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RP Honeybear don't care

Frank Looked twords the two framilure faces. "Sanda and miko? oh what fresh hell did I get myself into." Frank stated shaking his head. "Well at least we would be working together again while I wait for the misses to ready her Ryoko. anything interesting happen since we last met, oh I got engaged with Del." He states Offering a handshake to Sanda.
Sacre's tonged darted out, tasting a familiar scent. It flicked out a couple more times so she could get her bearings. Finally she spotted an old shipmate. "One moment." She said departing her lover and heading straight for Miko. "Unfortunately there aren't any containers for me to throw you into if you tried that line with me." Sacre said. To most people, her tone sounded serious and formal. However, Miko had served with Sacre and could sense that she was actually happy to see him from the tone in her voice.

Itami stood there like a statue with only his eyes moving taking in all of the new and old arrivals while watching for any possibility of a threat. He was a coiled spring hidden behind a unmoving exterior. The only movement was the briefest of light smiles in Nara's direction.


Looking at the others gathered here from the Yamataian Soldiers, the Senti postal captain, the Norian and their hosts the Kodian. He was watching and cataloguing those here. This was just another paid job for him, help the Kodian's deal with an insurgency, get paid and move on to the next job.
Fort Nozomi
Conference Room

While she didn’t like the idea of working alongside mercenaries, Sassa had no room to object to the Chairman’s explanation of their presence. Taking her hand off of her NSP, the magenta and cyan-haired Nekovalkyrja exhaled in relief, only for her nostrils to flare with hunger as they drew in the scent of rice and meat. Turning towards the direction of the smell, her eyes confirmed what her nose sensed, while also taking in another sight—the cook himself, who her databases identified as Mikodimus Belmont.

Quickly shaking her head, Sassa floated quietly towards the cook, out of a desire to not disturb the ongoing briefing. However, she couldn’t ignore the idle conversation transpiring as many of the other personnel in the room began to exchange greetings. There were far more connections here than she might have thought. Nevertheless, Sassa moved quickly to pick out a few Onigiri pieces, before offering the cook a shy, grateful smile and floating back to her place in the briefing area.
"I am Mikodimus Belmont. Feel free to call me Miko if you want." He answered back as he grabbed one of the Onigiri which was separate from the rest of them. "Are in luck, I made one which is meat free if you'd like." He smiled warmly as he offered her the food. "And what shall I call you other than beautiful?" He said with a grin and a nod towards Nara.

He then looked when he overheard someone calling his name. "Oh man, I didn't notice that it was you but I know that voice from anywhere Frank. How have you been buddy. Want something to eat." He gestured towards the plate of food he was holding. "Married, oh my gosh I'd never have guessed that. I look forward to meeting this miss Del sometime." Miko then tok notice of the lady Frank was looking to shake hands with. "Why hello there, I see we have a professional bad ass as part of the team." He called out as he looked over Sanda's uniform markings. "Do you want some of my meat rice? It is fresh and yummy." He asked once more pointing to the plate of food.

"O-M-G, if it isn't my shipmate Sacre. And to this day I have no regrets. I hope you been keeping those glutes in shape by not skipping leg day." He laughed as he gave a wave towards her.
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"So much for date night," the youthful Senti grumbled, crossing her arms over her chest. She hoped that no one had recognized her as Star Army, yet, with her hair draped loosely around her shoulders and her uniform pointedly absent. No, no one should have. The only people she knew, so far, were Sacre and Itami. Officially speaking for this mission, she knew Itami was Sacre's body guard, that Sacre was going to be fulfilling two roles as part of a team in Chairman Koda's plan. That she was publicly fulfilling a part 5 primary role. Aliset, on the other hand, was primarily part four, sowing a peaceful ideation about xenos, not just the Star Army, which would help the integration of the kodian people in the long run. After all, they were part of the community, now, no matter how much some of them valued their purity.

All that any of the remaining Kodian officials and Star Army representatives needed to know was exactly the information she had given so far. Any more and the Star Army would likely start stepping on her toes and ordering her around, which would likely blow her cover. Any less, and someone would doubt her validity. So she had stayed in character. All she had to do was trust Sacre and Itami to not give her away and stay Senti.

Still sucked that she hadn't gotten an answer on date night.
Sacre looked down at her tail, checking it. "I don't mind leg day, sleeping in is nice. Aliset, this is Miko, one of my less disappointing crewmates. He's my ship Captain's half brother, unfortunately neither of them got the attractive half. Miko this is Aliset, one of my girlfriends and together both of my better halves make a whole." Sacre said, introducing her lover to Miko.
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"My dear friends of Task Force Piglet, I cannot express enough how proud I am of each and every one of you. You have shown immense bravery, dedication and commitment to the Kodian people, and we have seen the fruits of your labor. It is with a heavy heart that I leave you today, but I do so knowing that you will continue to make a difference in the fight against the insurgency.

I want to leave you with the following instructions. I will be leaving the task force in the capable hands of Issus Elapide, the Communications chief of the Star Army of Yamatai's 7th Fleet Command staff, and Mikhail Ersus, the Special Operations Chief of the Star Army of Yamatai's 7th Fleet Command staff. Both are experienced and capable leaders, and I have no doubt that they will continue to guide you in the right direction.

I want you to know that you have my trust, and I will be following your progress closely. Remember, you are the protectors of the Kodian people and you are making a difference in their lives. Keep up the good work, and I will see you soon."

Mikhail Ersus. a large Kodian with jet black fur stepped forward. "Task Force Piglet is assigned to Accomodations Build 4 on Fort Nozomi. Each member may elect to have a room to themselves, or bunk with one other member of the Task Force. If you leave Fort Nozomi, you may only take personal armor and one sidearm with you unless on official tasking or mission. Enjoy your time this evening, any questions and I can be reached here." With a swirl of his finger comms devices through the room dinged with both his, and Issus' comm info. Mikhail and Issus, a Separa'Shon, both turned and left the room with Chairman Koda.
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He knew her cover was important to what Aliset was trying to do here. "Well, Miss Starbreaker, I am sure that Sacre has not ignored your question. However, there does seem to be quite a lot going on right now." After speaking he went back to being the silent statue and watching over the room.


Accustomed to working alone, this amount of activity was a bit of a stressor for him as he was watching and cataloguing everything that was going on, from the angry Neko to the overly friendly idiot.
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Fort Nozomi
Conference Room


Nara watched the goings on quietly for the most part. What seemed like it was to be a tactical operations meeting delved further into a tactical barbeque social. She watched as the Separa'Shan made a rather comedically adorable statement about shoving the chef into a container. From the way the female said it the Norian could not really tell if she had joked or not.

Violet eyes looked over to Itami and gave him a silent nod of acknowledgement. At least someone who liked books was around, not that there would be much time to read while here. This to her was just another job, with another boss, in another place, not a social event. It seemed like everyone was gathering around her and it became just a tad uncomfortable, not that anything would betray that fact to others. "Hello Miko, I am Nara." she returned in greeting. "How kind of you, in that case I would love one." she said accepting the food he offered. Her eyebrow raised, "Nara is fine, beautiful requires more connection I am afraid." she said with a polite smile. It did not seem appropriate to challenge the man to a sparring match right then and there. Even then, letting him get away with that was still a strong maybe. Gracefully she ate the food as he looked over to his other friends. Her eyes shot wide at his comments about Sacre's glutes. How audacious some of these people were.

However, she became increasingly curious as to why Aliset acted so unlike what she had heard. Whatever went on there Nara did not intend to question in the slightest, the woman's reasons or orders were her own and non of the blonde woman's concern. The social event that unfolded in front of her hopefully would wind to an end as someone began to speak.

Nara directed her utmost attention to the speaker. If she was going to work under Star Army she might as well have transferred her Officer status over per the agreement in place for prior MERN service members. She made a mental note to see someone about that later. After all if she was going to be working for them, might as well make it official. Thank Unya she would not have to remain here unarmed and since they were staying on a Star Army base perhaps that conversion to possibly transferring would be easier.

What a relief?! She would have the opportunity to room alone, which was strongly preferred due to the fact she knew no one here well. The alarming amount of people casually socializing put her off a tad and she could not wait to get to the task at hand. Although perhaps in the future she would not be opposed to having a roommate if it were for safety reasons. Her ears twitched seemingly at nothing at the mention of Aliset being referred to as "Miss Starbreaker." Whatever was going on there was not as well hidden as some might think they were, she moved to tuck a loose hair back up behind her ear.

Weapons are to be checked into the armory located in Building 4 unless in route to or from the weapons range, or missions and taskings. Task Force Members may retain one (1) side arm, and two (2) blades, clubs, or melee weapons on their persons. These limitations do not extend to individuals natural weapons or weapons that have been integrated into ones person.
"Thank you, Guard Itami, for all you do. Would you like to accompany us for dinner? I brought plenty of money for all three of us. My treat."

As she approached Miko and Sacre, she offered a soft smile to the lovely Separa'Shan lady she had fallen so hopelessly for. "Oh, dear, considering the stories you tell of your Captain, this man must have a true talent for making things... Aah, what is word... Intesk? Interest-ing? Apologies, mister Belmont, Yamataigo is not my first language." Aliset gave a soft bow towards Miko, "Beside that, Sacre, I'm sure your prestige and honor outshines me in ways I may never understand. All I can do is dodge pirates. You save lives for a living. I simply have no idea how I'm going to be of service to this task force Piglet... For that matter, what is this... piglet character? I have so many questions."

Her brows furrowed as she surveyed the crowd. "To be honest, I am not supposed to be here. I was hoping to talk to the Chairman and see if he could talk the Seventh fleet into releasing my house. But... I suppose I'll retire to the hotel. At your convenience, of course."

Yes, Ali. Good girl. Play the stupid xeno card. See how much trouble that can get you in. Maybe you can fenaggle your way into staying off base, play into the lost xeno card as heavily as you can. Lost and stupid. Best way to find the trouble you seek.
Miko put on glowing smile as he spoke towards Ali. "My gosh, I see I am not the only one around here that likes sweetness. And are doing great, I do enjoy being interesting." He then looked towards Sacre. "Found yourself a real winner here. Go you!" He said with a nod. "Well if either are of in need of some food, hit me up and I shall work my magic."
Miko then looked back towards Nara who was enjoying his food. Nothing made him more happy than to see others enjoy his cooking. "Nara it is then." Miko then reached into his pocket and pulled out a card. "And real smooth way to ask for my digits, here is my card." He said with a bright smile. "I also do room service after hours if your needing a bite to eat."

Miko then pointed towards the young lady who had nabbed some of his food. "Stop right there, one does not dine and dash. At least introduce yourself if you would be so kind. I am Miko, if you didn't hear." He said calling out Sassa before she got too far away.

"Perhaps, Miss Starbreaker, though I should ensure that Sacre's quarters are safe, but, after that I may very well join you both for this offered dinner." He surveyed the room one final time before taking this chance to make his way over to where Nara was. It seemed as though they were both part of this operation in one way or another. "Pardon me, Nara, but since our last chance encounter have you read any decent books which you might recommend. That book on Norian literature you sent me, has helped my grasp of the language immensely." He stood there quietly while he waited for Nara to acknowledge him.


Being unaccustomed to dealing with such an arrangement of other races, he walked over to a corner and leaned back against the wall, releasing the short blade concealed within his right arm, he began to run a sharpening tool over it. There would be better times to learn more about those he was working with and how they might all work together, but for now he was biding his time and learning what he could by watching.
Fort Nozomi
Conference Room


Nara watched the interaction going forth between Itami, Aliset, Miko and Sacre unfold while feeling rather out of place. She stood to be more level with them and remained in place so as not to startle them. Deftly she accepted the card and looked it over, "The only thing I would need your digits for is to see if you want to go for a sparring session later, but thank you Chef." she said with a feisty air. Her head nodded in thanks as she dropped the card down betwixt her breasts, not thinking much of it as that was the closest thing to a pocket she had. "After hours room service? Sounds all like a bit much mischief for me, but I may be willing to do an order for pick-up." she said to Miko with a raised eyebrow.

Her violet eyes were drawn to Itami's approach. "Unfortunately after our last encounter I started studying the Kodian language and have not had time for much else." she responded in a friendly manner. "I am glad it helped!" she said with the faintest smile. Once again her eyes moved to keep continuous surveillance of her surroundings.
Gashmere, Fort Nozomi, Conference Room

Sanda frowned at the Chairman's words. That didn't make much sense to her. If bears was such an offensive thing to say... Why would you name the task force that? She merely bowed her head and stepped back.

She stood silently in the back, just watching and listening as more people came in. She made a few mental notes on some of that she saw. Some professional looking soldiers. When a big merc came in suited up in full power armor, Sanda just shook her head. She had had enough headache dealing with crewmates on the Res who acted more like mercenaries than professional soldier. Now she was going to be working with actual mercs?

Then the Merc turned and called out her name. Frank!? ¡Oh, tienes que estar bromeando! Sanda thought to herself. She turned to him and took his offered hand. "Hello Frank. Fancy running into you here. I hope you're doing well?" Sanda frowned slightly. "Lulie-hei is going to be here as well?" She had very mixed feelings about the little red haired Neko, she did genially smile when he heard they were engaged and shook Frank's hand again. "Congratulations Frank. I'm very happy you found someone else after your first wife." Sanda had met Frank's first wife when she had gone with him as an android to get his body fixed up. "I hope you and Del will be very happy together." She said honestly.

Another entry to the room caught her attention. The man was carrying in a bunch of food. But when he started speaking, his words just carried a bunch of bad puns and innuendos that imminently reminded the Ranger of Maximus. She frowned as he asked her if she wanted some of "his meat rice". Just the way he said it made her feel uncomfortable and reminded her of Maximus. "No thank you." She said.

The tattooed Nepleslian was so relived when she received instructions from the Mikhail Ersus. She excused herself and headed for her bunk.
Sacre took a snack and ate it, "It's not completely terrible." She told him, which was for her high praise. Then she turned away from Miko and the rest of the group with Aliset. She seemed happier having seen him, "So you mentioned wanting to go out somewhere?" Sacre asked.
"Oh! Yes, there's a nice traditional local restaurant out in the capitol, I heard at the port that their smoked fish with berry sauce is supposed to be sublime. Gilded Grizzly, I think. I haven't eaten since last night. And you know how bad rations and I get along. There's supposed to be live music, as well. Possibly games. I don't read Kodian... At all, so we'll need to bring our digital translators...' Her voice lowered as a subtle glance ensured her lips weren't in line of sight of anyone. "Anyway, we'll talk more about it in private, but I have a plan, and it could take a while. Moreover, I'd like you to be involved."

Aliset's smile brightened, seeing Sacre happy as she let her voice return to a normal register of unwavering confidence. "Your smile's more precious than starlight. We have a couple hours before our reservation. If you want to catch up with your old shipmates, I'll be at the hotel. I have a lot of paperwork to do."