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open rp to join

  1. Charaa

    RP Welcome to the Mining Guild!

    Draco Eridanus DractoTown In the bustling streets of DracoTown, the capital of Draco Eridanus, life continues on, for its citizens as the residents converge on the mega-city nestles with in the Upper level of Station Omacron, within a massive carved asteroid. Filling the streets with rivers of...
  2. Commissar Farzi

    (Open RP)Street Sweepers

    Location: Downtown Funky City, Easter Slums Gunshots rang out in the distance; granted when it came to Nepleslia gunfire was common no matter where you went. And Yeoman Sergeant Olaf knew this as he sat in the cupola of his Stumpy armored car, Natasha-stenciled on the side of the vehicle, as...
  3. Dana

    Closing the door, Opening a new Life

    (First Post, please let me know if I messed up anything.) The neon skyline of Funky City shone in the distance, a stark contrast to the drab solid walls of the large star-port that was quickly receding behind the olive drab bus. Uesureyan Fields had been Wallers home for the last four months...
  4. hyralt

    RP Ikumi shooting her shot

    Date: YE 43.9 Location: Kyoto Academy of the Arts Open: Yes, if you want to join - jump in and I'll try to include your character. Otherwise, I have a little story to tease out. Prologue A warbling tone pierced the chill kugatsu air, triggering a flurry of three-dimensional movement in the...
  5. R

    RP: 188604 The soil is different here

    Tacticus's left front leg struggled to straighten out quickly, the damaged limb finally straightened in a minute or so. Giving a shake of his head, golden optics were directed to the desert like surroundings around him. Sand. So much sand. Slowly lowing himself down onto the ground; he looked to...