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RP Honeybear don't care

Frank nodded his head at the orders before turning back to Sanda. "Yes Del's just getting her things and she'll be down shortly." Looking over at Miko Frank coughed. "So by any chance are you and Thaddious Maximus related? Because you both seem to act alike." Frank Asked. before looking back at Mikhail Ersus. Frank raised his voice among the idel conversations. "hey bossman out of curiosity what classifies as a sidearm because I have a rotery cybernetic arm and a 20mm marksmen pistol, also how much are we getting paid for this?" Frank asked trying to get important questions or at least important to him out of the way first.
"Oh, thank Gods, I didn't want to do paperwork! Let's go get changed and go be tourists for a little bit! I hear there's an amazing street market maybe two blocks over. And a real farmer's market! I haven't seen one since Shurista! And the number of street vendors we saw in the port coming in?" Holding out a hand, Aliset was seemingly all smiles, nearly vibrating in excitement as her voice chattered rapid fire Trade.

"You think they have anything my size or am I gonna have to pay extra for one of the local artisans to make me clothes that actually keep me warm? Whatever the case, I think your black dress will look amazing with your necklace! Not that you don't look great, already, but it is a uniform, and... Well, yeah. Anyway, let's go play tourist before our jobs catch up to us!"

Comms units beeped. dinged. or vibrated throughout Building 4 on Fort Nozomi.


All task force members are ordered to prepare for deployment to the Gashmere Orbital Shipyards to support security operations surrounding the launch of the KSS Gashmeres Hammer. This is a celebration. Not an assault on an enemy strong hold. Uniform for this mission is FORMAL EVENING ATTIRE. The only weapons authorized are ceremonial wear or concealable. TF members unable to conceal weapons or wear formal attire will be placed on perimeter details or form a quick reaction force in a nearby hanger installation.

Don't fuck it up.

Chujo (That's Vice Admiral for you uncultured louts) Mikhail Ersus
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Checking the message they were given Frank Sighed. standing up we went to go get dressed, opting for a White tux to go with his dyed hair, and a black bowtie. before finishing his outfite he would check the ammo on his gun arms swapping the ammo for fresh rounds and so on. once satified he returned it to his normal arm configuration and finished putting on his tux. making his way outside. he would wait with others who would be doing the FORMAL EVENING ATTIRE option.

The evening prior to the big unveiling Itami had insured that Sacre's room was clear, being that he was playing the part of bodyguard as he wasn't officially on this assignment, at least not yet. He then met with Nara to learn what he could in a short time about Kodian culture and language, plus getting some time to catch up since their last communication which had included the Norian Literature book as a gift. Itami was busy cleaning his weapons when his comm unit dinged. Looking through the clothing he had brought with him, which included the clothing which Aliset had acquired for him, for this mission. He found a classic black tux, as he dressed he insured that three throwing blades were concealed within each sleeve, and his Ranger knife was concealed against his inner calf, the final item was his Special Duty Revolver resting against his left hip.

He left his room to hook back up with Sacre, Aliset and the rest of the TF Piglet members who would be at the Fort Nozomi orbital shuttle. He knew there would be some of the team who would remain on planet as the RRT and looking into information regarding the Insurgents.


77 opted to be part of the rapid response team as there was no way for him to look like anything else but a walking arsenal, let alone the fact that he would set off scanners everywhere he went. Before he left he insured that the 13" blade was secured in his left arm cavity and his HSG was loaded and secured in his right arm, if he needed it his "Sickle" Rifle was in the armory. The only visible weapon on him was his heavy pistol which was at his right hip. With that all done he began his walk to meet with the Perimeter teams. He was a walking set of Power Armor, he didn't fit the idea of covert security. With the fact that he had a gunship if it was needed, would likely come in handy.

77 wasn't sure how he felt being surrounded by so many Yamataian Soldiers and Brass. He was essentially the lone Mercenary surrounded by Yamataian, he felt as though all eyes were on him. The single Freespacer on the planet, though this would be a way to show those who did not know how useful a Freespacer could be, even if he was nothing but Mercenary trash.
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Fort Nozomi


"Good morning, beautiful." Aliset's nude form sat straddled over Sacre's hips, one hand holding a cup of fresh coffee, the other gently teasing her girlfriend's nose with a finger. "We got orders. Apparently we're doing a formal event tonight. So, I'm gonna keep my head down as the lost little xeno captain with the important girlfriend."

Sacre looked up at Aliset, her hand caressing Aliset’s hips for a few moments before responding. Just enjoying Aliset’s warm body on top of hers. “I’m still not sure why you're acting like that. It feels weird.”

"For both of us. But the Anti-xenoist League right now is using the Star Army's bad press to paint all offworlder interactions as bad, thus promoting cultural purity. That anyone not Kodian is just a tourist. Or worse, a colonizer. So the fastest way to counter that, in my eyes, is to not be a tourist, and to not be Army." Taking a sip from the coffee, her face twisted slightly. "Eugh… Just how you like it. Anyway, that means someone trained to infiltrate and assimilate quickly needs to make a home and community group within Kodian culture to undermine the rhetoric. Enter a Tsulrati. More social than humans, learn and adapt quickly, et cetera. It sucks, not being honest, the way I like to be. But it lets me be a good example and a prime target. Combined with my diplomatic training from Shurista, and I can quickly build a network of contacts, possibly even on both sides of the conflict. If they decide to pull some fuckies, well, as long as we keep my telepathy under our hats, I might be able to get some information. It keeps you off the front lines and keeps the press away from people who aren't so well behaved. Moreover, our relationship paints the picture that not all the Star Army is as bad as they claim. Cause why would such a pure innocent bean like me go for a killer? I hate politics, and I hate psy ops, but this is what my original training was in. Nothing weird for either of us, except a couple pieces of paper."

“Black without any sweetners or milk means that you just get the coffee and nothing else.” Sacre commented, taking her own sip of coffee from the cup on the table. “I guess I just see the Army as taking a ‘Yamatai is multi-species band of brothers and Kodians are one of them’ sort of approach. They want people to see the species working together in harmony as a model for the Kodians to follow. Also you are going for a killer, but I suppose they don’t have to know that. Unless they look me up or something.”

"Well, there is that aspect. But a lot of the rhetoric I'm going to be handling is on the civilian side. What better way to do it than the lense of a transport captain whose ship was impounded by the Star Army, who refused to leave her love's side, and who's stuck on Gashmere until peace comes? It's really a beautiful story. Straight out of some cheap Nepleslian romance novel." A slight wiggle of Aliset's hips accented her smirk. "I'll be okay. All we're doing is being us. So. Want some breakfast in bed before we get dressed and go up to deal with a bunch of useless admiralty and even more useless nobles?"

It was hard for Sacre to express how exciting a simple hip wiggle could be, but it was there. “It could be worse, we could have to deal with useless politicians.” Sacre said thinking about it. “I do know that I’d rather stay in bed with you than face all of that.”

"I'll handle the politicians if you handle the admirals." Aliset started scooting down Sacre's tail, leaning down to kiss her belly… At least until she decided to take a deep breath, press her face into the soft flesh, and blow a loud raspberry against Sacre’s tight abs.

Sacre curled up a little bit, her hands going to Aliset’s head. “Oh stop it.” She said playfully. Her hands touching the back of aliset’s head and scratching it gently.

"Would you rather I go lower? Or are we getting dressed, now? Would you break my heart, so?" With a mischievous grin, Aliset settled some of her weight down, not enough to be painful. "Cause I don't want to go to some space station today. But alas, we have a job to do. And I think I have this lovely black dress you'll love seeing me in. Even if it looks better on the floor."

“Lower, we can save getting dressed until we actually have to go.” Sacre said with a downward pressure on Aliset’s head.

~~~ (Fading that to black!) ~~~

After Aliset was absolutely sure she and Sacre had woken up their neighbors, her near skin tight dress hid her heating pads and battery pack reasonably well, with threads woven in to shimmer like the night sky. She wore her knife on her hip in line with tradition, and a shawl draped over her shoulders as she went over the itinerary for the evening.

"Alright, so new ship launch, lots of brass there, some fellow by the name of Anslen? Hey, Sacre, I'd like to meet your parents one day. What do you think?"

“That’s my father’s name, common enough though.” Sacre said wistfully, then Sacre’s mouth compressed into a hard line, “They died during the occupation, as did a lot of my family, my father was too outspoken. I never even really wanted to see them. My parents and I fought a lot, I ran away from home several times. When I wanted to go back, it was too late. I can’t even remember what it was that we fought over before I left, but it seemed important at the time.” Sacre explained, a bit of regret in her voice.

"Ah." Her voice seemed soft and small, for a moment. "I'm sorry to hear that. My father and I fought before I left, too. He thought I should stay on Soren. I'm sure your father would be incredibly proud to see the amazing woman you've become. I know I'm lucky to be in your life."

Sacre nodded but was unsure. “Perhaps he would, but perhaps he wouldn’t. He seemed more interested in his business than his children. I don’t know what he would have said, but he wasn’t ever pleased with me. But that might be my rebellious streak coloring my memories.”

"That's a streak? Not just your normal self?" Aliset responded with a cocked eyebrow and a joking smile. "In all honesty, it's never easy to please one's parents. I've dealt with enough fosters to know that for damn sure. But that's why it can be hard to believe they can still be proud. Even if you didn't turn out exactly the way they wanted. Mom wanted me to become a historian. Dad wanted a load master. And my grandmother wanted me to be a Smith. You see how well those options turned out. If it helps any, I'm proud of you. Please don't be too hard on yourself."

“Why do you think they had to go to such extreme measures to break me? Once something is broken, it can be repaired but isn’t ever whole again. I want… I want things to be right, to be able to overcome my failures. If it’s not right, then it needs to be made right. My father wanted my older brother to take over the business when he was old enough. He was a blacksmith, he thought I’d be able to help. But he was also an industrialist. He didn’t just work metal, he owned the smithies and more. He expected people to do their best, and if they didn’t, then they weren’t good enough.” Sacre sighed.

“But… he was still my father. And I have to wonder if I’m judging him too harshly. Perhaps I just wanted to do my own thing and was unwilling to learn. I guess I’ll never know now.” Sacre said, and there was a bit of pain there at the relationship that would remain forever broken.

"Why don't you take a look at your necklace for me? And by the way, you look amazing."

Sacre looked down and pulled the necklace out of the formal dress uniform. The golden metal felt cool to the touch. She looked at herself holding it in the mirror. The uniform concealed Kusanagi, her Zesuaium monomolecular edged and knit fighting knife with a powered blade. It was capable of punching through armor and wasn’t cheap. As this was a formal event with the Army, her Order Of The Blazing Sun was appropriate for her to wear. The red ribbon stood out against the blue and green. On her left she wore a Type 33 NSP in gold and ivory, meant as a decorative piece rather than as a weapon, although in a pinch it would perform. Under it was slung one of her two departures from the formal Uniform. It was wearing the NCO sword rather than an officer sword. Reflecting that she had been enlisted first. The other was on her right hip, it was a medical kit. She was never going to be unprepared for something happening, even if it was unlikely.

"Who taught me to make that? It wasn't my grandmother. It wasn't the woman who it's made of. Burial Steel gifts like that are supposed to be something meaningful to the maker, precious. But not necessarily a big part of the gifted's pride. That was probably the best date we had. Aside the first. If he could see it, know what it means and what it's made of, I know, no matter how bad your last fight, he'd be glowing with pride."

Sacre still had her doubts, but the past was past now. She tugged down on her uniform to straighten it into the perfection she expected when she was wearing a class A. She turned to Aliset and gave one of her exceedingly rare genuine smiles. There were only two people who were able to make her smile. It lit up her face, “Well, if I’m blinded by your beauty, then it’s worth it to see you like this.” She said.

"I'm more likely to be blinded by that perfect smile, if we're honest," a blue flush crossed Aliset's cheeks before she stepped forward, stealing the smile as a kiss. "But we've stalled long enough. We'd best get to the shuttle or deal with the admiral chewing us out on the late shuttle."
Building 4 on Fort Nozomi. 0500

Sanda awoke early the next morning. It was going to be a busy day. She dressed her long sleeve workout uniform. She buckled her belt with sidearm and blade around her hips. She headed for the training room. She had managed to scheduled a meeting with two Kodians to meet her there. One was Star Army Itto Heisho and the other was part of the Gashmere Planetary Guard. She had been blunt when she reached out to Heisho Lockjaw. "I need to know how to neutralize a Kodian, without weapons or PA. We don't know how or when another attack might happen and knowing how to fight your opposite might not only save my life but that of my teammates." Lockjaw agreed and brought along his brother, StealJaw.

Sanda spent the next few hours with the Kodians. Learning not only about their fighting style, but of their history. It was a hard core training. The Kodians insisted on her wearing full protective pads and after the first round of sparing Sanda was glad she had it. The Kodians were surprisingly quick for their huge size. But Sanda was quicker and was able to use their size against them.

Sanda just didn't learn from the Kodians. She taught them a trick or two as well. The three parted all having gained a new respect for the other and a promise to meet again to spare as time allowed. At 0800 Sanda grabbed a quick shower and headed to breakfast. As she ate, she reviewed any information she could find on the terrorist organization. Unfortunately, information was very limited or currently classified. Sanda grunted in frustration. How was she suppose to prepare against another attack if she couldn't review the information?

The Ranger spent the rest of the day going over what she knew of the insurgents and how they operated. They weren't afraid to kill on a large scale. They used chemical weapons and explosives. There was no reason to think that they wouldn't try something tonight at this gathering. It would be an ultimate cue for them. Taking out all those that supported the Yamatai alliance and Star Army soldiers all at once. Part of Sanda would have liked to get dressed up, even if it was her dress uniform. It felt like she rarely had opportunity to bring it out.

Finally, just before it was time to start getting ready, Sanda came up with a good middle ground. She would head to the party, dressed in her best uniform. She would program her Mindy suit to teleport to her location if anything happened. Satisfied that would work Sanda pulled out her number one uniform. It had been updated with all her ribbons on it. Quite a lot for a lowly Joto-Hei. She was quite proud of her accomplishments so far in the Star Army. Under her uniform she put on a self sealing body suit. That way if need be she could get right into her Mindy. She still went with pants instead of a skirt because she just couldn't imagine getting into a fight wearing a skirt. Also, pants would cover her ankle holsters. A dark type 33 and an extra straight silver blade. Around her waist she carried her SiZi Revolver and her primary straight silver blade. It had an engraving on it of a dragon. A gift from her fiancé. They had traded blades, an ancient Nepleslian tradition. She also put on the ring he had given her over the holidays when they were last together. It matched her lighting tattoos beautifully.

Finally dressed and ready to go. Sanda reported to the shuttle area.
Building 4 Fort Nozomi.

Zanven awoke sometime after Sanda, she had been training since they got on site and he had been doing the same through simulation and learning the land. He was confident in his physical strengths but he needed the auxiliary study of the planet to ensure he was able to get the troops where they needed to go. Fly and fight in the air without worrying about trajectory and enemy lines. Finally so that he could deploy at a moments notice in the Keiko armor.

He brought only what was necessary and that included a suit as was instructed, however he also brought a few things close to him. The small sparrow statuette and a token from Sakuko…it was small enough to fit in his pockets so he didn’t think any I’ll will or bad luck would come from it…in fact he was happy he did bring it with him as it reminded him of what he had to look forward to once he returned. He had already made the changes needed to his armor so that he could get ready at a moments notice. For his first assignment though in this operation…he was a shuttle pilot…again. Of course he brought his T-11 Tanuki and once it was landed there were some design changes made so that it would fit in. Zanven quickly learned to adapt to the Kodians and even admired some of the ways they did things. When they were given the orders to get ready Zanven showered and put on his Ceremony best suit. He initiated the program to allow the Keiko to get to him if he called for it and made sure that he was looking like he belonged. After a quick spray of cologne he followed Sanda to the shuttle area.

“Looks like the first step is…well honestly I don’t know what to call it but I hate dressing up…I didn’t even have to do this when I was a medical officer when I was stationed before the Resurgence. How are you holding up?” He asked as he unlocked the shuttle he was piloting and opened the doors. There was little time before they had to depart and he was already moving to the cockpit, leaving the door open so they could talk while he began the startup process.
Fort Nozomi
Building 4
-> Spaceport

Sassa had spent much of the morning shopping for heels and a dress which not only looked good on her short, bell-shaped frame, but was also capable of concealing a weapon or two. Unfortunately it had left the Infantry Neko precious little time for physical training and simulator work, compelling her to skip breakfast and lunch in favor of a few small snacks consumed throughout the day. The possibility of having to fight Kodians meant that it was imperative for her to prioritize honing her skills above all else. For a Nekovalkyrja, eating could always come later.

Much to her relief, Sassa’s newly-fabricated dress arrived a little more than two hours before she was scheduled to report to the spaceport. She took the time to prepare herself for the occasion with a quick shower before fixing her hair into her usual pigtails, editing her volumetric makeup, applying her lavender-scented perfume with delicate care, and otherwise primping herself up for the occasion. By the end of it, she was six inches taller owing to her heels, while her form was clad in figure-hugging dress that emphasized her elongated legs, with her left leg poking out through a slit.

In contrast, the fabric covering her right leg concealed a special pair of surprises.

Satisfied with her getup, Sassa made her way to the spaceport, arriving not long after a few others in Task Force Piglet. Most of the men had opted for tuxedos, but Sassa also took note of the Separa’Shan doctor’s formal uniform and the distinct Blazing Sun she wore on it. However, upon seeing the highly-decorated Ranger clad in a formal variant of her uniform as well, Sassa silently wondered if she was the only one to opt for a dress.
Fort Nozomi
Building 4


Nara awoke to the ding of her comms unit going off. She rolled over tangling herself up in the blanket burrito style to get to where it lay on the nightstand. An arm reached out to grab the device and take a peek at the message. "Uh-huh, sure," she murmured sarcastically. How many "celebrations" had she been to that turned into all out wars or combat situations? The count was too high to recall at this point. With a sigh she set the device upon the bed and smirked a bit. Dependent upon who's definition of ceremonial they were going by, a slyph might count, unfortunately she did not have access to one of those. However, the thought alone made her darkly chuckle. Swiftly she untangled her bare form from the blankets that trapped her and worked her way to the shower.

After exiting the shower freshly cleansed she shook her long blonde hair out and wrapped a towel around her slender form. A short stroll to her clothing options made her think, "What in the fresh hell am I going to have to bring to this?" Her nose wrinkled when realization hit, the only formal attire she had that would suit this situation was a specially customized Maejaes Vyrdi. An outfit she adored sure, but around strangers? Well at least it had the capacity so conceal some weapons and of course, a book! Her arm flicked out with the towel pinched between her fingers, "Let's get this over with then," she said to herself dropping the towel from betwixt her outstretched fingers.

Gracefully she donned the all black customized formal robe and specialized norian body suit, checking the remarkably high slits on the side for tactical purpose. Of course it would do, but she wanted to make sure she could move any way she needed. To each thigh she fastened four daggers concealed to look like decorative ornamentation. A quick shake of her thighs ensured they would move from accidental movement. Into some secret pockets she concealed three more daggers along the flowing parts of her robe. The last addition to it would be a specialized corset that looked like it was part of the Maejaes Vyrdi itself, into what the bones of the corset would be she slipped two more concealed knives.
"If I need any more knives than this, its a problem," she thought. Then again she could weaponize just about anything in reach and suddenly she hopped up. A book! How could she forget? Into quite possibly the last pocket on the dang thing she slipped a small hardcover book. "Not going anywhere without one of these. No chance in hell." she said with a certain nod of finality. With that she french braided her hair leaving the end to drape over her right shoulder, slipped on her combat-friendly formal footwear, and made her way out the door towards the spaceport.

Fort Nozomi
Building 4 Spaceport

It seemed like she was among the last to arrive as several others were already gathered. Thankfully she had not been the only to arrive in a dress! As one of the only non-Star Army civilian parties of Yamataian flavor to be assisting here she feared that might have been the case. She approached the group and stood over next to Sassa quietly waiting for the next step in this little shindig to kick off.
"Good afternoon Task Force Piglet,

Today we have a very important mission ahead of us. We have been tasked with protecting the Senator, Anslen Volontany, of the Yamatai Star Empire, during the commissioning and launch ceremony of Gashmere's Hammer at the Kodian Orbital Shipyards. I want to stress the importance of this mission. Not only is the Anslen a highly respected member of the Senate of Yamatai, but the launch of Gashmere's Hammer is a significant event for both our planet and the Empire as a whole. It is our duty to ensure that the ceremony proceeds without incident, and that the Senator is kept safe at all times. Frank, 77, your instructions are to provide personal protection to Chairman Koda. His personal safety, is your responsibility. The Kodian Orbital Shipyards are a vital component of the Kodian society, economy and defense. They are a massive complex of orbital stations and lattice work cradles, where ships and space stations are built, serviced and upgraded.

The shipyards are located in a high orbit around Gashmere, and are visible from the planet's surface as a series of bright, shimmering lights. The main hub of the shipyards is a massive station, known as the Assembly Station. This station is the heart of the shipyards, and is where all of the major construction takes place. It is a massive structure, with long arms that stretch out to connect to the various cradles and stations.

As you all know, Senator Volontany is a Separa'Shan. Given this, I want to remind all of you that we must be respectful of his culture and customs at all times." Mikhail turned his large furry head to look at Sanda.

"With regards to security, we will have a minimal presence at the ceremony, both in terms of personnel and equipment. The ceremony itself will take place on a remote portion of the yards, in order to secure it more easily. The YSS Battle of the Binary Stars, an Izanagi class Dreandought, will be on station to provide assistance should any problems arise. I want to stress that we must be vigilant at all times. There may be potential threats that we are not aware of, and it is our job to anticipate and neutralize them. As such, you are encouraged to move about the ceremony, engage the populace, and generally make yourselves visible deterrents. Expect most individuals to be carrying some form of weapon, whether it is ceremonial or functional.

I have full confidence in each and every one of you, and I know that together, we can make sure that this ceremony is a success.

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Zanven made sure all of his preflight checks were done before he went back outside as the Task Force was addressed by their commanding officer. He listened as he looked at who would be boarding the shuttle. He had made it a priority to memorize those on the mission so that he could help where it was needed and that way he could ensure that he would not be confused if there were any situations where P.O.W.s would be involved. It was a little over the top, but doing things half-assed was never his thing.

Once they were dismissed he would look at them all and call out. "Alright you heard him, let's get this shindig started. Let's strap in and get going, you all did not dress up for nothing after all right?" He chuckled before he went back into the shuttle, arriving at his seat, and strapping in he would input coordinates and the proper codes to get into the Assembly Station. Once everyone was on board he would shut the doors and lock up before initiating take off as they would have a small distance to go. If anyone needed to talk they could do so while in transit, he was keeping an eye on his sensors and checking his display to see what was going on in the airspace they entered.
Frank would raise his hand. "In the situation that things go fubar, are me and tinman here autherised to use deadly force to keep the VIP alive?" Frank asked, with this many unknowns and delicate situation of the ceremony he also needed to add to his question. "Also where would we extract the VIP in this situation, do we secure a area or get him somewhere else?"
Frank would raise his hand. "In the situation that things go fubar, are me and tinman here autherised to use deadly force to keep the VIP alive?" Frank asked, with this many unknowns and delicate situation of the ceremony he also needed to add to his question. "Also where would we extract the VIP in this situation, do we secure a area or get him somewhere else?"
You are authorized to use an *equivalent* level of force. Evac point is the shuttle. Contingent Rally Point Is the YSS Battle of the Binary Stars.
Fort Nozomi
-> Shuttle

An equivalent level of force.

Sassa’s pointed ears twitched as her digital mind processed the implications. She immediately recognized that there was very little chance of power armor being involved if trouble reared its ugly head during the evening. Any attempt at violence would likely be carried out via more subtle and less outright destructive means. She would have to look for things like spiked consumables, bulges indicating the presence of a concealed weapon, and yet more signs which might indicate that something was afoot.

It was an unconventional mission profile for an Infantry Nekovalkyrja like her.

Regardless, Sassa didn’t delay in boarding the shuttle. In doing so, she registered the presence of the Norian she had seen at the briefing, who moved in next to her.

“I love your dress, by the way.” Sassa said with a gentle smile as she took in the platinum blonde-haired Norian’s all-black outfit, if only to defuse some of the tension. “I spent way too much money on mine. Here's hoping it doesn’t get wet if things go upside down tonight. I'd like to get more than a single wear out of it~” She added, in a lightly playful tone.
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He caught sight of Nara when she joined the rest of them around the orbital shuttle and gave her a brief smile in greeting. He was standing by Aliset and Sacre, all the while he was watching the others and then as they made their way onto the shuttle he sat next to Nara. "Thank you, for both the dinner and conversation last night. I feel much better about this situation with your run down of Kodian culture and language." He pulled out the same book that she had seen him with last time, his good luck charm, the copy of the 'Adventures Beyond the Void of Reality' given to him by his mother.

He was also watching the others that were part of the task force, both officially and unofficially. There was the Walking Mech, 77. The other Special Operations person, Sanda. The loud pervert, who was of course another Belmont. A Neko, that being Sassa, who seemed to have a chip on her shoulder. Nara, who was a semi-known quotient to him. The man who seemed to be the pilot, Zanven. The other walking arsenal, Frank. And of course both Aliset and Sacre, who he knew.

This was going to be very interesting, only time would tell if he would need to become an official part of the Task Force and not just playing the bodyguard.


He was silently watching the group assemble and when it was time for them to get onto the shuttle, he let the others enter first, and he took a seat in the back. Hearing Frank call him a tinman, pulled him away from his own thoughts.

"This tinman has a name, the name is Antibody Revenant 77-1493-4302, though it will be easier to just refer to me as 77." He went back to his own internal thoughts at that point running through possible senarios in which he would need to unleash himself and rain down the pain.
Aliset listened to the briefing, considering, planning, her mind chewing over possibilities and factors involved. It was unlikely that, given the modus operandi that the Kodian terrorists showed right now, that they would attack tonight. As far as she had studied, they tended towards civilian targets, preferably forcing the Star Army to get involved and more, to pin the attack  on the Star Army. Which meant that if an attack happened, it would not be on the party itself.

"If they attack, their goal will likely be the destriction of Gashmere's Hammer. They'll make it look like a Star Army attack on the Kodians' ability to defend themselves. If an attack does happen, I will turn off my collar and get captured by the enemy. For my safety, do not succeed in a rescue attempt, if you make one. I am a civilian. Not military. By the way, ladies, you look amazing. Gentlemen, nice choices in attire. I have a plan."

Finally taking her seat near the other ladies, she offered a smile. "Considering how likely an attack on the party really is... Most of it is to have a nice night with my beautiful Taii girlfriend and perhaps try to get my ship out of impound. Turns out running from the Seventh Fleet gets your ship impounded."
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Kodian Orbital Shipyards
Gashmeres Hammer Docking Berth

The shuttle came to a rest in a crowded hanger, several other military and civilian shuttles were squeezed in at odd angles. The dock itself is a sprawling network of gantries, cranes, and scaffolding, all designed to accommodate the construction and maintenance of the planet's fleet of starships. At the center of the dock, there is a raised stage, which is where the commissioning ceremony is taking place.

The stage is decorated with the colors of the Kodian flag. On the stage, there is a large circular podium where Chairman Koda will give his dedication speech. The audience area is located on a series of circular bleachers that surround the stage, providing a clear view of the proceedings for the guests in attendance.

The music area is located just behind the stage. A group of Taiko drummers are providing a powerful and rhythmic soundtrack to the ceremony, their deep, booming drums adding to the sense of occasion. The taiko drums are large and imposing, with a deep, resonant sound. They are made of wood, with a hollowed out interior and a drumhead made of dark leather stretched tightly across the top. Some are painted with traditional Kodian designs, such as bear paw prints or mountain landscapes. The drums are played and the sound echoes through the dock, filling the space with a powerful, rhythmic beat. The drummers are dressed in traditional Kodian clothing, with brightly colored sashes and headbands, and they pound out a steady, driving rhythm that sets the pace for the ceremony.

The dining area is set up in a large rectangle shape, with tables arranged in a U-shape facing the stage, framing an area for dancing, should any choose to do so. The tables are made of a dark, rich wood, and each table is set with crisp white linens and elegant silverware. The centerpieces on each table are large bouquets of vibrant, colorful flowers, arranged in tall vases. The lighting is dim, with soft, warm light emanating from elegant chandeliers suspended from the ceiling. The atmosphere is one of elegance and sophistication, with a touch of traditional Kodian culture woven in through the use of natural materials and colors.

The table settings are all decorated with traditional Kodian symbols and patterns, with intricate designs etched into the silverware and tableware. Each plate is adorned with a small, symbolic emblem in the center, crafted from a polished metal. The glasses are made of crystal and have a unique shape to them with a small emblem of the hammerfist on them. The buffet line is set up at one end of the dining area, with a long table displaying an array of delicious Kodian dishes, including hearty stews, grilled meats, and fresh seafood. The flavors are bold and robust, with a mix of traditional and modern ingredients. The buffet is decorated with traditional Kodian symbols and patterns, with intricate carvings on the table and intricate designs etched into the silverware and tableware. There is also a culinary area set aside for those who wish to learn and prepare traditional Kodian dishes.

"You have your assignments, try not to fuck it up." Said Mikhail as he heaved himself out of the shuttle, straightened his uniform, and proceeded to the buffet line. Nearly 250 life forms of various size and shape swirled about the area in a flurry of conversation and activity....
Frank Sighed, "tinman your my teammate not my friend, survive a fer operations and a may learn your name. It's easier that way" he stated making his way to the back of the shuttle for a brief moment, popping the buttons on his right sleeve open he rolled the sleeve up to his elbow. With a flick of his arm backwards the volumetrics covering his synthetic arm fizzled as it opened up revealing a rotary weapon inside it, cocking the weapon he closed up his arm, the volumetrics going back to make the arm look like a real one before he buttoned back up his sleave.

Stepping off the shuttle. he would notice the drumming and subconsciously think a shooter could match the drums and hide their shots if they needed to. As morbid as the thought was he needed to think that way to ensure the chairman's safety his old assassination and sabotage training he received from his time in section 6 as he looked around above himself. "Sanda think you can get people watching the rafters and possible vantage points last thing we need is a terrorist attempting to assassinate the chairman during the drumming to hide his shots. Im heading backstage to check if their are any surprises hidden in the stage that would make this party have a explosive ending."

Once he began heading in that direction his brain was going a million miles a minute pulling from his own training and experiences on what he would do if he was attacking this place. making a mental list on what to check while out here would help ensure they don't fuck up the ceremony.
Shuttle area, Pre take off

Sanda stood by the shuttle chatting with Zanven as the other members of the task force arrived. She studied each one as they approached. You could learn a lot by how someone carried themselves. Again, Sanda wondered about this whole assignment. Seemed strange that the Kodian's would place so much faith in a hodgepodge of troops. Mercs and Star Army soldiers, but it wasn't just that. The soldiers knew nothing about one another. It made no sense to her.

Things became a little more clear when Mikhail came to give them instructions. Sanda face became hard set and she had to chewed on the inside of her cheek when Mikhail looked at her after saying being respectful of culture and customs. She had made an unintentional mistake and learned from it. Move on already.

When orders had been explained Sanda boarded the shuttle and went up front with Zanven. She didn't know anything about flying but she felt more comfortable being around a someone from the Res. Also, the view was a lot better from the cockpit than from the back. She was able to get a look at the shipyards and the new ship about to be launched. It was very impressive.

Aboard space station

As the shuttle landed Sanda looked over at Zanven. "There are a ton of unknowns here. If anything goes wrong and we need help, I'd prefer to know that you are the one coming to help. If I need help, or vice versa, Code word: Maximus." She said with a mischievous smile. The Ranger patted Zanven on the shoulder then exited the shuttle.

As she did so, Sanda caught the conversation between Frank and the other merc. Her face hardened. She felt similar, but to actually say it felt very rude and counter productive. When Frank then came and spoke to Sanda, she gave him a hard look before saying. "Mr. Sterling, when I am in uniform and on duty please address me as Joto Hei Hoshi." She was going to repeat what he had just said to 77 about being teammates and not friends, but again that felt like it would be counter productive to their assignment. Instead Sanda glanced up at the rafters above and nodded. "I will keep my eyes open."