led her to believe the message originated from the woman that had just spoken.
Fort Nozomi
Conference Room


Fleet Scout Nariaki was not there as an official part of the operation, at least not yet, he was there in an official standpoint as bodyguard for Sacre. With that purpose in mind he wore black military fatigues with subdued patches dictating both SASO and SA Reconnecience. On his left hip was his Special Duty Revolver and that was the only visible weapon. He stood silently behind both Sacre and Aliset with his hands behind his back.

He did recognize the familiar face of Nara, however now was not the time for pleasantries, perhaps they would get a chance to speak privately later.

Revenant 77

Receiving notification that the conference was over and the Tactical meeting was ready to commence, he made his way from the Spaceport to the conference room. Most people made way for him as he was essentially a walking set of armor, his entire body was encased in it.

The first sound the people in the conference would hear was heavy metallic footfall, this would be before he pushed his way through the doors of the room. His robotic left and right arms were a gleaming obsidian hue to match that of his armor, he looked to be unarmed as he had left his weapon case secured in the room he was renting for this mission.

The voice that could be heard was obviously synthetic. "Revenant 77, reporting as directed."

He stood there rigidly for a few moments, before with a surprising fluidity he walked forward to stand at an empty seat around the table.
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Fort Nozomi
Conference Room


Perhaps he thought he had been sneakier than he was, but Nara would recognize that face anywhere. The delightful friend she had chatted with at the holiday festival, it seems Itami was here for business as well. Unfortunately, she was on duty and not about to make a move about the recognition either way. Yet again another armed member of the Star Army armed in a conference room, they must really do things different around here. Her eyes flitted over to the synthetic speaker and watched curiously as he joined them at the table.
Fort Nozomi
Conference Room

It had been some time since this person had taken a direct role in open combat. For the longest time he spent time with his girlfriend Sora and taking on odd jobs within Star Army. This is the story of the resurgence of Mikodimus Liber Belmont, the chef with an attitude and questionable dress code in the kitchen. While switching between commands he reach out to his brother Alastair to see how life was going. He even considered joining his brothers ship, but for now had been turned down. Alastair shared with Miko that his services were needed at another place.

Miko walked into the conference room with his head held high. As he walked into the room, the smoke slowly cleared. His image came into view, a handsome man with a smile like none other. The steam from his cooked meal filled the room with a most pleasant smell. "So is this the right place to report for task force Piglet? I brought some Steamed Onigiri filled with the most yummy meat and sauce." He looked around to see if he noticed anyone. "When I heard the name I couldn't help but cook a themed meal."

After a few moments he took notice of Sacre, someone from an early posting he had. If he recalled correctly, she smashed him into a container for being too friendly one mission. This brought back fond memoires from a time before. He was happy to be around a group of such wonderful people. Miko then took notice of a Norian who was part of the ranks. Miko very much liked meeting new races and was happy he'd get the chance to do so here. He walked over towards her. "Hello Miss, want to try my rice covered meat?" He asked with a smile as he held up the tray towards Nara.
"And on that delightful note," Aliset pointedly shook off Miko's comment to the nearby Norian. "Sacre, dearling, I made some arrangements for dinner at a restaraunt in the capitol. Assuming they're still open, I was wondering if you would like to join me? I heard they do this local smoked fish and berry sauce that was described as simply divine. Unfortunately, until your mission is complete, my ship is to remain in impound, so... Won't a brave Star Army doctor help this poor civilian captain navigate this harsh, beautiful alien world?"
Fort Nozomi
Conference Room


Nara's eyes flicked over to yet another entrant to the festivities. This one was rather delicious in appearance, however he reeked of meat. Her eyes followed him as he seemed to notice her, "oh no no no no" she thought to herself. The last thing she wanted to do here was make a bad impression by refusing food. Her ears twitched as she replied sweetly. "Hon, I am afraid my body is not able to digest meat. I am so sorry, I must decline. Thank you though." she smiled politely. "What is your name?" she asked. While the man bearing the tray was delicious, what would happen to her if she ate what he had, would not be.