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star army of yamatai

  1. Wes

    SANDRA Star Army Extinguishes Kuvexian Invasion of Nataria, But At Great Cost

    Nataria Fleet Depot--After a brutal and drawn-out battle to the death, Star Army of Yamatai forces emerged as the victor over the formidable Kuvexian Interstellar Navy in a battle for the ages. The Kuvexians arrived in great numbers and devastated the Star Army's Second Fleet, only to find that...
  2. Wes

    RP [Yamatai] Third Battle of Nataria (YE 42) - OPEN RP

    Nataria Star System 4月 YE 42 The space around Nataria began to flicker with the shimmering of thousands and thousands of Kuvexian starships arriving from hyperspace fold jumps at the outskirts of the Star Army's second home, the military system of Nataria. The ships immediately began to launch...
  3. Wes

    RP [Yamatai] Hanami Festival & BBQ Cookout of YE 42 - OPEN RP

    It was absolutely gorgeous outside in downtown Kyoto today, with sunny bright blue skies and a warm, breezy air that smelled of fresh plants and flowery nectar. Across the northern planet Yamatai, the bright grass grass returned and the sakura were once more in full bloom, covered in pink...
  4. Wes

    Approved Submission Nataria Cemetery

    A huge cemetary for all those Nekos and other soldiers who gave all for the Empire.
  5. Wes

    Approved Submission STAR ARMY: PEARL

    A new part of the Star Army to help with something the Star Army has been kind of crappy at - making sure it recovers its lost soldiers.
  6. Wes

    SANDRA Ether Outpost Lost to Kuvexian Raiders

    Kyoto, Yamatai -- Moon-day morning, Star Army announced it had lost contact with its small outpost on planet Ether, and that A SAINT scout dispatched to investigate found signs of a violent, sudden raid and a frantic effort to defend the base. During the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, Star Army...
  7. Wes

    RP [Yamatai] Star Army Recruiting Center (YE 42) - OPEN RP

    At the edge of Kyoto's military district, where the white marble buildings of governmental Central Kyoto and the glassy skyscrapers of civilian East Kyoto met the blocky gray castle buildings and tall war-spires of military West Kyoto was a hulking fortress built out of its own rubble in YE 25...
  8. Wes

    Terminology of Star Army Positions

    So I was looking at writing more details about Hanako's planned future job as commander of Star Army personnel and I realized that the position has historically, on the wiki at least, only been referred to as the head (lowercase h) of Star Army personnel. So I looked up the IRL equivalents from...
  9. Andrew

    Yamatai News (YINN) Yugumo Corporation Plays a Big Hand in The Colonies

    Big news from Yugumo Corporation Shacho Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yuka this evening regarding her corporation's operations. In a statement, that corresponded with the arrival of Motoyoshi Clan leaders at Jiyuu-jo which returned Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko to Jiyuu III for the first time since the colony...
  10. Andrew

    Approved Submission Star Army Standard Communications Array

    NTSE Reviewers, Technically this article does not introduce any new technology and other articles in the wiki were used to bring the information together. It serves as part of the Standardization Project by Ketsurui Fleet Yards for the Star Army of Yamatai. The idea of this project is to make...
  11. Andrew

    [Star Army of Yamatai]Input Requested - Star Army Industrial Complex

    So I started a project to describe the Star Army Industrial Complex (SAIC), in sort this describes the network of corporations used by the Star Army of Yamatai to supply ships, equipment, food, etc. Here is the Wiki Page...
  12. Wes

    Scrapyard Ideas + Star Army Bases

    Hi Star Army! I was working on the Star Army's bases today and I had an idea for the Scrapyard (UX-12) system. First, I made a separate page for the Star Army base there, and I saw thinking that we could name it after @Toshiro 's character Kage Yaichiro or his ship the YSS Sakura II in honor...
  13. Andrew

    Approved Submission Fort Tokyo

    A new base for the 1XF on Jiyuu.
  14. Andrew

    Approved Submission Jiyuu-jo Castle

    This is my first submission since I returned to SARP. It is more of a historical location that was used in RP canon years ago briefly that I intend to use again. More rooms and details will be added as RP progresses at this setting location. Wes and I are looking for some free art of Japanese...
  15. Wes

    SANDRA Big Moves - Old Refugee Camps Headed to Nataria

    Big Moves - Old Refugee Camps Headed to Nataria YE 41 Planet Himiko--A flurry of activity descended upon planet Himiko today, as ships from Star Army Logistics, assisted by some forces by the Star Army's Third and Ninth Fleets, began moving 500 Star Army refugee towns from the Southern...
  16. Wes

    Personnel Updates for the Star Army of Yamatai

    This thread is for discussing changes to personnel (e.g. who is in what position) in the Star Army of Yamatai. It's historically been the case that I strongly prefer that the Star Army's leadership be filled with PCs or NPCs who are being controlled by active players who will actually make...
  17. Ametheliana

    Approved Submission [SAoY] Safety and Systems Monitor

    Again, hi!! @Wes said I could do this. I'd like a review with a checklist anytime, before FM approval works for me since we might not get it right away. Please don't approve without that FM seal, though! Thank you for reviewing my article!
  18. Ametheliana

    Approved Submission [SAoY] Mission Operations

    Hi there!!! @Wes said I could do this! Please checklist me up and begin a review without FM approval, as we may be waiting on that for a little. Don't approve it without that FM seal, though! I haven't done a submission with this new form so I feel like I need to say more!? Um.
  19. FrostJaeger

    Origin Industries/Star Army of Yamatai DRv3 Conversion

    Submission Type: DRv3 Conversion Template Used: N/A Submission WIP URL: Submission Destination URL: Original Article URL: N/A Faction: Yamatai Star...
  20. Ametheliana

    RP: YSS Hana [YSS Hana] Mission Two: No More Worlds to Conquer

    Western Wastes YSS Hana 13日 4月 YE 40 1506 Hours Since the YSS Hana had gone NorthWest of the Kikyō Sector nearly a year ago, Yamatai's neighbor had done the same—and dealt with the Elefirn in their own way. Now it was Yamatai's turn, once more, to try their hand at demolishing the Elefirn, the...