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RP [13th Precinct] The Beast Who Cleans These Streets.


Redshirt on the Wire
Game Master
Flannery scanned the area, judging the odds as best she could. "Let's play it safe for now but set up for a possible ambush. Gary, you and me are going push up and ready those explosives as you see fit if you think you can get it done quickly. Takeshi and Katya, hold here and get ready to move up."

And with that, Flannery carefully began her advance, trying to stick to whatever few shadows remained as she kept her shotgun up. "Move silent, move deep."

Charmaylarg Dufrain

FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
Mobile HQ - Haisley, Lily

While the team crept along at their newest obstacle, the delay between transmission and received getting awfully annoying for the young techie an anomaly occurred.

It would have gone unnoticed by mere casuals and even the precincts JANE, Turi, seemed to miss it but for a split second the punk hackers system flickered. Not a normal ghost in the screen, or a glitch in the software. But the brief micro-second popup of a black command window before it instant minimized and removed itself from the processing list.

The savvy hackercop was no fool and knew her setup by heart and its every process. Someone had remotely plugged into her feed and was confirmed by a quick pull up of a ran command list. The source was untraced and encrypted and oddly enough even discovering it garnered no response from the JANE which made the clearly non-NPF used encryption a massive red-flag if it could simply circumvent the most powerful encryption software in the democratic imperium outside of the IPG.

Unless it was the ipg? Or whoever had breached the NPFs security during the opening siege on the precinct? Or a completely independent third party like the circle of hackers that pledged their allegiance to the myseterious Mad Mutant and flip-flopped between white and black hat activities on the InterNep?

Regardless someone had just thrown down the digital gauntlet at her feet in a challenge if they knew it or not...

Sewers - Andrej, Gary, Flannery, Katya, Takeshi

The choice to advance had been taken by the team. Slowly, methodically on heel and toe, the five officers crept forwards with the darkness as their ally until they had the metal walkway overlooking the culvert opening. Bellow was a tense and quiet gathering of mercenaries that had shifted slightly in their positions but remained rather undisturbed and unalert.

Three men had left down the waterway in their direction but had luckily passed under them without notice or incident as they continued on their patrol. The eavesdropping however offered nothing as many of the mercenaries seemed content to simply sit around barrel fires or in their own little cliques in solemnity as they endured their grim and loathful job in the depths of the deep-sewers.

What did cause a change however was a distant clattering from an adjacent tunnel across the waterway. With a sense of low-professionalism, the remaining nine mercenaries sprang into action, diving behind cover or taking a prone position with twisted metal rifles brought to the ready.

The sound turned out to be an errant junker following the tunnel to the intersection. It paused when it reached the junction and appraised the gathering of men with curiosity, flexing the mechadendrites of its body at them before trailing off down a separate tunnel with a screeching burst of unintelligible machine-code. The men eased up bellow the team and reconvened around the largest of the barrel fires to voice their displeasures at the encounter.

"Not 'him" One declared as he left his twisted rifle to rest against a crate and warm his hands.

"Waitin's kill'n me." Declared another as he muscled a spot around the fire for himself.

"Those things give me the creeps." Said a third as he looked over his shoulder to where the junker had left.

It was the third man that had spoke and looked off towards the junker who first saw something awry. Upon turning back to the fire the man seemed to look directly at Takeshi in the metal walkway beyond and above them. He couldn't see her with his ruined night vision from the lights and fire but leaning forward ever so slightly as if squinting it was clear he thought he had and stepped away from the fire and stepped around, peering into the dark above and directly at the officers' location in the dark.

Behind the mercenaries from a separate tunnel that had illuminated with distant light, three more mercenaries entered the culvert and started towards the fire to complete the rotation after the last team left. Only one teams location was now unaccounted for or unknown...


Gary gave a nod to Flannery, keeping a short distance between them as they kept to what little shadows there were on the catwalk. He kept his hand on his sidearm, flicking off the safety and being ready to shoot should anyone get noticed.


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
Game Master
“Son of a Bitch” Haisely scoffed to herself and looked over to the giant dog sleep beside her. “Can you believe this? Sure they probably don’t know im in here but still, who hacks an operation like this.” For a few precious seconds her hands simply hovered above the keyboards, thinking of the best plan of attack, no use rushing in. Considering the super AI would be of no use she decided playing her usual stealth game might be beneficial and quickly and quietly rerouted the signals of video and audio including comms from the team to her personal servers in Nepleslia before bouncing them to her laptop in the truck. The main setup she was sitting in front of was comprised in some regard but she couldn’t just shut it down so for now it would lose video under the pretense of faulty signal but keep its audio.

”Heads up, I’ve lost video feeds from the team.” The hacker said through the main setup where she knew whoever was watching would hear before switching to her laptop for a second message. “Someone has broken into the NPF system and is most likely bugging this station, I’ve cut the video so they cant see, dont respond to this message but from now on dont give any exact details of what you’re doing over radio. I can still see what’s happening on my laptop.”

With the team informed she set to work in her virtual battleground, opening up the commands log once more she skimmed through the list and singled out the recent seemingly ghost command that was run. It was nothing more sinister than a simple backdoor style break in but being unnoticed was disturbing. In an attempt to see what she was dealing with Haisely executed a soft reboot of the OS, rebooting it with some of her own encryptions protecting it as well this time. If they were properly plugged in then she was expecting to see another popup when their own software reconnected without them being any the wiser of the security she‘d just put onto it.

Charmaylarg Dufrain

FM of Nepleslia
Game Master

The arriving team of mercenaries luckily drew the attention of the curious merc when the loud splashing of their boots drew his attention. The team couldn't have known how horrible the mans vision truly was in his mask or how shot his nightvision had become when the light from the barrel fire was the only light around. But the call had been close.

So even with personal comms, Andrej simply clicked his tongue a few times and used hand-signals to carefully push the team along; Their every movement on the metal catwalk agonizingly slow to avoid making a single sound despite most of the mercs below seeming engrossed in their own conversations. There was a few brief moments when something happened. Such as the occasional communications from Haisley that came in almost indistinguishable and garbled and how all of the HRRT suits shared screens between them one by one went blank and how most of their HUDs only shared local data from the suit as their shared net connection ceased.

The proximity radios still worked at least.

But after several long and tense minutes the team had crossed the catwalk and made it into the adjoining passageway and could pick up the pace. When they were well out of earshot of their former location Andrej called a halt and began a series of queries to Turi and attempts to reach haisley.

Nothing went through.

"We must be too deep, i thinks." The thick kuznyetski brouge sounded over the shared comms as the team leader internalized the situation with little more than a casual shrug and simple commented that back before the precursor to the NPF had JANEs and fancy communications equipment they still managed to crack heads just fine. And so the team went on.

Without the updating maps they may have been in trouble, But the path they took remarkably didn't branch off but kept going in a straight line for what must have been hundreds of meters, So long it was that the farthest traces of light could be seen like a distant match in a dark room as the final mercenary team was located. Unlike most of the other mercs the three men remained static ahead of them and sat around the base of a large hatch; And more importantly blocking the only available path.

Whats more, While not easy to see at a distance some like Takeshi with her longer optics could make out finer details such as one of the men having what looked like older surplus nightvision goggles on his helmet. They couldn't be as advanced as the built in filters of the HRRT suits that strained to make out and enhance what little ambient light was in the tunnel meaning the team still had the element of surprise.

From them to the team was at least 75 meters but was devoid of any cover whatsoever and a large floodlight beside the men gave little chance of sneaking up to subdue. Clear it was no longer time to stay in the shadows and play wait and see, Andrej drew up his suppressed ZARCNAM and made a single two-fingered gesture forwards to the team in an Advance motion. The tunnel was still wide enough for five or six to walk abreast.

The officers had no ROE. They had been cleared to engage from the moment they stumbled upon armed individuals in government property even if it was a sewer. And even then their objective was vague at best other than a clearly unsanctioned raid on... Supervillians?

So there was little apprehension from the teamleader at least when the man with the NVGs seemed to stiffen and make a reach for his goggles to put them on and suddenly realize that there were figures in the dark he could just barely make out. Andrejs shot, suppressed as it was still clapped in the darkness and missed the man with the NVGs by a hair as he kicked off to the side to draw his own weapon, the two other mercs not knowing what the first man had seen by the time the officer fired but instinct still taking over as all three men depressed on their triggers down the narrow tunnel.

Unlike most of the weapons of the officers the twisted looking rifles of the mercs spewed out random patterns of laser-energy fire in a cone so wide that some of them practically shot straight up or down when it left the prongs at the end of the barrel. The fire rate however was immense and the tunnel filled with red light as beams of energy hit just about everywhere but had luckily yet to reach any of the team, yet.

Mobile HQ

The fight was long and hard. For what felt like an eternity the punk-hacker played a razors edge of back-and-forth cyber warfare against the unknown intruder. When it had become apparent that their backdoor had been found and was being counter-hacked the intruder had gotten seriously and had put every single ounce of haisleys skill to the test as firewalls sprang up and were torn down, Data packets are thrown about and targetted attacks almost locking haisley out of her own terminal network time and time again until it came down to a few lines of hastily thrown together code that made seemingly dead sub-routines all spring back up at the last possible moment for one final gamble to counter-hack the intruder and shut them down. The JANE, Turi had been no help and still acted as if there had never been an intruder to begin with which would have been concerning in its own right if Haisley had not been to busy dancing her fingers across a keyboard.

Her setup was a mess and some of the terminals and databanks had been wiped down to the core, But to the victor went the spoils and entire remaining screens flashed and fluttered with endless lines of code only someone like Haisley could make sense of.

Though little of it did...

Most of what she read was her own data and info stolen and read back to her. Meaning whatever network she now had access to was remarkably bare except for what they had been siphoning out from her network. It came as a bittersweet victory that her intruder was using a burner setup and the amount of data she could draw was practically nothing.

What she could discover was their terminal location, basic firewall information, the data and programs and scripts on their system, and basic information about that system. Little more worth to her than the time it would take to do so considering the intruder if they hadn't already hightailed it from their safehouse or lair as soon as they had been made by the cops.

But it was still worth a look!

She was barely a few minutes into her snooping when her data trace came back with its findings. It was mostly as she had suspected, being a mostly blank database but the location of the terminal was... odd...

A small red dot on her map, centered by a small circle with its guesstimate area it could be in looked awfully familiar. It was hard to miss the massive hole and sewer streams leading into it after all...

Had she longer to think or act or realize the HQs security systems and cameras had faltered one-by-one in the cyber attacks she may have realized sooner that her victory had instead been a trap! She barely had time to curse, And lily barely managed to jump to her feet when the HQ literally rocked slightly forwards and the rear doors made of armored durrandium capable of withstanding considerable small-arms fire actually dented inwards!

A moment later they where wrenched open and a massive silhouette over seven feet tall stood at the entrance to the HQ, The dark of the now night sky and lack of lights casting no light, and the interior lights of the HQ dimmed to dark so the one single remaining monitor doing little more than casting a shadow.

The silhouette reached inside...


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
Game Master
Haisely had just managed to collapse back onto her chair with a sigh and start reading through the useless info before the doors were ripped off the truck. "Are you kidding me right now?" The girl asked to no one in particular as she folded the laptop up and extended her claws and tail. Once again Haisely cursed herself for not bringing the stealth armour she had at home, it would make situations like this a lot nicer to get away from.

Her golden irises focused on the appendage coming into the truck, while it seemed like it would be easy enough to move backwards further inside to escape the reach that allowed the person to enter and cut off escape and with that thought out the way the hacker girl dashed towards the arm, swiftly sidestepping its grasp and aiming to squeeze out past the body on the same side to prevent their other arm from reaching her. As she ran past Haisely made sure to run her claws along the intruding arm to give them a taste of who they were messing with.