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Approved Submission 42 Starmount Drive

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
Request: Add the year of construction to the history section.
Can we get a nice description of what this place looks like from the outside? I am trying to make art for all the places in SARP but there's not really anything for me to put into the AI Art generator.
Here is a image of kinda what I was thinking, except it's green with white trim rather than beige with white trim.

I tried generating something based on the description using Midjourney, would this work as an article illustration?
Tldr; no because a shared entryway for the four apartments is important. I think a two story house with a single door and left/right symmetry would work better than that image. To me, the shared entryway is a important design feature.
Okay, I'll put trying again on my to-do list. The reason it's important is because it's the first item on the places list so everyone scoping out the site will see it.
I might have to change the description to be more of a Spanish Patio/Japaneese mash up, but this image might work.