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RP A Night at the Kakushi Nekoba, YE 45.7 [OPEN RP]


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RP Date
YE 45.7
RP Location
Kakushi Nekoba, Kyoto, Yamatai
OOC: This is an open RP! All characters and factions are welcome! Bring your character, or make one up!

= = =

Yamatai, Kyoto
Kakushi Nekoba Interior
Ye: 45.7

The neon-glow of the downtown district in Kyoto on planet Yamatai was unmistakable. Among the fusion of modernity and tradition, holographic advertisements danced above traditional-looking storefronts, and space-age hovercars weaved around rickshaws. The pulsing energy of the district was both frantic and serene, just like the interplay of stars and void in the vast universe.

Just a stone's throw away from the popular Chrome Catgirl establishment was another bar, its entrance slightly veiled, demanding a second look. The sign, written in elegant Trade script, read "Kakushi Nekoba" – the Hidden Neko Den.

As doors slid open, the subtle fragrance of red oak and the faint hum of conversations greeted visitors. The ambiance was warm, yet understated. Soft lights emanating a color temperature of 3,350 K bathed patrons in a gentle amber hue. The layout was spacious, with an entrance leading to a bouncer area, and then to a bar that showcased an impressive array of bottles from across the galaxy. A game area, seating zones, and discreet staff-only passages were mapped out, balancing openness with mystery.

The Kakushi Nekoba once again opened for business as its owner and Mistress is back on shoreleave. Tonight, however, the establishment is offering Hot Wings, as well as assortment of drinks non alcoholic(for children, pregnant mothers and Soldiers) and Alcoholic for the rest able to handle it.

A colorful group of women came through the doorway from the rain. They were roommates from the the YSS Resurgence -- Poppy Pink, a beauty with a pink ponytail; Euikoshi, with a green bob bob cut, and Pidole, a red-haired woman with a mysterious fist-sized blue beetle riding around on her shoulder. Hanging their coats on a rack by the door, the three looked around to get an idea of what the place was like.

"I've been by here on my way to the Pulsing Pearl but I've never been inside before," Poppy Pink told Euikoshi. "What made you suggest this place?"

"Oh, Yayoi from the Resurgence owns it," Eukoshi explained.

"Really?" Poppy asked, looking impressed. Meanwhile, Pidole just quietly stared at the surroundings.

Having spotted the recognizable Star Army Personnel's arrival, a Yugumo robot approached the women. "Konichiwa, honorable soldiers of the Star Army! Welcome to the Kakushi Nekoba!" The robot greeted, and bowed to them.

"Thank you. We would like a table," Euikoshi requested.

Arakiel Aurum approached the quaint little business he had been pointed towards by one of his crewmates. Wearing his Star Army Uniform, despite being off-duty, again on the advice of his acquaintence, the tall Elysian pushed his way through the door, noting with a flare of satisfaction that his 7ft 4in tall body sufficiently filled the doorway. After all, it wouldn't do for a proud member of the glorious patrician caste to be made to look small by a mere portal.

"Of course!" said the robot, and stepped back before it began leading the ladies towards a table, where they'd spotted a familiar Neko Medic trainee, looking at her books near to their table. "here you go, ma'ams!" the robot said, meanwhile having spotted Arakiel, another robot approached the rather tall Elysian with some potential ID-SOL heritage. "Konichiwa, honored sir! Welcome to the Kakushi Nekoba!" It greeted like the previous robot had.

"Greetings, Robot. Arakiel has heard tell of your fine drinks and tonight is a good night for drinking. Direct me to the bar." It seemed a little daft to waste manners on something so clearly artificial, but the Elysian at least had the sense to be polite to the servant that may very well have the ear of the one providing his libations. He had heard the stories of the pitiful workers at the quick-eat places that liked to repay rudeness and insult with the addition of body fluids to customer orders. If a little politeness could offset the disgrace of such, then the proud Elysian could bend that far.

The three roommates shuffled into their seats. Poppy picked up a menu and began looking over it and was surprised to find there wasn't any food other than fruits. "Is this just a place for drinks?" she asked Euikoshi, "I thought this would be dinner."

"They're having a hot wings night, I guess they are trying to compete with Flavor of Victory or something," Euikoshi shrugged. "Hopefully they have a full kitchen back there."

"Perhaps they just order them from Flavor of Victory and have them delivered," Poppy joked.

Another girl with long blonde hair that hung only a couple of inches above the bar room floor sat at a high top table with a huge plate of wings in front of her. She had big red eyes that caught the light in a pretty way and pleasantly pale skin, though it wasn't as perfectly blank as the tight white bodysuit she wore under a red crop top bomber jacket. Her outfit was, in fact, the same one she'd worn the last time she'd come to Kakushi Nekoba months ago alongside her friend Taiyou Hoshi for a trivia night.

This platinum haired belle was named Aika — who was a convenient false identity that Ketsurui Aiko used to remain anonymous when exploring civilian venues — whose humble means as a Santô Hei limited her wardrobe to this one (admittedly fetching) outfit compared to the expansive rotating wardrobe Aiko maintained.

Right now, dark orange wing sauce was smeared across Aika's cheeks while she held a just-finished bone between her messy fingers. The rest of her prepossessing form remained unsullied, though, as she carefully cleaned each wing in succession. Staring at the skeletal remains of her continued feast with a smile, the undercover Ketsurui princess placed the stripped drumstick onto a plate of finished bones and proceeded to pick up another.

"I recommend the most intense buffalo sauce," Aika said when she overheard what Euikoshi was saying to her crewmates a table over, her diction as proper as it ever would be. The clandestine princess didn't let on that she recognized them from Victory Day or Hanako's recent beach party. "Traditional flavoring is best. But there is no use in starting mild."

Euikoshi looked amused. "Thanks," she replied, then shared a giggle with her friends.

"Hai, Sir! the Kakushi Nekoba has a vast variety of drinks, including expensive wine. including the last of ones from Chateau Hanako." The robot said, and it began leading the Elysian towards the bar. Meanwhile the Pink group's robotic aid, nodded its head to what Euikoshi was saying. "that is correct, after discovering the love of hot wings, the owner had wanted to try having a special for them. " it said before Aika, the undercover princess spoke to the resurgence group. "Indeed, we have the hottest sauce known in the empire, but i wouldnt recommend it for sensitive pallates or if allergic. It aparently helps with.... error! private matters!"

Arakiel nodded. "The Heavenly Father has blessed the Elysians with a palate to properly appreciate wine. Perhaps Arakiel shall sample some of yours and see how worthy they are of praise." Of course, the patrician doubted that any of the vintage's available within the Kakushi Nekoba would be up to the standards of his people, but Arakiel would at least give the local wine's a chance. Such would only be magnaminous, after all, and perhaps an honest judgement of a wine's worth from one such as he would help a less-blessed individual from choosing an inferior libation.

"What is the hottest sauce in the empire?" Euikoshi asked the robot, wondering if her guess was correct. She had been hearing about this ridiculous sauce lately that sent people's digestive systems into violent spasms.

"Certainly, Honored sir, I shall get you some of our best Wines for you to sample sir!" The robot said to the tall Elysian-Suspected ID-SOL hybrid. Meanwhile the robot at the ladies side, replied to Euikoshi's question.

"The World Famous Hot Sauce The robot said and adds "| believe there is a picture if you'd like to look at it. I do apologize, my programming prevents me from saying words close to body part words."

"Are you going to try that?" Poppy asked Euikoshi, looking at her skeptically.

"Is that a challenge?" Euikoshi said. "You're the one who's into pain, right?" Euikoshi asked, making a whip gesture with her hand.

"Perhaps," Poppy replied with a smirk. "But you're the one who is into experiments and learning by experience. Pidole can be the 'control group' but you have to try it if I do. There's no letting me suffer from the sidelines."

The proud Elysian seated himself at an end of the bar, knowing that if Arakiel chose to sit anywhere else, his broad frame and brilliant white wings would preclude anyone else from sitting to either side. The patrician was beholden, after all, to act for the benefit of those of lesser station and that was purely a cultural imperative before even considering the additional duties and standards levelled upon him by the Star Army Code of Conduct. Sometimes, it was hard to be the superior lifeform.

The robotic assistant observed the conversation between the ladies. "I detect another Star Army Medical officer, so shall i get the hot sauce?" The robot asked Poppy. Meanwhile the Bartender, approached the Elysian, and passed him the wine he'd requested. "here you go, honored sir, I hope you enjoy!"

Arakiel inclined his head, to show appreciation for the service, but not enough to imply familiarity or, heaven forfend and forbid, recognition of equivalent social status. It was a tricky balance to observe the proper forms and while the Elysian doubted that many would notive the subtle differentiations, that was no excuse to allow careful etiquette to slacken. The patrician delicately wrapped his fingers around the stem of the small glass and lifted it towards the light. He let out a soft sussuration as he gently twisted the glass, watching the play of light as it danced through the liquid within.

"Hmm, definite marks for clarity, consistency and good shades." Ah, for a moment Arakiel could recall the lessons of his long-ago youth, learning from his Uncle's to properly sample and assess the products of the vintner. Moving onward, he brought the glass to his face, lowering his nose almost inside the glass before inhaling deep, three times. Arakiel lowered the glass to the bar as he considered the flavour notes he had detected. "Definitely a bold and intense body with intense flavours of black fruit and spices." The Elysian tilted his head. "Arakiel also picked up earthy notes, with hints of flora, red berries and an earthy, leathery note." Nodding, satisfied with his assessment so far, the patrician finally tasted the vintage.

Poppy nodded, "Fifty wings, with buffalo sauce and some of this hottest sauce, and some drinks, please. Two beers for each of us." She turned to Pidole. "You like spicy food and things that make you sweat, right?"

Pidole nodded quietly. "I do."

"Hai! coming right up!" The robot said in response to Poppy's order, and immediately digitally sent the order to the workers behind in the kitchen. The robot then stopped by the Bookworm Neko, and gently tapped her shoulder. "little miss Asakura? would you like another refill?" the robot asked, and Yuri looked up, and smiled. "yes please, Friend, thank you!" before she went back to her books. "hah, i'm doing good, now i am confident if Poppy-sempai gives me a surprise test or something i'll know exactly what to do!"

Of course the young Neko knew, tests had a way of surprising those doing the tests.

In the distance, the sound of the rain outside seemed to heighten the warm atmosphere of Kakushi Nekoba. The gentle hum of conversations, the clinking of glasses, and the sizzling sound of the wings being cooked in the back, all melded together to create a sense of coziness and belonging.

A hum of contentment filled the air as patrons laughed, chatted, and relished in the delectable offerings of the Hidden Neko Den. The night was young, and memories were still to be made.

= = =

OOC: JP by - Wes, Raz, Charaa, iaincarter

Feel free to continue below if you missed the JP or want to keep going!
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Yamatai, Kyoto
Kakushi Nekoba Interior
Ye: 45.7

After tasting the wine, Arakiel tilted his head before nodding to himself. The wine had delivered on its promise, swarming his senses with the previously identified notes. It also sat nicely on his tongue and was smooth in the swallowing. There was an appreciative aftertaste, something fruity although the Patrician couldn't decide exactly what but he suspected a dark cherry or maybe a sour blackberry. Not that Arakiel was too concerned at the inaccuracy, repeated tastings would ensure that the wine would reveal its secrets to the superior taste buds of the Elysian. Such was just the way of things.

The tall, winged man lowered the glass to the counter top and fixed his eyes upon the barkeep as he tallied up the score. "Arakiel approves, with an initial estimate of nine point one out of ten with a point four variation to be further resolved. Now, you will kindly tell Arakiel more of the provenance of this wine, yes?" Picking the glass up once more, the Patriciain took another careful sip, slowly moving the ruby liquid around inside his mouth. Hmm, now he was tasting a blackcurrant. Perhaps instead of trying to focus on a single fruit, he would be better to consider multiple elements in a blend. That was something to consider.
The bartender nodded as Arakiel gave his assessment of the wine. "I'm glad you enjoyed it, sir," The robot said, polishing a glass as it spoke. "That particular vintage is from the Chateau Hanako vineyard in Hanako's World. The grapes used for this wine are a blend of local varietals, carefully selected for their depth of flavor and ability to thrive in the Yamataian climate. The vineyard itself has a long history, dating back centuries, and is well-known for producing some of the finest wines in the Empire."

It paused, studying Arakiel's expression. "If you're interested, I could bring you a selection of our other wines to taste as well. We have some excellent vintages from different regions across the galaxy," the bartender offered. "Or perhaps you're curious about our special cocktails? We have a wide variety of unique concoctions that are sure to please even the most discerning palate."