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OOC Aegis Squad


The Gunman
Hey guys, sorry for my absence. I had 3 tests in the span of a week and I had been busy with IRL things.

Now that it has settled somewhat, I'll be making the next GM post tomorrow night/Saturday morning. I am only missing a post from @Fay and @raz. If y'all can't post, that's okay we can work you in when ever y'all are ready. For everyone else expect a post.

Sorry for the delay


The Gunman
Post is up. Sorry again it took so long. School and commuting for school kinda sucked my time away. From now on I plan to post every saturday night.

Primitive Polygon

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Legix says this is on his list, and he wants to get back to things ASAP.

Was still considering joining myself, but I guess being busy with uni stuff lately has kinda stopped me from putting an actual decent character idea together...

But yeah. Oh well. There is still a smog of interest lingering about, so no worries.


The Gunman
That's okay Poly, I understand the being busy thing.

Also delayed GM post. I got caught up with multiple tests last week.


FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
I've spoken a bit, but have finally figured out how Aegis will run. With Gunhand leaving, I will be assuming control of his NPC and the GM status of the plot temporarily. Once everyone has posted, I will begin posting in combined posts (Harm and Wolf), so that we can at least progress for now. I have also spoken with both @Kim and @Whitehart about this privately, where I came to this decision particularly because Whitehart volunteered to step up.

Once we complete this thread, I'll be providing Whitehart my skills as a Co-GM/creative aide for the plot, while he will be the "main nodder"/primary GM for Aegis. So, while I maintain the seat for the moment, my intent is to hand it off so that it becomes less my plot and more one I can help drive from the side-seat if needed/to help the plot's GM. I have also spoken with @Trainscanflytoo, who has been enthusiastic on making an IPG member, so I am hopeful he goes through and there's a new member for the plot.

=3=/ Just wanted to update everyone. I'd been quiet on Aegis, primarily because I am trying to solve many plots at once, but I wanted to reiterate that for the 99%, this plot is once more stable and on track.


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Thanks Legix, I appreciate you stepping up like this.